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Tutoring 101

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I wanted to create a more open library and offer new opportunities for people on VH to RP with more people. It is In-Character only so please don't expect to get actual tutoring in a subject. Be creative with your group. Have fun. Enjoy being a part of a great community of people.

Please read the two pre-emptive FAQs below for all the information on tutoring and how it will work.



If you want to be a tutor, please read this post.


If you want a tutor, please read this post.


Please see the post below for all available subjects and tutors.



Please continue to check this thread for updated information. Things can change at a moment's notice.

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Pre-emptive FAQs.

What are the requirements to be hired as a tutor?
Only 4th-7th years may apply. 13 year olds are too dumb to be tutors.

I'm a 2nd year but my character is REALLY SMART. Can I be a tutor?

Okay, but I'm a 3rd year.

What about tutoring for OWLs and NEWTs?
Only 6th and 7th years may tutor OWL levels and only 7th years may tutor NEWT levels. You must prove that you are smart by providing me with a link to your OWL grade which doesn't actually prove that you're smart at all, but whatever.

What subjects can be the focus for tutoring?
Any subject that is taught at Hogwarts.

What will I actually do as a tutor?
Just RPing with people. Nothing in particular. Maybe throughout the year and ongoing into future years I'll come up with fun activities for tutoring groups. We can all work together to come up with fun ideas. Or we'll all be miserable together. I'm going to give tutors FREE-REIGN on how they want to organize their sessions. You have the ability to be a teacher for a day. Be creative.

I have a great idea for a tutoring session and/or incentive.
Awesome. PM or IM me what it is

Will I be tutoring one person or groups?
Either. Both. You'll let me know what your preference is.

Do I get to choose my group?

But there's someone who I really want to tutor.
I don't care.

I'm a Slytherin and I don't want any Ravenclaws in my group. Can you make sure that happens.
Only because you're a Slyther...wait. No.

Will I be tutoring people my same age or younger?
Depends. You might even tutor someone older than you if they are REALLY a dumb-dumb.

What do I get out of being a tutor?
The joy of helping out the dumb-dumbs. Also you'll meet new people. Maybe I'll give points. Or gifts. Or just my undying gratitude. Maybe I'll make you an honorary Carter. Or just pretend not to hate you as much as I actually do (ICly of course). But most of all, you'll get to RP with people that you might not necessarily have gotten a chance to RP with before.

If I sign up to be a tutor am I guaranteed to be one?
Probably, but maybe not.


How many subjects can I sign up for?
As many as you want. Whatever. I will only partner you up for one or two, though.

I only want to tutor (insert subject here).
This is why you might not be guaranteed a spot as a tutor. For example, if 30 people sign up to be Potion tutors, I probably don't need that many. Unless about 80 people sign up to be tutored then maybe I do. But otherwise, that's fine. Please sign up and state that you are only interested in that subject.

How long do I have to sign up?
This will be an on-going thing depending on who wants a tutor, so it will always be up. For the rest of time.


Do I have to post the tutoring threads in the library?

Nope! I'm just organizing this in the library. After all, it wouldn't make sense to teach the practicals of Potions or Herbology in the library? You can hold your tutoring sessions anywhere.

I don't want to be a tutor, but need to be tutored. What about me?
Read the SO YOU NEED A TUTOR pre-emptive FAQs below.

I want to be a tutor. Where do I sign up?
In a different thread. THIS different thread. But be sure to read the rest of this FAQ first.


Which subjects do you need tutors in?

Currently, all of them

I've signed up to be a tutor. When do I get my group?
When people sign up for a tutor in the subject you've signed up to tutor. Which means you might never get a group. Sad, right? But dems the breaks.


Someone signed up to get a tutor and someone else got them and I didn't. What's the deal?

Trust me, there's a reason why I didn't partner you up. Most likely it is because you have signed up for OWL or NEWT level tutoring and I want to give the 5th and 7th years a chance to sign up. Or it is because you filled out the tutoring form incorrectly and never fixed it, so double-check that. Or it's because I'm a mean old woman. But there's a reason.


The person I'm tutoring is my alter. What now?

I don't know anyone's alters. Seriously. People start talking to me all the time as if we've known each other forever and I have no idea who you are. So if this is the case, you'll just have to let me know. I swear I'll forget after about 2 minutes so I won't be spreading your secrets.


I want to be a tutor and also need to be tutored. Can I do both?

Absolutely, please do. You might be a genius with Charms but be horrible in Runes. Sign up for both things.


How involved is Madam Carter in my tutoring sessions?

I'm only involved by letting you know who you are tutoring unless you explicitly ask me otherwise. When I PM you with who is in your group, I'll let you know the basics then.


Will I have to sign up every year?

Yes. This is an update from previous years. You must sign up again if you want to be a tutor.

Is there a tag I should use for tutoring?

It would be nice if you used 'tutoring' or 'vhxxtutoring'.

I have a question you haven't answered.

No really, I have a question.
Well, then PM or IM me. I'm sure I have an answer.

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Pre-emptive FAQs.

What are the requirements to get a tutor?

You have to exist. Originally it was that you had to be a student but I decided that's not so fun. So even my idiot hubby can get a tutor if he wants it.


I'm actually really smart in my subject and don't REALLY need a tutor.

That's okay, you can still sign up for one and pretend to be dumb. I can't stop you.


I want a tutor in a subject that I'm not actually taking.

...Why? But whatever. You can sign up, too.


I need a tutor in (insert subject here) but there isn't one available.

Then you're out of luck. I can't give you a tutor if there isn't one available. But you can still sign up for it and once someone is available then I'll PM you with your tutor.


Will I be in a tutoring group or solo with just a tutor.

Depends on your preference.


Do I get to choose my tutor?



But I really want to work with my friend.

I don't care.


I'm a Slytherin and I don't want a Ravenclaw to be my tutor.

As much as I like to give favor to my Slytherins, that's too bad. I can't help you here.


Can I be a tutor and also be tutored in something else?



Will my tutor be younger than me?



Same age? Older?



Will I have the same tutor forever until I graduate?

Well, if you're a first year and your tutor is a seventh year, that would be impossible. No wonder you need a tutor, you're not exactly the swiftest broom.


How often will I need to sign up for a tutor?

Every year.


I need a tutor in ALL the subjects.

That's fine. But please be sure you can commit to being in that many RPs.


I need OWL or NEWT specific tutoring.

That's also fine.


When do I have to sign up by?

This is an on-going thing until the end of time so you just need to sign up whenever you need a tutor.


Will I really be tutored in the subject?

If you really actually need tutoring, then partner with your tutor for that. Maybe they'll help you OOC or maybe they'll work it into their RPs. Otherwise, it will just be a chance for you to meet new people and RP with someone you might not have had the chance with before.


What do I get out of having a tutor?

The joy of RPing on an RPG website.


I have a great idea for a tutoring session.

Awesome. PM or IM me. Unless it only pertains to your group, then PM or IM your tutor. But if it's really cool, still PM or IM me because it might help me in the future.


Where do I sign up to get a tutor?

You can go here. Before you do that, though, please read the remaining FAQ.


The tutor that has been assigned to me is my alter. Help!

You'll just have to spill the beans to me. I honestly don't know anyone's alters so if I do that, it's just because I didn't know. I swear I won't spread secrets. I'll honestly probably forget after 2 minutes anyways.


Okay, I've got my tutor and s/he is awesome.

Great! I'm glad to hear that. Send me a PM or IM and brag about your tutor. I want to hear everything.


I wasn't so lucky and my tutor is the worst.

If you find that your tutor isn't working out for you for any reason, please let me know. It would be great to know why but if you do not want to disclose that, it's fine. I'll try and find you a new tutor as quickly as possible.


Can I be tutored in a subject and tutor another subject?

As long as you're a 4th year or above then yes.


I signed up for a tutor FOREVER ago and still haven't been paired up yet even though someone has signed up for the subject I need.

Trust me, I saw your post. There are reasons why you haven't been partnered. Could be that the tutor already has several pupils. Or maybe they want to work in groups and you don't. Or I'm holding off on giving them a tutor because of a level difference. Or because I'm a mean old woman. There's a reason. Trust me.


I still don't have a tutor. Should I PM you?



Still don't have oneeeeeeeee...

Okay, if it has been more than TWO WEEKS and you're at least 75% sure that someone is available, only THEN can you PM me. But you have to trust me. I'm keeping track. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with 500 pupils. It's hard enough keeping track of one person, they don't need the stress of multiples.


I have a question you haven't answered.

That's nice.


No really, notice me senpai.

Okay, fine. PM or IM me your question. But read the SO YOU WANT TO BE A TUTOR pre-emptive FAQs first because maybe your answer is in there.

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