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  2. Vesper Frey

    Now there's no voice, choice, or any road back

    Chaos was swirling around her on both sides, yet Vesper remained calm as she stood in the corner surveying everything that was going on around her. She was watching everything carefully, watching the others with intrigued curiosity, but of course she was most fixated on a way that she could get out. If there was a way out. For all she knew their so-call leaders could have saved themselves and left everyone else to be the mercy of these intruders. Then one of them saw it. The holiest of holy grails for her. DON’T TOUCH IT. Oh but how she wanted to touch it right then. It was calling her name, drawing her towards it. Almost reactionary, her arm started moving towards it even though at the moment, she was too far to reach it. A weird smile crossed her face as she did so, a mixture of something sinister and something that was more unreadable. Her dream, it was going to come true. She had a way out at last. A way off the island so that she could finally start moving towards her goal, the one that she had been working on for the better part of 20 years. Slowly, she started moving around the room so that she could position herself at the last possible second. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself until it was time for them to all leave. Her years at practicing her stealth tactics on the island so that this time she could finally get what she wanted were paying off. None of the others in the room had noticed her presence. She was truly invisible as she had always wanted to be. Still barely breathing as she made her way slowly around Vesper suddenly froze when one of the papers that had been flying around landed at her foot. The slight sound it made as her foot pushed against it made her freeze, but then she realized that she had nothing to worry about. The chaos inside and out was what everyone in the room was paying attention to, not her. And then she looked down. The paper at her foot was not what she had been expecting at all. She had figured something boring, something completely ordinary. But yet, this one had a weird drawing on it. The figure was strange and Vesper felt uncomfortable. There was something about this place that was off, but she didn’t know quite what it meant. Until one of the others spoke. He’s practiced on wolves. The words sent shivers down Vesper’s spine and she knew that her feelings might be right. But why? She was sick and twisted in many ways but not like this. Crouching down slowly, Vesper picked up the paper that had landed at her feet and carefully slid it into her backpack. Then she picked up a couple more as she continued to position herself. As she did so though everything started coming down around them. She could feel the shaking, the cracking. The debris. And the sounds outside were only growing louder as someone closed in on them. Vesper herself was almost knocked against the wall, but she braced herself against the movement. We have to go now. Vesper took a deep breath then as the adorable one started counting down and she angled her thin body as she prepared herself to reach out to the portkey. Two. It was time. At the last possible second, a spindly and very thin finger that belonged to one Vesper Frey reached out to touch just the very edge of the portkey at the last possible second. One. And then they vanished.
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  4. Alexander Crow

    End of Year Announcement

    Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Headmistress McGonagall gave the entire school a word of caution about the SNARLL pen pal program. In an effort to be more assertive, he had signed up for it days after the Daily Prophet printed the ad. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and fairly harmless as long as he took appropriate caution and not divulge personal information, like his address or worst fear. Thankfully, anticipating the banquet that came with the announcement also took his mind off whatever worries clouded his mind. Alex was getting hungry, and he intended to have the best end of year feast before going home for the summer holidays.
  5. Rayya Borage-Brown

    You better keep the wolf back from the door

    Okay so Rayy hadn’t expected much to come from her question but perhaps she had expected a bit more than the obviously-true-but-incomplete response Jess had volunteered. But could she blame the younger woman for not spilling the real issue? No, she couldn’t. These halls were tainted with bad memories for her as well. Memories that were as fresh as if they’d only happened yesterday; Stefan’s broken leg, the way she’d gotten stuck with stupid kids and wasn’t where she needed to be when... Rayy slammed those thoughts down, refusing to rehash nightmares during the daylight when she had some control over her thought patterns. No, Jess wasn’t the only one with bad thoughts and feelings in this place. She’d offered and she knew full well that Jess had no trouble reading reports and was probably a lot more conversant with those reports than Rayy herself was - mainly because once filed, she had never reread them as the guilt, horror and her own ineffectiveness didn’t need any help to torture her. ”Aye, but I, for one, won’t be complaining about this simple mission being rather quiet. The last two times didn’t end so well and if I ever go back to Turkey, it’ll be too soon,” Rayy agreed, aiming for lighthearted, probably failing and definitely failing on the hiding of her mother’s knowledge that the explanation had been trite. You didn’t have four kids, a stepkid and a grandkid without knowing when someone young enough to be a daughter was shoving things down. Likewise, she couldn’t just let it drop without reiterating her offer, “If you decide to change your mind, you know where I am. Come on, let’s ditch this joint. These corridors aren’t doing anything for my sanity and I know a quick way down.” Rayy then turned a wicked grin at the younger woman, “Follow me...if you dare...” With that, Rayy turned and bolted for the nearest stair just as it cleared the landing and swinging upwards. Without looking she knew full well there was one a floor or so down that she would land on. Cushioning charms at the ready, Rayy flung herself off the shortened landing without missing a step. Portraits cried out in protest as she dropped but Rayy didn’t care - the sooner they left the castle, the better.
  6. Ruth Champlin

    Finding the Road to Revelation

    Pulling a sheet out from the pile for herself, the woman situated it in front of her before reaching for a quill and dipping it delicately into one of the ink wells. Her hand stopped and hovered over it while Carina spoke however, her attention temporarily caught. “….good thinking” Ruth replied after a moment, “It very well could be suspicious if they go from having no responses to suddenly three. We can each write our letters now, but it’d be best to space them out some. Send one now, another a few days later, and then the last in a week or so? It’ll be interesting to see then how the responses match up. And if anything of interest comes to rise, we’ll have time to formulate a plan of action…” A plan of action, an investigation, a real investigation. It was perhaps wrong of her to wish something to really come of this; especially when it involved the safety of children, but their jobs up until now had been so idle, so dull. It’d be nice to finally have a change of pace. A drip of ink fell back into the well before Ruth made the motion to start her own letter of interest. She could remember back to a time when she might’ve too been curious of something like this; after Will’s graduation she could’ve easily been lured to seek comfort in another outcast, even if a stranger. And she tried to key into that younger voice as she wrote, drawing out an innocent enough curiosity to come across as both young and eager. When it seemed finished, she signed the letter ‘Clair Hunt’ and then returned her attention to the others. “So… which should we send first then? Volunteers, anyone?” -- Their days in the office seemed to return back to the regular routine after that. Shifting through papers and looking to find anything, anything at all, that might pinpoint to a current or past use for the address provided to them. It was difficult to find anything of true substance at first, every little bit of information they seemed to come by very disjointed. Then an interesting photo was discovered; of an aged facility, and even more curious still… A letter, addressed to Ms. Clair Hunt, from 1267 Main Street .
  7. Alex Sanders

    New Controversy

    Alex nodded in agreement. "That was my thinking, too." Someone had to have heard the voice in the howler and recognized it, right? Even though Kneen had made a number of controversial statements lately, part of him wondered if the man had as many enemies as he seemed to want to claim for himself. "Someone has to have heard the voice and recognized it. And well, if they don't, then maybe that will be helpful too." Speaking to Kneen did seem like the best course of action, though Alex had to wonder why the case was handed off to a couple of rookies in the first place. Was it possible that the Auror on Duty didn't think that the threats against Kneen were something to worry about? Was it possible that they were being sent on a mission that was only mildly more interesting than the morning coffee runs he seemed to have gotten stuck on since he'd first been hired by the ministry. "We should make sure that we get statements from everyone who works in his office--probably his secretary," Alex added. "Just in case Kneen doesn't want to talk. Maybe someone is going to want to speak to us--" He trailed off for a moment, wondering if he should voice his doubts about the mission, but then decided against it. He wouldn't be a very good auror if he decided that a threat wasn't a threat before it was fully investigated.
  8. Rayya Borage-Brown

    Of Wands and...cores.

    “Hmmmm?” Rayy asked, finishing up with the last blind. “Depends on what the question behind it is. I think that the mail will be piling up on our desks and the Howlers will self explode,” she turned and grinned at her partner. “That’ll be something I won’t miss. As for the investigation I think we might have stumbled into the first stop in nabbing those behind the fake wand scam.” Seeing the dejected Madeleine sobered her up fast and the relief of getting out of the office for longer ended faster than she liked. “I doubt that either the man or the woman are the brains behind this but they’re certainly our way in to cracking it open. They’re probably patsys though, very little knowledge and fewer connections...the chances are they don’t even know each other...but the person who minds them will know more. And it’s no wonder they targeted this shop: precious little in the way of security, inept workers, an owner who is desperate to make sales and who doesn’t know the meaning of the term ‘trade secrets’. Does she have any records on who bought the wands, other than what she just answered? I doubt she got anything useful on the man.” Rayy walked back to the pile of wands and started testing them in much the same way as Ruth had done. She was two in when she stopped and grabbed one of the known fake ones, eyes narrowing as she studied it carefully. “Madeleine, do you mark every wand you make with a runic signature.” ”Oh yes, it’s how I knew those weren’t mine,” Madeleine replied around a mouthful of biscuit. ”Hmmmm...good! That’ll make this go a lot faster. See Ruth, this is what we’re looking for; tiny linked Mannaz runes...next time Seb complains I don’t pay attention to his work, here’s the evidence that I do...love the wizard dearly but really!” It didn’t take long before they had a larger pile of suspect wands and only slightly longer before they’d worked together to magically test each of the suspect ones. Sadly for Madeleine, she had a bigger problem than four returned wands and a wrongly sacked shopgirl. The screech of horror when she saw the pile of fakes made Rayy’s skin crawl. ”That’s like nearly a third of my stock! Years of work! I’ll be ruined!” she cried. ”No, you won’t,” Rayy assured her. “You’ll have our report, the case file number and your insurance will cover this. You’ll be set back a bit but not ruined but we really do need all the information you can give us on the woman who bought and returned the wands, the man who inspected them all and, regrettably more than just names and addresses of former employees in order to make it comprehensive. I’ve a hunch that one of them might be in league with your odd gent and blonde lady.” The poor woman broke down in a flood of tears and Rayy’s heart went out to her, “It’ll be alright, here, have some more tea. I’ll get your paperwork started while you drink that.” She nipped into the back room and returned with insurance claim forms which she started filling out. “I don’t have any further questions just now, do you Ruth?”
  9. Shay Weber-Li

    I'm dead in the water, can't you see?

    “Looks like he’s done a runner,” Shay agreed grimly. “Reckon he's left any skeletons in the closet for us?” Inwardly, she was kicking herself for failing to fully comprehend the urgency of the investigation. The families’ reports had been concerning, but they’d trickled in gradually as the graduates finished “treatment” and many of the complaints had seemed nebulous or insubstantial. Protocol needed to be followed—they couldn't get a warrant to search Petrescu’s facility without probable cause—and, well, they had other ongoing investigations too, didn't they? Murders and disappearances and crime rings. There was always another case to work, even with help from their newest batch of Auror recruits. It had taken Shay meeting a Petrescu Centre graduate herself for the disturbing nature of the situation to truly sink in, and now it seemed that the realization had come too late. She just hoped that Petrescu hadn’t taken his remaining patients with him. Or done worse. She had stumbled across her fair share of lifeless bodies over the years, and they always meant the same thing: failure. A life that hadn't been saved, help that had come too late. After standing back to let Richard take the lead in announcing their presence, Shay waited a beat in the inevitable silence. As expected, the looming house remained cold and silent, responding to her partner’s summons with nothing more than wind whistling through shutter cracks. Once a suitable amount of time had passed, she flicked her wand at the door, sending it crashing open with a loud bang. Shay winced, already picturing the look of exasperation on her partner's face. “Not very subtle. Sorry, old habits.” She stepped cautiously over the threshold, past a slightly burnt and splintered door that now hung off its hinges. The interior of the building was dark, aside from a bit of dim sunlight struggling through the cracked windows and grimy panes, so she lit her wand. As she lifted it to survey the room, a rat scurried though the pool of light cast by her spell. She saw a reception desk, peeling wallpaper, framed certificates and newspaper clippings under cracked glass. She imagined that the room had once been designed to impress ministry examiners and visiting reporters. Now, though, everything seemed to have fallen into a state of disrepair; or perhaps it had all been destroyed in a fit of rage. As Shay took another step forward, wanting to examine the framed ministry grant acceptance on a nearby wall, a shrill cry suddenly split the dusty air. She turned in time to see the shape of a large, winged creature seeming to swoop down from some invisible perch in the darkness. It dove at Shay and she ducked instinctively, cursing and calling out a warning to her partner. “Get down!” The shadow flew over her head and collided with the wall, leaving deep gouges in the wood paneling. She twisted around and saw a faint shimmer out of the corner of her eye before the creature darted away again. No, not a creature. Magic. A ward. The shadow circled back around for another attack, and Shay quickly threw up a shield spell to protect herself and her partner. As it passed through the light streaming through the open door, its shape came into clearer focus. She would have snorted if she hadn’t been busy avoiding the enchantment’s very real bite. A vampire bat. Typical.
  10. Woolsey

    Something Lurking in the Dark

    A low growl had only begun in the back of her throat as Ulric grabbed her, and she barely had time to fight it before he had latched onto the ragged wool of her sleeve. She hated the need to wear the filthy human clothes, but without the wolf’s thick coat of fur she remained reliant on human comforts to avoid dying of exposure. But she wouldn’t make it easy for him, she wouldn’t allow herself to be frog-marched back to their camp, simply threatened into submission by their so-called alpha. He hadn’t won. She reluctantly let him drag her away from the castle, far enough that the wards no longer screamed on her skin, before she lashed out. Tearing her arm away, she threw her shoulder at his chest with all the force of her smaller frame, the guttural sound that she emitted vibrating through her entire body, “I’ll walk.” Yes, she had to retreat. She couldn’t attack the castle on her own, or at all. The wards would most likely kill her or lead to her capture, which would amount to the same thing. But she didn’t have to be dragged past the pack with her head hung in defeat, even if she had to give in. And she could at least give Ulric a few bruises for his trouble. And she wouldn’t stop watching the fleas that infested the castle she had once called home.
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