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Pre-Hogwarts Primary

The Ministry of Magic is pleased to invite you to Pre-Hogwarts Primary, to prepare you for your upcoming years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.


  1. Pre-Hogwarts Primary Classroom

    Step into our Classroom to start learning!

    (All of your Pre-Hogwarts Lessons, and Lesson-related Announcements can be found here.)

  2. Pre-Hogwarts Primary Library

    Come to the Library for some quiet study time!

    (Find your Workbooks, Resource Threads, and PHP Q&A in this forum)

  3. Crystal Fountain Park

    Come out and play with all your PHP friends! Watch out for the gnome!

    (Here you can practice role-playing, complete role-play assignments, or just to some fun!)


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