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  2. The broom took off for the sky, as Jake held on tightly, rising up above the sounds of bangs. They had to get get away now. Get as far away from here as possible. They flew up and up and up, and then suddenly into the bright glow of daylight. Jake looked around at the sea, and the arena below them. The sun had not been snuffed out, but below them swirled a storm of black that seemed to resist all of its light. It had engulfed the entire platform, and as they flew away from it Jake stared, unable to look away. It wasn't long before they'd landed. 'Get off,' Grace commanded, and Jake found himself moving, Grace's brain holding more command over his body in its current state than his own did. He climbed off, as he was told. But then he stared at her, unmoving. She was going back. "Grace, wait---" he uttered softly, but when he heard the break in his own voice he looked down. Don't leave.... he wanted to beg...but he didn't. They had finally been together again, and now she was heading off, back into danger. But he knew that she had to...and when she said 'stay' Jake reluctantly plopped himself down on the platform. Her team...Grace was going back for her team. Jake suddenly looked towards the darkness with shame. She had remembered. But he had forgot. Trish had fallen, he was sure. He WISHED that there was some hope she could have made it - but he had seen her go down before the darkness fell. The first member of Team Death Tower to fall. And now that he thought about it, it had been Grace's spell that had hit her. Why had she cast so rashly? She hadn't known anything...She hadn't had any proof. She hadn't had to cast it, but she still had. If they had just talked about it, it all would have been ok. But she had done it, and there was no time, and now Trish who had always looked out for her team was gone. And the real culprit was still out there. IN there. But Silas and Margie were in there too. And it was Jake who had left them behind. It had all been happening so fast and it had been so dark. He had only wanted to get'd been all he could think about. But it was supposed to be no one left behind, and he had broke it. He realized that he'd been asking for the wrong thing. It wasn't Grace who couldn't leave, it was Jake who couldn't stay...he HAD to come along, but Grace zoomed away, too late for Jake to ask. He had to do something...But he didn't have a broom and though he looked all around him for anything that could help he found nothing. He didn't know what was happening in there, but if Grace, Silas, and Margie were there, Jake didn't want to cower. He wanted to be there too. Jake clutched his wand tightly and held it out in front of him. If somebody came he had to fight. That was what Grace had meant. Defend himself against whoever they were. But Jake was strongest with others at his side, and now he was alone. He stared into the black void that loomed ominously in the sun, and wondered if the next thing to emerge from it was going to be friend or foe. He tried to keep his arm from shaking.
  3. Yes, Fluke was a boy who found himself idolizing the famous Harry Potter. There were many people out there who detested the boy who lived simply because they never heard anything else about anyone else. It was always Potter this, and Potter that, and no one is better that Harry Potter. Fluke, had to agree that no one was better than Potter. Fluke found some similarities between Harry and himself, but Harry went on to become some sort of savior of the wizarding world, and Fluke? Well, it was a fluke that his shoe laces were still tied. Even now, he knew he wasn't going to amount to be anywhere close to the famous Harry Potter, but it was good to dream. It was good to indulge in the occasional fantasy. "Er," he said guiltily. "Yeah, sometimes." Madam Andrews often was late, but not usually to this degree. It was due to being an afterthought, really, and the young Ravenclaw had come to accept the way things were. "Summer school?" he said, looking up at the Professor, making a face. She might enjoy being in school all the time, and the fact of the matter was, so did he. Only, "No. I wish, though. School would be better than spending all my time in the... orphanage." He let out a sigh and started picking at a loose thread on the knee of his trousers. "No one wanted to adopt me." And he shrugged with forced indifference. He glanced up at the entrance to King's Cross and there was the woman in question. But Fluke was in no rush to get up from the bench. "Any chance I can go back to Hogwarts?" he wondered.
  4. Just passing through tell me to leave if you want. Bryony wasn't pleased to be back at Hogwarts this year. She had made herself come to finish her NEWTs. but there was already nothing good about this year. Her boyfriend had graduated last year. She was now dealing with the fact her Grandmother had died at the start of the summer, leaving her the only one actually left in her family and quite alone. And then the fact that she wasn't actually alone once she had a half sibling knocking around. For someone who was dealing with all that, she had put herself together remarkably well. Hair and make up immaculate as always; her tiny self made her way through Kings Cross with a starbucks in one hand, overlarge sunglasses on her face, an expensive handbag slung over her arm, and her wand sticking out from some perfectly manicured fingers on her other hand they wouldn't last long once she was back in Hogwarts and the greenhouses. Her heels even made a clicking sounds on the slabs as she walked. As she passed a group of first years struggling with a trunk, she decided to be a little nice. Though mainly it was to get them out of the way quicker. With a flick of her dark wood wand the trunk began to float free to just be pushed in whatever direction they wished, and then she kept walking. She wasn't really in the mood for pleasantries.
  5. Just passing through, tell me where yo go if it's not ok. Bryony was not totally full of the joys of spring on this crisp September morning. She was annoyed she had to go back tp school at all, but at this stage she was just forcing herself to complete her NEWTs. She was half patrolling as she moved through the train, half actually looking for her friends. As she passed by she spotted Damaris Denton. One of hers. Well not really hers per say, but one of the younger people in her house, therefore her responsibility. In particular she had seen a lot of her younger self in Damaris and had kept an eye on her. Bryony play favourites? Never. Not that she'd care to admit anyway. She paused at the door, positioning her between Ryan and Damaris, and pursed her pretty painted lips. "Everything ok ladies?" She raised a perfectly filled in eyebrow, and ask pointedly. Things didn't seem ok, but she didn't really seem to care too much. She paused, and from out of her expensive handbag she pulled a small packet of fizzing whizbees and tossed them in Damaris' direction. She didn't play favourites. All of the Slyths were her favourite duh.
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  7. Light - finally! - and it was coming from Silas and Addison. So at least they haven't left and it didn't look like they were in a hurry to. Some of the panic pressing on his chest had lessened at that, but he knew that tensions were still running dangerously high; it showed on everybody's faces and Reid was sure it was mirrored on his own as well. It would take a pin-drop to break them apart at this point, but Reid was determined not to let that happen. "Aye, Mols," he nodded, and slung his arm around his shoulders and walked her over to where Addison and Silas huddled close. He eyed them in turn and said, "We're nae fightin' an' I think we need ter put our wands away fer a bit. S'nae gonna help if our first instinct's ter point it at someone. Grace'll come over once she's cooled off." He huffed a massive breath. "I think we all need ter have a talk."
  8. Harry hadn't quite thought his question through. Was he really ready to cast the levitation spell on such a heavy trunk? The answer was most certainly no! However, he was in a position to impress two girls and he didn't want to be labelled as some sort of wimp before he'd even started at Hogwarts. This had all been his idea anyway and he could tell that both of them were interested in seeing him experiment with unfamiliar magic. "Wingardium Leviosa?" He repeated, "That's it? Sounds easy enough." He said, forcing himself to sound confident. "I'll give it a go. I mean whats the worst that can happen?" He removed the wand from his pocket and pointed it directly at his trunk laid out on the compartment floor. His wand vibrated as if warning him not to even try but he couldn't turn back now, not with an eager audience watching. He took a deep breath, "Wingard-" BANG!!! Harry hadn't even finished the incantation before his wand, as if furious with him for trying the spell, obmitted a red bolt which blew up his trunk in a surprisingly contained explosition. Everything around the now black and burnt trunk was unharmed but he feared the content was ash. "Oops." He said, carefully placing his wand back in his pocket. "My mum is going to kill me, all my supplies were in that trunk!" He didn't dare open it to assess the damage inside. He felt somehow that his wand had been the one responsible for blowing up all his possessions, not him.
  9. "I've got all the time in the world." Kirsi said. "It's my job to make sure everyone's okay. You're the only person who I haven't seen with a ride, so I'll sit and wait." The stubbornness of a Gryffindor at that moment shone instead of flawing her personality. She was not about to let this kid wait by himself on the bench without a proper person to pick him up. And so they waited. And waited. Kirsi started some idle conversation with him. He liked the Harry Potter comics. Which, was interesting. Her very early childhood was during the Second Wizarding War, so she lived that history. She didn't remember much, as her family escaped to Norway for the worst of the war. Kirsi was three when the Dark Lord fell, and she barely remembered glimpses of the celebration in London, as they returned home soon after they learned the news. She learned that her parents fought in the final battle years later, and that she was watched by her aunt, when she had to do an essay on it for History of Magic. It was then that they gained a lot of respect from the rebellious girl, but they were proud of her anyways. Apparently, the comics were being retold with new stories from Harry himself, and a foreword by Hermione Granger-Weasley. Fjord never really knew them at all, ever. However, the stories themselves were very interesting. "Is this extreme lateness in particular strange or is she usually 10-15 minutes late?" Kirsi inquired. They had been there for nearly 45 minutes. How does she think it's okay to leave a child alone for over an hour! At the busiest train station in London! The nerve of that woman! She was starting to get furious. The lateness had evolved from heavy traffic to simply forgetting. She also noted that he called her Madam Andrews. "Do you go to a summer school? Is that why you are waiting for Madam Andrews?" Being Gryffindor Head of House, she knew the names of people picking up their charges but not the stories. That was reserved for the Headmaster and their Head of House to know.
  10. Fe nodded; her head bumped into Molly’s a little but she had caught her mistake early enough that they didn’t conk skulls too hard. They’d come out here for a funeral, not a bruise party. “I think they’re planning something stupid for spring.” (Fe had overheard a few of the Gryffindor Prefects whinging about it the previous week.) “We can put it up then.” She took another few moments to think, a rarity, inhaling and exhaling and feeling content. Apparently all she needed to feel calm was a snake who’d just committed rodent murder. (Super normal.) “We should learn a sticking charm or something so that no one can take it down,” she concluded, then, a whim of brilliance: “D’you think you can sneak William in?” Her gaze looped back up to Molly now, eyes black-bright and mouth a mischievous curve.
  11. Harry was exhausted to say the least, he had been up since the early hours preparing for this day and not had a wink of sleep on the train. But nothing, not even his own fatigue, would crush his high spirits for a few more hours as Sorting approached. He walked amongst all the other first years and onto the boats feeling an excited glow within him. The darkness settled him for a few moments before a twinkle of light caught his eye. In the distance appeared a magnificent castle and he gawped. This was Hogwarts at last and it was better than anything he had ever imagined in all these years. He watched in awe as the boats approached and docked themselves with gentle ease against the rock. He dismounted, unable to process how fast everything was going. He didn't remember the climb upwards to the Great Hall, the welcome, or even the enhanted ceiling as the doors opened before him. It was everyone elses gasps which alerted him to the ceiling, or rather the twinkling night sky above them. He gazed upwards as he followed the group many paces through the hall. He hadn't noticed that they had reached the end until stumbling into the back of a fellow first year. "Oops. Sorry" He apologised, straightening his robes and focusing on the Sorting Hat ahead of him. He said nothing further as everyone waited anxiously to see what was to happen. "Laycock, Harry" Sounded a voice before long. Harry took a deep breath and pushed his way to the front. He climbed the two steps onto the platform and took his place ready for the Sorting Hat. He wasn't frigtened, nor worried, about what was to come. He trusted that the hat would set him on the right path at Hogwarts as it had done for others he knew.
  12. "I'm not scared of the dark," Molly vowed shakily. She remembered when she was seven and tried to run away from home after a particularly bad fight with her mum. She remembered the woods near her house, the gray sky as she plod through the dirt and trees, determination her guide. She remembered planning it out, how she'd live on nuts and berries. It was one of her earliest vivid memories. She didn't even last half a night though because she found a spider's nest in her hair and returned home - no one had noticed she was gone. She swallowed, blocking out the memory. A few feet away, Molly heard one of the detonators go off. Gasping at the loud crack, she dove out of the way, tripped, and her cool-headed scarf caught, unraveling from her neck and shredding in the explosion. With it, she felt her sense of calm crumble, panic creeping through her body. She sprang out of the way again, narrowly missing the brunt of the smoke, yet soot still smudging her cheeks and clothes. She felt her impact with the hard floor of the pillar, an intense spike of pain shooting through her side. It was then she heard the commotion - Grace trying to flee. Was she serious? She'd been taking somewhat of a leadership role earlier, and now she was going to run? Anger unfurled within Molly. First she body-binded Trish, and now she was leaving? She wasn't just cowardly, she was stupid - why go off on her own with Jake, with the kraken lurking about? There was safety in numbers. She tried to make a noise, but her body ached. She had to regain her strength. "Yes," was all she managed, aligned with Reid, wherever he was. She'd gotten separated in the explosion. "Did Grace seriously leave?" Molly finally grunted into the darkness. Her red-white fist tightened around her wand. She rolled over and scraped her elbows, before using all her will to hoist herself onto her feet and stumble forward, right into a body. "......This is Molly. Who's this?" She ventured. She reached her hands out, groping to make sure it was a person, and accidentally met her chest, probably right where her boob was. Molly's eyes widened and she dropped her arm. "Sorry!" She said huskily, stumbling back and clearing her throat. "Margaret, um.. let's stick together. Take my hand." She remembered the seahorses and felt guilty. Plus, she had to rally as many people to her side as possible if she wanted to go after Grace - the idea striking her with increasing appeal. "Reid? Where's Reid? Lumos," Molly tried, to no avail. She was in more pain than she could remember every feeling - every word hurt. It was then she saw the patch of light that illuminated Addison and Silas, and exhaled a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Reid, come here," Molly managed again in her strangled voice.
  13. This was an ingenious device that the muggles had come up with. Before attending PHP, Tami had never heard of a water pistol before but she found the gadget she held in her hand to be really quite intriguing. She just had to press the trigger lever and it shot a jet of water out of the front. On a day like today, with the sun beating down on her head and seeming to roast her alive, she felt that a bit of a drenching would not be entirely unwelcome, even if the aim of this particular game was to avoid it. She felt that very few people would come away from the water fight unsoaked, and that would surely help to cool her down. Still, she would not give in to the water, even if there were clear beneficial effects, that would be unsporting. As a keen quidditch fain, she strongly believed in playing a game well or not at all, so she would try to avoid any jets of water that came her way, no matter how welcome they may be. If she got too hot she could always take a drink of water then top up her pistol at the fountain. It seemed that a number of her fellow students had already started the game, but that didn't matter. She pointed her pistol at someone, she didn't notice who and shot off a stream of water before quickly ducking behind an unoccupied tree. By taking a shot, she had just joined the game and she had also clearly marked herself as a potential target.
  14. Jack had been trying to keep himself busy. All of his friends had been studying for end of year exams. But Jacky had given up on that in all honesty. He had done pretty much everything he could at the minute, and despite the reminder from his Mumma, his brain needed a break. His brain wanted to be outside running around on the lawns, along with his heart and body. But he figured he should probably still pretend he was doing something. So now here he was, taking up a spot at a grouped study desk in the back of the library. He was concentrating on his colouring; this time a book of famous historical figures. Maybe it was sort of studying? Although his straw coloured curls flopped over his eyes and he constantly had to push the sweaty mess back, forcing him to pause every few seconds, and push them back from his eyes so he could see what he was colouring. @Hatty Hambeldon
  15. It wasn’t that PHP was awful or anything, Nari just had a hard time not acting out. Water gun fights were now the best thing ever and it didn’t matter who was spraying who with water. Nari didn’t mind anything about this at all. Instead, she was relieved to get a nice cool down from the heat and enjoying the fact that some of her fellow future year mates could actually enjoy having fun. She did at least make sure there was some sort of towels or something she could use to dry off in her bag because she didn’t want to get wet without a change of clothes or anything to dry off with. Nari didn’t really know or speak with any of these people except for some of the in class activities they did during primary but squirting water guns at people? Priceless. The eleven year old didn’t care who her squirt gun was aimed at, but she pulled the trigger accidentally at unsuspecting boy with curls. “OH, S-S-SORRY.” (#notsorry) She called out although why more people weren’t firing water off at people was beyond her. This was a water gun fight. There needed to be more chaos please.
  16. More Ancient Runes OWLs Kaelyn Paddock – 20 Tobias Winchester – 20 New House Point Totals Hufflepuff: 3150 Ravenclaw: 3097 Gryffindor: 2793 Slytherin: 2186
  17. Ancient Runes - All Tracks Third Years Aaron Trickett D Ava Winchester O Ryan Buratsche D Cordelia Waldegrave O* Delia Halliwell-Midnight EE Ethan Smith O* Anton Hunter O Morty Gabor O* Sophia Hunter O* Dove Lightwood O Sibella Moreau D Fourth Years Altair Shafiq O* Alice Reed O Fiona Weaver O* Eloise Beauchamp O Nicodemus Knight O* Vladimir Valentin O* Zara Anguariz O Fifth Years Addison Toft O* Gary Youdle O Grace Foster O* Jake Morent O* Kaelyn Paddock O Olwen Hier O Reid J. Fauchelevent O* Ekaterina Valentin O* Seamus Cassidy O Silas Harding-Clarke O* Tobias Winchester O* Irene Redgrave O* Sixth Years Desmond Tonks O* Loren Keats O Mercutio Bates O Bryony King O Eleanor Potts O* Grover Penn O* Seventh Years Puck Whitaker T
  18. Columbia was tempted to just get into the fountain. It was far too hot to not be in the water, and why there wasn't a swim day when it was this sweltering out, she had no idea. And then she noticed another girl had a water gun and was launching an attack. A grin crossed her face, and she quickly got up from where she was sitting to run to grab a water pistol. She had seen them among the other toys left out for the kids to play with when outside, and now, finally, it was time. The water pistol was pretty cool, as it held far more water than an ordinary one would. For now, she figured she would bide her time. She moved behind a tree, peeking around to watch everything unfold and wait for the perfect time to strike. Another part of her thought it was a better idea to just into the middle of everything so she might get cooled down by the spray.
  19. Fluke was still wearing his school uniform, sans the robes which were packed in this beat-up trunk that would be far better used as fire wood. His blue and bronze tie around his neck was loose and unkempt at the moment, and while his uniform was a distinct shade of gray they just screamed hand-me-downs, they were still far better then the clothes he could have been wearing at the moment. T-shirts in worse condition with tears and different colored patches sewn on. He was startled out of his gaze at the clock when someone sat down next to him. Someone he instantly recognized as the Astronomy professor. Swiftly, he looked down at his shoes, these scuffed up, sad excuses of shoes, and focused on them as the Professor asked a question that only had him shrugging in response. After a moment of the noise filling the space around them, he sighed. "Madam Andrews is supposed to pick me up," he told her, finally. "You don't have to wait with me, Ma'am." It happens all the time. "I appreciate the offer, though?She'll eventually remember I'm here."
  20. Hazel watched as Behati splashed who she assumed was Atlas by the sound of his voice. He had become a voice in the classroom that she had been able to attach to a name and a face. Her eyes were peaking around the bush she was hiding in and when she spotted the figure she had grown to know too well, she began to plan her attack. Julian was rattling along about what water guns were to Atlas, and Hazel hid cautiously behind the leaves of the bush. Her breath was heavy, and her ears were ringing. His speech ended, his arms moving to adjust his glasses, and Hazel took her chance. The seriousness of the situation had been drilled into her by Behati. Her warning of how important this battle was echoed in Hazel's mind as she lept from behind the bush and aimed for Julian's face. A stream of water hit him in his cheek, and Hazel let out a small giggle. "I did it!"
  21. Ancient Runes Addison Toft – O Kaelyn Paddock – O Reid J. Fauchelevent – O Ekaterina Valentin – O Silas Harding-Clarke – O Tobias Winchester – O Baby Erquemboure – O Irene Redgrave – O
  22. "Yea, Akira. and you're Aurora i believe." he said taking the picture she handed him. He marveled at the detail. "This going to be beautiful when it is finished." he said. He was surprised when she asked him to join her. He briefly considered the idea. He didn't really like people. But this one didn't exactly annoy him... "Sure." said. he sat down and leaned against the fountain. He wondered if he would get sprayed by o rough burst of water from the fountain. that would be just his luck. He handed the picture back to her. "So what are you planning to study here?" he asked. "I mean, is there like a major and a minor like at muggle schools?"
  23. Fe’s plate was quickly becoming a disaster zone (bacon bits! baked beans! sour cream and cheese, OH the cheese!!!) and she was growing rather pleased with the carnage when Margie, potato-mouthed, stuck by starch, uttered some inconsequential sounds Fe could not translate. Her brow furrowed, confused, mouth too full even to hawk out a “hunh?” sound. Then Margaret translated. Felicia swallowed, then beamed, brassy and smug. Margaret thought Fe was cool, and Margaret was right. Never humble, with pride gushing from every possible spill-place, Fe confirmed her classmate’s assessment with a nod that was perhaps less understanding than it could have been and definitely more high-up than it should have, nose in the air, back ramrod straight so that her bony shoulder blades nearly touched. It was inherited pride, but also well-developed over the course of thirteen years of being good at stuff. Like Margie, Fe was a carbon copy of her own mother, minus the subtle skill for finding and taking advantage of loopholes. “It’s okay,” Felicia replied when she finally came down from her braggish high. Then she pinched her lips and starting digging around in her potato again. It made satisfying squishing sounds. “You should stop thinking so much,” she advised (oh no). “Like when I think too hard I get sorta mad? So I just don’t.” The Gryffindor shrugged. Turning your brain off was excellent advice if all thinking did was lead to more thoughts.
  24. Ancient Runes - OWLs & NEWTs Addison Toft – 20 Reid J. Fauchelevent – 20 Ekaterina Valentin – 20 Silas Harding-Clarke – 20 Baby Erquemboure – 20 Irene Redgrave – 20 New House Point Totals Hufflepuff: 3150 Ravenclaw: 3077 Gryffindor: 2773 Slytherin: 2186
  25. Jacky had found some friends. Brill. Even if they had come about by him banging into them. Or so he believed. He usually was the cause of disturbances. He didn't see why now would be any difference. His cheeks flushed just slightly and he became flustered "Uh...I'm sorry!" He squeaked, looking at them. They had to be first years, he didn't know them. They had to be new. Jacky hadn't bothered changing into is Hufflepuff robes yet. There was too much fun to be had. He had recovered quick enough though, looking between the two girls he was still grinning widely. "Haiiiii! I'm Jacky" He paused to catch his breath for only a split second before grinning again "Are you guys first years?! I don't recognise you"
  26. Ancient Runes - All Tracks Grade Points + EC Points + Exam Points + ToY Third Years Ryan Buratsche 0 + 0 Aaron Trickett 0 + 0 Ava Winchester 15 + 0 Ethan Smith 20 + 16 Cordelia Waldegrave 20 + 20 Delia Halliwell-Midnight 10 + 0 Morty Gabor 20 + 21 + 20 Sophia Hunter 20 + 17 Anton Hunter 15 + 6 Sibella Moreau 0 + 0 Dove Lightwood 15 + 0 Gryffindor: 15 Hufflepuff: 86 Ravenclaw: 119 Slytherin: 15 Fourth Years Altair Shafiq 20 + 16 Fiona Weaver 20 + 17 + 20 Alice Reed 15 + 10 Vladimir Valentin 20 + 15 Eloise Beauchamp 15 + 3 Nicodemus Knight 20 + 15 Zara Anguariz 15 + 3 Gryffindor: 36 Hufflepuff: 82 Ravenclaw: 88 Slytherin: 18 Fifth Years Reid J. Fauchelevent 20 + 29 + 20 Grace Foster 20 + 28 Addison Toft 20 + 28 Jake Morent 20 + 24 Olwen Hier 15 + 0 Gary Youdle 15 + 8 Kaelyn Paddock 15 + 4 Ekaterina Valentin 20 + 23 Seamus Cassidy 15 + 0 Tobias Winchester 20 + 11 Silas Harding-Clarke 20 + 21 Irene Redgrave 20 + 29 + 20 Gryffindor: 266 Hufflepuff: 58 Ravenclaw: 72 Slytherin: 69 Sixth Years Loren Keats 15 + 2 Desmond Tonks 20 + 18 Mercutio Bates 15 + 13 Eleanor Potts 20 + 23 Bryony King 15 + 2 Grover Penn 20 + 32 + 6 + 20 Gryffindor: 0 Hufflepuff: 83 Ravenclaw: 0 Slytherin: 138 Seventh Years Puck Whitaker 0 + 1 Gryffindor: 0 Hufflepuff: 0 Ravenclaw: 1 Slytherin: 0 Extras +3 to Morty Gabor for a well written and amusing essay in Lesson Three +5 to Cordelia Waldegrave for taking her creepy obsession with Custard's head to new levels in Lesson Four +3 to Nicodemus Knight for persevering no matter the odds in Lesson One +3 to Fiona Weaver for amusing confusion over tea leaves in Lesson Three +3 to Irene Redgrave for holding her own despite the chalk in Lesson Three +3 to Grace Foster for asking the real questions in Lesson Seven +5 to Desmond Tonks for questioning the authority of the Head Girl in Lesson Three +2 to Eleanor Potts for having an existential crisis in Lesson Five and finally +10 to Grover Penn for stepping in at the last minute to cover some grading. Gryffindor: 3 Hufflepuff: 13 Ravenclaw: 6 Slytherin: 15 Totals: Gryffindor: 320 Hufflepuff: 322 Ravenclaw: 286 Slytherin: 255 New House Point Totals Hufflepuff: 3130 Ravenclaw: 3057 Gryffindor: 2733 Slytherin: 2146
  27. Kirsi normally didn't take the train from Hogwarts to Kings Cross on the way back from school, but Alex wanted to meet her in London that day and it was a rather easy way to transport that didn't involve mass apparation. Plus, she liked being on the train, it gave her fond memories of her childhood and it was good to see the children again all in one place as they would be spending a summer apart. When the train arrived at the platform, Kirsi gathered her purse (she had already moved her important items back into their house), and changed outfits to one more appropriate for casual use before heading out of the platform. Alex had gotten reservations at one of the best Muggle places in London, harder to get into than anything. She was excited to try it out. Before that they had planned on exploring the city together, and then going to a musical. It was a perfect Muggle evening, she was ready for a break and something new. Hopefully they wouldn't stick out too much like sore thumbs. After a brisk walk through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, Kirsi turned the corner and waved at some of her students who were heading home with their families. "Have a great summer everyone!" She smiled, recollecting fond pastimes of her own parents pushing her large trolley cart and looking absolutely lost amongst all the Muggle train passengers. She waved at a few more students, when she noticed one Ravenclaw sitting on a bench by himself. That's...odd. Kirsi thought. Usually there's someone for everyone here to pick up their kids. Prompt and on time. I'll wait with him until his pickup comes. She pulled out the scroll from her purse, it was a list of students and their guardians/rides home. It was made for reference when there was a problem like this one. Most students had their people already waiting for them, but not this child. Fluke... F.... Ah yes, there it is. She wished she had a handy owl to message the person that they were late and they needed to pick up their charge from Kings Cross, but alas, no such thing. They were close enough to the platform to be within eyeshot of anyone coming. She went over to the bench and sat down. "Hey. Fluke. Is someone coming to pick you up? I can wait with you to make sure that they come. I'm a Head of House so I'm supposed to do that with anyone." She pulled out her Snapmirror and directed a message to Alex. Going to be a bit late, held up waiting with a student. Will make it in time for reservation Love you. The message swooped off to Alex's Snapmirror.
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