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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Six, Preparing for Hogwarts!

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Six
Preparing for Hogwarts!

Having grown up in Edinburgh, Max had spent a lot of his youth frequenting the shops of Princes Street and the various shopping centres around the city, but none of them quite had the charm or (literal) magic of the wizarding world. Where Princes Street was wide, home to cars, buses and trams, and had a lot of new shops, Diagon Alley was small, and people may have been packed like sardines, but the shops went on for miles, and they sold anything anyone could imagine – and probably more!

“Diagon Alley has all kinds of weird and wonderful shops in it. So you can get your robes, books, cauldron, all that stuff… But they’re not the only things there! There’s a pet shop, a shop all about muggle sports… But the best thing is the ice cream shop,” he told them, like he was telling them a secret, “it’s called Fortescue’s and they do the best ice cream ever, definitely worth being dragged around all the boring shops for,” Max added with a wink.

He didn’t have much to add about Hogsmeade, mostly because many of his visits as a teen had ended with him in detention, and those as an adult involved the Hog’s Head. Best avoided, really. Instead, he rifled through the boxes of magazines, peering at the advertising for Dervish and Banges. “See that?” he pointed out a two-way mirror set, “it’s just like having a mobile phone, but always set to video call,” he explained, unsure if kids this age even had a mobile phone…





Bank & Shop System 

      For the moment, the Bank & Shop Systems are unavailable, so these links won't work, but this is the information you'll need to know about them once they're up and running again. <3

Have you wondered yet how you're supposed to earn money to buy all those awesome shop items? Look no further! In Lesson One, we gave you the Link to your Bank and Shop systems. Once you clicked on those links, they were activated and you became able to use the Bank & Shops to send money and receive shop items. Until you've clicked on those two links, you will not earn money from allowance or any of your posts.

To send money to another person, you click on the Gringotts link and then enter the person's name exactly as they are registered. Then you enter the amount of money you wish to send them, and hit Send. In order to send money to someone, you need to be sure the money is in Hand and not in Bank or it won't transfer. Pre-Hogwarts/Member accounts are unable to send money and items to anyone.

You have two ways to earn money on VH.


  • Every year all the sorted students receive an allowance.
  • 1st-3rd Years - 25 galleons
  • 4th-7th Years - 30 galleons
  • Prefects/Heads - 35 galleons
  • Alumni do not receive allowance.
  • If your student's account is inactive at the time yearly allowances are given out, you will not receive allowance that year. They won't give you the money once your account has been reactivated. You'll need to wait for the next year's allowance.
  • IC, you are not getting the allowance money from Hogwarts. You are somehow earning it while at school or receiving it from home.


  • When you roleplay on VH, in most (but not all) of the forums, you earn money based on your RPs.
  • RPs of 100+ words - 1 sickle
  • Lesson posts of 200+ words - 2 sickles
  • If you delete a post that earned you money, the money goes away with the post, you don't get to keep it.
  • You can only earn 1-2 sickles per post. For example, an RP of 300 words will not earn you 3 sickles.



When you've finally earned enough money to buy something from the shops, you can use the SHOP tab under the site banner to purchase your items directly. You no longer need to post in any of the Shop Forums to make your purchases.

Items are grouped by the Shop that sells them. When you have put your money 'In Hand', simply click the 'Buy' link beside the item you want, and you've got it!

*If you refresh the 'Item Purchased!' page that pops up after you purchase something, you will purchase it again! There are no refunds for shop items, you can only sell them back for half price.

Roleplaying in Shops

The Shops in Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade are now Roleplay Only. Please consult the Pinned topics in each shop before starting your roleplays. In certain shops, Shopkeepers may be available to RP with you.



Please keep in mind, if you are a Hogwarts student RPing in Diagon Alley, your RP should be set during the Summer or Winter Holidays. Also, if you are a first or second year, you cannot RP in Hogsmeade. That is for third years and older.





VH has very strict rules about sending gifts to other people, and about sending money. They have recently been updated, and the full list of Bank & Shop Rules can be found here.

Sending Gifts/Money

  • Pre-Hogwarts/Member accounts cannot transfer items or money to other accounts.
  • You may not sort new characters only to send money and items to your alter(s).
  • If you abandon your character before it finishes it's first year, you may not transfer it's money or items to another account.
  • Staff members who receive an allowance/salary cannot send money or items to their alter(s).



The only IC item that is required before going to Hogwarts is your wand. When you're ready to get your wand, head on over to Ollivander's! Be sure to read their Rules & Guidelines and get on track to get your wand!

There are two ways for you to get your wand.


  • You can start a new thread in Ollivander's and a Shopkeeper will be with you as soon as possible to start your Roleplay and help you get your wand.
  • There is a quiz you'll be instructed to take that you will PM to the Shopkeeper who posts in your thread.
  • After receiving your quiz, the Shopkeeper will know which wand is yours, and post again in your Thread with your wand.
  • This gives you the chance to roleplay receiving your wand!
  • You can even request a faulty attempt if you'd like when you first post, just to give you a bit more to RP about.

Speedy Wand Service

  • Instead of choosing to RP, you can instead send a PM to Madam Ollivander.
  • You simply send her a PM with the Wand Quiz, properly filled out, and she will figure out your wand for you based on your quiz.
  • However, if you choose the SWS, you will not know what wand you receive until the mods put it in your profile.

Please keep in mind, Ollivander's is one of VH's busiest shops, and occasionally the wait reflects this. Your thread will be replied to, and you will get your wand. Also, it can take some time for your wand to appear in your profile, but it will be there eventually. And you do not need to pay for your wand OOC, with the Bank & Shop system.

None of the other items listed as 'required' IC, such as quills, parchment, a cauldron, etc are really required. IC your character has to have them, but you are not required to buy them and have them in your Shop.

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Assignment: Pick out which pet you would love to have from the pet shop and make up a name and a personality for it. Your homework should be posted as an RP, for instance, your character visiting the shop or talking to a friend about their desired pet, etc. 50 word minimum.


Additionally, please take a moment to click on the Gringotts link and the Shop link one more time.  The Bank & Shop systems are currently unavailable. Until they are up and running, simply state in your workbook that they're unavailable under the rest of your assignment and you'll still receive full credit for the homework. 

Extra Credit: RP the class activity in the lesson post.


RP interacting with one or more of the class pets: Mrs Blithe's the miniature pig, Pancake, her double-ended newt, Peanut Butter & Jelly, or Mr McRobbie's Crup, Buzz. Please be kind to our pets!

50 word minimum for both EC options.


If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333



Extra Reading: Shops FAQ, Diagon Alley forum, Bank and Shop Rules


Edited by Mrs Blithe
bank/shop systems links info

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