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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Four, Your Family & You!

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Four
Your Family & You!


Delaney was excited about today's lesson, as it was a fun one. At least, she thought so. She'd always enjoyed talking about her family, and naturally assumed everyone else did as well. "Hello again everyone! Today we'll be talking about our families! I know many of you must be very excited, but please remember to use your inside voices, thank you." She knew very few of them even had a grasp on the difference between inside and outside voices, but she was working on it. Smiling at Mr McRobbie, she jumped right into the lesson.

"So let's all get up and tell each other about our families, and where we're from!"

"I'll begin. My name is Delaney Blithe, and I've been married to a wonderful man called Edmund Blithe for nearly fourty years. I've lived in Wales my entire life, except for the seven years I spent in Hufflepuff House at Hogwarts, of course. And I've got a daughter, Kendall, who's currently married and living in Romania with her husband, studying plants." Quite happy with what she considered a lovely little story, she turned to listen c
arefully to her fellow instructor's story as Mr McRobbie took his turn and allowed the children to take theirs.

Talking about family was something that Max loved doing. He took any opportunity to ramble on about his mum and dad, and most often his wife and sons, and this was the perfect platform to do so. He just had to sit and wait his turn was all, which proved difficult. He just wanted to brag about how his youngest had started primary school, okay. :c

Fortunately, his turn came soon enough, and Max got to his feet. "I'm Max McRobbie and I'm married to a lovely girl called Livvy, he pointed to the smiling picture of a blonde woman he'd stuck on with Pritt Stick, "My mum, Delia, and my dad, Evan have lived in Portobello all their lives. They raised me and my big brother Finn there too." The picture of Max and Finn showed the boys as children, standing in the playground of their primary school on Finn's first day. "I'll pass my family tree around so you can all see it," he passed off the work of art to the nearest kid, I dont live in Portobello any more, I moved to Leeds with Livvy a few years back, and now we have three sons, Jude, Milo and Oliver, who are 12, 7 and 4, he grinned contentedly, watching the reaction of each person to his family tree.

Obviously, it was the cutest thing ever. Restraining his rambling, Max sat down and let the first student take the floor.




Character Libraries!

When you develop your character, figuring out their family and background are a lot of fun. And the more information you have, the easier it'll be to figure out exactly what makes them who they are.

When planning your character's background, one thing to keep in mind is that they must live in the UK before they turn 11, or they wouldn't receive a Hogwarts letter. They'd receive one to whichever school is closest to where they lived, as there are magical schools throughout the world.

Your character's parents are likely a big part of their lives, and things like their jobs & personalities can give you something fun to RP about. On VH, there are a few restrictions on a few of the jobs and affiliations of your character's relatives.

  • Your character cannot be related to a Death Eater.
  • Nor can they have a relative who's been killed, or tortured by a Death Eater.
  • They can be related a dark wizard, who shares the Death Eater beliefs.
  • They can have a relative who's been killed by a dark wizard.
  • Your character cannot be related to an Auror or a member of the Order of the Phoenix.
  • They can be related to a good wizard who shares the beliefs of the Aurors and Order of the Phoenix members.
  • You cannot RP being related to a VH Staff Member, or a character from the books without first getting mod approval.



When you are finally sorted, you have the option of creating a Character Library. This is a place for you to put as much, or as little, information about your character as you'd like. It's also a place to keep track of your RPs, grades, graphics, etc. It is not something that's required on VH, just something for you, to help you keep track of your characters if you want to.
There are a lot of things to think about and decide for your character. For example, when is their birthday? Are they a pureblood, halfblood, or muggleborn? Where are they from? How many siblings do they have? This is all interesting stuff to think about to further your character's development, and a CL is the perfect place to figure this all out!

Even something that is seemingly unimportant, such as your character's star sign, can give you ideas and traits to work with to further flesh them out. So be sure to dig as deep as you like when it comes to your character's personality, family and background.

But please use your judgement and be sure to keep everything within the realm of possibility. Being a witch or wizard is already pretty special, don't you think?




Here are a few more examples of coding that can help you when starting your CL.


  • Lists are great.
  • They make everything so neat and shiny!
  • Don't you think?
  • I do.
[list][*] Lists are great.
[*] They make everything so neat and shiny!
[*] Don't you think?
[*] I do.[/list]

And if you don't need a list, but just an indent:



I am writing and i want there to be an indent in my writing.


Oh look! It happened!


[indent]Oh look! It happened![/indent]


You can also use successive indent tags to increase the level of indentation.


And it’s happened again!


And of course, links are extremely important when coding.
When you want to insert a link into a post:

Hey, it's Virtual Hogwarts!


Hey, it's [url=""]Virtual Hogwarts[/url]!

And if you want to use an image as a link (remember to properly host the image on tinypic or another site, no hotlinking!):



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Assignment: Create the first post of your CL. You may use the following code if you'd like to.

[b]The Basics:[/b]
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born:
Five words that best describe your character:

Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye color:
Other distinguishing details:
(Insert a portrait here if you like)

Father's name:
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):
Mother's name:
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):
Siblings (names and descriptions):
Other key family members:

Extra Credit: Create a family tree OR Tell us about your family. 50 word minimum.

If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333

Extra Reading: Magical Careers Database, Wand Woods & Cores, Harry Potter Astrology, VHOT Coding Forum, and we found a few sample Character Libraries here, here & here.

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