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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Eight, The Fun Stuff

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Eight
The Fun Stuff

Today's lesson was significantly more interesting than some of their more recent ones, and Delaney was thankful. She didn't know how many more times she could bear that glazed over look the children gave her like when she'd been forced to tell them about homework. At least she had a fun topic to discuss with the class today.

"Good news, everyone! Today we're learning about things not lesson-related! About all the fun things that happen while you're at Hogwarts! The games, activities and events that your soon-to-be professors and prefects will be putting on for you and your new classmates."

"Of course there's far too much of it to go over every little detail, but some of the bigger things that've happened are the occasional Holiday Balls," pausing to give the boys plenty of time to groan, she waited till they finished before adding, "And quidditch matches!" At least that got most of their attention. "There are things that happen for the entire school, like Halloween Parties that was hosted just a few short years ago, or activities for each House."





Extracurricular Activities & Events

One of the most popular activities on VH is Quidditch. VH has developed it's own system for playing Quid, not found on any other RP site. Just like in the books, each House has their own team, and every year students are able to try out for their House team in order to play Cup Quid.

  • There are three games played per year.
  • Whoever won the most games for the year wins the Quidditch Cup.
  • Unlike in the books, First Years are able to try out and make their House teams.
  • Anything else you need to know about Quidditch, you'll be able to discover once you've been sorted!
  • You cannot see the official Quidditch Rules or Games until after you've been sorted.
  • If you're new, don't worry! There are plenty of people in each house with a love of the game, who love to teach it to others.

Another very popular activity on VH is Dueling. Once again, VH has developed it's own system for Dueling.

  • Everyone is eligible to duel as soon as you're sorted.
  • Similar to in the books, there is a Dueling Club you can join after being sorted that will help you figure it all out.
    • First Years have the option of signing up for a Dueling Mentor in the Dueling Club to help them begin learning how to duel.
  • Anything else you need to know about Dueling, you'll be able to learn after you've been sorted!
    • You cannot see the Dueling Chamber, the Official Dueling Rules or any actual duels until after you've been sorted.

House Events
Every year, each House has it's own games, events, and activities for their students to participate in. Participation is optional, but always encouraged. These are an excellent way to get involved in VH, your House, and meet new people! Typically they are run by the House Prefects, or House Professors. A lot of them are run in each House's Common Room, so you can't see them until you're sorted, and you'll only be able to see those of the House you're sorted in, but here are a few examples outside of the Commons,

Professor-Run Events
There have also been times when the Professors will run games, and award prizes, for any student from any of the houses. Again, Participation is optional, but encouraged. You can win prizes, have fun & interact with students from all the different years and houses. A couple examples of these are,

Student-Run Events
There are many, many events on VH that are run by its students. They can be simple, like a 100 word RP Challenge, or the Counting Game. Or they can be more in depth, such as Student Quidditch. Some examples of these are

Site-Wide Events, Plots, and Activities
Then, every so often, there are Site-Wide plots and Events that occur for your character to participate in. These are usually run by Ambiance Characters, such as the Aurors, Death Eaters, Shopkeepers, and Professors & Headmasters. Some of them only last a little while, like Summer/Winter Holidays, or a single term, while some last the entire year.
These include year long plots like the three Tri-Wizard Tournaments we've had in VH7, VH17 & VH27 when students from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons & Hogwarts compete for the Tri-Wizard Cup, or the Quidditch World Cup, where Quidditch players from all over the world compete and determine the best quidditch team in the world! There are also numerous Auror, Order of the Phoenix, and Death Eater plots that have occurred throughout the years.

Please keep in mind these things don't happen every year, because they take a lot of time and effort to plan but keep an eye out, because you never know when something might happen!

The VH Roleplaying Challenge, or VHRPC, is a series of challenges that will take place every year. The Challenges can take either a term, or a full year, depending on the Challenge and they are open the entire term/year, giving everyone plenty of time to complete them.

  • It is open to all characters, of all ages, meaning you do not need to be currently attending Hogwarts in order to participate.
  • Participation is optional, but encouraged.
  • VHRPC is an excellent way to RP things your character wouldn't normally have a chance to, and even meet people they might not typically RP with.
  • The Mods will usually post in the News Forum each time there is a new VHRPC Challenge, so be sure to check there near the beginning of each term to see what the new Challenge is!
  • VHRPC Rules & Instructions.

**And thank you to Lilia McEvans for helping me find most of these links! <333

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Assignment: Tell us what event or activity you're most looking forward to, or think would be fun, and why. 50 word minimum.

Extra Credit: RP your character's reaction to the lesson, and playing (or choosing not to play) Dodgeball with their classmates and instructors.


RP your character's feelings about attending their first Quidditch game, OR their reaction to sign-ups being posted for Quidditch tryouts, or another game at Hogwarts.

50 word minimum for either EC option.




If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333


Extra Reading: Virtual Hogwarts: A History, Quidditch and Dueling, VHOT VHRPC Forum.


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