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  2. Lian Pearce-Weaver

    Polyjuice not working for Enrolled Group?

    ^ I am also experiencing this problem since moving to "enrolled". I can use polyjuice to get from my sorted students to Lian, but then the button disappears and I can't get back again.
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  4. Winsome Tenpenny

    I wish you would make like a tree and leaf

    Fake? She had no idea that it was that much of a secret from the rest of the wizarding world. She knew for a fact that it was indeed unchartable for muggles and none of the voyages that were taken by the seafaring vikings had even mentioned an island shrouded in mystery. Was Brackleberry always hidden from the world? "I assure you its real," she nodded, "its unchartable by muggles which is why would never have seen it in an atlas or on a globe." The thought never crossed her mind that even if they were magical they probably never heard of it. Her father always said the British witches and wizards were daft and oblivious to the fact there were other wizarding countries out there; almost acting like they are the only ones who matter. "I'm from a small little village in Threstalthorne Valley near Lake Albus. Surely, you've heard of it? And if not the reason why its called that. Legend goes that Albus Dumbledore had a summer cottage on the lake's north shore and visited it almost every year. Though, we can't be to sure about that as no cottages have been on the north shore of Lake Albus in hundreds of years. But, many Brackish witches and wizards swear up and down its the truth." She had only just realised that one of them had said the three of them live in a forest. "Well, that's odd. Why live in a forest? There's so many dangers you can run into. What if a werewolf happened to stumble upon where you live or a troll? Isn't that concerning to you?"
  5. Viola Wayland

    What NEWT's to take

    Hi Alvis! You can find the list of existing NEWT/OWL requirements for careers pinned in the Records Cabinet as "List of Developed Careers", or by clicking this handy link.
  6. Annag Hamblton

    VH39 Lucky boat #7

    "Thanks, Mira," Annag said as she looked down at the cloth that had just been handed her. She wanted to blow her nose. But then what, hand it back? That would be rude. This may be the biggest day of her life and she didn't want to be snuffling snot the whole time, so she took a big blow. "Tell you what, when I unpack I'll give ye one of mine in return. Mum would be horrified right now to know that I don't have a tissue on me. That woman could pull a dry tissue from her wet bathings suite and NOT even use magic! I swear." Annag now turned to the question of sorting. The shore was fast approaching and she wanted to make sure Mira had the most intel that Annag could give her in such a short time in case they got separated. "Ok, time for a quick review of sorting," she said trying to control her slang and her accent as her nerves were getting the best of her. "First thing, we are going to eventually arrive at the Great Hall of Hogwarts castle. Ne mind the magical things. They aren't there to hurt ye, just make it 'more impressive and add a bit of pomp on your important day' as me mum says. There will be five tables. Two on each side of a center aisle for each of the houses where current students sit and one across the front where the teachers sit. The houses are Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. In what order from left to right as ye enter, I denne. After we get to the front of the room, there will be a welcome speech by a teacher and then we will turn our attention to the Sorting Hat. Bit of an auldjin having been around since time, but he knows his stuff. I think he sings some kind of welcome song as well. They'll start calln' our names by alphabetical order at which time each new student will come forward and sit on the sorting stool. Ne to worry, every student there whether from a magical family or not, will be scared. The Hat will be placed upon yer head at which time he can sense yer inner being. Ne to panic, he has never hurt neer a person. This is when he makes the decision into which house ye will be placed for your entire time at Hogwarts and will announce it to the Hall. They do this so you can be with kids similar to yerself that 'can help and guide you over the years and set you up to be the best you you can be,' she said quoting from an article she had read. "Each house was formed by one of the original founders of Hogwarts and have certain inner strengths associated with each. Ye may feel the hat chose incorrectly at first, but he has neer made a mistake in all his years – so he himself says. Hop down and join yer table that I'm sure will be clapping wildly and happy to receive ye." Annag hoped in her heart that this last part was true. "When it's all over, the Headmaster who is seated in front of the teacher's table, will have a word for the beginning of the Start-of-Term Feast. This is where they finally feed us!! I know that was fast. De ye have any questions?"
  7. Rosie Ferranti

    Crossed wires, crossing paths

    Rosie was in a rush to get back to the Hufflepuff Common Room, a place it felt like she hadn't been to in f o r e v e r. She loved being at home, loved the chaos of her family and sharing a room with her sister, but she loved the Hufflepuff Common Room just as much - in a different way. There weren't her parents and siblings on top of each other and dad's cooking and mum's funny comments, but there were cookies and a fireplace and lots of things in yellow. When the sorting feast was over and the prefects were corralling the new first years into some semblance of order to take them to their common rooms, Rosie bounced up to her feet and made a dart for the exit of the great hall. She wanted to try and get to the common room first and steal the comfiest armchair, the one with all the lumps and bumps, the tear in the fabric on the left arm, and all the knitted throw cushions in mismatched shapes and sizes. She was so focused on her destination she didn't pay attention to the here-and-now and accidentally walked straight into someone as she rushed through into the entrance hall. Her elbow went into someone's squishy stomach and she whirled around on the spot to declare, "Sorry! Oops! Wasn't looking, didn't mean to - oh! Emmett!" She beamed at him. He'd gotten himself a girlfriend over the summer, she'd found out on the train. Good for him! "Congratulations again! She seems lovely!" Rosie had no idea who Isobel was. Chances were they'd met many times before and possibly even sat together in lessons, but Rosie's memory was like that as a goldfish and she was also easily distracted by shiny things. She smiled up at Emmett.
  8. Lucas Kettering

    I'm back!

  9. Veronica Dursley

    Gross People Have Been Expelled

    Veronica looked around before walking over towards Daya. She shook her head at Killian's lame insult, because it was incredibly lame. "Do you have better insults, Killian? Because I'm pretty sure I can find more scathing things in a Dr. Seuss book." With that she rummaged through her pocket and pulled put a sock, "Is this it? I found it in my compartment."
  10. Arwa Hashmi-Andrada

    Maybe it's time I found a better place to hide

    ”Oh,” was the first word that fell out of Arwa’s mouth at Robin’s explanation. She didn’t know if she completely believed her, but Arwa also didn’t think the other girl would lie to her. That was just...purely looking for issues where there weren’t any. Then, what Robin had said finally caught up to her. “Wait, you wanted to kiss me?” The tone of incredulity was perhaps a tad bit overdone, but Arwa couldn’t help but feel like she was being pawned. There was no way someone like Robin would want to kiss her (or was there?). She was now completely turned towards Robin; she could count individual eyelashes fluttering just below her eyes, as she slowly moved forward. This might just be an impulsive decision, but Arwa still found herself leaning in without a hint of predetermined regret, as Robin’s words came to a stop. “I do,” she muttered, an inch of separation between them. “You’re not quite as unmemorable as you think you are.” Then, they kissed. It was as simple as that.
  11. Alvis Anderson

    Say Something

    @Professor Bourdelle I love your dolls, make such a good use of a lesson for duelling practise.
  12. Alvis Anderson

    What NEWT's to take

    Is there a link or topic to show what NEWTS you need to have to claim a profession later on? I've heard there's one for alumni but what about those in third year who need to know for their selection? Pls
  13. Alvis Anderson

    Alvis Anderson

    ◤ ☁ ◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤ ☁ ◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣ ☁ ◥ ✈ Third year✈ ◤ ☁ ◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤ ☁ ◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣ ☁ ◥ Diagon Alley ☛??? Hogwarts Express ☛Have you seen kale ☛Getting the gang back together Hogwarts ☛ ☛ ☛ ☛ ☛ ☛ Classes Grades IC/OOC ☛Astronomy ☛Transfiguration ☛Herbology ☛Potions ☛History of Magic ☛Charms ☛DADA ☛COMC ☛ Arithmancy CoMC Internship ☛ ☛ Relationships Justice level: Partner ☆☆☆ Sidekick ☆☆ Classmate ☆ Nark ★ Rat ★★ Vilan ★★★ Amour level: Worship ♥♥♥ Crush ♥♥ Friend ♥ Irritant ♥ Loathing ♥♥ Hatred ♥♥♥ Aiden Hunter: ☆☆☆ / ♥ Tabitha Callow: ☆☆ / ♥ Avery Potter: ☆ / ♥ Alexander Crow: ☆☆ / ♥ Jaxson Sinclair: ☆ / ♥ Radueriel Benson: ★ / ♥ Duels Duelling club ☛ Won: Lost: Game of Themes: Tournament: WP: 150☛ ??? Spells: lv1 knockback jinx / lv1 pepper breath hex / lv1 twitchy ears curse / lv2 blocking charm / lv2 Disarming spell / lv3 Blinding hex / lv3 Fire-starter charm / lv3 Horn-tongue jinx / lv2 Hex shield / lv2 Jinx shield / lv2 Curse shield / lv3 Mud-slinging hex / lv3 Bat Bogey hex / lv2 Strength-stealer spell / lv1 Support spell / lv2 Sparkler spell / Lv1 Silencing spell / Lv3 Camper's charm / Lv3 Cheering charm / Lv1 Flare charm
  14. Killian Dracel

    Gross People Have Been Expelled

    Killian glanced over at Molly, shrugging. "I heard you, but I also know that when you put these two in the same cauldron, so to speak," he gestured to Damaris and Veronica, "it's going to boil over and explode. Whatever you may think, neither one is a helpless victim here. They both can dish it, so..." He shrugged it off. And then he simply stared at Daya. And he stared some more. "Really? I will totally take points from my own house if you carry on that way, Gay-ya." He glanced at Veronica. "You soaked River?" he asked, and waited for confirmation before laughing. "Nice one." He grabbed Damaris's hand. "Shall we?" he gestured to the other end of the train.
  15. Gabriel Montague

    I've placed faith in geography to hold you in my memory

    “Yeah I do,” Gabriel replied, then grinned at her. He definitely hadn’t figured out what a rhetorical question was yet and was still too much of a literal thinker to read too deeply into her sarcasm, but he knew he liked making her cross. It made him feel like he was winning in some sort of unspoken game going on between them. The feeling was short-lived. Gabriel felt the pages of his book clip the tips of his fingers, and then accusing him of being enough of a baby to wet his pants. This was a bit of a sore topic for him because a few months ago he had woken up from nightmare, drenched in more than just his sweat, and even though his mother and Dorota had both reassured him that sometimes accidents happen, the incident still stuck out in his mind. “I’m not bad at this game! You cheated!” Gabriel repeated. “You peeked! ‘Cause why hasn’t Callista found us yet? Because you cheated! Nobody knows about this room except for me!” And his mum, and his dad, and Zach and Callista, and Dorota and all the house elves… but none of them really came in here except for Gabriel, and occasionally Zach. “I bet you never really seen a boggart. I bet the boggart took one look at you and was so scared it ran off on its own.” And just in case Honorine might mistake his insult as a compliment, he added, “‘Cause you’re ugly.” He hoped his words cut her deep.
  16. Branchy

    Gotta See What Tomorrow Brings

    This bowtruckle didn't know what the human was saying at all. He was just trying to find something to do and he didn't mind that the human liked him. It was nice being able to not get chased around for once in his small life. There was times that he knew humans wanted to keep him and take him into the castle, and while he didn't mind the castle at all. His favorite spot was being outside, no matter what the weather was at all. So when the human was asking him something he just smiled. Glad that he was going to just be able to stand there on the humans shoulder and just hang out. He didn't think that he was going to get hurt which was a good this, He smiled and just stayed there.
  17. Gabriel Montague

    Something wicked this way comes

    Technically with benches that faced each other there were two window seats to be had in each compartment, but arguing with Zach over meaningless things was way more fun. Plus Gabriel liked to win at almost anything, so of course he was planning to end up with the forward-facing window seat once they boarded the train. Like his brother, he caught a brief glimpse of his parents kissing somewhere behind them. Unlike his brother, he didn’t scrunch up his nose and announce that he was never going to do the same (although he did find it gross too, because they were his parents). Gabriel was getting to the age where he was starting to notice if he thought a girl was attractive, or notice if she had curves. It didn’t mean he was ready for dating or kissing quite yet, but he also didn’t think he would particularly mind having some pretty girl hanging off his arm and staring up at him the way that older girl a little ways down the platform was doing to her boyfriend right now. “Maybe they’re already celebrating the fact that they get the house to themselves once we leave,” Gabriel mused half-jokingly, and cupped his mouth with his hands. “Mum! Dad! We’re taking off and we’re never coming back! Won't you miss us?”
  18. Tori Cage

    I was here. I existed.

    *claims spot*
  19. Honorine Nott

    I've placed faith in geography to hold you in my memory

    "Put that away before the fairy's snatch it," she snapped, forgetting that time to keep her voice down. It bothered her that he insisted on bothering her, and she especially didn't like that he forgot his manners on purpose every time he talked to her. It was unseemly, as her father would say, whenever Gabriel shouted at her, or bragged about himself, or breathed. But she let him go on with it, giving her eyes a dramatic roll as he sung his own praises and wondering why she'd bothered with this stupid game in the first place. "You think you're so special, do you?" That was something called a rhetorical question. Hen would bet a whole menagerie that Gabriel didn't know what that was. "Yep," she answered, quickly moving to shut the acromantula book, hoping to slam the deckled pages onto the boy's fingers. "It was really scary, but I didn't even flinch." This wasn't the slightest bit true. Upon hearing something rustling in an abandoned room on the far side of The Vicarage, Honorine had immediately cried out for Legolas and Mummy and gone off to play somewhere safer. Gabriel, of course, didn't need to know this. "I bet you'd wet yourself if you met a boggart. Can't handle anything that doesn't have the answers in a book, can you?" It was her turn to stick out her tongue. "Maybe that's why you're so bad at this game. You don't even know how to escape from danger."
  20. Professor Bourdelle

    Say Something

    ...if any of you lot come anywhere near my dolls, you will regret it immensely. But go on ahead and try, if you so wish. I do rather enjoy a good show.
  21. Cosette Mercier

    Say Something

    I am so in on this, while standing in the back making the signs.
  22. Honorine Nott

    Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone

    She had never been one to dally, never one to fear much of anything, really, much less procrastinate in facing it. It was her and the monsters, always—both her own, and the ones that hid in the shadows of her brother's mind. It would be a privilege to forget them, and yet here she was, seeking out more. Her eyes narrowed at the twins, watching them hop into the flames together and finding such codependency to be annoying, as it always was. Proper hosts would have sent one first and one last, to make sure their guests all made it safely, but apparently an empire in hospitality hadn't rubbed off on the youngest of the Montagues. "Rosier Manor," Hen drawled as she nestled into the flames, sparing one last meaningful glance to Covey and Gulliver before shooting up into the Floo Network. It wasn't her brightest moment; none of them would get into the Manor through the Network, not with all the very wards they were trying to trick into accepting Covey guarding the place. Luckily magic was smarter than nine-year-old girls, dropping her off in a pub in the nearby town, soot stinging at her newly opened scab. She didn't bother saying anything to the boys, folding her arms over her chest and waiting patiently for the rest of their brood to slide right through. She didn't have to wait very long. Honorine shifted on her feet, eyeing the barkeep suspiciously before leading them off toward the door at a brisk pace. "Better keep up if you don't want me to get us lost." Before long the Manor rose up in the distance in all of its gothic, haunting glory. "Pretty," she said, laying eyes on her cohorts before immediately launching herself down the hill and towards the gates, breathless by the time she and the others reached them. They remained shut, and Hen swore she could see a faint shimmer to them as she got up close, picking at her other skinned knee and letting a drop of her blood mingle with the heavy metal. "Should she bring harm to anything or anyone within these walls I take full responsibility," she informed the gates bravely. They took a moment to pass their judgment before ominously creaking open. For the first time ever, Honorine Nott felt victorious. The five of them crept through, all of their jolly sprinting from before tempered by the formidable building before them. Hen fell back until she was in step with Gabriel, Covey and Zach up ahead and Gull safely tucked in the middle. "The ruder you are to her," she said simply. "The sooner you'll lose us all." She reached over and gave his hair a swift yank, knowing how irritated he would be by it before running up ahead to join her brother, placing a protective arm around him.
  23. Aurora Andrews

    missed me! missed me! now you have to kiss me!

    It had dawned upon the redhead after awhile that Simon had always been a very good sport about eating vegan when around the two Andrews girls. And so, it had occurred that perhaps it was due for her to treat the boy to something special. Initially, her thoughts didn't lead her to consider the bakery Hazel had spoken of often but it didn't require much time or logic for Aurora to remember that Simon had been very fond of the brownies and with that, she had made a plan to get him some. And it didn't take much convincing to drag along Simon wherever she wanted to go, batting her eyelashes and looking cute had been an easy win on her part. The redhead couldn't lie that that ability was becoming more and handy in her daily life and that she liked it. It hadn't been too much trouble to actually reach their destination, and she had become increasingly more excited to see her friend in one of her happy places. So she hadn't taken too much notice of Simon when she had pulled him by the hand she'd been holding for most of their journey into the shop. The nice woman who appeared could have only been the mother of Hazel, and Aurora had smiled politely as she inquired about her friend. It had taken seconds for the brunette to appear and the happiness upon her face had been more than enough to earn a happy expression upon the redhead's face at such a reaction. "Hey, babe. I promised Simon something yummy and figured getting to see your pretty face was well worth a trip to the bakery." Aurora smiled charmingly at Hazel, as she squeezed Simon's hand, bumping shoulders as she leaned into his side. The redhead also couldn't hide the fact that not having to act differently around Hazel anymore was a blessing.
  24. Daya Valdez

    Gross People Have Been Expelled

    "Ha! Dumbaris." Daya couldn't help but snort at that. "You could always try Dorkmaris, Veronica. I find it's more clever." She still had no idea what was going on but she seriously wanted her other sock. She made a gagging noise at Killian calling Damaris "Aris." However she decided not to get to into it since the prefect was actually doing her a favor. "For once I agree with Shillian over there." She pointed to her housemate. "Could you all bugger off. I need to talk to Veronica." She glared. She didn't care who was bullying who at this point. It seemed everyone in her year were all a bunch of knobs, herself included. As far as she was concerned they were all being hypocrites.
  25. Dante Agretera

    A Disarray of Chocolate Frogs

    “No you can have it.” Dante said as he waved his hand to the girl – Amalia – and the chocolate frog she held in his hand. “I ...” he looked down at the horde that was doing small jumps around the floor of the compartment before he worked his way further inside and sat next to a small mountain of wrappers with his legs pulled up so he wouldn't step on any of the creatures. “I guess I just wasn't prepared.” he looked at the frog and wondered if they were even edible in the long run. “My parents don't mind, but I don't think they would want me eating things that have been on the ground. I mean, I'd have to brush my teeth, but it's just candy.” the truth was that his parents would probably have a very long moment about this entire situation; but what they didn't know didn't hurt them in this situation. Besides it was just candy, and it wasn't like he never had it before. “What do you mean by cards though? I thought I was just getting candy that wanted to be free.” When he said it like that, he didn't even want to eat them any more, they seemed to be alive and that was just wrong.
  26. Molly Stone

    Gross People Have Been Expelled

    An unfamiliar Slytherin yearmate approached the Vernie girl, and Molly eyed her curiously, suddenly aware how many people in her year she didn't really know. The girl wasn't contributing to the chaos, however, so she shrugged it off. Hopefully she'd get her sock back, God forbid. Also, why would Vernie have her sock? Nevermind. Molly glanced at Killian and narrowed her eyes. She never had a problem with him before, but it seemed strange to her that after what she'd explained, he was still telling them to leave Vernie alone. "Weren't you listening to me?" She asked irritably. "Vernie wasn't the one being bullied."
  27. River Wolfe

    Gross People Have Been Expelled

    "Aris? Really?" River spoke ignoring Ethan's presence, he turned his back to everyone and left.
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