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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Five, Getting Along

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Five
Getting Along

They were halfway through with Pre-Hogwarts Primary and Delaney was glad to say, things were going pretty well. So far no children had died, brutally attacked or disfigured each other, run away, or cried. It was strange that these children were so different from the ones the previous year, and she was trying very hard to get to know them all. And things seemed to be going quite well between Mr McRobbie and herself. Making friends was such fun!

Clapping her hands together to claim everyone's attention, she smiled quickly before jumping into it. "Lovely to see everyone again! Thank you all for being awake. Today we're going to talk about making friends!" She heard more than a few groans and sighs but had learned that most children over exaggerated everything long ago with her own daughter and didn't let it phase her. "Exciting, I know! I also know you all have friends already, and some of you may think you don't need anymore. That must be very nice for you. However, the people you're sat next to here and now will be the people you spend the next seven years living with, sharing meals with, & going to class with. I would advise you to meet as many of them as you can.

"Something not nearly enough people do these days is meet new people! So today, we're going to be getting out of our comfort zones! Go and talk to someone you've never talked to before!" Obviously Delaney thought this would solve numerous problems in one go. These kids would be given the opportunity to meet & it was her hope, befriend people they may not have, while they got to use this as an entire lesson.







Roleplaying & Meeting People!

RPing on VH is a little bit different than on some other RP sites.
Some important things to keep in mind when RPing:

  • Everything should be written in the third person tense.
    • Correct: He/she said, they laughed.
    • Incorrect: I said, we laughed.
  • Everything should be written in English.
  • Your grammar and spelling should be as correct as possible.
  • No netspeak is allowed, as your character would not use it in everyday speech.
  • It is typical for a single post to be at least a paragraph or two, or at least roughly 50-100 words.
  • Godmoding is not allowed. This is when you RP the reaction of someone else's character without their permission. It's bad. Don't do it.


When starting or posting in a new thread, one thing you need to decide or look for is whether the thread is OPEN or CLOSED. Most people will put in the tags of each thread whether their thread is Open or Closed. It is always a good idea to also read the first post of each thread, to see if there are more specific instructions for that thread. VH utilises a tagging system - suggested tags to use or watch out for are Open or Closed, however you can also tag the name of who you are threading with, etc.

An OPEN thread is one that anyone is allowed to post in.

  • Open threads are a great way to meet people you may have not had a chance to RP with yet, or that you might not normally talk to, because anyone can post in an Open thread.
  • Someone may post an open thread, but once a lot of people have posted, decide to close it so only the people who have already joined may continue to post.
  • Another example of an Open thread is when it says Open to [a certain number of people]. So if the thread says 'Open to Three!' Once three people, not including the person who started, have joined, it is now closed.

A CLOSED thread is one that is only open to the people who have been invited and are involved with that plot.

  • Sometimes it won't say Open or Closed in a subtitle, but It may just have someone's name. That means it is Closed, and only open to that person.
  • Occasionally you might come across a thread that says 'PM to Join'. This means it is closed and there is a plot to the thread, but if you PM the person who started it, they may let you join.
  • It is important to note that even if a thread is Closed, Any Staff member or Ambiance Character may join. This means Professors, Prefects, Creatures, Death Eaters, etc.


Meeting people to RP & plot with is important! While Open or random threads are great, making friends IC & OOC is extremely helpful for character development. There are a few easy ways to meet people to RP with, besides simply posting Open threads.


  • Personal Messaging other people in your year to RP or plot is easy!
  • If you're reading someone's RPs & think they'd make an interesting friend/enemy/etc for your character, you can just send them a quick PM & see if they'd be interested in RPing or plotting.


  • AIM makes everything easier & most VHers use this as the main way to meet people & plot.
  • It's so much easier to get to know someone, and plot things out, and bounce ideas off each other via AIM than it is via PM.
  • Most people put their AIM right in their profiles, which makes your life even easier! If you look along the bottom of their profile, their AIM should be listed there for everyone to see. Including us! Feel free to add us & say hello!


  • VHOT has an entire section dedicated to plotting! Convenient, isn't it?
  • Here is VHOT's Wanted section, which has forums for Pre-Hogwarts Students, Sorted Students & Teachers/Alumni/Ambiance to post, requesting RPs & Plots!
  • You can Create your own Wanted Thread, explaining a bit about your character, and saying if you need friends, enemies, or anything & everything!
  • You can post in someone else's Wanted thread, saying you'd like to plot with them.
  • Or you can PM or add someone to AIM & explain that you noticed their Wanted Thread & would like to plot! So many options, right?

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Assignment: Write a short intro to an RP (setting up the scene, etc.) You may use this post in your open thread for EC, or it may be a standalone intro. 50 word minimum.

Extra Credit: Do one of the following options and post the link to the thread in your workbook. Please try to make at least a few posts in your thread as the lesson is all about meeting new people! If you can, join someone you haven't RP'd with before

  • Start an open thread and announce it on the Cork Board
  • Join an open thread someone else has announced.
  • Request groupmates on the Cork Board and start a thread together.
  • Open threads in the PHP forum that have not been announced on the Cork Board will also count as EC.

If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333

Extra Reading: Roleplaying Guide, VHRPC Forum, & I found some Example Threads here for you to read to get an idea of the different kinds of RPs you'll find on VH:
What Happens in the Corridors, Stays in the Corridors with Professors Weber & Owens,
Torrential Rains with Finlay Barclay, Adalynn Mercer, Nathaniel Morgan, Flynn Carrol, Cairo Atkins, Anna Wolff, & Joseph Parkhurst
& Two Broken Chains with Lilia McEvans & Melissa Tavella.

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