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  2. CARETAKER POST responding to Fern Blackburn ▼ prompt 2 ✘✘✘✘ Taking care of a Hippogriff was not as easy as it looked. Especially when you have to earn their trust first before taking care of them. Zara never knew what type of mood Sableplume would be in when she got to the paddock. When she arrived that day, the Slytherin couldn't help but noticed that he smelled funny and needed a bath. This task would take the two people to complete. To her relief, help had come to her. "Hi there Fern. I need some help giving him a bath. Why don't you get some soap from over there," she said pointing to where it was kept. "Then we can get this show on the road." In the mean time, Zara went to the hose and then went slowly up to the dirty Hippogriff and bowed to him.
  3. Link to thread +5 to Casper Abernathy - 5 to River Wolfe New House Point Totals Hufflepuff: 20 Gryffindor: 5 Ravenclaw: 0 Slytherin: 0 0[b]New House Point Totals[/b] [color=#b8860b]Hufflepuff: 20[/color] [color=#8b0000]Gryffindor: 5[/color] [color=#00008b]Ravenclaw: 0[/color] [color=#006400]Slytherin: 0[/color]
  4. I WANT TO PLAY! I am claiming heart 3 I want my character to be accepted by Sableplume. If you are not accepted by Sableplume, why? Surprise me! I want to interact with a caretaker. Selena was in awe as she came down onto the lawn. She had never actually seen a beast like this up close before. She was hesitant to go up the the creature so she just stared at it from a distance. When she noticed an older student near by she shyly went over to her and began asking her questions, "What is that? Is he friendly? Can I hug him? Does he have a name? Is it even a him?" Her original shyness disappeared quickly with her curiosity. She glanced back over to where the beast was. His feathers looked so fluffy and the thirteen year old would do anything to bury her face into his plumage. It must be so soft. "Are his feathers soft?" She kept asking her questions, "How high can he fly? Are there any other beasts like him around? or even any others that aren't like him. There must be right since there's care for magical creatures class right? Is he apart of the lessons?"
  5. “No, it’s mainly just that you’re just too scared to get your hands dirty. At least you stick up for yourself though.” Chuck conceded with a pained thoughtful expression, that looked more like constipation. "And I don’t fight every day.” Chuck shrugged and then grinned to the other boys like him. “I would if I had to though.” With a surprising amount of insight the punch-happy boy typically never possessed, he wisely added back towards Casper “A fist speaks louder than words, y’know.” The messy haired boy may not have been a huge fan of Casper, or most girls for that matter, but he’d never want to leave either alone in the forest. Those confusing halls of Hogwarts, or a shopping mall, maybe… but not somewhere actually dangerous. Feeling obligated from his some twisted moral code, Chuck was about to step in but both individuals stepped up for themselves. “Nice one Casper.” It shocked him but Chuck gave him a nod of approval. Maybe Gary’s idea to toughen them all up was actually working. He didn’t think he ever heard Casper sound so pissed. But then Terry started digging into Elliot and Casper some more… and without Ham around to keep him from going soft, Chuck felt the need to get involved again and keep things cool. He let out a loud bark-like guffaw at their give and take. He also knew some girls could kick arse. Like MMA fighters, duelists... Professor James probably. “I’d lay off Elliot if I were you. She don’t seem scared to be here. Just pissed it happens to be with us” Chuck grinned, not minding in the least. “But I bet she knows how to throw a punch just as good as some of us do." And definitely more than Jake or Casper.
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  7. I WANT TO PLAY! I am claiming heart 2 I want my character to be accepted by Sableplume. If you are not accepted by Sableplume, why? Surprise me! I want to interact with a caretaker. Fern was super excited to see Sableplume again. She'd met the creature just once before, at the end of last term, and he took what seemed like an eternity to bow back to Fern. Of course, the second she got that bow she was ecstatic and forgot all about how hesitant he'd seemed, so this year she was ready to jump right in, but stumbled upon one of his caretakers giving him a bath. The Ravenclaw's face lit up because how cute was this? "Oh, can I help?" she asked, scanning the scene. "Time for soap, maybe?" she asked hopefully, her fingers crossed behind her back that Sableplume would accept her more quickly this time around.
  8. Was the dueling chamber close, he laughed at that. It seemed that everyone knew where Ethan spent most of his day. "It's still open, just decided to take a break from dueling every day. Classes this year are harder and much more homework." He smiled, he knew that he should get out more, if Zara was asking him about chamber being closed. "He got hurt, that isn't good at all." He said as he took the dead ferret from Zara. Walking into where Sableplume was, before he threw the dead ferrets. He bowed waiting to see what Sableplume would do.
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    I found this flower crown!  It's awesome!  Does anyone else want one?


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      River Wolfe

      Thanks @Margaret Schoenberger!  I look good because I feel good!


      And don't worry @Chuck Berger I know your punches mean you care!  You can expect a crown in the morning!

    3. Chuck Berger

      Chuck Berger

      Awesome name @Margaret Schoenberger


      And you can expect it be stomped into the floor, River. 

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      River Wolfe

      But @Chuck Berger how would you wear it? 

  10. It was probably not Karma. The real problem was when Selena wanted to find answers sometimes, she wouldn't really think about other things, like how far her arms could actually reach, and how well she could balance over a thin board of wood. Which apparently, wasn't far or well. "Yeah yeah," She replied as she was helped back all the way into the carriage. "I'm fine. I leaned out too far maybe? Or I could have lost my footing...anyways, I can't feel anything in front of the carriage so there must be some sort of charm on it or something." Or she just had short arms, but the twelve year old liked her answer just fine. She sat down on the bench smiling as if nothing had happened. "Thanks for helping me up. It would have been horrible if I was stuck like that and the carriage started moving...Anyways," She decided to move back to their previous conversation. "It would be hard to match pink shoes with other clothes I guess." She managed to say, thinking about what she had in her trunk for days off. Selena of course hadn't gotten to pick out all of her clothes but even with the stuff her mother had bought there wasn't anything she could pair easily with pink shoes. It was almost weird how quickly she could see his point upon thinking about it. She never really thought about fashion or anything but she didn't like clashing colours, which she had only really thought about once before when she had spoken to that rude second year. Except now...she was the second year. That was an odd thought. The one thing that Selena did care about was her hair. She liked how soft it was and how long it was getting. Her Grand-mere even said that she'd teach Selena how to braid it when it was long enough. It was certainly long enough now so as long as something didn't happen between now and the next time she saw her, Selena would get to learn to braid, which excited the young girl to no end. She smiled at Milo's response, even if he was one of the people who ruined her hair in the first place. "I don't think it's always on purpose," She replied. "At least I hope that there isn't a bunch of people out to ruin my hair. But I also don't think I really have enemies to begin with." With a jolt, Selena looked out where she had just fallen a few moments before. The carriage was moving. Now Milo was stuck with her, at least until they reached the castle.
  11. CARETAKER POST responding to Ethan Smith ▼ prompt 1 ✘✘✘✘ This year seemed to take a lot more effort to be part of something besides the usual mentoring and dueling. Since there wasn't quidditch this year, Zara found herself wondering from Professor to Professor asking them if they needed any assistance. She had almost given up hope when Professor Qin had asked her to be a Hippogriff Caretaker. Zara was thrilled at the thought of working with Sableplume and the little one along with studying Jabborknolls. Zara found herself looking around for something to feed Sableplume. The raven haired girl was interrupted by Ethan. "Fancy seeing you outside of the dueling chamber. Is it closed today?" When Ethan voice his concern about him being sad, she said, "The poor thing is sad because he got hurt. Here. Take this dead ferret and slowly walk up to him. After you throw it at the ground stand back. When he is done he might warm up to you. Make sure before you get close to him you bow and he bows back."
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    I fell down the stairs after my date. I think I'm on the sixth floor. Help?

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      Havana Towne you know what a dungeon is?

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      Selena Watkins

      How are you still well enough to send messages if you fell down the stairs?

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      Havana Towne

      I only fell down one flight of stairs. I lost balance trying to keep up with my boyfriend as the stairs started moving.

  13. August 14th The heat had made his throat hollow—a vehicle for hasty incantations, their magic scrapping along the trachea to his mouth, chapped and pressed with the edge of his teeth. The fight was over but it hummed in his ears through the humidity, smoked with an ill-timed alleyway barbeque. Beside him, Morgan (politely summoned after the altercation) tended to Ace’s wounds, angry cracks on hard pavement. “You deserve it,” Dictys commented as he met the shaved man’s crisp blue eyes. “For rushing in.” “You’re mad ‘cause you didn’t get there first.” Ace grinned but he didn’t see. Morgan’s hands were a Healer’s hands, but they were undoubtedly Morgan’s: thin but brimming with efficiency, the fingers as delicate as a spider web. They moved to fix something on Ace. If either spoke, the words lost to the foil crinkling. Had he ever wanted to escape the heat before? If the heat relented, he thought the Beautification Club could figure out the culprit or culprits behind the kidnappings, and he’d figure out how he could miss someone he saw every day. He missed Hedwig. Was that too much? Nah. “You’re as skinny as a wand,” Dictys said very seriously to Morgan, after Ace left. “Come on.” ----- Along the lane’s bend, afternoon light broke through the shadow cast by terraced houses. It reminded him of blue irises; he wondered if that was a side effect from working for Belladonna. Balancing the grocery bag against his side, he ended his explanation for why BC members have, without Wilbur’s blessings, effectively banned bagels from their breakfast line-up. At the doorstep, he licked his dry mouth and fished for the key. He could hear Oopsy and Doodle pawing beyond the red door, and Dictys smiled, gently, the key twisting into a lock. As the door opened with that first breeze, he looked proudly over his shoulder, seeing green. “Be prepared for the best shrimp scampi of your life.”
  14. That's not what I was thinking, Grayden wanted to say, but he didn't. He (obviously) wasn't scared Selena was going to try to kiss him again - he was scared of confrontation, of talking, of the very things she may bring up. Which. He couldn't avoid anyway. And it was all logical, but Grayden, he still wasn't socially sensible enough to see that he didn't need to be in a relationship with Cuba, or even to speak on the subject. In his mind, it was all set for the moment. "Y-you're, not, um, bothering me.." was all he managed.
  15. Camping wasn’t exactly something that she had wanted to do, but Ollie insisted that it’d be a great thing and that everyone should do it. Havana begrudgingly decided that she would follow suit and go camping with Ollie. She definitely owed her something because of the shoes she bought her last year. It wasn’t long after she showed up that she realized that Selena and Seeley were there. Great. “Oh, you invited them,” she darted her eyes towards the blonde Hufflepuff that was sitting next to the blonde Ravenclaw. These were probably two of the people she didn’t want to be near, but there were going to be stuck in the tent for the night. She sat down next to Ingrid and then the redhead asked Selena if she slapped Grayden. “You slapped my umm...boyfriend?”
  16. I WANT TO PLAY! I am claiming heart 1. I want my character to be accepted by Sableplume I want to interact with a caretaker. A new year, and Ethan was outside finally. It only took him a while to make it there. With homework and dueling, it seemed that he was never going to see the sun again. Today was different, Ethan made his way to the lawn and looked for a place to sit. As he walked by where Sableplume lives. Ethan was excited to take Care of Magical Creatures this year. Walking over to where Sableplume was, he looked at the hippogriff, not getting to close. At least not yet, he looked over at him and he seemed a little sad. Ethan looked over to one of the care takers. "He looks sad, and might need someone to pet him." That was something that could help, he waited for the care taker to say it was alright before he walked over to him. Hoping that Sableplume would allow him to come over and pet him.
  17. Ingrid had been overjoyed when she'd heard there was to be an all-girls, Second-year sleepover on the lawn that evening. So much so that she'd packed her uncle's charmed military duffel bag with just about anything she could think of. Sticks for smores, various candies she'd gotten for her birthday, both muggle and magical, a pack of cards, some very important notepads and pens, and even her stuffed elephant, Roger. Getting to the tent a little after everyone, she poked her head in the flap and smiled broadly. "Hi, Guys!" Rid said excitedly, scrambling in the small door and being shocked at the size of the tent. She dropped her bag, pillow, and blanket on the ground and looked up in shock. Then the redhead scurried back outside to look at the tent. It was small. How was it so huge inside? It reminded her of the very famous telephone box from her hometown of Cardiff. The blue one. You know. Shrugging and deciding that, apparently things bigger on the inside were all the rage, Rid went back into the tent. "Oooh! You brought magazines! I wonder if they have any cool quizzes we can take." Truthfully, Ingrid had only been to one sleepover when she was younger. A girl in her primary school invited all of the girls in her class. Rid didn't know they'd only let her come so they could make fun of her hair and freckles and lock her in the closet for most of the night with a scary clown mask. For understandable reasons, Ingrid didn't like to talk about that particular childhood memory. But in her year at Hogwarts, she'd made many great friends and was excited to spend more time with them. Especially as the boys, her usual preferred company, started to act stranger and stranger. Rumours flew around the castle like mosquitoes, and Rid couldn't help but hear them after all. She plopped onto the ground next to Selena and leaned over. "I heard something. Is it true? Did you slap Grayden?"
  18. “So I guess what you’re really trying to say is… you’re about to crown that list, right?” Kaelyn smirked before snaking the arm she wasn’t crushing beneath her around his neck, sighing in contentment as they went right back to what they’d been doing for the last two hours. Kissing Toby was quickly becoming an addiction for Kaelyn too, but then again, hadn’t it always been that way for her with him? From the time they were little until now the youngest Paddock found herself drawn to the Winchester boy, although it wasn’t until today that she realized just how much of a hold he had over her. Maybe she had leaned into that first kiss at the park because of an inexplicable urge to mend a brokenness she’d sensed, aa brokenness she’d caused, but now there was a whole boy lying across from her and she still wanted to give that boy everything. How was that even possible? Only earlier she felt like she had absolutely nothing to offer him, but now she wondered how she could go on without him. When Kaelyn had kissed Tobias, it was like someone had flipped over a basin full of water, and no matter how quickly she tried to scoop the water back in it was impossible for her to collect every drop again. She might as well just let it run. So there they were, running together. “Yeah, we’ll make it,” she echoed softly, languidly trailing her fingers through his hair. Hearing the confidence return in his voice already made her feel so much better. She could be strong if he was too, even if it meant having to wait. Even if it meant she wasn't the only one in his life. Somewhere downstairs her mother was calling her name. Kaelyn groaned and momentarily buried her face in Toby’s chest. “I don’t want to go yet,” she pouted, sighed, and lifted her face. It felt like she was about to say goodbye to him for a long time, even though she wasn’t. There would be other opportunities to see him over the summer, and he was going to make this work, he'd just said so. But how long as she going to have to wait? Were they going to have to stay apart until he figured things out? “Kiss me again,” she whispered. Make me feel like I’m the only one for you. Post 2000! <3
  19. MEET SABLEPLUME. Selfish. Haughty. Voracious. Proud. Loyal Source: Pottermore Out on a paddock located in a corner of the Hogwarts lawn, lay a huge bird-like creature with sable-coloured feathers. On some days, Sableplume may be found snoozing out in the sunshine, his feathers shuffling as he dreams about plump ferrets and growing hippogriff babies. On other days, he may be coming in for a landing, having just made a dozen circuits around the Hogwarts castle. Sableplume is deemed to be one of the friendlier hippogriffs Professor Qin owns. However, this should not mean that he can be underestimated. This year, his junior caretakers Fiona Weaver and Zara Anguariz could be seen popping by ever so often to look after the creature. Professor Qin welcomes everyone to interact with the creature. However, it is critical to follow the rules: (1) Always bow before you interact with Sableplume. (2) Wait for him to bow back before approaching (3) If he doesn't bow back, step away. Now. X X X X Since it worked out so well last time, ALL RPS MUST BE BELOW 150 WORDS (as a general guideline). This event will be open for a week. Every now and then, Sableplume hearts, which will help you to have a better chance at obtaining a flight at the end of the term, will be posted and they will be up for grabs. Each heart has a predetermined prerequisite. This can range from ‘to pet Sableplume’ to ‘to bathe Sableplume’, etc. Each heart can only be claimed once. From VH34 on, you can earn a max of 5 hearts. But unlike the previous system, you only earn hearts if you complete a wide range of interaction types. Look here for more info. The events do not necessarily happen in a chronological order in this thread. For example, if there is someone I have yet to respond to in this thread and you wish to post, you can assume YOUR event happened at a different time! Some of them will be ‘Design your own interaction!’ YOU get to determine how the interaction goes. You also get to determine whether you want a bad interaction (“Ow ow ow!”) or a good interaction (“He let me pet him!”) ICly. Either way, you will earn that heart. If you want a bad interaction, it will be helpful if you list/RP a reason why you think the interaction will go badly. If interested, please fill in the form below with a RP, together with the heart number you'll like to claim. Please do not claim a heart without a RP. If you have claimed a heart, you are not allowed to claim another until Sableplume (me) has posted a response to you. Sometimes, I will need to do a bit of lightgodmodding re: reaction portion. If there is anything you're against, please do not hesitate to drop me a PM Reaction posts are allowed. Simply do not post your rp with a form. If you choose to interact with a caretaker, you will earn a small shop prize on top of the heart! ICly, you should be asking them for help in relation to the heart's prompt. Different people can post one after another without waiting for a response from me (and sometimes, a junior caretaker) Share the love~ X X X X I WANT TO PLAY! I am claiming heart _____. I want my character to be accepted by Sableplume/not accepted by Sableplume. If you are not accepted by Sableplume, why? Surprise me!/Because..... I want/do not want to interact with a caretaker. X X X X 28/6/17 3 HEARTS UP FOR GRABS! (1/PETTING) - There's a small gash on Sableplume's foreleg...talon? He's sad and needs pets QQ (2/BATHING) - There is no more shampoo! D: Get some soap for Sableplume! After that, you can hose him down. (3/OTHERS) - Design your own interaction!
  20. Kieran didn’t have a certain group of friends that he kicked back with during meals, it was always up the in the air. Sometimes he would join in with his Quiddich teammates or his house yearmates like Rid or Juan. Today was just another one of those random days however. Though he had a plan in mind. Kieran sorta felt like a duel after supper and he thought about asking one of his regular people to duel. Fern had come to mind as they had dueled recently so maybe he’d just eat at the Ravenclaw table while he asked and complain about classes while he was there? He was quick to notice that she was absent from the Great Hall. He wasn’t the only one to notice. Kieran happened to just be walking by when Desmond asked Grayden about it. Kieran looked at the Slytherin table for Rid and did not see her. Strange. Something about being in sync was mentioned and Kieran stopped by the Hufflepuff table. Maybe he’d just eat here anyways? “Well they all seem to go to the bathroom in packs. Maybe they are like fixing their hair?” Kieran didn’t know girls. Is that what Grayden meant?
  21. x AKA THE SUMMARY x QNS: How can I interact with/fly Sableplume? ANS: Look here. For a summarised version, look below. SABLEPLUME x TERM 1 x WEEK 0: Posting of Junior Caretaker Applications [The application thread will go up before the new year starts] Interaction Thread #1 1 Flight Thread x TERM 2 x Bonus Hippogriff Heart-Earning Event #1 [during the ooc christmas break] Interaction Thread #2 2 Flight Threads How can I interact with Sableplume? Sableplume hearts will still be used to determine the students who fly Sableplume. How you earn these hearts, however, will be different. A single thread will be used for hippogriff interactions in each term. Every now and then, Sableplume hearts will be posted and they will be up for grabs. Each heart has a predetermined prerequisite. This can range from ‘to pet Sableplume’ to ‘to bathe Sableplume’, etc. Some of them will be ‘Design your own interaction!’ YOU get to determine how the interaction goes. You also get to determine whether you want a bad interaction (“Ow ow ow!”) or a good interaction (“He let me pet him!”) ICly. Either way, you will earn that heart. This helps to make interactions more IC compared to the previous system. However, if you want a bad interaction, it will be helpful if you RP a reason why you think the interaction will go badly. If interested, please fill in the form below with a RP, together with the heart number you'll like to claim. If you have claimed a heart, you are not allowed to claim another until Sableplume (me) has posted a response. People can post one after another without waiting for a response from me. No character/puppeteer is allowed to earn more than 3 hearts per term.
  22. Robes and garments spilled out from her trunk as the clasps finally gave out, a bottle of her favourite skincare ointment shipped in from a colleague in Peru had broken in her traveling process which produced a musty odor all throughout her new living quarters, and her stomach was rumbling more fiercely than a nundu’s growl. A million different items flooded her mental to-do list, from organizing the stockroom to writing James a letter to notify him of her safe arrival. Yes, there was work to be had, but something important pulled Greta away from the Hospital Wing before any of it could be done or even addressed. It had been four long years since she had stepped foot on the Hogwarts grounds. It had been four long years since she had left her best friend behind. And despite the myriad of hardships that Greta had undergone during her life, the strength that she had garnered from the companionship a silly little orange and white cat could provide over just a few year had meant so much to her. The loss of Mac still left the biggest scar on her heart, more than any other. She wanted to pay her respects. So naturally, she slipped into her Animagus form and departed for the Memorial Garden near the greenhouses. Seated staunchly before the plaque that bore Mac’s name and dates, her ruddy fur rippled in the breeze. Unlike the first and last time that Cam had accompanied Greta to this place- during which the barely weeks-old kitten had teetered around the area in an ungainly fashion, oblivious to her emotional sentiments- the black and white bobtailed cat instead sat beside her quietly, patiently. Despite being his direct blood, his son, Cam’s personality varied from Mac’s. More aloof, less playful…but every bit as perceptive. A mew from him jolted Greta from the pool of happy memories that she had fallen into. They had company. Intrinsically, she shifted back into her human form and rose to her feet. “Excuse my manners, sorry, good aftern-,” Greta began to warmly greet, moving to extend a hand until her gaze rose and met a familiar set of eyes. His close proximity and general presence startled her, causing a stutter to befall her voice. “O-Oh. Hello, Mister Carter.”
  23. Selena took one last glance into the Great hall and watched the others work before her thoughts were interupted by Grayden telling her he was going to stand as far away as he possibly could. Ouch. That was hurtful. Of course it was justified but still...She just sighed and stayed silent for a long moment, leaning towards the other side of the door. "You know..." She started, " I'm not going to try and kiss you again or anything. I was just trying to prove a point and I mean what you said before about running into....Cuba, means that I really don't think you two kissed at all. I don't think accidently bumping lips counts but if you and her want to keep doing your dating thing you can go ahead. I won't bother you anymore."
  24. Kirk's hands went from awkwardly limp and uncertain to rigid and tight around Reid as cold water splashed up higher on his chest and edged dangerously close to his chin. This was... awkward. Uncomfortable. Too damn cold. Reid's legs were too long and Kirk's were too short. He didn't know how to kick, he felt stupid, he looked stupid. He could practically feel the stares they were pulling. Kirk clung to Reid out of necessity despite the urge to shove him away, too wary of the water and the way the waves kept splashing just enough to make him nervous. "Reid," he grit out, after two minutes of tolerating the position cracked his already shot nerves, "this is flacking stupid." He tried to get his feet under him, but they kicked uselessly at water instead of finding grainy sand. All thoughts of looking stupid flew from his mind as Kirk tightened his grip on Reid, suddenly panicked. "Reid-- I can't touch." They'd drifted too far out, the gentle pull of the waves moving the pair just enough that Kirk couldn't reach the bottom. "Reid." Reid's wet fingers touched his arm where it was choking him tight and Kirk forced himself to let his arms relax, slipping lower in the water as Reid caught his breath and turned around. He caught a glimpse of wide brown eyes before he clung to him again, legs and arms holding tight as Reid shifted in the water, feet settling in the sand. Kirk kept his eyes open, watching the waves warily over Reid's shoulder as the Gryffindor slowly waded them back to the shallows. Belatedly, the embarrassment caught up with him. Kirk let his legs drop back down and felt sand squish beneath his toes. He looked down at them, unable to see his feet through the dark waves, but already feeling more stable.
  25. Edwin greatly enjoyed the fact that everyone tended to congregate at the Hufflepuff table more often than any of the other house tables. He wasn't necessarily lazy, or scared of change, it was just easier that way. Tonight was slightly different and he couldn't put his finger on why but he'd quickly moved on from that fact. Moved on specifically to the food before him. It had been a particularly taxing day of running around outside even though the weather had already started to go down the toilet, dueling and even *gasp* some studying. Somehow in all of this chaos he hadn't really had much to eat and his growing twelve year old boy stomach was quite literally screaming at him. It sounded like he'd swallowed Larry. Which reminded him, he needed to find Felicia and get him... she'd already kept him a day into his time of the week. What was a custody agreement for if one person wasn't going to follow it at all. Rude. Typically observant, Desmond's question mildly startled the Hufflepuff and he put his overly self-peppered and red-chili flaked corn on the cob down to look first at the Slytherin table where Ingrid usually sat. Naturally, he'd look for her first. Then the length of the Hufflepuff table. Then the other two house tables... and for good measure, the staff table. He knew how much those girls liked that stupid Professor Althaus with his smarmy charm. Okay he wasn't smarmy but WHATEVER. "Synced?" Edwin furrowed his brows at Grayden, scratching a nail between his two front teeth to release a remnant of the corn he was consuming. "The hell does that mean? Are they swimming?" Having grown up with two men, his mother ever not present and the only example of 'women' in his life being the many girls traipsing in and out of his uncle's life over the years, Egg had no idea what Gray was talking about.
  26. "We, we are-are n-n-n-are-----n-ot, g-going to n-ot, get caught, I-I mean, we, they, we're, getting, c-caught, we're- n-not..." Grayden did good? No, Ollie, please, no, Ollie, not with her, give me a job with anyone but Selena. He tried to telepathically send his friend this message, over and over again. It did not go through. He wouldn't admit it, but she did have a point, putting him here. Distraction by crying was likely the job he was most suited for. Without meeting Lena's eyes, he stuttered, "I-I think, w-watch should be on, um, opposite.. sides. Of the doorway?" Gray then walked across the passage, standing as far away from her as possible. Which was still too close.
  27. Ollie poured the potion into each goblet, oblivious to the various dramas she had instigated. "We don't have long so hurry up!"
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