Skarrelette Grene. <3

The Slytherin had no particular plan at the moment. And to be quite honest, Moaning Myrtle's bathroom always seemed to freak out Raven. But it must've been a good place to be in, she got 5 points the last time she was here -- for doing absolutely nothing.

Good deal, huh?

Maybe it was a lucky spot or something. Raven walked around the abandoned bathroom for a bit, she really did get creeped out, but it was also somewhat peaceful. It was quiet and she could actually hear herself think, unlike some spots in the castle. The spots where everyone liked to be in, like the common room or the kitchen, even the library seemed to be noisy sometimes. But this bathroom just seemed quiet.

It could become a pretty good escape place *surely noted*. Not many people would bother someone in a bathroom that has a bad reputation, right? ...Of course Raven MacDonald was right. The real question was when was she not right?

Oh there's that big ego, again. [Ha

The next thing Raven heard was a loud echoing sound. Someone must've come into the bathroom, the door shutting could've made that noise. Raven walked closer to the door, "Who's there?"