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    Magical world? I am still a little weary about this school. Guess I'll find out what is real or not on September 1st.

  3. Atlas, naive as he was, certainly didn't want Zsu to win. "No. The joke is only on you." He explained to her. "That means I win." Because winning and losing was all that mattered to the 11-year-old. Zsu went on telling him he ate people, which caused the orange headed boy to shake his head. "Well everyone knows chocolate frogs aren't people!" Atlas complained. Zsu was the one who brought it there to begin with. She was the creep if either of them were weird. Then the train stopped and Atlas was fresh out the gates trying to mow his way over to his father. "For my birthday party this summer my dad said we can go to Wand-E-Waffles!" The boy sang out happily as he rushed over tried to tackle his father. "DADDY!" He was clinging onto the man practically shaking with anticipation. "THIS IS ZSU. ZSU THIS IS MY DAD." Then he pointed a finger sloppily in the girl's direction. "SHE'S ALSO INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY BECAUSE I'M TURNING INTO A MAN THIS SUMMER." Atlas screamed. Loudly. Like heads were turning in their direction because he was making such a commotion.
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  5. The summer was passing, each day was happening with something new. He was getting letters from a few of his friends, but the one that mattered the most. He just got a blank piece of paper. Desmond had spent nights staying awake trying to think of something to write for Wyatt, but nothing was coming to his mind. He understood that his best friend was mad, and used the Potter comment, but he wasn’t going to let that get in the way. Desmond tired again, to send something to Wyatt, and hoped that he would send something back, that was not just a blank piece of paper with nothing on it. It might not be the longest letter, but Desmond spent like 10 sheets of paper to get it correct. Looking at his OWL, “send this to Wyatt, and make sure you have something to return.” Folding the paper and giving his owl a snack, he watched as he leaved. Hoping that soon, Wyatt would write him back something. “DESSSS….” He heard his little sister called. “Josie, give me a second and then we can go outside.”
  6. Hogwarts was going to start soon, and Desmond was starting his fourth year. He didn’t know how he made it that far, to be honest. He was lazy, didn’t do his work, and barley got passing grades. Knowing that his grades were just good enough to stay on the quidditch team. Knowing that his little cousin was going to be starting soon, and she wasn’t going to be like her brother. She was going with her last name, their last name. Desmond just hoped that there wasn’t someone that was like Juan in her year, that hated him only because he was a Potter, and no other reason that Desmond knew. It seems like Avery was ready to take lessons, “I am sure you will be great, and show them that you are great.” Desmond wouldn’t show anyone how great he was, he had smarts, he just never showed them. Unless it was in transfiguration class. That was the only time that he would show that he knew something. It was the one class that he was great at. Watching as she pulled the wand out to show Desmond, it was a nice pretty one. “That is a nice wand.” He smiled, it look much nicer than his, but Desmond wasn’t one to be like I want a better wand now his wand worked for him. “I see that there is a tassel on it, got Uncle Albus to get that for you?”
  7. Of all the things she could have said - helping feed the homeless, campaigning to save the environment, volunteering at a seniors' home, she decided to tell Arcite that the way she wanted to do good in the world was to bake. Addison felt like a complete idiot but in the moment she'd spoken, she struggled to express what she meant. And what she meant was that she wanted to be like Reid: he had knack for cheering people up, just like he did for her when she was doubting herself. He made her a tray of Scottish shortbread, and even through such a simple gesture, she felt his warmth and genuine compassion. That's what she wanted to replicate. If she could just give someone a physical container of good feelings and her well wishes, then she wouldn't have so much trouble with articulating how she felt. "That's not stupid at all." Her gaze had dropped down to the cup of tea, but when Arcite said that, they snapped back up to meet his eyes. Maybe he did understand what she was trying (but was unable) to say? She made a conscious effort to keep her jaw from dropping when he started entailing what her tasks would be. And he wouldn't be doing that unless they were going to hire her. Which meant she had a job. She had a job! While staying focused on Arcite while he was speaking, she could still see a blurry Reid in the background, containing the urge to bounce around in celebration. Addison couldn't fight the grin as it spread onto her lips, and she jumped the gun - before Arcite had even finished asking her if she was willing to abide by his instructions, she was already on leaning on the edge of her seat, eagerly saying, "Yes! Yes, of course, definitely. I'll be here bright and early, whenever you need, and I'll learn everything I can, as fast as I can! Thank you Mr Arcite, thank you - and thank you-" she directed to Carson, "And you too, Reid," she shot him a grin, "And you!" Addison raised her voice to call through the doorway to Java Bomb, to the man behind the counter. She had no idea who he was but she didn't care - she got the job! "Should I start tomorrow then? Or Monday? I'm good whenever, just name the day and time you want me to be here, and I'll be here!" She was practically dancing in her chair from excitement, and could hardly wait to run outside and launch a million messages, to tell Celeste and Daniel, and Briar, and Irene, and Silas.
  8. She could neither confirm nor deny the physical attractiveness of Seeley Pichardo's dad so Addison had nothing to say when Irene claimed he was cute. "Lethal? What - we're not-" Someone called out for a man named Oliver (presumably the aforementioned dad) to tend to them, and lo and behold, Seeley herself popped up. "Hi Seeley!" The Hufflepuff led them across the docks to a modest (in comparison to some of the luxury cruisers out here) but clean craft. It looked nearly brand new, but Addison figured Irene wouldn't have tolerated a dirty, crusty, barnacle-ridden ship. Waving at Oliver, Addison fished out her wallet from her bag before he took it aboard, and withdrew a small stack of bills, which she handed to Seeley. "The exact amount you told me to bring," she said brightly. "I hope you don't mind it's not in... you know, our money." This was the most Addison had ever spent on anything in her life (even more than her moped, although that was already on the verge of vehicular death before she bought it and had it repaired to be safe, so the price was low), but she was making actual money at her summer job, and money was meant to be spent. Why not spend it on those she cared about? Listening attentively to the breakdown Oliver gave them, Addison nodded along and was glad for the precautionary measures. She could swim well enough to avoid immediate death by drowning, but even still, she didn't fancy her chances against the open waters. It was one thing to take a dip in the Black Lake or in the giant tub inside the prefects' bathroom, but the ocean was a whole new beast. "I'm good to go!" Addison waved to Seeley, before boarding. "Where should we sit? Can we sit up on the front, or is that not a good idea?"
  9. It took a few moments, but Asher finally realized that one of the girls here had bubbles coming out of her mouth instead of words. Hmm, that was strange. "You know, I've never seen that before from wizarding candy.." he observed, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "And I've eaten alot of candy. You think if we pop some of the bubbles, words will come out?" he asked excitedly, turning back to Dinah who was very.. blue. Well, it was more indigo, to be fair, or blurple, if you will. "You know, you've got a bit of purplish tint.." he started, before realizing that she looked a bit alarmed. "Yeah, you're blue." he said as he leaned forward to grab more candy out of the dish, having enjoyed the strawberry flavored one he'd just had. He reached in and grabbed a small piece of black candy that looked like a mint of sorts and popped it in his mouth, and after letting it disolve a bit- it seemed to be a hard candy- he attempted to speak again and out came a breath of fire instead. "Pepper Imps! Watch out!" he said before another flame shot out of his mouth. So maybe Rian had the right idea after all.
  10. The vacation to Florida had started off as fun as he'd imagined it to be. They played in the water or on the beach until sunset, and then at night they usually had a fire on the beach. The house they were staying in was pretty spectacular as well. It belonged to a second or this cousin of his. He wasn't too sure of which. He didn't know too many of the people in his family outside of his own Hoofer cousins, and aunts and uncles. There were more Hoofer's around. His parents didn't talk to them all that much however. It didn't matter to him how or why they were there. He was just happy to be in another country with his family. It wouldn't be too much longer before Alyssa was back at school, and their parents would be busy with their jobs again. So he was relishing this moment as much as he could. He and William were in the water most of the time. "Lets throw water at Alyssa," William suddenly said as Cameron tried to swim against the waves. "She's just sunbathing as usual. She hasn't been in the water as much. You don't think there is some boy she is trying to tan for is there." "I don't see any around," Cameron said. "But we have a private beach too don't we?" "I don't think it's private," William replied. "And I'm not talking about some American boy. I'm talking about the ones at Hogwarts." "Don't know and I don't care," Cameron said with a shrug. He really didn't care if Alyssa had a boyfriend or wanted one. He didn't know why his twin did care. He doubted she did though. Alyssa didn't care about boys and she was twelve. Wasn't having a boyfriend or girlfriend a grown up thing? Did people do that at twelve? He hoped not. He noticed if a girl was pretty but that was different. He didn't think he could have a girlfriend in just two years! While he thought about this, William waded out to shore where he grabbed one of their many buckets. Cameron watched him for a moment before turning to Hailey who was standing with the water up to her waist. She too was looking at William. "Hailey, let's get out of the water a few minutes," Cameron told her. It was likely she'd probably be fine on her own in the water, but none of them liked taking any chances. Hailey, who wasn't one to argue just nodded before wading towards the shore. Cameron followed her. Hailey went straight over to where they'd left all their beach toys. William still waiting a few feet way. He'd already filled the bucket full of water, and was now just waiting on Cameron who decided to join him. "Let's go," William said with a smirk. The two of them of walked over to their sister who was laying on her stomach. Once they reached her, William doused with her the water. Alyssa jumped up shrieking at them. Cameron didn't always like pranks, but he didn't mind this one so much. He began laughing at her while William teased her about boys. He was about to tease her about the ones she'd mentioned being friends with when he heard a familiar voice. A voice that made him cringe as his hair stood on end. Clarissa was there. The three turned to look at her. Their parents had mentioned that their friends might come out. He'd hoped that if they did they would leave their kids at home, or at least just Clarissa. He didn't like her. He'd tolerated her when they were younger, but she was just getting worse. She complained about everything and she just ruined everything. She always managed to make things go from fun to horrible which she was doing at that very moment. While William had just teased Alyssa in a fun way, Clarissa was just being awful. He grew angry as she insulted his big sister. Alyssa stared down at the ground, hiding her face behind her hair. Cameron knew that meant. She was hiding the fact that she was crying. No one made his sister cry! Cameron opened his mouth to yell at her, but William got there first. He bent down and grabbed a handful of sand and then threw it at Clarissa. Clarissa let out an earth shattering scream. It was so loud, Cameron had to cover his ears. He could have been wrong but he was sure that William had gotten sand in her eyes. Clarissa's scream was so loud, it brought out their parents. "What is going on out here!?" Their father demanded as the adults took in the scene around them. "He threw sand in my eyes because he hates me!" Clarissa screamed out as she hopped on the spot. With a wave of her wand their mother took the sand out of Clarissa's eyes. "William, why would you do such a horrible thing?" She demanded. "It was Clarissa's fault!" Cameron spoke up. "She made Alyssa cry. William threw sand at her, but I don't think he meant to get it in her eyes." "It doesn't matter," their father said. "While I thank you for trying to stick up for your sister, you do not hurt each other. You know better than that William. You could have told her to stop, or you could have come to get us. I think you should sit in your room for the rest of the day." "I didn't make Alyssa cry," Clarissa lied. "They started picking on me the moment I got here." She stuck out her lower lip and then stared up at the adults with wide eyes. Cameron had to work hard at stopping himself from rolling his eyes. It put him in mind of a movie he'd seen at his muggle aunts before. An animated cat had pretended to look cute before attacking it's unsuspecting foes. It wasn't funny or cute when Clarissa did it however. Cameron felt that it looked stupid on a girl nearing twelve years old. Cameron could see that Clarissa's parents weren't going to buy it though. Her parents glared down at her before Mrs. Perenge pointed towards the house. "Go sit in your room as well," she told her. Clarissa let out an annoyed shriek before stomping off. William followed moments later.
  11. Aiden smiled and rolled his eyes. "Oh come on of course there's such a thing as "spooky" though I'll admit magic, dark magic, in particular, sounds far more interesting than just your average every day "spooky" thing." He looked down the alley, his face turned a bit more serious. "So why you so interested in Knockturn, you have an interest in the dark or something?" Aiden had been down Knockturn Alley before. There was something about it that was alluring to him. Oh, who was he kidding, it was dark magic that he was interested in. He couldn't quite put a finger on what about it was interesting though. Maybe it was the mysterious nature or the fact that everyone told him to stay away from it. I mean Aiden wasn't exactly known for "doing what he was told". Perhaps it was the power around it. Aiden didn't exactly know how powerful dark magic was but, if it's something that you're told to stay away from it had to have some sort of power. "You know, I probably didn't even need to ask that last question. If you're staring down Knockturn there has to be some sort of interest right?" Aiden began to walk forward and stood in front of the boy. "Well standing here isn't going to do anything you wanna go in or what?"
  12. Out of all the people to be affected, why was she the only one showing visible symptoms of the cursed candy? Did someone mix her piece with dish detergent? Were bubbles toxic? There had to be some other explanation for this other than magic and curses. If Kelby could have formulated words at that moment, she would have objected to Dinah's statements. She most definitely did not win the lottery. What if this condition lasted for the rest of her life?! Kelby was on the edge of panic when she observed the other girl turning blue. This was it. This was how she was going to die. Kelby ran away, leaving a trail of bubbles behind her, as she sought out an adult to make this stop already.
  13. Aiden jumped at the noise that Alvis had made. Once his shock had died down he began to laugh. Alvis greeted him and Aiden took a seat. "Ugh yeah, unfortunately. Been getting books all day, decided to treat myself figured tea would be pretty good. Didn't expect to run into you though." Alvis twirled his new wand and Aiden raised one of his eyebrows and smiled. "That's a pretty cool wand. I got mine a few days ago. I can't wait to actually put it to work. So glad I'm done with all the shopping. Is there anything worse than shopping for things like books? If I'm gonna shop I want to get something cool." He pointed at Alvis' wand. "Like a wand for example." When Alvis asked for places of interest Aiden leaned back. After thinking for a second he had a thought. Yeah, that would be a place that Alvis would probably enjoy. He leaned forward, "Well I guess I kind of know a place. I've been there once before, it's called Knockturn Alley. It's a pretty interesting place. They have all kind of things associated with the dark arts there. Like spiders, skulls, human bones and the like. What do you think about that?"
  14. Aiden smiled at Alvis. There was something about him, some type of fire inside of him to deliver his justice. Not one to lie to himself Aiden did Alvis find it a bit funny, but he appreciated the fire in his eyes. "No holding back huh?" As Alvis continued Aiden's eyes widened and his smile grew. He was serious about this huh? Hold her and shove her head through it!? Aiden put his hand on Alvis' shoulder and looked at him. "Friend, I think you need to calm down a bit. I mean don't you think we should go about this a bit more...stealthy. I mean we don't want to end up getting in trouble for this you know? You think there's any way we could go about this without us having to really get our hands dirty?" Aiden personally had no problem getting into trouble but he didn't feel like getting chewed out by his parents today. They had been extra on top of him since he had been going to PHP and he was sick of it.
  15. LESSON FIVE 216 words ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Five Words ☑ Extra Credit ☑ Joining an Open Thread , Starting an Open Thread "Dad... Daaaaad." Dinah tugged on her father's sleeve and hissed at him to be quiet. He was currently harassing his third shop assistant. She was telling him the same thing that the other two had adamantly confirmed: School robes only came in black, loose fitting styles. "This is an atrocity! Black, drab, boring! What is the castle a graveyard now? At least pop some different shades in- greys, undertones? Have you people heard of this little thing, Personality?!" "Daaaaaaaad." She tugged on his arm hard enough to pull him around to see her face. She wasn't visibly upset but she was glaring with an unamused set of dead eyes. "We talked about this, dad." Her lips pursed together in disapproval. The lack of High Fashion for school uniforms was a biblical affront to a man whose religion was style. Her chiding manner was lost on him though - his attention appeared to have diverted to another person: a boy about her age. "No, no! Put that down!" He cried dramatically and took off in the direction of the boy and his mother. "You simply can't buy that. I won't let you!" Dinah let out a breath of air and followed at a more stately pace behind him. "I'm sorry," she mouthed behind his back at the pair.
  16. LESSON FOUR 0 words ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Five Words ____ Extra Credit ____
  17. When the moment had passed, Rad anxiously watched Jack’s face. He thought he could almost see the flicker of something cross the other boy’s face. Almost. If something had been there, it was gone the second it blossomed, some strange flower that lived only for the length of a heartbeat. Perhaps, he thought, he’d simply imagined it, projecting his own hopes and deadly fears onto the nearest visage. You find what you look for, his mother was fond of saying, though he’d never really understood what she meant until just now. The invective against Jack’s family made Rad’s mouth twist in a shattered line somewhere between a smile and a grimace. “True,” he said, adding nothing of value. “Will she be at Hogwarts, too?” Anticipating the answer, he tacked on another question: “What’s her name? So, you know, I can avoid her.” Was he supposed to jump on the bandwagon and declaim against her as well? Or was it a private pleasure that Jack possessed, the way Rad fondly distanced himself from the religion of his father. Had he gone too far? He had not the opportunity to discover whether he had or not; Jack rose to his feet, and Rad watched him stand and brush the dust of the dirt of the park off his clothing. He supposed he too ought to climb off the ground and rejoin the world of walking men. But instead of following suit and clamoring to his feet, no doubt doing so far more awkwardly than Jack, he stayed seated. He looked up expectantly at the other boy, trying not to will him too hard to do what he wanted. Just another second, he told himself, and if nothing-- And then, just like that, Jack extended a hand down toward him. Nodding up at the blonde boy, Rad accepted it. He kept the smile down, though that really was the only point in which he found success. He tried not to let his consciousness navigate from his brain, down his neck, across the slope of his shoulder, through his arm, to the hand where his skin met Jack’s. He tried, oh how he tried, not to fixate on those few electrifying seconds of contact. Nothing good would come, he knew, from reading anything at all into what was certainly merely a polite gesture. But Rad would always be a servant of his own impulses, and as he was hauled up to his feet, his eyes stayed transfixed on Jack’s strange slender face. Then their hands pulled apart, and another charged moment passed between the two children, before Rad shuffled his gait and looked away. “Thanks,” he said again. “Sorry,” he said again. He hated the way Jack phrased his acceptance of his offer, chafing against the hardlys and the nos and supposes, but at least the boy said yes. Maybe this friendship could sustain itself beyond the first encounter, despite all evidence to the contrary. Grinning, but not too hard, Rad set off back on his path, hoping Jack would follow. “There’s no such thing as a map doctor,” he said, offhandedly, probably past the point of its relevance in the conversation. “There are only cartographers.” The word felt big and important in his little mouth, and he chewed it, like a baseball player with a jaw full of gum. “Not that I’m one of them. I just like to draw, and the park is pretty.” He led them away from the center of the park, finishing out the route he’d planned all those years-- but really, all those minutes-- ago. It took the two boys to the edge of a copse, and Rad surveyed the line of trees. He hesitated for a moment, then held out his sketchpad toward Jack. “Do you want to draw these trees in?”
  18. Aiden laughed at the girl's comments. She was definitely interesting, though most of his classmates that he had met had been interesting as well. At least no one had been boring yet. "Find out if they're idiots first and then hate them all you want" is what she said. He agreed with her sentiments though it was probably for a few different reasons. "I feel that. I guess the people that judge others are those idiots huh?" Curiosity then struck Aiden. "Where did you grow up other than Europe?" Aiden rarely got to leave London so hearing others perspective always interested him. "London can be soooo boring at times. I mean it feels like I've had all the fun I can have there. That's probably why I'm looking forward to going to Hogwarts so much." Thinking about actually leaving got him smiling. "I mean come on you probably can't wait to get out of your house too right?"
  19. The blonde girl looked to be in charge of the group. Dinah took in the scene with careful consideration. Kelby looked upset, per usual. Dinah didn't bother to over analyze that aspect of the situation. And the blonde one... what was her name? Details were not her strong suit... The blonde one was blindfolded. And another girl didn't look super excited about it. ... Was this a new thing? Were the other two girls upset because they didn't have a blindfold? Were they missing out? Dinah didn't want to miss out. What did she have, herself? Hmmm, Dinah felt in her pockets and around her hair - hair tie, not big enough- Her scarf! Not wanting to be left behind, Dinah wrapped her scarf around her head effectively blinding herself. She probably should have waited to be included in the group until she was like closer to them. Yeah, should have thought out this plan before enacting it, she thought to herself wryly and took several steps in what she hoped was the direction of the others. "I have a blindfold too!" She called out, hoping to be included. And then she tripped over the root of a tree and face-planted in the dirt.
  20. Robin might have spent the whole summer missing Hogwarts, but by the time she got to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, she was dreading the long train ride up North and the still-longer year stretching out before her. "I'm sure they just missed sending you your letter," she hissed at her sister as they made their way through the crowds of both Muggles and poorly disguised witches and wizards as they got off the underground at Kings Cross. She shot a glance ahead at their Mum, who, after an entire summer of it, had strictly forbidden any talk of this. "It's okay, Robin, really," said Michaela, trying her best to calm her. "It's not," said Robin. "You're coming to Hogwarts with me-" she felt her voice rising, and dropped it when she realised their Mum was giving her a warning glance. "I bet you can really do magic and you'll get sorted in Gryffindor, like me, and..." she stopped for breath, squeezing onto the escalator. "I don't mind going to Glastonbury High, honestly," said Michaela, but Robin gripped her wrist tight. "No, you're coming. It'll be great, I promise - I'm sure no one's going to notice one more eleven year old on the..." Robin stopped mid Genius Plan as she almost bumped into her friend Stella and a grown up but still young looking wizard behind her. "Oh, hi Stella." Doing her best to act casual, she gave her friend a hug, whispering in her ear "want to help me sneak my sister onto the train?"
  21. Aiden nodded as the girl talked about Hogwarts security measures. "I mean I can only imagine. There are some seriously powerful wizards and witches there huh? I'm sure we'll be in good hands." Avery then shifted the conversation. "You tell me! How many siblings do you have? Imagine six of them waking you up every day." He rolled his eyes and groaned at the thought of them. "Ugh, they've been annoying me all summer long with the whole "this is the last time we'll be able to do whatever" shtick." He laughed at the thought of them. They annoyed him but deep down he loved it. "Personally though, I can't wait to get away. Haven't really thought about sleeping in the dorms though. I mean come on I'm sure it'll be least a little bit."
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  23. If Akiva was a better person, she would have warned Alvis about the flavors he had been picking out, but he had sputtered them out too quickly for her to jump in and attempt to steer him towards a safer direction in choice. Of course, Akiva was not a helpful person and entirely focused on her own ice cream that she hadn't been fully paying attention to the boy that was treating her to another scoop. Now here they were, forced to deal with the result of his inability to read ice cream descriptions. "Help you?" Hadn't she just told him that she had never been to Diagon Alley before and therefore, through deductive reasoning would imply that she knew as little of the magical world as he did? "Perhaps if you tie your legs together, that'll get them to stop?" It sounded barbaric, but what other choice did they have?
  24. When Winston squeezed in beside her, Brooklyn's smile faltered for a moment, before quickly reassembling. She wanted personal space and she wasn't sure how to feel about the boy, but she did remember he had the adorable dog. "Croissant!" Brooklyn whisper-squealed, beaming, before her smile dropped another inch at the sight of the fanny pack. "Remember I told you to get rid of that?" Brooklyn muttered under her breath. "You can hide Croissant somewhere else.. a bag, or something," she added. She was about to say more, too, when she realized that the too-large crowd on the boat hadn't budged. "Er—" She echoed, a hand placed upon her forehead as a visor. She discerned the movement of other boats, all of which were seemingly well on their way toward the castle now. "Maybe we've gotta do something to get it going? A spell?" She agreed with Lucas. She hadn't realized that was part of their sorting-test—the judgment of a battered hat alone was what her mum had told her—but the process could've easily changed. It seemed Lucas wasn't the only one relying on her, though. Jo, Brooklyn knew, was a muggle born, and the both of them had expectations that Brooklyn knew she couldn't meet. Although she knew information—the gossip type—about the castle and the wizarding world, she knew virtually nothing about performing magic herself, never mind how to spark a still boat. She had to pull something out of her arse, and fast. "Usually these things have minds of their own," Brooklyn invented. "Like most magic objects, right?" It sort of made sense. She may have heard it somewhere. "Our boat may be taking a nap, not ready to go. We need to get its attention in some way. Or maybe it's too lazy to carry everyone? Maybe one of us should swim?" The corner of her mouth lifted in a half-smile, completely external. "Anyone a good swimmer?" Anything to steer the conversation away from her lack of prowess in magic.
  25. As the last words she spoke left her lips, Kaelyn mentally prepared herself to start breaking free. Her hand would have to go first, even though the warm pressure of his over hers kept her anchored in place for the time being. There was no other choice for her in her mind: there was just no way her and Toby could stay friends, so long as she felt this way. "What would make it better?" Her gaze flitted back up to meet his, finally, after all these long moments of silence. Her heart still wanted to run, but it was like she couldn’t just yet. Not without one last fight. “Honestly?” she said. The word lingered in the air for a moment, then Kaelyn slipped her hand out from under his. There were several inches between her and Toby now, but she crossed them quite easily with a couple scoots, pulling his book from his hand and settling into his lap. Her arms looped easily around his neck, and Kaelyn didn’t even feel like herself anymore but a different person entirely. Maybe this was the worst choice ever, maybe it would make everything so much harder, but in that moment she didn’t feel like she could be worse off than she already was. So, carelessly throwing caution to the wind, she leaned down to kiss him.
  26. Jude didn't quite know what was going on. But what else was new? He never knew what was going on. "S'alright Layney, we'll fail together," he told her with a broad grin, hoping it came over as reassuring, rather than dooming. Maybe just this once, Connie wouldn't elbow him in the ribs too hard.
  27. "Oh Luke, we know you'll miss us," Connie grinned at the boy. "And Millie's animals." Connie didn't need one for comfort right then, not like Alayna did, because she had enough of them in the dorm to last her a lifetime, but she leaned over and pet the one in Alayna's lap. It was tough in the overly-crowded compartment, but she managed.
  28. The other girl explained about chocolate frogs, then handed one to her. "Thanks" Steph smiled as she sat down beside her. If the girl was going to be sharing her snacks, then she may as well join her. "I'm Steph by the way" she offered an introduction. She usually just introduced herself as Steph, she figured most people would know it was short for Stephanie but she had met one who had not made that connection on their own. As she started to unwrap the foil, she heard the girl use the word 'daddy'. Among the many books that Steph had read, were a number of old fashioned romance novels, and in those books there were grown women who still referred to their fathers as 'daddy'. Whilst some might think it babyish, Steph wondered if the girl was merely traditional. Yes, that was as good a word as any. She definitely didn't feel the need to ask any questions on the matter. Because of the other girl's information, Steph was ready when the chocolate frog tried to jump clear of the foil wrapping. A quick grab ended the frog's career after just a couple of feet. As a reward for the frog's escape attempt, Steph bit off his head. "Not bad at all" she approved once she had cleared her mouth of chocolate "I'd say this frog just croaked." It was an obvious joke, but it seemed to fit the occasion. She looked down into the bottom of the packet and noticed a card containing the moving image of a man. "Gellert Grindlewald" she read the text above the image. Steph did notice a slight hesitation before the other girl said classmates, but she couldn't be sure whether she couldn't think of what to say or whether she was fumbling with the word for a moment. It didn't really matter either way, and what the girl was saying made sense. "That's very generous of him, and of you" she approved "there are many who would not be willing to share their sweets so freely." Now that she was here, she thought she could stay a while. The other girl seemed pleasant, if maybe a little hesitant with her words at times. She just hoped she didn't scare the girl off when she inevitably revealed how much she had learned from her books. The girl asked if her parents were muggles. A number of the books she had read had described the word, and Steph had met other students who had confirmed what the word meant. "Yes" she nodded "father works with glass, and mother sells what he makes in the shop." That was the family trade; a glass-blower and trader. Her father was very skilled in his work though, and the business was quite successful. The girl then lamented the fact that they couldn't take elective subjects immediately. "I'm sure there will still be a great deal to learn, and the library is apparently quite extensive" she commented. Steph suspected that she would be so much time in that library, that she would probably have covered most of the material by the time it came up in lessons. She had also read about the kind of elective subjects offered at Hogwarts. "I don't think I'll need Muggle Studies personally, but Arithmancy sounds fascinating" she mused.
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