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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Seven, Homework 101

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Seven
Homework 101

. . . Delaney was always nervous when this lesson rolled around. While today's subject wasn't particularly interesting or even difficult really, she knew the summer was quickly coming to an end and her students would be heading off to Hogwarts! Which, she was sure they found exciting. But it was their job to prepare them for this exciting event, and she was having some serious self doubts right about now. What if she hadn't taught them everything she was supposed to? Of course, there were still another two classes, but the three instructors had agreed to try to save all the really fun stuff until the end so what if she ran out of time? This was serious stuff!

Deciding having a mental break down at the beginning of class was the last thing she needed right then, she sent her students a sympathetic smile. "Today we're learning about homework! Yes, yes, I know. You all know what homework is. Very good. However, we're learning about the types of homework assignments you'll have when you get to Hogwarts! So eyes front, please! This is all important! Very, very important indeed." Since this would be her last real chance to cram information into their brains, she was planning on taking advantage of it. But she'd consider it a good lesson as long as they all managed to stay awake.

Homework was something Max had a bit of a love/hate relationship with. It was mostly hate, and he had mostly avoided doing it in his time at Hogwarts, but now he was an adult, a teacher, a role model… he had to at least be seen to endorsing the Hogwarts education – he knew there would be hell to pay if that Potions mistress the kids had heard about from siblings and cousins heard anything about the PHP instructors telling the kids not to do their homework.

“A bit boring, though, eh?” he gave a dramatic whisper, shielding his mouth with his hand. It was such a dull subject, homework, but one that couldn’t be avoided. “Sometimes your Professors will ask you to write essays, and you’ll hate them, but others, you do get some quite fun things to do!” they didn’t look convinced. “Like, if you do Care of Magical Creatures, you might get to look after a creature, for a while, raise it and stuff!” That got their attention. He did hold back at telling them they got to raise dragons, thought. The Magical Creatures department would probably not thank him for that.

Scratching his chin in over-dramatized thought, Max was curious to see exactly how his next comment would be received. “Mrs Blithe,” he began, turning to his colleague, “I think a little bit of homework would do this lot some good, what do you reckon?”

Cue loud boo-ing.


Homework on VH!

Because this is Virtual Hogwarts, there are obviously lessons & homework to be done. OOC It's done a bit different than it's done in the Harry Potter books, to keep both Professors and Students from becoming overwhelmed with the number of classes you take.

Each year is divided into Two Terms. Each Term lasts about 8 weeks, with Winter & Summer Holidays dividing them up. OOC all lessons only last one term each. For example, when you are sorted next year, the First Year's class schedule looks like this:


First Term
Mondays: Astronomy
Tuesdays: Off
Wednesdays: Potions
Thursdays: Flying
Fridays: Herbology
Saturdays: Off
Sundays: Off

Second Term
Mondays: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Tuesdays: Off
Wednesdays: Transfiguration
Thursdays: Charms
Fridays: History of Magic
Saturdays: Off
Sundays: Off

Now, IC it'll be the same as in the books. You take all your classes all year long. But OOC it'll be as shown on the schedule above. Each year your schedule will change, but don't worry! The Common Rooms have pinned threads all about lessons.

Lessons are posted once a week. Every lesson is posted on a different day. So when Week Four starts, and your Herbology lesson hasn't been posted yet, it's because Herbology is posted on Fridays. Just be patient.

Also, it's important to note, you have plenty of time to complete each lesson. They are open for AT LEAST ONE WEEK. And even if you miss a class and the lesson closes before you can post, your Professors will have a Make Up Thread you can post in, and you'll still receive full credit! Additionally, most Professors leave their lessons open all term, so you can finish them at your own pace, whenever you have the time, with nothing to worry about.

And while doing the homework is encouraged for both Character Development and RP opportunities, it's not required. You could go all seven years without doing a single lesson if you choose to. It's simply easier to pass your OWLs & NEWTs if you've done a few years of homework. However, if you decide to try out for Quidditch and make the team, you won't be eligible to play if you do not meet the homework requirements.

If for whatever reason you're gone from VH for a lengthy amount of time, and miss a substantial amount of classes and homework, you should still be perfectly fine for when OWLs and/or NEWTs roll around. The OWL & NEWT system works so that even if you miss a year (or two) you can still complete the Exam with little to no disadvantage. If you want to try making up the years you missed, you can PM the Professor of that Lesson & see what they have to say, but it is probably not necessary. Just remember, every class is different. What one Professor allows you to do, another may not.


Elective Time! Once you begin your Third Year, you begin taking Elective Classes. These are Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination & Muggle Studies. You may take as many of them as you like, provided you take at least two.

You take Electives the same way that you take regular classes. You're not required to sign up, you simply post in the lessons once they've been posted.

*Please be aware, if you don't start an Elective in 3rd year, but wish to take it in 4th or 5th, you shouldn't have any problems! Be sure to read each Classes' Rules & Guidelines though. Some Professors will let you retake the years you missed, while other's will simply let you jump right into your current year's without taking the previous lessons.


Learning Spells & When to use them is incredibly important to your RPs, because what's the point of going to Hogwarts if you can't cast spells, right? Keep in mind, however, that a first year would have a very limited amount of knowledge about spells & casting. Even if you're RPing a pureblood, who's grown up around magic their entire lives, not only have they only recently gotten their wand, but their magic wouldn't be completely accurate every time they attempted to cast something.

When it comes to learning spells, please use your judgement. Have fun with it! Have the spells backfire, or RP being frustrated because that super awesome spell just won't seem to work! There are so many options when it comes to spell casting that having every spell you RP work the first time every time is likely to get incredibly boring. Be sure to mix it up a bit!

*The spells that are listed in your profile are for Dueling Only. If you haven't learned them in class, you can't cast them outside of the Dueling Chamber.


Now, once you start Hogwarts you'll receive grades for each Class you take. Grading is mostly the same for every class you take, which makes it easy for you. In order to receive full marks for a lesson, you need to post at least 50 words relevant to that lesson. There is almost always some form of Extra Credit available as well, for a better grade and more House Points. Then based on the number of lessons you attend correctly, with the 50 relevant word attendance, you'll receive one of the following grades:

7 Attendances = Outstanding
5-6 Attendances = Exceeds Expectations
4 Attendances = Acceptable
3 Attendances = Poor
2 Attendances = Dreadful
1 Attendance = Troll

If anything that you post in your Attendance post is not your own work, whether or not you are trying to claim it as your own, you MUST credit your sources. If you do not credit & it is discovered to be the work of someone other than yourself, you'll automatically fail the class for the entire year, lose 50 House Points, and receive a detention. Plagiarism is a very bad thing, and is taken very seriously on VH. Do not do it.


Very quickly, it's important to mention OWL & NEWT exams. Just like in the Harry Potter books, all 5th year students take Ordinary Wizarding Levels, or OWLs, and all 7th year students take Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, or NEWTs.

On VH, you cannot move past 5th year if you do not pass at least one OWL exam. You do not need to pass a NEWT exam in order to graduate. However, it is recommended that you take both exams because some are required if there is a specific job you wish your character to have after graduation.


House Points! House Points are very important. Every year all four houses compete for the House Cup, which is won based on the number of House Points each house amasses. The easiest way to earn House Points is through Homework.

For whichever grade you receive, you'll also be awarded a number of House Points, for example, with a grade of Acceptable, you'd likely receive 5 House Points. For an Exceeds Expectations, 10 House Points & an Outstanding gets you 15 House Points. A grade of Poor or lower, you don't receive any House Points for. And the more Extra Credit you complete in a lesson, the more House Points you could receive!

There are other ways to win, and lose, house points, of course! You can participate in activities such as dueling & quidditch, for which you or your house team are awarded House Points. You can volunteer to grade for a Professor & receive extra House Points that way. You can compete in contests for Professors & be awarded House Points. You can impress a Professor or Prefect and get them that way!

But also remember, if you get caught breaking any rules, a Professor or Prefect can take points away!

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Assignment: Which Elective Classes do you think your character might be interested in taking and why? 50 word minimum.

Extra Credit: Post an attendance to this lesson.
Include Name/Lesson#/PHPYear
Minimum 50 words
Example Header Format:

Delaney Blithe
PHP Lesson 7

(Roleplay of at least 50 words.)


Write a joint post with another student attending this lesson (Refer to the VH Lessons & How to do Them link below, under the "Fun Extras" section for more info). The entire joint post should appear in both workbooks, with proper headers for each student. Although this will likely be more than 50 words for each of you, there will not be extra extra credit given, but this is a fun way to interact, so consider trying it out!



If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333



Extra Reading: Life & Magic at Hogwarts, List of Developed Careers & OWL/NEWT Job Requirements, VH26 House Point Thread, List of Spells by Year, VH Lessons & How to do Them


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