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Posted by Viridian - 02-7-14 09:18 - 6 comments
This advertisement thread is for forums and websites requiring a link back in order to post our own advertisement on their site. As with anything that is off-site on VH, we cannot police everything posted, so the standard precaution applies: we are not responsible for anything posted on any sites we post in this thread. We will do our best to make sure that the sites we associate with here uphold our standards of protecting members and abiding by content rules, but there is no way to check every thread and every post. If you see something questionable on any of these advertised sites, do not hesitate to contact me and I will remove the advertisement.

If you have a moment, consider visiting these sites and checking out what they have to offer. If we have a thread posted there, take another moment to comment on said advertistement (if allowed by the site in question) and let them know how much you love VH!

Advertisement here does not mean affiliation with these forums and websites, and continued advertisement in this thread is at the discretion of the moderators. If you have a suggestion of where you think VH should consider advertising, please check out the PR forum on the off-topic board for ways to help VH. Also check out this thread on VH's social media presence!

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> Reputation is Important
Posted by Wigglesworth - 09-6-11 03:44 - 1 comments
Dear VHers,

While it's true that as Mods, we can not police every aspect of the internet, that doesn't mean that what you do outside of the boards (VH and VHOT) does not affect you here. We are the people who make the final decision on every Professor, Shopkeeper, Head of House, Head Kid, CCE Powers, etc. We also have the right to veto any Prefect, Death Eater, or Order of the Phoenix/Auror applicants. Pretty much, if we don't think someone should get a job on VH, they won't.

What does that mean for you? It means that if your name comes up for something, and our impression of you is unfavorable because of the way you treat people on AND off VH and VHOT, we are going to bump your name down the list. And in many cases, bump your name right off the list. Reputation is one of the most important factors in our decisions. Why would we want to give someone any sort of privilege or power on our sites if they have a bad reputation? This goes both ways, too. If you have gone out of your way to ruin another VHer's reputation, we know about that, as well. That means not only have you hurt someone else, but you have hurt yourself.

Reputation is very, very important. It is also one of the hardest things to repair once it has been ruined.

Don't think that because you reserve your less desirable actions for places like MSN, Year Sites, Quidditch Boards, Journals, etc., that it doesn't affect your standing on VH. Just because we won't ban you for being a jerk, doesn't mean we don't remember it. It also doesn't mean we don't hear about it. We do. More than you think.

Treat each other with respect, even if you don't like each other, and VH will continue to be a place that is enjoyable for everyone. Do otherwise, and your own enjoyment of the site might not be as certain.



p.s. If you would like to discuss this with myself or any of the mods (if you don't feel comfortable talking to me) then please, drop me a PM or find me on one of my MSNs. I'm always happy to chat with you!
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> Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!
Posted by Dumbledore - 05-27-10 01:28 - 2 comments
Got your attention? Good! This is a serious subject, and I want your complete attention!

VH is not only a role-play site, but it is also a social site. We talk to each other on different messenger systems, we meet on FaceBook, some of our members share phone numbers and even meet in real life.

Almost all of these contacts are good and rewarding and we make life-long friends. Unfortunately, not all of these contacts work out, and some people have been victimized.

We strive to keep everything on VH safe for everyone who uses the site. We monitor role-plays (with the help of our staff, prefects, and members) to make sure the written words stay within the bounds of PG rating. There are places we cannot monitor, though. One place is PMs; the other is off-site. Both of these places are prime places for the rude, the gross, and the predator to try to get to you.

We want to let you know that we have ZERO tolerance for any sort of sexual innuendo, gross sex jokes, or stalking. This means we will BAN anyone who is proved to be a predator or stalker of any sort. We can, and will, place members on Mod Watch if they post questionable role-plays (which means every post they make must be cleared by a moderator before it appears on the boards).

-----If you think you have been a victim of an inappropriate PM or other contact, do not delete it, and contact a Mod right away.

-----If you have been harassed or victimized off-VH or VHOT (like on MSN or AIM), please let a mod know. We may not be able to do anything (other than to recommend that you block the person and make sure you protect your privacy, and perhaps tell your parents), but if we have proof of wrong doing, we may decide we no longer want that person on VH either.

-----If you make a character with a questionable name, the Mods WILL change it without your permission. You will receive an e-mail about the change, and will have the opportunity to request a name change.

-----If you use a LAL or banner which is inappropriate, the Mods WILL remove it. (Use some sense here. A suggestive LAL is as inappropriate in a school staff member as it in a school student! Plus, the more 'sexy' your LAL is, the more you may attract predators....)

-----Remember your VH age – IF THE MODS DECIDE YOUR RP IS NOT AGE APPROPRIATE, THEY MAY EDIT IT! This is OUR site, and the content must conform to our rules.


We want to bring up another couple of topics as serious as the above in other ways. We strive to be sensitive to people who are using VH – all of the long-time members are very aware of restrictions in portraying your character as abused or handicapped or seriously ill. We have forgotten some very important people on VH, and this is as good of place as any to bring it up.

There's a group of members who are special to the Mods, and those are our gay members. A trend on VH is for members to role-play as gay or lesbian, even when they themselves are not. If you write as a gay student, please keep in mind you are being read by those who are actually gay and be sensitive in your portrayal. Sex is no more a focus of their lives than it is a non-gay person; it's just a difference of attraction. Being gay is no more important than being straight; it's just another way of life. It's tempting to make it the focal point of your character; try to make MAGIC your focal point instead! Don't be afraid to ask for advice!

Also, many members decide at one point or other to write as a member of the opposite sex from them. Most of us who do this base our characters on people we know, or at least think we know. We ask that you stay sensitive to those of the opposite sex, too!

(PM a mod if you're having trouble RPing a character like either of these (or others) before you decide to drop the character; we may be able to give you a few tips to save you!)

The message I really want you to get is this: Be safe; don't take crap from anyone; and remember:
Virtual Hogwarts is all about being magical, not just being.

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> Phone Numbers and Quidditch
Posted by Snape - 04-26-10 06:14 - 0 comments
Oh hi.

It seems one of the rules of Quidditch has been lost in translation some version of the rule changes, so I'm putting it back and giving everyone a general reminder that this has ALWAYS been a rule:

You may not use phone numbers to communicate for Quidditch.

This site has always had a blanket rule about exchanging personal information with other site members. It is for the safety of everyone on VH both physically and legally that we restrict the amount/type of information you exchange with each other.

Calling another member of VH for Quidditch purposes, even if you know them outside of VH, is Forbidden.
You may not:
1. ask players for their phone numbers
2. indicate that providing their number will increase their chances of playing or being chosen for the team
3. allow anyone else to procure the phone numbers for you
4. use anyone's phone number to contact them during quidditch games
5. post or PM lists of members' phone numbers either on VH or on offsite forums

THERE ARE some celluar phone/digital personal devices that can access the internet and messenger programs such as msn, aim, ichat, googlechat, yahoo!, meebo, etc.
If you have a screenname on a messenger program that redirects instant messages to your phone in the form of texts, this IS acceptable so long as your personal phone number can not be viewed or accessed.

Questions about this policy
Q. What if I know someone on VH in real life? I can't call them at all during Quid week? That seems unfair.
A. Your phone is your own business, as long as it isn't Quidditch related or code for Quidditch.

Q. What if I live with someone who plays Quidditch? Can I walk into the other room and say, 'Hay time for Quidditch get online!" ?
A. That does not involve the exchanging of personal information so that is allowable. Although how you're playing from the same IP address is questionable. >.>

Q. Does this apply to student quidditch also?
A. It applies to ALL QUIDDITCH and any other facet of the site whereupon people may feel obligated to alert each other of happenings or appointments via phone.

Q. What happens to me if I get caught/am suspected with a moderator's reasonable doubt for breaking this rule?
A. The parties involved will be banned on all accounts from VH, and the team involved will be disqualified from the Quidditch Cup.
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> Who's the Mod In Charge of....?
Posted by Dumbledore - 06-8-09 03:22 - 0 comments
ADMIN || Weasley
(please PM one of the other mods first unless it's an issue only Admin can handle)

ALUMNI || Snape and Trimble
AMBIANCE (GOOD/BAD GUYS) || Trimble and Spore
CCE (POWERS/RACES) || Swott and Trimble
DUELING || Weasley and Fronsac
EVENT REQUESTS/INFO || Swott , Trimble and Spore
PROFESSORS || Swott and Limebert
QUIDDITCH || Snape and Spore
SHOPS || Dippet and Mole
SOCIAL MEDIA/ADVERTISING || Derwent and Viridian
SORTING || Snape and Derwent
VHOT || Gagwilde and Viridian
VHRPC || Limebert and Gagwilde

Derwent, Dippet, Fronsac, Gagwilde, Limebert, Mole, Snape, Spore, Swott, Trimble, and Viridian
Note: We all have our hands in everything and we communicate about all questions. So, if you are more comfortable with one of the mods for some reason or another, feel free to PM them even if it's not their primary area of responsibility. We can all answer or get an answer for you.

We all have MSN's listed in our profiles. Please add us, we like to chat too!

First of all, we are very sorry about that. Now and then, a couple mods are unavailable for a while due to things going on in their real lives. If you write to a mod and they don't answer you within a week, let Derwent or Limebert know. They're usually around and if they can't help you, they can direct your question to an active mod who can.

. . . . . . .

(They know more about their area!}

DEATH EATERS || Alaric Montague (or The Dark Lord)
AURORS/ORDER OF THE PHOENIX || Kingsley Shacklebolt
QUIDDITCH || Madam Downes
DAILY PROPHET || Barnabus Cuffe
. . . . . . .
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