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Abigail Goodfellow

Abigail Goodfellow

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Abigail Goodfellow


credits to grover penn for the art

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Abigail Goodfellow


signature by desmond potter


NAME: Abigail Grace Goodfellow

ABIGAIL || Hebrew for "my father is joy"
GRACE || simple elegance or refinement of movement
GOODFELLOW || a nickname for a congenial companion.


HOUSE: Slytherin

BIRTHDAY: 4 May 2020


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with the neck and throat. Positive characteristics include stamina, patience, practicality, frugality, creativity, a love of beauty and nature, faithfulness, loyalty, determination, sensuality, and affection. Negative characteristics are stubbornness (there's a reason why stubborn people are called bullheaded), materialism, resistance to change, laziness, a terrible temper once aroused, prejudice, and sometimes an unimaginative nature.


In this House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth and the trappings of wealth over more intangible assets. Determination will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something. A large number of Slytheirns in this sign work for Gringotts after graduating from Hogwarts, for they are very good with money.


HOMETOWN: Haverhill, Suffolk

BLOOD: It's Complicated


When Abby decides that she wants something, she will virtually stop at nothing to get it. She loves the chase and, in particular, enjoys the feeling of accomplishment that comes from getting something she wants.


Abby has a very act first, think later sort of mindset, probably borne from being free to do what she wants when she wants to with her twin. She tends to do whatever she needs to to get what she wants without thinking through the consequences.


In both senses of the word, Abby is crafty. She enjoys artistic things, particularly dance and painting, and she can also be particularly clever when she needs to be, usually from having to think fast on her feet when trying to get her and her brother out of trouble.


Although Abby has always been a part of a pair, she revels in the idea of independence, of being able to do things on he own because she can. She hates the reasoning of "you can't because you're a girl/young" and being told that will only fuel hr to try it anyways.


Abby will do anything for the people she's close to, like her brother and any close friends she might come across. Once Sorted, she would have House pride and defend her status as whatever she may be, but more often than not, she'll always choose her twin brother and close friends over a group of people she may or may not get along with well.



HEIGHT: 4'9" 5'0" 5'3" 5'4" 5'7"
STYLE: Abby dresses in pastels and flowery patterns, occasionally wearing a pair of fake eyeglasses as well. She has a lot of clothing she's bought from thrift shops because she thinks it's cool (also her family isn't very well off, but that doesn't play a large part in her decision to buy from thrift shops).




wand art by grover penn


Unskilled wandmakers call spruce a difficult wood, but in doing so they reveal their own ineptitude. It is quite true that it requires particular deftness to work with spruce, which produces wands that are ill-matched with cautious or nervous natures, and become positively dangerous in fumbling fingers. The spruce wand requires a firm hand, because it often appears to have its own ideas about what magic it ought to be called upon to produce. However, when a spruce wand meets its match - which, in my experience, is a bold spell-caster with a good sense of humour - it becomes a superb helper, intensely loyal to their owners and capable of producing particularly flamboyant and dramatic effects.


This core is the most flamboyant of the three, and often produces the strongest and most powerful wands. Dragon heartstring usually favours ambitious spell-casting and as a result the wand is more likely to turn to the Dark Arts than any other core; however, a wand that has this core will not do so of its own will. Dragon heartstring wands are loyal to their first owner, but when won, their loyalty and sensitivity will be lessened. This core produces wands that are most prone to accidents in wrong hands, being quite temperamental at times and sometimes (Albeit rarely) acting of their own accord. The wand is also susceptible to being a twin core.

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Abigail Goodfellow


TWIN: Finch Goodfellow

Finch is Abby’s other half, her partner in crime. She and Finch have been together since the womb and they’ve never been separated for more than a few days. The fact that he’s been put into Gryffindor breaks her heart, but that doesn’t make him less of her best friend and partner in crime. They’ve got a fairly large following on the Internet, something she’s a little distraught about because she can’t take pictures or videos whilst at Hogwarts. They have a tendency to do stupid things together and call it an adventure.

FATHER: Lionel Goodfellow

Lionel is a squib who has been living as a Muggle for years and is the most supportive, equal opportunity sort of man. Abby loves him so much and will fight anyone who tries to insult him. He runs a wedding shop and married Diane a few years after Celia left the family.

MOTHER: Celia Albrecht

Celia is a witch who left the family after the twins were born and showed no magical skills. She left them at such a young age that the twins don’t recognize her or even acknowledge her. They don’t talk about her and don’t even think of Celia as their mother.

STEPMOTHER: Diane Goodfellow

A Muggle woman who runs a restaurant that occasionally caters for events, particularly weddings. She and Lionel met during an event and started dating. Once they’d been dating for a while, Lionel introduced her to the twins and they love her more than anything. They call her mum and thinks of her as their proper mother.


Abigail couldn't believe this was actually happening. After a summer of mishaps, namely the Broom Incidents, which was more popular than Abby had thought it would be, she and Finch had survived and were making their way to Hogwarts' Great Hall, where they'd be Sorted. The Sorting process, Abby had learned, was a personality test of sorts that you had to take before you were able to start learning things at Hogwarts.

It was weird, as far as Abby could think, but she wasn't going to complain if it meant she got to learn magic. She was practically bouncing as she followed the other soon to be first years like a herd of cattle towards the front of the Great Hall. She was a little on the shorter side, which was upsetting, so she couldn't really see above everyone in front of her. Abby was maybe ten seconds from asking Finch if she could climb onto his shoulders -- it happened enough that it probably wouldn't have surprised him -- when the professor started calling people up to the front in alphabetical order and ... was that a hat? Abby furrowed her eyebrows as she watched an old ratty hat sort people.

What was this school, really? She narrowed her eyes as the crowd around her and Finch thinned out, grabbing his wrist and dragging him closer to the front as more people got sorted ahead of them. "This is silly," she said simply, shaking her head as she watched someone walk over to whatever table they were sorted to.

Eventually, though, it was Abby's turn and she perked up when her name was called. Silly or not, it was still what she had to do to get into Hogwarts and because of that, she was most definitely doing it. "I'll save you a seat, yeah?" she told Finch, grinning as she practically skipped up the steps toward the old hat and stool the professor was standing beside.

She settled into her seat, crossing her ankles like Julie Andrews taught her to, and holds her head high, making a face up at the hat as its placed on her head. "Hello there. So what am I supposed to do for this test exactly?" she asked as the hat settled on top of her head, tilting it slightly to see if the professor would tell her anything.


Just relax, Miss Goodfellow, this is more a test of my own capabilities than yours… Now, I see a lot of ambition in you my dear and a determination to make your mark in the world. One founder is itching to get you under his wing, I can see an enterprising nature that would make Salazar proud. That isn't to say you're not bright or brave or kind, for you surely are… A girl with such a burning desire to succeed however, belongs in SLYTHERIN! (x)

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Abigail Goodfellow

gryffindor | slytherin | hufflepuff | ravenclaw
in alphabetical order

bryony king - VH30

friendly face

darcy redmount - VH30

friendly face

brotp: conflicted interests

desmond tonks - VH30

friendly face

abby went on a date with him once but they're just friends now


devlin p. whitehorn - VH30

friendly face
quid buddy

kissing buddy dating i guess how do you date at hogwarts girlfriend
trigail goodhorn: diamond disaster

edison byrnes - VH30

friendly face

first kiss

felicity mcquillen - VH30

friendly face

finch goodfellow - VH30

twin brother, partner in crime

the goodfellows; can't take us anywhere

grover penn - VH30

best friend, partner in crime (literally)

abby would probably hide a dead body for him

grabby; pennfellow

henry chamberlain - VH26

former prefect and quid captain

irene redgrave - VH31

friendly face

quid buddy


loren keats - VH30

friendly face

p...oten...tial lo...ove int...e...rest??? (aka what are feelings Abby doesn't know)

loregail; because you're worth it

lucius cronus - VH31

partner in crime/beater buddy

he's on the quid team with abby and they have the "luke and abby show"


phaedra wayland - VH26

dueling mentor

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Abigail Goodfellow

complete | wip

there'll never be enough of us && finch goodfellow in homes & holidays

"I don't think you grow a beard and get warts just cause you go to magic school, Finchy. Otherwise we would've started looking morel like magicians and stuff," she offered, sticking her tongue out at him. How dare he imply she was going to get warts? She took very good care of herself, thank you very much. "Plus, I could totally pull off being green, I bet," she said cheerfully, flipping her hair over her shoulder before stretching out to drape herself half over Finch's shoulders. "What's this really about, Finchy? What've you got brewing?" she asked, her tone mischievous because ...well, she knew her twin enough to know something was going on in his little brain and she was curious to find out what.

nursery rhymes i'm singing my dreams && darcy redmount in diagon alley

Abby finally caught up to her, grabbing the other girl's wrist with a grin as she tugged in an attempt to get her to stop. "You sniffed me!" she said matter-of-factly, huffing as she crossed her arms and stared her down in an attempt to give this girl her fiercest look. Which. Okay, it wasn't all that fierce because Abby was tiny, blonde, and petite, but still. "It's only right I get to sniff you to," Abby continued, giving her a small smile. "Abigail, by the way." She held her hand out to the girl, figuring if they were already at sniffing-friendliness-level, then they might as well introduce themselves.

i see art, you see class && finch goodfellow, felicity mcquillen in diagon alley

Catching sight of her father wasn't hard, especially considering he was flailing around and nearly knocking people over, and she simply followed his gaze to find Finch. She handed her dad the magical bag of books -- the lady at the shop had said it would fit everything and be easy to carry and she hadn't been wrong, even though Abby had been thoroughly skeptical of the bag's magical qualities -- and ran over to where Finch was talking to some girl. "Hello there, I'm his sister!" she said cheerfully, holding her hand out to shake the other girl's. She didn't know if Finch had given this girl his name, so she figured this was the safest bet to make sure there was no confusion about who was named what if she called Finch Finch before this girl knew that Finch was Finch.

love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs && ike von duff, finch goodfellow, grover penn in the crystal fountain park

She hummed absently as she tried to find a good spot to turn her phone on at as Finch called out her. They were so very used to each other's shenanigans that it was really okay that they didn't actually pay attention all the time because they would just know when it was time to pay attention.

Like now, how Abby found a spot to turn her phone on because she was just far enough away from the magical classroom and so when she looked up to tell Finch so, she saw him playing with sock puppets. She wasn't quite sure how or why it started, but she'd be remiss and a sad excuse for a technophile if she didn't record all of this now that her phone was on.

act i, scene ii: hogwarts express && ike von duff in the hogwarts express

She stood easily as the boy, Ike von Duff -- maybe they had met at PHP? It was going to bother her until she remembered, really -- pulled her up and explained the pleased look on his face. "French, cute," she responded without thinking too much about it. Because French was a lovely language, really, and Abby was a big fan. "Abigail Goodfellow, and I do love a spectacle," she said cheerfully, giving him her own little head nod.

something tells me that you're never gonna stop 'til you get what you want && finch goodfellow, grover penn in the hogwarts express

Abby jumped backwards a little, accidentally sitting on her phone so it was digging into her thigh, at Finch's yelp. What the hell?? Oh. It only took Abby a second to recognize the image in front of her. It meant only one thing, really: Finch's bits got hit. Again. Her eyes followed Finch's to the heel on the floor, snorting at Finch's question. "Why've you got a broken heel in your pocket?" she asked the other boy, obviously asking the hard-hitting questions as her twin sat, doubled over, beside her.

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Abigail Goodfellow

complete | wip | win | loss

gryffindor | slytherin | hufflepuff | ravenclaw

S.C.A.L.E. in the slytherin common room
Quid HW Tracker, Term I in the quidditch pitch

the only problem i got with the club && finch goodfellow, amelia castellan in the great hall

After forcing the boy who tried to sit beside her to scoot over to make room for Finch, Abby looked from the seat to the other tables before making eye contact with Finch, trying to send him good luck vibes, vibes that said don't worry, we'll be in the same House, I just know it. She hoped she was convincing because the sudden realization that maybe they wouldn't be in the same House was a fear Abby was suddenly realizing she didn't want and ... well, what was she supposed to do with her best friend?

cashing in my bad luck && henry chamberlain in the slytherin common room

Abby blinked up at the Prefect and waited for a reply. She nodded when he corrected her, mumbling "right" as she waited for him to answer her about the fact that her brother was very much in the wrong House. Her nose wrinkled a little at his answer, shaking her head. "That's not possible. Finch and I are a team, so the Hat must've gotten something wrong," she said sincerely, her voice slightly pleading despite the fact that she was trying very, very hard not to sound like there was something wrong. But there was and she needed the Prefect to help her with it.

this thread is classified && george george, rhys knightly in an unused classroom [mentoring]

She arrived at the classroom carefully, considering the note had been very ... espionage-y, her steps slow as she peeked around the classroom door to find two older guys -- one of them on the floor. She straightened up as she stood in the middle of the doorway, giving them a little salute. "Agent Abby, reporting for duty, sirs," she said, mimicking the tone and action she saw all the time in various spy movies she and Finch would watch.

follow the sun && finch goodfellow in the lakefront

It was sunny. Abby was sure this had to be a sign of some good fortune, right? At least, that's what she hoped for anyways. As soon as Finch had come into the Great Hall, Abby had known. Not because of any kind of twin telepathy, because the whole Hall knew. The boy had cried out and practically sprinted from the door to the Slytherin table, barely taking a seat before he draped himself over Abby and cried. Not that Abby was far from tears, relieved to finally be reunited with her brother and no one stopping them from sitting together.

where do you come from, cotton-eyed joe? && loren keats in the trophy room

Abby wasn't stressed per se. But considering she and Finch had never been separated for more than a few hours at a time and suddenly they were having to live separately and she didn't really know how to wrap her mind around that. So she did what she did best and grabbed her little music player -- she had taken it in case the magic at the castle messed with her phone, which it did -- and tried to find an empty room to dance in. Because this was a castle so there had to be some room that was big and empty enough for Abby to use as a dance floor, right?

it's not a kilt, it's a skirt, you barbarian && finch goodfellow in the lakefront

"Get your trousers off then," she said simply as they ended up to the side of the doors, so they wouldn't be in the way of anyone trying to leave for class. She twisted her body so she could get to the zipper on the side of her skirt. Why were girls' clothes so damn complicated?

the creature lurks within && silverscar, susan wyver-sevigny, greta lunes in the lawn

Abby turned to a Hufflepuff near her that she sort of recognized from seeing her around. "Hey, uh, Sarah?" she called out quietly, wrinkling her nose because she was sure that wasn't the right name. "We should try to go near the unicorn," she said, pulling a handful of candy pieces from her pocket and ... ooh, she had an apple from breakfast in her robes pocket. She grabbed the apple and handed it to the Hufflepuff and wrapped her hand around her wrist to tug her towards the unicorn.

the first common es-cap-e, it's kind of spelled like escape && first years in an unused classroom [yearwide sleepover]

insert excerpt here

talk a bit louder && lisette montford in the slytherin girls' dormitory

She paused, though, when she caught sight of an interesting collection by one of her housemates' beds. "Are those ... old spoons?" she asked curiously, stepping closer to peer at the spoons. The girl that owned them was named Lisa or something like that, but Abby was more concerned about the spoons at the moment rather than getting the name right.


sssnnnwhuffffll? && leela toor, avara burrich, london greensly, marigold whitaker in the slytherin common room

She hadn't really been paying attention to any of the goings-on in the Common Room until a girl had called out. "What the hell is a Merlin's snackbox?" she asked out loud before getting up to follow her to the window. She pressed her nose to the window with the older girl, narrowing her eyes as she stared out at the scene in front of them. "I can't really see any -- oh, there it is," she said, her mouth falling into an 'o' shape. "That looks unreal. Don't they teach you about that in, like, older kid classes?" she asked curiously, not taking her eyes off the creature in the water.


i am the tragedy and the heroine && darcy redmount in the castle corridors

insert excerpt here

hippogriff petting: if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad && phaedra wayland, sableplume, etc. in the lawn

Abigail had seen quite a few creatures while she was at Hogwarts for the last week and ... it was amazing. So when she saw her dueling mentor hanging out with some kind of bird-horse (???) creature, she knew she had to go see what that was all about. Because petting a creature would be so exciting and Abby wanted all the exciting things.


where did the party go? && phaedra wayland in the lawn [companion to hippogriff petting]

Plus the creature seemed to like her, always looking at her. Probably cause of the dead things she kept feeding him. Abby wondered how that came about. Maybe she could ask the older girl later, what it would take to be able to feed Sable. Or, you know, any creature of the same species that wouldn't try to kill her with it's large talons, pointy beak, or wings that were double the size of one Abigail Goodfellow.

i wanna dance with somebody && levi st. voss in an unused classroom

insert excerpt here

it was always burning since the world's been turning? && grover penn in the dueling club

insert excerpt here

blanket fort architecture && dean wesson in an unused classroom [yearwide sleepover]

insert excerpt here




abigail goodfellow vs. brock leocado && phaedra wayland, brock leocado [mentor duel]
i'm a loaded gun && finch goodfellow
i used to like being on the line && darcy redmount
sometimes you gotta bleed to know && susan wyver-sevigny
see me in the spotlight && loren keats
they rip right through me && roman larsen
got designer shades just to hide your face && liam russo
the pedal's down, my eyes are closed && finch goodfellow
something's gotta give && avara burrich
take a backseat, or play paroah && edison byrnes
hold me down && levi st. voss
move a little closer now && mercutio bates








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Abigail Goodfellow

complete | wip | win | loss

gryffindor | slytherin | hufflepuff | ravenclaw

Abigail took a break from dueling and focused on Quidditch. She was a decent student and mostly just hung out with Grover when she wasn't doing schoolwork or Quidditch things.


TRASNFIGURATION {O} Edited by Abigail Goodfellow

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Abigail Goodfellow


complete | wip | win | loss

gryffindor | slytherin | hufflepuff | ravenclaw

Abigail, again, focused mostly on Quidditch, although her academics suffered greatly because she found herself distracted and generally apathetic about schoolwork. It was a rough year, thirteen.
They won the cup, though, so that was totally worth it.


COMC (Retake) {A}
TRASNFIGURATION {N/A} Edited by Abigail Goodfellow

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Abigail Goodfellow


complete | wip | win | loss

gryffindor | slytherin | hufflepuff | ravenclaw

How can I win? && loren keats in muggle studies classroom

Muggle Studies homework goes awry.

Totally unprepared am I && finch goodfellow and edison byrnes in homes and holidays

Winter break. Winter musical. A Capital-P Problem.

And feel the tones that tremble down your spine && desmond tonks in an unused classroom

Abby meets Desmond and proceeds to become a surrogate for his Real Feelings

The hottest girl. && slythquid and ravequid in the quid pitch

Post-game brawl???

I found some perspective gathering dust && desmond tonks in madam puddifoot's

Abby goes on a date :o


HERBOLOGY {P} -- this wasn't her fault because Mendelssohn is perfect and Abby was distracted

Edited by Abigail Goodfellow

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Abigail Goodfellow




gryffindor (#8B0000) | slytherin (#006400) | hufflepuff  (#B8860B) | ravenclaw (#00008B)

complete | wip


Beauty school dropout && grover penn in homes and holidays

Abigail gives Grover Penn a haircut and they dye Abby's hair and bonding happens.

Standing on the Edge && darcy redmount in the great hall

Abby and Darcy catch up the morning after sorting feast

✘ Get in, losers, we're going shopping && grover penn, juan garcia, kieran wells, & ingrid leighton in muggle studies office

Who left Pennfellow in charge of children

I'll keep on making those same mistakes && desmond tonks in an unused classroom
l o l mirror of erised
on the legality of pockets && finch goodfellow, grover penn, & xanxus alexander lloyd in hogsmeade
Crazy masked man attacks children
✘ Crop Top Tank Top Dressed to Kill && slytherin quidditch in the quidditch pitch
Trish wears crop tops and Abby curses puberty
Abby tutors Rid on the basics of Quidditch #mentoroftheyear
✘ Of owls and lipstick stains && devlin p. whitehorn in the library
OWLs study session turns awkward 
Ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece && diane goodfellow in homes and holidays
"You've been different since you got back, don't think I haven't noticed," Diane said, her tone firm and sincere. Leaving little room for arguments, which made Abby bristle at the thought.
Abby shrugged, taking a careful, slow sip of her hot cocoa. To buy her some time to try and think of some way out of this. She couldn't really find one, and that frustrated her. "I don't know what you mean, Mum," she settled on, knowing it was weak but it was all she had right then.
✘ I've got questions but I know everything is alright && finch goodfellow in homes and holidays
Finch has nightmares. Abby is a little downtrodden.
✘ I'm always workin'/slavin' every day - Ain't lookin' for nothin' but a good time && misc. friends of the cronus family in homes and holidays
There's nothing for me here so I will disappear && irene redgrave in homes and holidays
Irene and Abby at Lucy's NYE party
Down to the heart of it && tobias winchester in the kitchens
Making up her own words && devlin p. whitehorn in the lakefront
*sings* let's talk about that kiss, bay-bee
✘ Quodpot Game β: Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff && slytherin quidditch & hufflepuff quidditch in the quidditch pitch
Colorful, exploding scrimmage of Diet Quidditch
✘ A diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal && tobias winchester in the kitchens



 ASTRONOMY {} // {O}
 COMC {O} // {O}
 DADA {} // {}
 HERBOLOGY {} // {O}
 POTIONS {} // {}
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