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Posted 21 June 2015 - 12:37 PM




Please refer to the linked Google Doc below for all known books in the library. This is but 0.0001% of the available books in the library. All students, staff and creature is able to add a book to the Doc. The rules and guidelines which are listed below need to be heeded.




The list of books is located here



  • When inputting a book into the Doc, please include Title, Author and Description and place it within its section (for example, Muggle Studies, Gastronomy, etc).
  • If a book spans over multiple sections, include it in all that apply.
  • If there is a section you think is missing, please inform me first via PM and I will add it.
  • If you think something is wrong that already exists in the Doc, please feel free to update it but do not delete something without letting me know first.
  • When you make a change in the Doc, feel free to include your name on the first page as a contributor.
  • Inform me of updates by using the form below


[font=arial][size=4][b]UPDATES [/b][/size][b]➤[/b][/font]
[font=arial][indent=1]My name is (insert name here) and I have made the following changes to the Google Doc: (insert changes here)[/indent][/font]



If I see even a single person abusing this Doc, then I will not make it interactive, which will make me sad. You don't want to see me sad.

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