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  2. Alayna Weasley


    Fluke’s touch might’ve been reassuring, in any other occasion, but just then all it did was reignite her concerns. She looked at him and met his smile with a small one of her own, though she knew that the rest of her- her eyes, stature, all of it, gave away her true feelings. She was bloody worried, and how could she not be? The emotion had been pretty constant from the very moment his name first came flying out of the goblet. Still, the Ravenclaw was eager to get his hold on whatever truth laid behind the parchment and mysterious structure, so before she could so much as squeak out the word “Wait-” he was tugging her up and out of the library. In mere minutes she was standing in pouring rain, drenched to the bone. “You couldn’t have waited until the rain stopped?!” And then, in an act of rebellion of his mindless behavior, she shook out her hair out in his general direction. “Could’ve done that back in the library…” She turned from him, and looked across the grounds and off toward where she believed they’d seen the structure before. It was much harder to see while actually standing in the downpour, but she could just make out part of the structure… or what she thought was part of it, anyway. “Is that it, over there?”
  3. Mason Fluke


    Alayna was tripping over herself, apparently, and Fluke touched her arm in a reassuring manner. The paper was perhaps the most precious thing in his possession now, next to Alayna, of course. She was the most precious. Still, he rolled up the piece of paper with a Devil May Care grin and tucked it someplace safe in his (fortunately) waterproof satchel. “Oh, it’s definitely a clue,” he said, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “Just like the Encyclopedia for the Hidebehind. And so is that,” he pointed out the window. “I need a closer look at it. Whatever it is--they aren’t building it for no reason.” He didn’t care that they were going to get soaked, or that there might be wards around it to keep them from getting too close. He had to try, and study it. “Let’s go.” Fluke grabbed her arm, and dragged her out of the library, down the flights of moving staircases, and out the main entrance and into the downpour. He was soaked in seconds, and didn’t care. “We should research final tasks from the previous tournaments,” he tossed over his shoulder. “Could be important, too.”
  4. Alayna Weasley


    She let her eyes stay on the structure in question for a moment more before returning her attention to Fluke, and the sheet of parchment he had before him. It looked oddly familiar, and she leaned forward to get a closer look. “…is this what you got in…? This has to be a clue then. My grandmum got a clue too, before…” She never finished her sentence, unable to voice the very real fear she still held. But still, the thought brought on a very uncomfortable sensation to her center. Alayna took a breath to regain control of it. “You’re probably right, but I’m sure they’ve probably got wards or something around it to keep people from getting too close. We’d have to be careful...”
  5. Fiona Weaver

    Seminar: Special Techniques for Flying Prototype Brooms

    If Fiona’s goal had been to nonchalantly, inconspicuously stick close to Nico...well she failed that from the moment she kicked into the air. The keening noise from her broom was quiet at first, quiet enough that Fiona thought she might be imagining things. By the time she headed out over the lake, though, the noise had risen in volume and pitch. The broom seemed intent on announcing to the world that FIONA WEAVER WAS FLYING OVER HERE. Fiona looked down at her broom in a panic, but it wasn’t emitting any smoke or shaking underneath her or anything. Just...whining. Fiona half-caught the sound of @Nicodemus Knight's voice and looked up, but gestured to her ear and shrugged. She swerved in closer to her best friend and shouted, “WHAT?” Post Two, 127 words
  6. Mason Fluke


    “A beastie…” he mused, head shaking. “No. I just wasn’t expecting anything or anyone to come up beside me. Maybe clear your throat next time…” Well, he was glad to have Alayna there with him at any rate, even if she was determined to give him a heart attack. Whether it was because of her beauty, or the fact that she tried to scare him, she was going to be the death of him one day--not this Tri-Wizard Tournament nonsense that he really wanted to be over. Fluke looked up at her as she looked at the structure that was being built. He was studying her reaction, wondering if she was going to feed him lies of some sort. Either she was a really good actress, or she truly didn’t know anything. He suspected the latter, of course. The Ravenclaw frowned. “Because of this thing,” he said, now pointing to the piece of paper the team had retrieved at the end of the second task. “I think whatever they’re building out there has something to do with this. Want to go out there to get a closer look? I could try the Disillusionment Charm again.” WC: 195
  7. Alayna Weasley


    The scene which unfolded then was humorous, really. Fluke jumped back, the legs of his chair nearly giving out from under him, as Alayna’s arms flew out instinctively to catch him. The whole ordeal lasted but a second at most, but it was more than enough to provide her with her adrenaline rush for the day. When everything was settled back to where it was meant to, she offered the Ravenclaw a concerned look. “What’d you think I was? The beastie?” She’d have to prod him more about his mental health later. Was he sleeping alright? How were his dreams? But for now- her gaze followed where his hand was pointed and she squint at what appeared to be something rising through the rain. “…how’d I know what that is? No one tells me anything.” Or, nothing of such importance as that, anyway. Assuming it was important. “…why?”
  8. Ethan Smith

    Do you see what I see? Help me figure it out.

    If Seeley knew anything about Ethan, she would know that he didn’t have time for this stuff. It wasn’t what he wanted in the first place. He just needed someone that was able to help him be able to see what is happening. “That is what I heard.” He didn’t know how true it was, but he did read the Hufflepuff paper from time to time, and had believed he read something from her in the past. It could be a maze, and looking at it from a far distance it could be anything. That is why Ethan knew that he needed to get closer to it, and try to figure out what it was before anyone else. He had to get a head start on whatever the task was going to be. After the second task, he knew that he had to be working on some more things than just magic, he felt like a failure because he didn’t understand the runes things that was going on. “You would want the credit wouldn’t you. But you shouldn’t need the credit you did win the Hogwarts tournament thing.” Ethan didn’t pay much attention to it, but he did know that she was the winner of it, and she was only a second year at the time. Ethan figured that he would have a shot at being able to win this whole tournament, but there was so many other people that were apart of it also. As they were getting closer all he could see was the wall around it. “We are going to need that robe, there is just a wall right now and we need to climb up to try and see what is inside.”
  9. Nicodemus Knight

    Seminar: Special Techniques for Flying Prototype Brooms

    Nico was definitely not comfortable on this broom. It handled just fine, seemed to have good acceleration and breaking… it was just kind of like riding a bike that had one of those dumb racing seats on it… I think Lainee might have forgot to put the cushioning charm on this one. He turned to his brother, who’d called over to him. “It’s just a really uncomfortable broom. Handles like a dream, though…” Nico was probably willing to stick it out for the session, since it might get progressively better, like breaking in a new pair of skates. “How’s yours Fiona?” He wasn’t sure if she’d hear him over that god-awful sound it was making, but at least it hadn’t turned into a magic carpet on her? Post II (127 words)
  10. Desmond Potter

    And I have found my feet 257 weeks

    It was not like he meant to take her notes, he was trying to be romantic and switch her parchment with his so he could pass her a note. Without getting into trouble, it was a fool proof plan. But what he noticed was, when the papers switched, there were notes on the ones that Desmond had now. And he felt a little sad, but at the same time, she didn’t need those notes at that moment. So when class was over, he took them and placed them into his pillow bag. Finally, his bad was being used to for something other than just a pillow, which was sad. Because he pillow bag was the best thing in the world. Making his way to Seeley as class ended, he went to reach for her hand to hold it as they walked to their next class, or lunch, or wherever they would be heading next, but it seems like that wasn’t happened because there was his note that he wrote her and she was asking for hers. All he did was look at her and had that smirk face on. He was not ignoring her, he just didn’t want to answer that question, because she should know that he had them, and even though he hated taking notes and learning more things. He wouldn’t stop Seeley from learning and that her notes were safe and sound in his bag. As they were walking down from the classroom it seems like she was getting the idea, and before he knew it they were alone, in a classroom. It put a big smile on his face, this was something that he wanted, to be alone with Seeley. It seems like, that at times, they were not able to have some time alone. Because it felt like they were in a classroom, the dueling chamber, outside where others were walking, or their common room. He just wanted some alone time with his girlfriend. As the door closed, and she grabbed his strap he smiled harder and learned down, to give her a kiss. But it seems like that was not something that she wanted. She was still asking about those note. “Wouldn’t you like to know!” He told her as he learned down, and didn’t care about anything else and just kissed those lips that he wanted to kiss all day.
  11. Desmond Potter

    Seminar: Special Techniques for Flying Prototype Brooms

    Post One || 105 “Seeley, I don’t know why you are telling me to come on, I am making my way there.” He told his girlfriend as he was walking towards the brooms. He didn’t know what was going on anyway. All he knew was that someone else was here to do more quidditch things. Which was something that Desmond was all for. “These brooms, they seem like they are not quidditch approved?” He somehow made that into a question. Not knowing how he did that be he did, but whatever. He wanted a broom and he wanted on now. These seem to be better than school brooms anyway. choosing broom: 4 brooms taken: 3, 4, 7, 8, 16, 18, 21, 33, 37, 39
  12. Kay Wickham

    zoinks! like, what is that?

    Kay loved spring. Not only was it the time of year when everything sleepy tarted to wake up from stasis, but it also meant she could throw off a the weighty layers and run free, free and unburdened, like a toddler whose diaper had been newly-changed. Much like that fresh diaper, the earth had been renewed, and that was as far as the analogy was going to go. Back to spring, which was also a very active verb, and as Kay spring-sprang-sprung after her mentor, hopping from one green patch of new grass to another, she decided it was her favourite verb for today. Usually TO PUNCH was at the top of her list, but the weather had her charmed. Somehow Reid had convinced his boyfriend to give up a quaffle they could use for a soccer ball—football—and she was eager to revisit the muggle game. She hadn't played at all since she'd left NYC, and seeing her mentor bounce the ball from one knee to the other made her realize how much she'd missed the simplicity of it. “I think I can do that!” she assured him, more of a hopeful affirmative than a factual one. She watched the path of the 'soccer ball' intensely while she practised some enthusiastic high-knees that nearly knocked her flat on her back. “The word 'football' makes a lot more sense than 'soccer' does,” she said, already a bit breathless as she continued to lift those scraped and scabby knees towards the sky. “What does soccer even mean? Doesn’t sound like—like a real word.” Kay stumbled a bit as they reached the apex of the hill, squatting in place for a short rest and blowing out her cheeks. "Ooh, gimme five. --No, two, I only need two." “Whooaaa... Kirky would cry if he could see this. ” “Oh no!” she cried, peering up at Reid from beneath her lopsided skullcap. “Did they turn the quidditch pitch into a parking lot? That happened a lot back where I used to live cuz capitalism.” Kay straightened up and attempted to see what her mentor was staring at—alas, she came up short. Literally. “What is it?” All she could make out from this distance (and height) was that it was some kind of massive structure, more wide than tall. Realization struck, and Kay was always obvious about her realizations. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell agape, and she spun towards Reid with an energy that was part-excitement, part-anxiety. “D'you think it's for the tourney?” Her fists clenched in the hem of her favourite MY CREED IS REID athletic muscle shirt, and she pushed up on her toes in another attempt to see what was what. What if the last task was fighting a whole BUILDING? DEMOLITION MAN REID. She could already see it on backpack bumper stickers.
  13. Robin Corelli-Rose

    Seminar: Quidditch Maze

    Stealth was on his side, it appeared, as Robin managed to slither beneath the maddened Bludgers without alerting them to the fact that there was a soft, breakable body below them. The moment he was out dodge (meaning, around the corner and out of sight of the Bludgers), Robin scampered up and brushed off his clothes before hurrying along the next hedge corridor. He would have wondered how people did it - how they could fly on brooms knowingly and willingly while those things hurtled through the air after them - but of course they did. His father was one such and he was still very much alive and none the worse for it. The next task was simpler and with 99% less chance of brutal bodily harm. Picking up the Quaffle that lay before the barricade of hoops, Robin narrowed his eyes. There was a correct trajectory to this and the right amount of heft to his throw, but the calculation was beyond him. Marching up to the nearest hoop, Robin squatted and hopped up like a spring, spiking the Quaffle upwards. /184 Post Five Task Three: Hoops & Quaffles
  14. Cordelia Waldegrave

    Seminar: Special Techniques for Flying Prototype Brooms

    After being literally grounded for most of the year, the quidditch activities were flying at her right and left. It felt like she barely finished one before she was whisked off to another. “Eww helmets are ugly,” she whined knowing full well that she would wind up with some serious helmet hair that Delia would fuss over. “Do you have any with glitter?” Maybe a glitter helmet would be just what the doctor ordered to pull Damien out from whatever co-captain rock he was hiding under. She hadn’t accidentally shrunk him and turned him into a slug when they were decorating the teams uniforms, well she was at least ninety-five percent sure that hadn’t happened. It was all a bit of a sparkly blur. “I choose you broom!” she claimed the one that looked like it had a rouge spec of glitter on it. choosing broom: 3 brooms taken: 3, 7, 8, 16, 18, 21, 33, 37, 39 post one | wc: 144
  15. Yesterday
  16. Cordelia Waldegrave

    Seminar: Quidditch Maze

    After successfully catching the snitch, Cordelia petted her long lost love and wondered if Beth would notice if she was short a snitch at the end of this shindig. A golden snitch would be the perfect addition to her @Rosie Roux Statue. Not wanting to move onto the next portion of the maze, and pet/steal the stitch, Cordelia’s broom had another idea as it started zooming her through the maze towards “BLUDGER!” she shrieked ducking out of her first maze death trap. “THIS ISN’T FAIR!” post one | wc: 85 task two (bludgers)
  17. Seeley Pichardo

    Seminar: Special Techniques for Flying Prototype Brooms

    By now, Seeley had pretty much had enough of all the quidditch related functions. She had seen more of the quaffles and bludgers and snithces this year then she had seen all of last year and she'd been on the actual team last year. But, when she had heard that they would get to try out prototype brooms again, she knew that she couldn't pass that up. It was an adventure, it was something other people wouldn't get to do and it was maaaaybe a little bit dangerous and a lot bit fun. She couldn't miss it. "Come ooooonnn Dessssss." She was nearly whining as she dragged @Desmond Potter towards the lake by the hand. "You don't want to get stuck with a slow broom do ya?" She asked. As long as they didn't have to polish them, they'd be good. She supposed. Action One, Choosing broom: 16 Brooms Taken: 7, 8, 16, 18, 21, 33, 37, 39 Post One | 143 Words
  18. Seeley Pichardo

    Cue The Beat Drop

    She was finally getting through to her... Selena was finally understanding the point Seeley was trying to make and then... UGH. What was that smell?! Unfulfilled potential and too much body spray? By the warning her nose gave her, Seeley wasn't the least bit surprised to see Dax appear, very unwelcome, at the entrance to the photo booth and she would have been halfway out of the door within two seconds if she hadn't made the mistake of slipping her feet out of her shoes when they had sat down. "We, at least have dates, Dax." She shot back, discreetly trying to find her shoe with her foot without being able to see it now that he had squeezed himself into the space too. "And I have not..." nevermind that would have been a lie, she had kissed Des earlier so she stopped in the middle of her sentence and huffed. Reaching up, she calmly pushed a few strands of her hair back behind her ear and then turned to face the slytherin. "Jealous, much?" The question slipped out just as her elbow slipped over and jutted into his side.
  19. Finn Holly

    You can smell it, you can tell it's something rotten

    “Chris, you’re late,” Finn said, feigning disappointment. He flashed a wry, uneasy tug-of-the-lips at the mention of @Asher Leighton. The odds of the half-wit missing the train weren’t terribly low. “We’ll look for him in a bit,” he promised with due apprehension. “Let’s give the hallway a chance to clear out.” A gentle drag pressed them back into their seats. Outside, a thousand people waved and a zealous few ran alongside the train to the end of the platform, where they stopped and grew small very fast. Finn felt his head spinning with anticipation, dry eyes facing forward and occasionally glancing out the window to see the platform glide off into the horizon. Their compartment almost bore semblance to something sweet and cheerful—”She’s just a kitten?!”—when Ralph released the One Fart to Rule Them All—and blessed be the fruit, for their lineages would end in this room. Jean was the first to react, clinging helplessly onto Ralph with nails she herself had manicured. Finn was stunned, the scent permeating every nook and corner of the room before he even realized what happened, and when he did it was too late. His nose scrunched in disgust, and he swallowed hard to counter the pressure building at the back of his throat. “Harmony, hold your kitten still for a bit. Nico, Mark, the door!” Finn begged, his voice nasal from refusing to breathe through his nose rather than holding it as Harmony did. “Chris, get the window!”
  20. Seeley Pichardo

    But first, we can take a selfie...

    For a smart girl, Selena was being so dense and Seeley really should have been one to talk. But at the moment she found herself really, really wanting to pinch her and tell her to wake up already. "You didn't have to say it... it was literally written all over your face in potions class... remember?" Seeley had done her very best to get to the girl quickly and she didn't think Milo had seen, but she wasn't sure if anyone else had. Thankfully the antidote had worked quickly and no marks had been left behind - unlike the boils that Seeley had faced down from her experience. "Selena, come on! What aren't you getting here? Do I have to spell it out for you?" The hufflepuff sighed and reached for her friends wrist. "He doesn't care about that other girl breaking up with him because he likes someone else, right?" She asked and waited for a response from Selena before she continued. "And he gets all angry about you checking out another guy? Gosh, how many times has Desmond punched Fletcher, for no reason?" Seeley was |thisclose| to thwacking Selena on the forehead if the girl didn't get it. "Now, why do you think something like you maybe liking another guy, would upset him?"
  21. Seeley Pichardo

    Seminar: Quidditch Maze

    Post Four | 107 Words Evading the bludgers turned out to be easier then she thought - once she pulled back out of the recesses of her mind all of the tricks she had learned from dealing with Damien. Then it was on to the next task. The thing she at least thought she was good at. A whole years worth of playing chaser should have been good for something! Key word: Should. Grabbing hold of the quaffle, Seeley gave it everything she had as she heaved it towards one of the hoops. It was fun while it lasted but she was more then ready to be done with all this by now. Task Three (Quaffles/Hoops)
  22. Vladimir Valentin

    Seminar: Quidditch Maze

    Task 1 - Snitches The maze setup in and of itself was quite fascinatingly done, and Vladimir was inwardly curious to see how it would look from the sky upon a broom. It would also help keep up his abilities in flying, which was the purpose of all of this. It would certainly not do to allow himself to atrophy in the skies. Ergo, once he was upon a broomstick, he began to maneuver his way along the first corridor, his eyes catching the sight of something small and shining up ahead. Was that the golden snitch? His brow furrowed together slightly before he began to speed towards where he last saw the object flit away. WC: 112 | Post I
  23. Willa Mercier

    Be Back Soon

    Willa was grateful for her friend’s encouragement and Steph was right. She’d keep practicing the spell until she had mastered it. “I’ll still try to figure it out over the holidays, it can be one of the spells I try to master, although I’ve had a little head start.” Willa listened to Steph’s thoughts on the cow theory. Steph provided sound reasonings for her perspective. “Yes, I think I’d be inclined to agree with you on that. I suppose it still could be argued that knowing is more of a feeling then an absolute understanding, but it would be difficult for me to present an argument from that perspective as I don’t agree with it.” She considered the argument wanting to continue the debate with her friend and so added. “I wonder how this applies to theories that have been later proven to be incorrect. Do we say that scientists didn’t know, or because of the limitations within knowledge at that time they did?” Steph didn’t agree with her interpretation and provided thoughts to counter it. It appeared her arguments dealt more with ownership than identity. She felt that maybe Steph had misinterpreted them as she gave her own examples of a broom and a band. However, as Steph went on to explain why she didn’t agree with Willa’s arguments she realised maybe they were a little less clear then Steph’s own examples. “Well I suppose you could say that.” She referenced the home argument first. “Though I think it would be fair to say that its not really the land your home is built on that makes a home a home. In this case I’m specifically talking about that feeling that makes a place a home rather than a house. I can own many houses but that doesn’t automatically make them a home.” The discussion of Polyjuice was a little more complex as it brought into question what it meant to be you. “Well isn’t that the question? Theseus’s ship is more then is physical appearance it is also the memories created around it that give it its identity. So Polyjuice potion would completely change my genetic makeup making me different in the same way Theseus’s ship is now different but those things that create my identity remain the same.” Willa listened carefully to Steph’s instructions watching as she indicated the different navigational tools, it seemed pretty confusing. “If only.” Willa agreed. Although it seemed confusing once she got the hang of it she was sure she would love the internet. If she could look up relevant information in a few clicks that would make research so much easier. “Although having to look through multiple resources means you get lots of other information you might have never thought to investigate.” Willa took the phone, she had expected the phone to be heavy, but it wasn’t. She hadn’t expected it to be so slippery, she almost dropped it though managed to keep hold before it slipped to the floor. She brought up the keyboard like Steph had shown her and carefully typed in her question. The keyboard was confusing the letters weren’t in alphabetical order but jumbled up everywhere. It took her far longer to type in Lord of the Rings Theories then it took Steph to type her question. She pressed each letter hard to make sure it showed up in the little box above. She clicked on the first article that came up and read the first theory about Gandalf and the eagles. It was something that she had briefly wondered about, assuming that their favour only went so far. The theory was written in very plain English, not like the literature she was used to, but maybe that was how muggles presented their work. Willa looked at Steph a little confused, “So is this widely accepted as fact?” she asked.
  24. Vladimir Valentin

    Seminar: Mail Delivery - There Be Dragons

    Reaction Post Vladimir was pleased to see the hoops in sight, and after deftly ducking out of the way of one of the dragons, Vladimir was able to drop the letter through safely and most certainly unburnt. It seemed one of the dragons still wished to play, as it were, and thus, Vladimir found himself needing to roll out of the way of the small stream of fire the dragon spewed in his general direction. They were certainly excitable, at any rate. However, Vladimir did figure that perhaps that was enough for the moment, as the boy maneuvered his broom and brought himself back down onto solid ground once again. WC: 108 | Post III
  25. Professor Pellegrini

    NEWT Results VH37

    ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ Ancient Runes ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ [Gryffindor] Ekaterina Valentin: O [Ravenclaw] [Slytherin]
  26. Professor Pellegrini

    VH House Points Year VH 37

    More Runes OWLs: Gryffindor: 30 Hufflepuff: 0 Ravenclaw: 60 Slytherin: 0 Runes NEWTs: Gryffindor: 0 Hufflepuff: 20 Ravenclaw: 0 Slytherin: 0 New House Point Totals: Gryffindor: 1825 Ravenclaw: 1736 Hufflepuff: 1492 Slytherin: 1341
  27. Willa Mercier

    A Bit of 'Light' Reading

    “We have lots of muggle plants in our garden as well as wizarding ones, some for potion making like daisies and St John’s Wort, but mostly for ornamental purposes. Mum gets tips for those, but they also might suggest pruning a plant in a certain way or using a specific type of fertiliser or soil. Mum then tries applying these techniques to some of the magical plants that she thinks might be similar. Her gardening article is all about how to care for trickier plants so she’s always trying out new things.” Willa had tried listening to muggle shows on the radio herself but found them very confusing. There were so many terms and ideas that she didn’t understand and with no one to explain them or the ability to pause and research for herself she found the whole thing frustrating. “I think I might try listening to some shows myself over the holidays. I understand so much more now and anything I don’t know I can just ask you.” Willa agreed that it was too soon to really make a call on Astronomy, they had only just covered the basics and once lessons became more challenging she may feel differently about it. “I’ll keep an open mind” she agreed. “I may find that once the lessons amp up and we have a more serious professor I feel differently, and if not, then at least I’ll know I gave it a chance and I’m not missing out.” Steph was clearly very interested in the topic and seemed to already be leagues ahead of their class, not that that was surprising. “I suppose they have to start with the basics. That’s the only problem with reading ahead, sometimes the classes can be a little tedious.” Willa had only found that with a few of the lessons as she enjoyed the practicalities even if she had already mastered them. Steph provided a very succinct description of the Quibbler which had Willa nodding along in agreement. “Yes, although I must confess on the few occasions I’ve read it I did quite enjoy it. Not as a legitimate news source of course but it was interesting.” Steph wondered if she could subscribe to the Prophet. There was always the statute of secrecy to consider but as long as Steph took necessary precautions that shouldn’t be a problem. “They can deliver them anywhere in the country, and the owls would come to you directly. As long as you don’t leave them lying around in your parents shop I can’t see why it would be an issue.” “You have to read between the lines,” Willa agreed. “Everyone has their own biases even if they try not to make them known its nearly impossible to not be opiniated in some way when reporting on events.” Willa took some interest in politics, but it wasn’t her favourite subject. “To be able to make any real judgement you have to read things from all angels and try to piece together the true facts from that, however I’d much rather research or read a good book.” She smiled back at Steph as she mentioned their differences in opinion. “It’ll certainly make the reread more interesting, I’ll be able to use both our perspectives to decide which ones I agree with and which I don’t.”
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