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  2. The Wide Wizarding World

    1. Hogwarts Express

      All aboard! A bright red train awaits you on Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross. Hurry up or you'll miss the journey to Hogwarts.

    2. Marketplace

      All your shopping needs can be met in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, Wizarding Britain's bustling commercial centers. Whether it's a text book or a puffskein you're looking for, you'll find it in here.

    3. Pre-Hogwarts Primary

      The Ministry of Magic is pleased to invite you to Pre-Hogwarts Primary, to prepare you for your upcoming years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

    4. Homes and Holidays

      You can't stay at school all year. Whether you are on holiday, have already graduated, or haven't even received your letter yet, roleplay your life away from Hogwarts here.

    5. Azkaban

      This prison serves as home to some of the most foul and loathsome creatures Virtual Hogwarts has ever seen. The denizens of this facility never cease to suck the life out of the site. You can hardly tell the dementors ever left. (This forum is OOC).

      • Weasley
  3. The Cellar and Dungeons

    1. Potions Classroom

      Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

      • Irene Redgrave
  4. The Ground Floor

    1. House Points

      How's your house doing?

    2. Great Hall

      Meals, festive events, scary exams... they all happen here.

    3. Staff Room

      Where the Staff hang out...

      • Professor Althaus
    4. Mr Filch's Office

      All detention topics are posted here, regardless of their IC location.

      • Desmond Potter
    5. Castle Corridors

      Hogwarts may be the most mischievous building you'll ever encounter: shifting staircases, trick steps, rooms that appear and disappear at will. Navigating its passageways is not an easy task. Watch your step and try to make it to class on time!

  5. The First Floor

    1. 101
      • Abigail Goodfellow
    2. 340
      • Dylan Pruett
  6. The Third Floor

    1. 543
      • Dylan Pruett
    2. Hospital Wing

      Bumps and bruises fixed here.

    3. Trophy Room

      Admire the athletic and scholarly achievements of those who came before you.

    4. Armor Gallery

      Ooo, shiny.

  7. The Fifth Floor

    1. 324
      • Seeley Pichardo
      • No posts to show
  8. The Sixth Floor

    1. 137
      • Reid J. Fauchelevent
    2. 1,317
      • Alice Reed
  9. The Towers

    1. Headmaster's Tower

      Do not disturb the headmaster unless it's something important. He is a busy man, after all.

    2. 4,119
      • Samuel Han
    3. 2,588
      • Professor Bond
    4. West Tower

      Here be the Owlery. Don't slip on the owl droppings...

  10. The Grounds

    1. Lawn

      The Hogwarts grounds are vast and offer many a location in which to rest or play. Mischievous gnomes hide in the rosegarden, and even the one or the other bowtruckle might just be seen.

      • Eloise Beauchamp
    2. Quidditch Pitch

      Watch out for the Bludgers! There's the Snitch! The Snitch has been sighted! Ouch, if that wasn't obvious blagging, my name isn't--The Snitch has been caught!

      • Luca Harrison
    3. Greenhouses

      Mundane and magical plants both have their places in these greenhouses. Be careful though. Some of them are far more mobile and lively than one might expect.

      • Sophia Hunter
    4. Lakefront

      Watch the Giant Squid lazing about in the lake or even dip your toes into the water on a hot summer day; and in winter, why not try some ice-skating?

    5. Forbidden Forest

      The name says it all. It is forbidden to venture into the forest for darkness and evil lurk within. Beware of huge spiders, centaurs and worse if you dare enter.

  • News

    • Wizarding Wireless
      Shortly after the Daily Prophet's exclusive report on hotel mogul Alaric Montague's recent disappearance, information began flooding in regarding theories on his whereabouts and recent dealings. Some sources claimed to have spotted the wizard in areas as far away as Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA while one source mentioned a possible inferi outbreak in Turkey in which they'd seen his reanimated corpse.

      The most plausible disclosure, however, came from a source close to Montague, who reported that the last person Montague had been in contact with was Arnaude Flamel, Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is said that Montague, an esteemed member of Hogwarts' Board of Governors, and Headmistress Flamel were meeting to discuss the latest allegations against her disciplinary tactics. It was after such meeting that the disappearance was reported.

      Whether the reports are true or not, the question remains: What happened to Alaric Montague, and will his family soon find the closure they deserve?
    • Daily Prophet
      Social Elite and Hotel Mogul, Alaric Montague, was quietly reported missing nearly a week ago. A source within the Magical Law Enforcement Department says that despite the suspicion of foul play, the influence of the Montague family has left a blanketed moratorium on media coverage of the ongoing manhunt. At this point in time, our sources indicate that the possibility of finding the billionaire alive are grim.   View the full article
    • Daily Prophet
      Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is sad to note the passing of one of their beloved dueling officiators, Prunella Betty Tibbles (age 202). Born in an era prior to many wizards and witches of the current generation, she is thought to have passed away peacefully in her sleep on July 30th.   View the full article
    • Daily Prophet
      The current commander-in-chief at Hogwarts, Headmistress Arnaude Flamel, has done well to ensure the safety of her students from outside forces, but who’s protecting the students from internal threats? Since Flamel has stepped into power at Hogwarts, rumours have been floating about regarding the nature of her disciplinary methods. Shackling, what many students and parents originally thought to be a scare tactic to keep the children in line, have become a real, tangible, and archaically cruel punishment at Hogwarts.   View the full article
    • Daily Prophet
      In a shocking turn of events, a band of exceptionally skilled wizards broke into Gringotts last night. Minimal staff were on duty and were simultaneously knocked out by well-aimed stupefying charms. The thieves proceeded to swarm the underground vaults, equipped with magical explosives that allowed them to blow the vault doors into smithereens. It is unclear how many thieves were involved in the operation, but it was enough to overcome the various security measures Gringotts has traditionally implemented to protect their clients’ wealth, such as guard dragons. By the time the authorities arrived on the scene, the thieves had disappeared into the night, leaving behind meagre scraps of evidence.   View the full article    
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    Third round matches begin April 21st.

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