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Mrs Blithe

Lesson One, Welcome to Pre-Hogwarts Primary!

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson One
Welcome to Pre-Hogwarts Primary!

Greeting the children and their parents as they all arrived, the instructors stood there, smiling and trying to remember all the new names. There were so many of them! But she was sure she could handle it, just like she had the years before. Once everyone was in the classroom and settled, Delaney decided to hop right to it.

"Welcome to Pre-Hogwarts Primary! I'm Mrs Blithe! I'm so thrilled to be working with you all this summer, and getting you ready to head to Hogwarts in September! I hope we'll be good friends by the time you all leave this classroom." She said brightly, repeating the same speech she'd used in summers past, and chose to ignore the scoffs and sighs she heard. Taking a step back, Mr McRobbie and Mrs Brom took turns introducing themselves. Her fellow instructors both mentioned how nice a day it was outside and after a quick look out the window, Delaney had to agree. It was only the first day of lessons, after all. What could hurt to end it a little early?

”Straighten your tie.”

Those had been his wife’s parting words before Max apparated away for the first day of term at Pre-Hogwarts Primary. On arrival, he had indeed straightened his tie, doing his best to look somewhat professional upon meeting his colleagues and the new pupils. Standing at the door as the young’uns trickled in, Max turned on the charm. He was new and on the back foot a little, he needed to get in their good books, and fast. “That’s quite the haircut,” he quipped to one kid with a cheeky grin, ushering the last one in and closing the classroom door behind them before joining Blithe at the front of the room.

Mimicking an overdramatic version of the tuts and sighs, Max started his speech. “I get it, it’s summer school, you’d rather be outside, but we’ll make it fun. I’m Mr McRobbie, gobstones expert, I'll take on all challenges,” he explained to the class with a smile. He wasn’t quite sure if he had a good read of the class yet, gazing out across the sea of faces, some of them looking like they’d rather be anywhere but in the classroom.

To be fair, it was pretty sunny outside. Maybe the Mrs Bs would let them have an early lunch or something.

Martha watched as the group of pre-teens fidgeted in their chairs, her head nodding in agreement to Mr. McRobbie. Just before she chimed in to her introduction she gave a wink towards a very social looking child. "Helllllo!" Her warm smile greeted as many of the children as possible, "I'm Mrs Brom and I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you!"

It almost pained her to not see one of her own children in the crowd. Empty nest syndrome had officially kicked in. 'Empty nest' even though she still had two kids at home. It was just so quiet with the other five off at Hogwarts.

Clapping her hands together Martha directed her eyes back to the adults in the room. "It's so rare for there to be sunshine...." It was almost as if she would fidget as much as the children if she were forced to stay inside. "Perhaps, if it's alright with you two, we could..." She nodded her head in the direction of the door, hoping she wasn't over-stepping any boundaries. . .







Welcome to Virtual Hogwarts!

Pre-Hogwarts Primary was created on VH as a way to introduce new members to the site. If you're not new, you may still learn a thing or two! Or, you could just do the lessons for the Character Development & RP Opportunities. On VH, Pre-Hogwarts Primary is not mandatory. You do not need to finish the lessons, or even participate at all in order to be sorted. However, In Character your student does need to attend regardless of background or blood status.

There will be Nine PHP Lessons, each addressing a different aspect of how VH works, and the different things you may need to know. If you have any questions about PHP, VH or any of the lessons, feel free to post here & we'll get back to you as soon as possible. <3





Here you'll find the rules & guidelines about names that are acceptable on VH. Basically you need a first & last name, properly spaced & capitalized, that is not the name of a Character from the Harry Potter books, any other books, television shows, movies, fandoms, or that is a celebrity name. If your last name is a name from one of the Harry Potter books, you cannot use it without first submitting an application & getting mod-approval, so if you've already registered with a name from the books without that approval, you'll need to have your name changed.

If your name is not VH appropriate, please post here with the new name you'd like, and one of our amazing Mods will change it for you as soon as they can.







Next, please click this and this! Now your bank & shop accounts are both active and you'll start earning money from certain posts & be able to send & receive shop items! You will learn much more about the bank and shops in Lesson Six.





If you scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom of this site, there is a footer that should be visible regardless of what page you’re on. It says ‘Themes’ & gives you the options ‘Castle’, ‘Forbidden Forest’, ‘Colour-Change Ink’, and ‘IPS Default’. Using this feature changes the skin & background of the website. The ‘Colour-Change Ink’ theme currently even allows you to customize the look a bit further - at the top of the page by your user bar, you’ll see an icon of a camera and an icon of a paintbrush. Those let you swap around the banner and the site’s colour palettes to your taste.



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Updates for New New New VH

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Assignment: Start your workbook! Instructions are here!
Extra Credit: RP what your character is most looking forward to about going to Hogwarts. You may wish to RP what your character is thinking, or what he or she might tell a friend or family member. 50 word minimum.

- OR -

RP your character learning they've been accepted to Hogwarts and their feelings about this! Remember, Muggleborn children in their first year (and their family) would be visited by a Ministry official to explain this. (Click here for the exception to this... thanks, Olive & Prof. Gawkrodger!) 50 word minimum.

Also, these lesson threads will remain open all year.
Please be sure to start your workbook in the Library as a new topic! Each of your assignments should be posted as a separate reply to that topic; you may post the lesson and EC in the same reply, but please be certain to label each post with the header, including the lesson number and whether you are doing the assignment, EC or both.

If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333

Extra Reading: The Next Sorting is . . . , All About VH!

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