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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Two, Hogwarts Rules

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Two
Hogwarts Rules


Week one, done and dusted. Admittedly, he’d returned home and promptly fallen asleep on the sofa in front of some TV soap that Livvy had been watching, but it was done, he’d survived, as far as he was aware, all the kids had survived too, so he was taking that as a win.
Ushering them back into the classroom was growing to be a little more like herding cats, but he got there in the end, all of them in the room and a smile on Max’s face as he stood in front of them with Mrs Brom at his side.

“Alright you wee monsters,” he raised his voice slightly to quiet the rabble, “how many of you have ever broken a rule?” Of course, a sea of hands went up, and a distant murmur of kids telling the person sitting next to them about exactly what they’d done. “Well Mrs Brom, it seems we have some troublemakers in our midst! Take note!”

He was only half joking.

Getting back on track, he needed to launch into the boring parts of the lesson. “As I’m sure you’ll all expect, Hogwarts has some rules of its own for you to follow, I know, I know, boring, but they’re important for you to know,” and that seemed like the perfect time to hand off to Mrs Brom, as Max hadn’t exactly been a stickler for the rules while he’d been at Hogwarts.

Ah, Mr. McRobbie, how helpful.

Honestly was always a good policy. Some of the children had been proud to offer their hand while others didn't want to get scolded. It wasn't like she could hold up a solid defense for herself when it came to rules. Martha, after a second of hesitation, had also raised her hand in admittance.

"Oh! Right, of course." Martha fumbled with her thoughts before stepping forward." For many of you this will be your first time away from your parents. You might believe that you can get away with things around the castle but that is hardly the case." Ha, oh the amount of times she and Barn broke curfew to lay under the charmed astronomy tower sky.... "But there are also consequences to your actions. Some will call for detention while others call for a detection of house points." She couldn't help but grin, "My eldest even informed me that under the rule of the new Head Mistress they've even begun to shackle students, again." She hoped it was just a scare tactic; considering none of her children had complained about actually being shackled yet, Martha felt safe that it wasn't something to worry over.

"Now the list of rules can be rather long and tedious but it's our duty to cover them before you begin your first class." A flick of her wand sent a piece of chalk to work on listing all of the rules across the board. She didn't bother to wait for it to stop before she continued. "Yep, I think that covers it. What do you think, Mr McRobbie? Early lunch break in the park?" Martha made no effort to hide her delight when a chorus of children cheered and bolted for their lunch bags.





Profiles, Posts & Signatures: How to make them pretty!



So first thing’s first! CODING! We’re going to go over the very basics of coding in this lesson. For more in-depth coding, THIS is a fantastic guide. First off, you have two options of coding things: using the editor’s built in functions, or typing the code out manually by hand. We’ll cover the latter here.

Bold Italicized Underline Strikethrough




[font=georgia,serif][color=#555555][b]Bold[/b] [i]Italicized[/i] [u]Underline[/u] [s]Strikethrough[/s][/color][/font]


To use a font: Georgia, Tahoma, Arial




To post in colours (you will need to use the hex code of the colour.) Darkgray Darkgoldenrod Darkgreen Skyblue




[font=georgia,serif][color=#555555][color="#696969"]Darkgray[/color] [color="#B8860B"]Darkgoldenrod[/color] [color="#006400"]Darkgreen[/color] [color="#87CEEB"]Skyblue[/color][/color][/font]


To align your text:






[font=georgia,serif][color=#555555][size=3][font=Palatino Linotype][left]LEFT[/left]

To post an image: blithe3.png






[font=georgia,serif][color=#555555][size=3][font=Palatino Linotype][img=http://i40.tinypic.com/10qb9r8.png][/font][/size][/color][/font]



Here's a quick guide to your reply window:







Now, Virtual Hogwarts Off Topic! Virtual Hogwarts Off Topic, or VHOT, is VH's only affiliated website. It's used for all things Off Topic, such as plotting, games, graphics, fanfiction & discussions. Once you've registered on VHOT, you'll need to post here in order to get your account validated, and then you can start posting!

On VH & VHOT we have many talented artists. Here some of them have posted shops that you can request graphics in. If there are no open Graphic Shops, you can just start a new topic in this same section, and request graphics, and hopefully some nice artistically gifted VHer will see it & make you something. Always remember to be patient & polite.





And finally, the good stuff: Uploading images! To upload whatever images you want to put in your Profile for your Avatar & Signature graphics, you first need to upload them to an online hosting website such as tinypic.com, imgur.com, imageshack.us or photobucket.com.

A few very important notes about graphics -

  • When you are using an image that is not already uploaded on tinypic or imageshack, you need to save it to your computer, and rehost it using one of the above online hosting websites. If you do not, this is called Hotlinking & it's not allowed, on VH or in general. It's very bad. Do not do it.
  • Avatar images can be no larger than 130x300px.
  • Signature images can be no larger than 550x400px, total. So if you have one large banner, 2 large icons, or 3 small icons, etc, together they must be no larger than 550x400px.

Once you’ve rehosted your images, you go and click your username at the top right or left corner (depending on which theme you’re using), bringing down a drop down menu - from here, click Profile.


To edit your avatar, click the small image icon in the bottom left of your profile avatar (“Profile Photo”) and a menu should pop up to allow you to import or upload your avatar. To upload an avatar, post the direct link in the spot next to where iti says “Import from URL” and hit ‘Import’. Whatever image you’re uploading, the link should end in something like .ping, .jpeg, etc. You may also upload an image by hitting ‘Choose Single File’ and selecting an image from your computer, or you can simply drag and drop the file into that field! And you’re done! Your avatar should be all set! It is important to note that your avatar must be under 50KB, however there are resources such as TinyPNG that can shrink the size of the file for you. Additionally, the feature to upload an avatar is not available currently until you are sorted, but you can choose from the available Avatar Gallery until then.


In the Avatar Gallery, select the image you want and hover your mouse in the top right corner. A button should pop up to “Set as my profile photo”. Click that and voila, you have an avatar!

To upload and edit your signature, it’s a little bit different. Click your username at the top of of the window again, and hit ‘Account settings’. From there, choose ‘Signature’. You can decide whether to either view or hide ALL signatures from here, as well as set yours. To set one, you must first decide hwo you want it aligned: left, right, or center. Once you’ve done that, and you have the link, you have to use the image tags to get it to appear as an image instead of a link. So the coding in your signature should look like one of these:


To align LEFT -



To align CENTER -



To align RIGHT -



And one more thing to remember! The length of your file name can affect your ability to use your chosen image as an avatar--if it's too long, for example you named it "delaneyssuperawesomeavatarwithbluetextnumberthreefinalversion.png," you'll probably get an error message. Simply rename your file to something shorter (like "delaneyav3.png") and try again!

Signature images can be no larger than 600 x 300, and a maximum of three images. You can add text, lyrics, etc if you'd like to. Then you're done! Avatar & Signature uploaded & coded!


If you’re browsing VH one day and realize you can’t see anybody’s signatures, but you didn’t disable them in your settings, don’t worry! Try and resize your window first, to make it wider. Some of the themes on VH are “elastic” and will automatically shrink/expand images based on the width of the window, and if you shrink your window too small, it will respond by simply hiding the signatures from view - but they’re still there!

Edited by Mrs Brom
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Assignment: Please code the following quote as instructed.

Your Name
Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH[Year]
A fun fact about yourself.

  • Bold the first line.
  • Italicize the second line.
  • Underline the last line.
  • Align the entire thing to center.
  • Use a font on the entire thing.
  • Change the color of each line.


Delaney Avery Blithe
Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35
I'm a Hufflepuff who doesn't like sweets.

Extra Credit: RP your student breaking a Hogwarts rule OR trying to get out of trouble for breaking a rule, as though they are already at Hogwarts. 50 word minimum. Please read the Virtual Hogwarts In Character Rules for more information on IC Rule-breaking.


As though you're already at Hogwarts, write a letter to someone outside of Hogwarts (parents, sibling, etc.), or to a friend in another House (this friend need not be named unless you wish), about how your student feels about certain rules--whether they seem strict, are reasonable, or whatever! You may wish to RP the act of writing this, and wrap the letter itself in Quote tags to set it apart from the RP. 50 word minimum.

If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333

Extra Reading: VHOT Unused LAL Suggestions, The Great Coding Library, List of Colors, VHOT Graphics Rules

Edited by Mrs Blithe

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