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  2. Jessie Winthorn

    let's just see what happens

    Jessie liked to imagine how the park may look at night - how it'd be different (better) if the fountain were shimmering with moonlight, if the sky was covered in stars. She didn't like sunshine, didn't like how the heat fell on her shoulders, and they burned like coals. She wished she could take night classes here, or bring the night with her, but she had no choice. Right now, she was the day. Her day-speckled gaze fell, that day, upon a sign with bold words like accomplices. Words that meant crimes. Jessie was drawn to the forbidden, found intrigue in people who thought outside of the box. She strode over, and glanced between the two girls. "This better be good. I don't do boring."
  3. Ethan Smith

    First Task: Hogwarts

    After almost falling? Ethan sat in the one rock he found that didn't shoot him up in the air or crumble to the ground. But he didn’t know which stone was which. Getting back to his feet, he stood on the stone and tried to not look down, he didn’t need to let people know he had a fear of heights, that was something that no one even knew about. ”Don’t look down, just jump” He mumbled to himself as he was thinking what he needed to do. There was a reason why he didn’t fly at all. Before he was ready to jump to the next rock he heard Irene yell something about a pattern. Were the stones in a pattern, if so that could mean the next one would shoot him in the air. But he wanted to test that theory before he just jumped to the next one. But he didn’t know how he was going to be able to text that theory, unless he threw his shoe or something and he needed his shoes. So no testing the theory. He just had to go for it and hope for the best and not to die. Also he didn’t think standing on this rock for more than a few minutes would do much for his team. Take a leap, he jumped to the nearest stone and he was thrown into the air again. But this time he was ready for it. Taking an extra jump, he could see the platform and was so close to it…. but still so far away.
  4. Today
  5. Reid J. Fauchelevent

    First Task: Hogwarts

    The challenge had been brought and accepted quickly, but that made it no easier. Already Reid had discovered that some stones remained in place, while others plummeted to the water the moment he put his weight on them, prompting him to leap to the next closest one in a wild game of Trust. Still others rocketed upwards. Fun. Platforming was a great deal more difficult than video games made it appear, and Reid didn’t even have pants to fly by the seat of. The broken-up bridge was like an explosion caught mid-action, with the debris hanging in its own strange gravity, and Reid flung himself from stone to stone, hoping (and hopping) for the best. The next stone beneath his boot careered towards the water, prompting Reid to leap and grab onto the largish stone to his right. This one rocketed skyward with a sickening speed. Reid held on for dear life. “Christ,” he swore; that was new. Aiming with him eyes, and biting the tip of his tongue for greater accuracy, Reid swung his body and dropped to the next stone, skip-hopping precariously, arms windmilling. He giggled; this was magical, this was fun, he was—- going down. His kilt fluttered heavily (you’re welcome, everyone!) as his weight pulled the stone down, but let go to catch the next stone, pushing off to shoot towards the one after. “Come on, Irene!” He crowed, huffing a laugh as he clambered onto the steady stone and turned to look back at how far he’d come. “PARKOUR!”
  6. Irene Redgrave

    First Task: Hogwarts

    When the whistle blew Irene's body became a machine separate from her brain. A wave of adrenaline slipped over her and coolly dammed up any feeling and fear behind an internal wall of competition. The same effect an important Quidditch match had on her apparently applied to a death tournament. She competed live in front of an audience multiple times a year; perhaps not for a crowd as international as this, but the white noise of cheers, boos and everything external to herself stayed just so. The flickering bodies of other teams racing towards their own bridge filtered out of her conscious as well. Everyone else shot forward immediately which made Irene hesitate. Her strengths weren't where most of the other Champions held the high ground: she was patience and strategy. She was endurance, a slow burn. She was the oldest on her team and the only female - it would be left to her (for better or worse) to stem the biologically male tide of brutish force her team would likely attempt to wield. Predictably as her Brogwarts team rushed ahead, Irene's green eyes narrowed to take in the entire task, rather than just the bridge in front of them. The rush of running males unsettled a curl of her dark hair from its pinned up style and Irene ignored the brush of it in the wind against her cheek as the world shifted beneath her like one of the staircases having a Moody day. She grabbed at the post holding up the start of the bridge and watched with resignation as their already narrow bridge path splintered and started falling away. Irene didn't doubt Ethan's spell work - he was an avid dueler. When he shot into the air she lifted an eyebrow and waited until she saw his spell hit true to turn away but she was most concerned about @Mason Fluke. All evidence suggested he'd be the weak link in the team. Irene ignored Reid for the moment knowing he'd love this video-game like challenge. "Oy, oy! You gotta make it past the obstacle!" She half-jeered, half-taunted, half-encouraged Mason (yes, that's three halves) and pointed her wand with her arm not clutching the bridge post, "Leviocorpus!" The Ravenclaw had managed to land with decent aim but he was scrabbling to find purchase. Her spell grabbed him by the ankle and dangled him above the step for a moment before she dropped him. The remaining pieces of the bridge shifted just then, some of the dropped away and some of them reappeared. Reappeared? Irene blinked and thought about Reid's hopper strategy. It's a game... It's a puzzle! "Look for a pattern!" She screamed out at her team and held her wand at the ready to fling anyone else who didn't make good leaps. At some point she'd have to figure a way to get herself across; but she trusted herself more than this ramshackle group of hooligans so she'd make sure they didn't tank her chances at winning first.
  7. Ethan Smith

    In the valley between intent and deed

    He didn’t know how his other champions would feel that he was in here with someone else from another school. But he didn’t care. Just because they were going against one another, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t talk to them, and get to know them. It wasn’t like he would be spilling secrets, if there was any to spill after all. Knowing that he said her name wrong. “Sorry, I thought that I heard you say it the other way. I am very tried, have not gotten a lot of sleep.” With studying and training, Ethan knew that he needed to just find time to sleep. But it was just hard, with OWLs and the other things that were happening this year. He felt horrible for saying her name wrong. “Masha…” He smiled as he was just sitting there. Hexing him in his sleep. “You would have to make sure I was sleeping first.” He laughed, knowing that he was maybe getting a few hours of sleep each day. Less then he should have been getting. “But I won’t say anything, I believe that we all need just a moment alone. From all the craziness that is happening.” Idina wouldn’t like that he was here. But he needed to get away. And this was the one place that was nice to do it at. Looking at Masha... "How are you liking it here?" He asked, trying to stay away from anything that has to do with the tournament, it wasn't something he had to talk about all the time. Though some people believed that it was all tournament this and tournament that.
  8. Masha Babicheva

    I'll just keep it to myself, in the sun

    The sun was warm and the vial was warm from Fe's grip and Fe's knee was warm beneath her fingertips and Masha's laughter was warm when it came out, unbidden, as she was learning it would around Fe. Her fingers drummed a pattern on Fe's knee, in time with her chuckling. "You're right, a jockey has no place to cheat. It would be an offense to sportsmen everywhere, yes?" Masha could not be surprised by Fe and her defense and she chipped at it purposefully, if nothing more than to see how serious Fe could make herself when she was questioned. It was interesting. Entertaining. "Verve." The word felt unfamiliar on her tongue and it felt unfamiliar in her mind's translator but the thrill of learning something new made it sit gentler and the thrill of it being Fe to teach her made her heart as warm as her skin. It felt like a secret a small secret but a secret that Masha could carry between them. A secret to fit in with Fe's because, surely, she hadn't meant to voice that. "You want me to win?" Masha did not subscribe to the type of loyalty that she found among her schoolmates, did not balk at the possibility of forming relationships with those not attending her school as though something like that mattered when it came down to it; her loyalty was strong as steel but came from friendship, from proof of heart and strength of personal connection. Still, the Hogwarts students all seemed ardently to favor their own Champions but, maybe, Fe felt the same way she did about loyalty. Maybe she considered Masha worthy of it. Masha's stomach twisted thinking she might let that loyalty fall flat in the end. Maybe it was preemptive guilt (so similar to when she considered little Mikhail's face should she fail) that made her rush to make assurances, "I would never ask you to make me things," and, "This is too much already, honestly," all with her lips pinched and her brow furrowed. Attention was good, yes, but Masha never wanted to take someone's free time for herself. "You could teach me how, maybe?" Independence without feeling like she was turning down Fe's good will.
  9. Masha Babicheva

    It’s like you hit me with lightning

    Everything was push and pull. Masha prodded and Fe flexed around her finger, shot back at her like it was nothing. She wasn't entirely used to people giving her something to play with. Usually, they were flustered by her big personality or her big smile or her big laughter and took all the pushing without giving back. It was fine, it was interesting enough, but it was exhausting to be only a token or something to be coveted. She wanted to feel challenged, equaled. Fe did that. (The rest of her goals for the night faded behind red hair.) "Maybe I should," she mused back, the repetition teasing. She shed the skin she donned for others and fit into her own for this one instead; Masha felt static from the Hogwarts girl and was drawn in in return, determined now to have her stories branded for posterity. Her skin laid fresh and bare, ready for every word and smile and blush and joke. An eyebrow raised at the brashness and Masha couldn't help but laugh again. "A rebel, then? I like you already." They were all but tangled, now, limbs thrown where they could to claim friendship. Masha stretched her free hand across her chest as another offering for their construction. "Masha, by the way. Masha Babicheva."
  10. Bitsy Pollen

    Technical issues and errors

    I've cleared my cache/cookies as you suggested in other replies, but I'm not able to c+p my replies on Chrome? Safari works fine, but otherwise, anything I write in word that goes over 50 words or so can't be pasted into the textbox. I'm wondering if it's just my issue or if other members are experiencing this as well?
  11. Robin Corelli-Rose

    I'll stick my finger in every pie I see

    ‘Official taster’ did not sound as lofty a position when Robin considered the potential to consume a magical ingredient and suffer the consequences. He was sure he could - no, would - make an edible pie; he just wasn’t keen on eating it. Juan became a willing volunteer the moment he’d joined their group. ”We’re gonna need you to carry all the veggies to our station,” Robin instructed Kay. “Even our the muscle.” Stirring only worked one arm, didn’t it? “Juan’s on stirring and tasting duty. Francis - ” Robin motioned to his cousin, “Help Kay - not to carry,” he quickly clarified, “but to pick out the most... non-magical-looking stuff.” As for himself, Robin stretched out his fingers; show time.
  12. Virginie Aird

    The Weighing of the Wands

    Wringed around quivering fingers was a delicate gold chain, imprinting the groves of its design into its owner’s hand due to the extent of which it was being grasped. A lifeline. Its long body tapered to a majestic locket, the enamel print was decorated in flowers that matched the pale blue of her Beauxbatons robes. When opened a sepia tinted, fragile photograph of mother and daughter could be found – Gigi and Garance perpetually together in the ghost of histories gone though rent apart in reality. The locket, too, had belonged to her mother and was by far the most extravagant object either woman had ever owned. It felt wrong around her neck so she carried it in her pocket. Similar flowers could be found etched into her wand, the pale alder wood the target of her anxiety riddled distractions. It had become another crutch, like the gnawing of the inside of her cheek or the bounce of her legs from the pressure of being a walking target for bullying, to soothingly etch into her wand. Her nails had scratched small imprints, but her quill tip had matched the flower pattern. Gigi would run her fingers over the grooves as a sort of comfort blanket, the ridges running up and down a nice texture to distract her from the world around her. It wasn’t until she was sat there, listening to Madam Ollivander, that she realized such an action was probably frowned upon by wandmakers. Now something so close to her had turned into another issue: what if she had damaged her wand and her magic was compromised (something that made no sense, given her dazzling displays, but rationality tended to flee Gigi in favour of filling her thoughts with every terrible possibility) or was kicked out of the tournament for such neglect? That actually didn’t sound too terrible… Handing the wand over, face burning out of a general embarrassed disposition that plagued her, she tried to not catch Madam Ollivander’s gaze. Faces of disappointment always troubled her, and that was the expression she always expected to be directed her way.
  13. Elodie Dumont

    First Task: Beauxbatons

    Elodie basked in the warmth that filled the tent, knowing that cool autumn weather awaited her the moment she stepped out of it. She stood with her arms folded across her chest, her lips pursed, trying to stay patient as they awaited further instruction. She'd waited almost a month for this day to arrive, and now that she was here, awaiting to begin, it seemed as time was going by so slow it was almost at a standstill. At long last, though, a ministry official joined them and gave them a quick rundown of what to expect. An obstacle course. Given the training that she and her peers had been through since their names had been pulled from the goblet, she was certain they were prepared, and good thing, too, because they were working together. Elodie wasn't quite sure how she felt about that, and she glanced sideways at her schoolmates. Mika, Kalina and Gigi were all accomplished witches and wizards, but she was under the impression she would be operating alone in this tournament, so this caught her off guard. It didn't matter how she felt about it, though, because whether she liked it or not, they were going to be scored based on their performances, and that included teamwork this task. "Bonne chance, mes amis.*" she said to her fellow champions with a nod. The following moments continued to creep by slowly, but suddenly a shrill whistle filled the air, Elodie's heart skipped a beat or two, and they were off. The sixth year pushed the flap of the tent open and took in a deep breath, the cold fall air piercing her lungs. Her eyes landed on the bridge in front of them, and sprinted after Mika and Kalina, her vine wand gripped tightly in her right hand. This seemed straight forward enough so far, and she looked straight ahead at the platform that was their first destination. Without any warning, however, the stone beneath her feet jerked and the brunette found herself stumbling forward. She held out her arms and looked downward, trying to regain her balance, when she realized that the bridge was crumbling underneath her. She gritted her teeth and moved quickly, swiftly jumping from one stone that fell to the lake below the second her feet left it, and breathing out with relief once her feet landed on another. The feeling was short lived, however, because this chunk of stone started to drop too. Elodie reacted on instinct and immediately pointed her wand downward and cast a Hover Charm, and after the familiar flash of white light, she knew she had just moments. She flung herself to closest part of the remaining bridge that she could, and the second she shifted her focus towards landing safely and away from the spell she was casting, the chunk of stone instantly fell down to the lake underneath as well, the dark water swallowing it ominously. The bridge was deteriorating so quickly that at this rate, she wasn't sure if there would be enough of it left to get them across to the platform. Still, though, she pushed forward. It would take more than this to stop her now. *Good luck, my friends
  14. Eglantine Coture

    First Task: The Commentator's Booth

    Ten long years passed since Eglantine Coture was champion for Beauxbatons. The tournament itself hadn't changed, except for the setting and time. Eglantine was now older, wiser, and a married woman. The wedding took place two years ago, to one of her former coworkers at the French Magical Law Enforcement. The previous year, Eglantine determined that her job as undercover agent was too dangerous and left (her husband did desk work, while she was out on the field.). Now she held the professor post for Defense Against the Dark Arts at Beauxbatons. She was asked to commentate in the tournament after a few months on the job. Scanning out over the crowd, Eglantine tried to pick out her sister, @Evangeline Coture, amongst the Beauxbatons students, but they were too far away for her to distinguish any particular faces. Besides, she had a job to do, and that did not involve showering her little sister with love and adoration from the commentator's booth. "Bonjour 'ogwarts!" Eglantine cried out. "I am Eglantine Coture, I vill be your commentator for zhe first task of zhe tournament!" She let the cheers die down before returning. "For zhose who don't know, I vas one of Beauxbatons champions in zhe tournament ten 'ears ago!" It was probably a good idea not to mention the almost-international-scandal-romance between herself and Herbert. That part was probably better left not said, as they were both married now. "Where to begin, ah, right, the competitors! I'm excited to announce the participants for Beauxbatons first, we 'ave Kalina Brodeur, Mika Chevalier-Desjardins, Elodie Dumont and Virginie Air! BONJOUR MIKA!!! LOOK WHO EES COMMENTATING! ME! COUSIN EGLANTINE! MY MUM AND DA WISH YOU WELL! GOOD LUCK BEAUXBATONS!" She couldn't let the task go on without mentioning that someone was continuing on the family tradition of excellence. "From Durmstrang, we 'ave Nadeja Kysely, Masha Babicheva, Claes Althaus and Iskara Levitsky. Finally, from 'ogwarts, we 'ave Reid J. Fauchelevent of Gryffindor, Irene Redgrave of Slytherin, Ethan Smith of Hufflepuff, and Mason Fluke of Ravenclaw! GIVE IT UP FOR OUR COMPETITORS!" Another cheer came and went, as natural as it was. "The competition ees about to start! What team vill come out victorious on the platforms today? You are about to find out!" A few moments passed, Eglantine wondered what they were waiting for, and if she needed to provide filler, but her question was quickly answered by the start of the task. --------------- Hogwarts, up to post 5. "ZHEY ARE OFF! Let's look at zhe 'ogwarts team. One of zhem ees wearing a kilt? Interesting choice of attire from Fauchelevent ladies and gentlemen! Not very practical, but stylish and important. Props to Reid." Eglantine began. "For zhose who don't know, each team's goal ees to gather items from zhese platforms in order to unlock a clue for zhe second task! Team 'ogwarts ees on zheir way, already starting to conquer zhe bridge with moving stones! Smith performed a nice softening charm, but 'e did go on a bit of a wild ride zhere! Fluke almost joined Smith on another ride, but made it just in time!
  15. Kalina Brodeur

    First Task: Beauxbatons

    The day of the first task was finally here, and Kalina had woken up that morning with a throbbing headache. It was an annoyance, but nothing that couldn’t be helped with a potion. Someone who was more superstitious might have believed it to be a bad omen about the tournament, but Kali was too rational to even entertain such an idea for more than a moment before pushing the thought from her mind. She knew she would be facing difficult and potentially dangerous challenges today whether or not her head ached. She was happy enough not to be donning her usual pristine Beauxbatons robes. She loved her school, really, but the cornflower blue didn’t mesh well with her preference for darker colors. Instead she suited up in more practical clothing that would allow her to move around more freely and without concern for getting dirty. And of course she swiped some dark lipstick across her mouth before tying her long hair back. She was going into this contest entirely as herself. It was her moment to prove that she was good enough, just as she was. Kali entered the tent still fighting the jumble of nerves battling around in her stomach. As usual she trained her face to appear calm as she took a seat and waited for the others. She listened to Ms. Bell’s explanation of the first task, and Kalina’s surprise replaced her fears. She had entered her name into this tournament thinking she’d be competing against her schoolmates, not with them. All the time she’d spent training and revising had been in the mindset of only worrying about herself. Now she’d have to make sure her teammates didn’t ruin her chances at winning, too. Her brows furrowed slightly at this revelation, but she wouldn’t panic. She knew she had to be adaptable, and thankfully her fellow Beauxbatons champions weren’t total morons. They would do well or she’d make them do well. The cold November air smacked into her as they left the tent and the whistle blew for them to begin. Kali took off running after Mika, wand firmly in her hand. She felt shaking beneath her feet as the bridge began to crumble away and she hopped forward, desperate to keep herself out of the water. The stones were too scattered so she summoned them nearer to her. It worked for a while, jumping from one piece of stone to the next, until she spent a few too many seconds on one particularly jagged chunk that jerked suddenly. Kali was sent flailing backwards. One of the bridge pieces she’d jumped from was nearby and she managed to latch onto it. The impact hurt a bit but wasn’t enough to cause any damage. The lower half of her body dangled as she struggled to summon another one of the “safe” stones towards her so she could scramble back up. It ate up a great deal of her body strength, but she managed. Turning back at the jerky rock, she pointed her wand and marked it with an X to show that it wasn’t to be trusted. Apparently risking jumps on the bridge pieces wasn’t going to work. She’d need a new plan.
  16. Eleanor Malverne

    Malverne, Eleanor

    lesson six the bank and shop system are currently unavailable. Eleanor Malverne was not the cuddly type. The family had no pets besides their three owls, which could hardly be counted as such; they were much more than pets, because they served a purpose. Nevertheless, Ellie found herself in the Magical Menagerie, looking at the many, many varieties of animal companion. Despite herself, Eleanor began to imagine what it would be like to have one of the barn owls. She would obviously name it Vespasian (Vespy for short), and he would be the best owl, because he would love her and deliver her packages filled with sweets and letters. Vespy would be completely devoted to Ellie, and would love her most of all. wc: 104 extra credit It was during a break that Eleanor found herself sitting on the floor, observing Merlin as he napped in the sun. She hadn't been much around cats, or any animals for that matter, as her family owned only owls. Hmmm, she thought to herself. I wonder what you're supposed to do with it. She turned her head to the side, then- poke. She used her index finger to prod Merlin in the flank, not too sharp, to see his reaction. The sunlight worked on the cat, napping away, and he gave no response. This time she attempted to pat Merlin on the head, and then pet him more assertively to his tail. This seemed to work better, but left Ellie feeling dissatisfied. Owls were better. wc: 122
  17. Mika Chevalier-Desjardins

    First Task: Beauxbatons

    The day had finally come. The first task had been looming over Mika since his name had emerged from the Goblet of Fire almost a month ago. He had been training in his own special way, mostly trying to hex Aurorette out of existence. He arrived with the other three Beauxbatons champions. He knew all of them and he wasn’t sure how they were feeling. Mika was excited for the chance to finally challenge the extent of his magical ability. He kept his attention on the ministry official. She explained what the task was about, and it seemed fairly straight forward. He stifled a quiet laugh when she mentioned that they could use their wands. They were witches and wizards of course they could use their wands. He turned to look at the Hogwarts champions he blew a kiss in their general direction. He did the same with the Durmstrang champions. Maybe that would distract them? He didn’t particularly care if it did, but he’d take any help he could get. "Good luck els meus amors." Mika quipped to everyone in the general area. They moved to the bridge. It was colder out here than in the tent, but Mika didn't care. He wasn't going to let a little cold distract him from the goal. Winning at all costs. Mika instantly began to run as they were told they could go. He didn’t have far to go, however. The bridge began to crumble once the champions got on it. Of course, the bridge was a trick. He would just have to use the broken chunks to get there. He knew they weren’t going to just be normal either. He tested his weight on one near him. It began to sink like…well a rock. Mika was going down with it. Mika did what he could to keep his balance. He did not want to fall into the waters. Firstly, he was pretty sure that would mean he’s disqualified. Secondly, he had no idea what was down there. When the rock stopped he took a breath and tried to catch his bearings. He needed to get up to the level where the rest of the bridge shards were. He figured transfiguration was a good move. He was about to raise his wand when he started to feel something around his ankle. He looked and saw a tentacle appear out of the inky waters. Apparently, whatever was in the lake wanted him to join it.
  18. Mason Fluke

    First Task: Hogwarts

    “Don’t trust your team as far as you can throw them. Oh, and hey... how about you don't die?” Those were @Ryan Buratsche's parting words before he stood somewhere off to the side to give the Ravenclaw champion and his girl a private moment. “I love you. Please be careful, but... Kick some arse.” After a snog for luck from @Alayna Weasley and a worried smile shared between them, Mason Fluke entered the tent that was much more comfortable than his own bloody bedroom. Now, within these confines, his nerves started to flare as every ticking second brought him that much closer to the unknown. It only got worse when Katie Bell came to inform them about how things worked, and what the task was. Waiting for the whistle was a special kind of torture, though, especially when he didn’t want to hear it at all. And when it sounded, he was rightfully startled. Thank Merlin he played fireman before entering the tent. He certainly wasn’t going to earn himself an unforgiving nickname like Piddles, er… @Jake Morent. Fluke rushed out with the rest of his team that he was told to be weary of. He couldn’t help but wish they would part with a little more of their courage and bestow it upon him, but before he could soak it up like a sponge, he was captivated by the sight before him and came to a near stop. Tournament suddenly at the back of his mind, the bridge, the platforms at varying (and dizzying) levels and the waterfall spilling off the edge of one were incredible, and he had no words. Only sheer disbelief. It was moments like this when he couldn’t help but appreciate magic. Suddenly, the bridge he stood on trembled, and the sickening sound of stone cracking drew his attention back. He cursed, loud and true, and darted forward as the stones started to fall away, leaving a select few in which to place his weight. He collected himself on a slab of stone and figured this might be the best time to whip out his wand. His first mistake was to look down and see the lake below. Water. Why did it have to be water? Though Alayna had managed to teach him how to doggy paddle, something told him that wasn’t going to cut it if he fell in. “So, don’t fall in, idiot,” he muttered to himself, in time to see Ethan shooting up in the air. He should help. No, no you shouldn’t. Just then, the stone under him trembled, and started to crack. “No, no, no!” He leapt, but he was hardly a standing long-jump champion, and just barely managed to wrap his arms around a floating stone, careful not to lose his wand as his feet dangled toward the water below. Was this karma for not helping a cheater out?
  19. Ralph Digby Hamilton

    Hamilton, Ralph Digby

    I, Ralph Digby Hamilton, have read the Rules & Guidelines. Name: Ralph Digby Hamilton Blood Status: Pureblood Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): Not at all What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): I want to learn more about Hogwarts, like if there are dinosaurs buried on the grounds! What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): I just want to develop Ralph some more and see how he turns out before sorting A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: "Excavating" in his yard, playing rather cruel pranks on people, playing with his little sister, watching Muggle movies about dinosaurs and adventurers like Indiana Jones
  20. Ethan Smith

    First Task: Hogwarts

    Ethan was ready, as ready as someone who cheated on their girlfriend with a foreigner would be. Wearing his hogwarts triwizard uniform, he was freezing, as he followed the other’s into the waiting tent. Listening to the rules, he was ready. And the whistle went off, and it was time to start the first task. Time for Ethan to prove to himself that he could do this and not freak out if something was to happen. The first thing that he saw was a stone bridge, started to walk, but the moment that they took a step on the bridge, the bridge just started to crumble, like a cookie, noticing that some were hovering over the water. Jumping onto the first stone that he saw, nothing happened. Taking a deep breath he jumped over to the next stone, and the moment that he right foot touched the stone he went shooting up in the air. “AHHHHH” As he was falling back to the where the other stones were, he took his wand out and pointed at the first stone that he saw, the one that was right under him.. “Spongify!” As he went down, the spell worked and the stone was soft, but it was going down… and he was not yelling timber . Pulling himself up onto the stone, as it was falling to the ground, he jumped as high as he was able to jump and grabbed a hold of one of the other stones, and nothing happened. Ethan pulled himself up, he was thankful for the training with Idina, his arm strength was notably stronger then it used to be. Taking a seat on the stone, Ethan was trying to figure out how to make it across. Up to now, he has been thrown off a stone and almost went crashing into the lake. And this was just the opening.
  21. With the tournament in full swing and the drama between @Nadeja Kyselyand @Lazuli von Klassen creating tension in the ship that was so thick it could be sliced—carved right out of the atmosphere like a cancer that ran rampant through their student body...a metastasized string of gossip, heavy and viral. It made the whole business of existing there unpleasant, to say the very least, and it hadn't taken Vadim very long to make himself as scarce cheer at a funeral. Of course, there was a part of that which could be attributed by that awkward sort of buzzing in his ears that rattled his skull when @Iskara Levitsky spoke (though never to him, not unless he spoke first, because that would be breaking some code of friendship that had been established between the three aforementioned people eons ago.) Mostly, however, it was a desire to explore the castle that was playing host to them. It was so very different from their own—the grounds, for example, lacked the sweeping splendor of Durmstrang's snow-capped mountains that towered so high above the castle walls that sometimes they pierced the clouds. The lake, too, was smaller, though the Black Lake at Hogwarts certainly wasn't lacking in size. It did lack the glacial clarity that the one he was used to offered...where they moored their massive, spectral ship. Hogwarts, the actual building—that was bigger than home, despite having a smaller studentship. He wondered why that was, though none of his explanations made any sense aside from simple practicality...that it was, in fact, easier to build a castle in a relatively flat space tucked in the Scottish countryside than it was to build a castle that practically hung from the side of a mountain like a great, hulking dragon. Vadim had gone exploring that day, hoping to map out the cavernous halls and chambers that Hogwarts had to offer, but he'd encountered something of a problem in the moving staircases. It didn't matter which way he turned or how he tried to backtrack, he couldn't ever find his way back to where he'd come from because by the time he realized he was lost, the stairs behind him had already moved and in his attempts to find the new path to the staircases, they moved again. It was a vicious cycle that he was growing more tired of as the minutes ticked on, but Vadim was not, by nature, an impatient person nor was he prone to outbursts of frustration or generally ill moods. What had Iskara said about him? That he had a heart of gold. That he was easily manipulated because of it. She hadn't been wrong. The blond peered down a hallway, ducking from around the corner to check if there was a staircase at the end and, upon not finding one, he continued to the next junction but the sound of grating stone from a staircase above him masked the sound of frantic footsteps. He might have stopped if he'd heard them. He might have even looked around to try to find where they were coming from so that whoever it was might help him get back to the ground floor. But he didn't hear them...and so he didn't look. He didn't notice. Not until a fast-moving, green clad, goldilocks careened into his chest like she was trying to win a marathon, sending him sprawling backward with her thumping down on top of him with enough force to crush the air right out of his lungs and steal any hope he had of speaking in the next solid minute.
  22. Francis Barnes II

    I'll stick my finger in every pie I see

    Francis had to admit that Kay Wickham's 11-year-old girl arms were considerably more impressive that Jaun's 15-year-old boy arms (because he was definitely, DEFINITELY a fifth year student and therefore, 15.) He said as much out loud, because there was no polite common sense between Fran's brain and his mouth.
  23. Reid J. Fauchelevent

    First Task: Hogwarts

    Too soon. It felt too soon. Reid shifted from foot to foot inside the confines of the tent, feeling a little like a horse heading off to the races. He also felt a little chilled, but that was probably due to nerves. ...nerves? A little too late to be nervous now, idiot, Kirk would say. And he’d be right; Reid immediately rejected that reality and substituted his own: Excitement. Thrill. He grinned; the paint across his cheeks stretching his skin. Much better. This was it (or, well, the start of It) - the moment to finally put everything he had into play, one great, big N.E.W.T. He felt like floating and his heart thundered in his ears with the thunder of the crowds outside the tent. And then the tent door was raised and wintery sunshine streamed in - “This is it, lads - an’ lass!” his voice hitched eagerly - and Hogwarts streamed out. A promise was a promise; Reid bolted out in his dark-blue-and-forest-green tartan kilt and a strip of each colour on high on either cheekbone. His breath misted in the winter air; his spirit was wild - as was his hair. He stumbled - holy-! - but didn’t stop as he rushed the bridge; it was the only obvious direction to go. Everything was loud and crisp and huge. Was this really happening? Not a dream - ? Holy mother--- the stone beneath his feet cracked after a few whumps of his boots, and all other thoughts ground to a halt in that primordial heart-in-throat moment. Reid paused to assess, all his parts beat with a ‘go-go-go-now’ staccato, the heart leading the charge with a battlecry. He'd hit the ground running and it was difficult to stop, so to speak. But clarity dawned eventually: There was a level in almost every game he played that had platforms; the most annoying were in Super Smash. They moved and disappeared from under you. The remnants of the bridge that had not dropped off appeared ominously similar. He stepped onto the closest one and felt it wobble. Reid’s face cracked into a grin. “Oh, s'on like Donkey Kong.”
  24. Eleanor stood at the foot of Gringott's with a fat allowance in hand. She squinted in the bright July sunlight, pondering over her next destination. Augusta Malverne had let her daughter loose in the magical mall with no objective in mind but to be back at the Leaky Cauldron in three hours time, and of course not to make too much of a mess of anything. Ellie selectively heard these instructions, but also knew one of her purposes in life was to accrue material wealth and maximize her investment. In what, she did not know. The eleven year old decided not to make a decision, and stepped off down the street. She perused the shops' windows along the way, and made sure to gamble rather than walk. It would be terrible to miss the opportunity for new robes or a new set of books. She analyzed each shop window to ensure the best use of her time and money. Ellie already owned many of the items for sale in the shops, and she knew the Malvernes were planning to make a trip later that month to pick up school supplies. Besides, she had not intention of wasting her allowance on things like cauldrons and gross dirty plants. Still she strode along the alleyway, feeling empty and wishing for any kind of whim to come. Cats, owls, newt's eyes, toadspawn, broomsticks, broom polish, black robes, brown robes. A dark heavy-looking door set back from the rest of the Alley, a sign atop swaying slightly (eddies from the crowds below?) with two wands shooting sparks at each other. Ellie moved into the shadows of the crooked buildings. The sign read, in gold embossed, "The Crossfire Club," with smaller print informing the public that it was "London's Upscale Dueling Club." Unfortunately Eleanor had neither wand nor training, had no idea how to duel, and would therefore not be allowed entry under any circumstances. Her galleons might be of help, although how much help remained to be seen. Not wanting to be noticed as out-of-place, she leaned against the cool brick, attempting to blend in, and concentrated.How to gain entry? Indeed, money could buy most wares for sale in this marketplace, but it seemed ironic that the experience Ellie wanted could not be bought despite her wealth. Ellie could feel herself growing bored as time passed, the passing fancy well on its way into other parts of the Alley. She shrugged off the shadows and began walking further down the Alley, bumping into someone's shoulder in the process. "Watch where you're going, squid-brain," she snarled, stopping.
  25. Unlike the permanent fixture found on the Quidditch Pitch, the commentator booth for the Triwizard Tournament was a temporary construction. Its location would undoubtedly change for each task, all to suit the needs of the audience and the guest commentators. On the day of the First Task, the booth was situated on the lakefront, towering securely on stilts and looking out onto the water. It was much closer to the action than the crowded stands were. It had the best view of the sprawling obstacle course above the lake, though it was also equipped with a screen of its own so that nothing, not a single misstep or feat would be missed. Inside the booth was a comfortable chair and refreshments for their honored guest commentator, a previous champion of the Triwizard Tournament. In addition to the screen that would show every detail, the usual enchanted microphone was provided to eliminate any need for the Sonorous Charm. This thread is closed to the commentator. You can react to the commentary in the Stands or in your own threads.
  26. Katie Bell

    First Task: The Judges' Booth

    After briefing the champions and their heads, Katie quickly made her exit from the tent and all but jogged her way back to the other side of the lake. She knew that they’d wait for her and the other judges to settle in with the others before the First Task officially started, but she wasn’t going to tempt fate by dawdling. As long as Katie had any control, she wasn’t going to let herself look like a negligent judge by stumbling in when the first group was already halfway through the course. She reached the stands before everyone had taken their seats, and she was forced to squeeze around a large group of Hogwarts students milling around with their sassy homemade signs. “Excuse me,” Katie said, overly cheerful. “Excuse me, pardon me.” Katie stepped higher and higher, passing the emptier rows in the middle and then the heavily populated rows near the top to reach the makeshift judges’ booth. “Decent view by itself,” Katie said as she sat, defaulting to the small talk that got her through the Ministry life on a daily basis. She withdrew her ominoculars, hoping to get the first team in her sights the moment they began crossing the lake. Once the champions were submerged, she’d have to rely on the large screens near the stands to see what events would unfold.
  27. Katie Bell

    TWT: The Stands

    In a semi-circle overlooking the arena, the stands rose high above the ground. The stands had been moved from their usual spot and were magically expanded to hold more than the usual number of spectators. In the spirit of cooperation, there were no clear divisions between schools or houses. The crests and colors mingled as banners were hung together for Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang supporters. Students, staff, pesky reporters and special visitors would all have a place here, no matter who they were supporting. First Task: Hogwarts | Beauxbatons | Durmstrang
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