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  2. Something brushed the back of his head and Reid ducked quickly, a jerky movement with his shoulders coming up round his ears, because, he thought, Bludger! "Wha' - " he whipped around, but rather than a Beater-with-a-death-wish, Reid found Kirk. Or, more precisely, Reid found Kirk's mouth. That was significantly better than a Bludger to the back of the head. "Oh, come off it," Reid flapped a hand and grinned smugly at Kirk. "Ye like it. An' 'sides, s'Voldric's last game, aye?" He puffed out his chest. "Had ta-do me fellow Scot proud." His accent, coincidentally, thickened and rolled on those last few words. At the mention of Irene, Reid spied her being tended to by Mediwitches and winced. Should she even be flying? She looked like a hellion, right before she'd been taken off her broom by a Bludger, but a hellion damaged before she'd even entered the fray. Addison did a number on her - not that he'd ever dare to sound awed about it out loud. "Also," Reid turned his attention back to Kirk. He clicked his tongue and tapped his boyfriend's shoulder. "Ye call tha' a kiss? Ye can do better'n tha', Kirky." He tapped his mouth pointedly and expectantly.
  3. 🦉 VH34 🦉 o w l . o w l . o w l . o w l . o w l . o w l . o w l . CARE OF MAGICAL CREATURES Elizabeth Russell - O Finch Goodfellow - O Desmond Tonks - O Felicity Mcquillen - A Kimber Yates - O Lainee Brom - O Abigail Goodfellow - O Erik Beru - O Grover Penn - O Xanadu Kane - O
  4. Kirk swooped over to the stands and stopped in front of Reid, flicking at the back of his head to get his attention and stealing a kiss when he turned back around. "You look like an idiot," he informed him when they broke apart, because who wore a kilt to a Quidditch game? (Reid did. Apparently.) Then he glanced up at Hank and waved. Then processed what Hank had last shouted. He raised his eyebrows at him and said, rather dryly, "You're more than welcome to take Redgrave's broom from her and join in. God knows you'd be easier to deal with." He looked back over his shoulder at the game and sighed. Garcia was flying slower than Leighton, and even Leighton wasn't close enough to the twinkling gold of the snitch to catch it. And he could hear music coming from the hoops that he was absolutely certain had something to do with Spencer tending goal. And then there was Goodfellow and Whitehorn, still making eyes at each other... and Luke was flitting over to the stands to smooch his girlfriend. Valora darted up the pitch without incident though. At least someone on his team was reliable. "I should go."
  5. Alice Reed Hufflepuff/Third Year CoMC, Lesson 5 Attendance & EC: wc = 218 Entering the classroom, Alice took one of the parchment scrolls that Professor Qin had indicated and read over it with a mix of interest and trepidation. She was getting used to portkey travel but it still made her a bit nervous when it was to places so far away. However, once she finished, she found a spot near London before they joined the class in touching the portkey that took them to the sanctuary. Alice listened attentively, even though Mr. Lloyd seemed rather grumpy and harsh when he spoke. What he said was horrible and shouldn't happen to any creature. It hurt Alice's heart to hear of the torture the hippogriffs he had rescued (and others not yet rescued) had to endure for the sake of someone's greed. She wondered how anyone could be that cruel but then remembered the events of last term and realized it seemed to be a fault of humans -- whether they were Muggles or wizards. There were cruel ones everywhere. Following Lucy, she had to listen extra carefully as the girl spoke so quietly, even after a couple of Alice's classmates said they couldn't hear. But as Lucy had them gather around the holding pen, the sight of the rescued hippogriffs and the injuries she described spoke louder than any words could.
  6. Girl couldn’t take a hint, could she? Rather reluctantly, Kaelyn let herself be ‘escorted’ into the dining room with Silas by Columbia, who really just made matters worse when she started talking about downing potions with Gary and Tobias like they were all good pals. Gary Kaelyn could understand - she had been warming herself up to the idea that he and Columbia were an item - but since when did Columbia hang around with Toby? And why did Kaelyn even care? She looked between Silas, Columbia and the bottle. “Are you sure?” she asked Silas, just to check, but by the tiny smile on his face, she could tell he wasn’t simply being polite. Kaelyn looked back at Columbia and grabbed the bottle out of her hand. “Okay, I’ll be right back,” she promised, and walked off. She didn’t even know what she was going to do with the bottle. Bash someone over the head with it for no reason, maybe.
  7. Alice also spotted Vladimir and when he waved towards her, she waved back before he flew back off to rejoin the game. She continued watching, not sure she was thrilled with the amount of bludgers being sent after the Ravenclaw team. Sure, it was a game. Sure, both houses did want to win. But it seemed like the Ravenclaw beaters were working non-stop to save their teammates. Especially when Morty almost fell off her broom. At that point, it was the scariest moment in the game. Soon followed by one of the best -- at least for Alice -- when she was suddenly joined by her boyfriend who was in need of a hug. One hug, definitely given to the Ravenclaw Captain by his girlfriend. He really did need it the way the game was going. "You can do it," she encouraged him before he headed back out into the game.
  8. Thankfully Jasmine left them be. Kaelyn didn’t much like her anyway. She seemed the type to tell her she was still an A-cup when she had obviously graduated to a B. Still clutching the red bra, Kaelyn skipped over to a section with pretty patterned pieces and pulled a bra dotted with little cherries off the rack, and then a leopard-print one with a cute little pink bow in the middle. She glanced over at Addison to see how the girl was making out, but Addison hadn’t even picked up a single thing yet. Instead she was staring critically at the prices and muttering all sorts of other nonsense. “A pack?” Kaelyn said blankly. “I didn’t know bras could come in packs. You mean like buy one get one thirty off or something? Or like…” Addison couldn’t possibly be buying bras in packs, like a tray of cupcakes or a trio of socks. “Addie,” Kaelyn said seriously. “I have a question to ask you. Do all your bras look exactly the same?”
  9. Estella Clarke VH35 PHP Lesson Five Assignment: Go Buy a Personality.
  10. Estella pushed her way through the swarms of witches and wizards crowding Diagon Alley. Finishing gathering her first year supplies, she settled on taking a stroll around the premise while her parents continued their own spending in the shops. Hogwarts seemed to quickly approach with every blink of an eye, and with that grew her anticipation for the start of the year. Now that her robes were fitted and her materials were bought, there was only the days left until she'd step foot on the Hogwarts Express. She sauntered into Florean Fortescue's, thankful that the quaint ice cream shop barely occupied anyone at the moment. She sat down by the table and took out one of her textbooks, skimming through it. She wasn't actually reading anything, but rather searching for a way to pass time.
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  12. “Right?” Kaelyn exclaimed, finally lifting her head. She let out a short laugh. “People used to say that about Toby and I in first year, until they realized we were just… like that all the time, I guess.” Maybe that was why it struck her as so ironic that it was Tobias, of all people, who straight up asked her if she fancied Silas. Already feeling a thousand times better than before, Kaelyn sat up and gazed out onto the lake, still pressed close to both Silas and the heat-filled jar between them. Although there were times where she felt like she needed a break, she didn’t want to stop what they were doing altogether, especially not with their recent progress. The spellbooks had become an addiction of sorts for her. When she was in them she wondered if she was making the wisest choice, but when she was not, she yearned to get back into them. Kaelyn shook her head, already determined in her answer. “I mean, I would like to go flying this week, maybe… just something to let loose a bit. I feel so… so… here, all the time, you know? But… I couldn’t stop.” She moved her hand inside the cloak that was draped over the both of them until she could feel his knee, and gave it a light squeeze. “Not altogether. Not until… until it’s enough.” She knew Silas would understand what she meant. He alone, of all people, seemed to share that growing darkness in her heart. “Do you think I should say anything, though? To Toby?”
  13. There was nothing quite like watching an assortment of objects go flying towards someone whom you wanted pelted with them. There was no way, absolutely, positively without a doubt Havana would be able to avoid being with hit with at least one or two of the random things. Personally, Seeley hoped it would be the small model of a hippogryff that chose at the last second to come flinging off the table nearby that was actually rather large but beggars couldn't be choosers not could they? But then the unthinkable happened, a shield went up followed of course by the trademark slytherin's fire burning the poor hippogryff statuette to ashes. Seeley snapped her fingers in despair as she still largely remained peeking from the doorframe of the history classroom. She was angry, but she was no dummy. But this fight clearly wasn't over. Drawing in the breath and stepping confidently out into the open now that the fire had disappated she moved towards the middle of the hall and pointed her wand directly at the other girl. Not fearing her, or her disarming spell, in the slightest. "Just give it up. You can't beat me in the chamber Havana and you can't beat me out here... OBSIDIO!... EITHER... FLIPENDO!"
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  15. She quizzically watched as Fin disappeared into a tree, and laughed under her breath. "Don't fall off, we don't need you dead before Hogwarts!" Estella called out to him. Admittedly, despite his eccentric attitude so unlike her reserved being, she found him amusing, and pleasantly enjoyed his company. She reverted her attention to Heulwen, listening to her explanation. The corners of her lips twitched downwards ever-so-slightly. Not that her mind could really wrap around the idea of hurting someone at the age of eleven, but if someone was bugging her, she was pretty sure she wouldn't hesitate to jinx them. "I see," she sighed. She handed the girl another bean and took one for herself. At that some moment, yet another new face arrived, entranced by the sight of the Bertie Botts. Who wouldn't want to give the mystery treats a go (although Cauldron Cakes were way better)? "Since you're offering a trade," she chuckled, handing her a speckled candy. "Here." She tossed the one in her hand in her mouth. Almost immediately, she began to cough in disgust as she spit out the bean, her mouth poisoned with the horrid taste. She couldn't describe it in any other way than filth. "Is that supposed to be dirty laundry? Ew!"
  16. “Yes. Out the window,” Kaelyn repeated, sounding a little more confident the second time she voiced this even though she still found Eric’s presence a bit unnerving. He was just really cute, okay? Tall and slightly rumpled and all. Her gaze moved to the open window that she knew provided one of the most spectacular views of the Hogwarts grounds. From here it seemed, especially when it was cloaked with the black of night, that the lake and forest stretched on forever. From here you could just barely make out the very distant lights of Hogsmeade. As she caught a tiny glimpse of the magnificent view from where she was standing, her voice picked up with excitement. “There’s a ledge out there you can sit on. There’s no railing or anything, but it’s pretty wide.” Kaelyn moved past the Hufflepuff and poked her head out the window, glancing up once at the starlit sky before glancing down at the grounds below. As expected, it looked like nothing more than a thick pool of black at this time of day. It was easy to imagine she was so much higher than she really was, and that was thrilling. All thoughts of curfew had completely left her mind until the boy suddenly brought it up. She turned to look back at him, her eyebrows quirked upwards. “Why, are you a prefect?” she asked. “‘Cause I’m pretty sure we have the same curfew, and you're a Hufflepuff, so my common room is much closer than yours.” She grinned at him and pushed her palms against the inner ledge of the window, first hoisting up a knee before pulling the rest of her body all the way over the sill. Knees bent, she skirted carefully along the wall of the school until she was far out enough to be able to use it as a backrest. Then Kaelyn stretched her legs all the way out, letting her feet dangle precariously over the edge, and leaned back against the school. “You can come out too,” she called out to the boy. “I mean if you want to, that is.”
  17. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank! You came to see me, you love me, I love you, I--- What do you mean, of course I'm a beater. You don't think I can be a beater?!" She pouted and then glanced at Hank's bat. "Uuuuuuuh... Uuuuuuuh..." Irene was an A++++ Liar /cough. "I dunno, maaaaybe?" Perfect. "It suits me though, doesn't it?" It was her first time not playing chaser and she was giddy with power and excitement over the prospect of actually beating up someone else for once instead of the other way around. Speaking of which, Irene spared a glance for Reid whom she would normally flirt with but she'd totally read his thread with Addison where he basically said GOOD JOB FOR BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF IRENE. wooooooooooooow I SEE YOU. whom she would have flirted with but she was promptly knocked off her broom by a bludger and died for a bit. That was going to sting. Her bruises from Addison hadn't fully healed. Maybe she shouldn't have played beater - she really wasn't good at it. Oops. #ThanksVoldric
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  19. Running downhill, faster and faster to the point where she was pumping her legs just to keep up and not fall over - that was exactly how she felt. But did she regret it? Did she regret going down the hill in the first place? Truthfully, Addison felt like she'd been dragged there by Irene, but the blame wasn't completely on the Slytherin's shoulders. Addison had to have been standing on the edge in the first place, and only one person and one person alone had gotten her there: herself. She rasped, "For someone who claims to not have trouble with this stuff, you sure know a lot about it." Addison half-hiccoughed, half-chuckled sadly. Sliding off the log and onto the grass beside Reid, she plucked a few blades and twirled them through the air with a flick of her fingers. It was all so temporary and fleeting, wasn't it? She felt foolish for caring, for her heart being so burdened lately - but hell, how could she ignore it when even the rune castings were lined up against her? The Nordic spread Voldric used, and then the diamond spread they tried out on their own in class, everything was spelling out a rather unfortunate end for her. "I do," she said dolefully, "but they won't. I really messed things up, Reid. Really bad. And I can't go back and fix things; even if I could, I still wouldn't deserve to be forgiven for it. I had so many chances to choose better, and to be better, but I failed every test. I've got nothing, because I ruined it all. You don't understand." Addison looked up to meet his eyes, and tears began welling up. "What I did... I can't take it back."
  20. "Oh Luke... what did you do?" Irene whispered, distraught and shifted to hide behind Luke as much as she could. What does he know? What does Luke know? Who found me... did Addison bring me here or someone else?" Irene was so terrible at lying, especially to Silas that this entire situation would be five times more awkward than it already was. Somewhere in the stream of consciousness that argued with varying levels of reality and subterfuge was the stray thought questioning how her hair looked. Girls. "Uh, heeeey Silas?" She gave Luke a glare that should have been CLEARLY understood as DO NOT SAY ANYTHING. "What are you doing here, feeling under the weather? Picking up a pepper-up potion? Me too, that cold that's going around you know. Ha. Ha, ha." She attempted a laugh of camaraderie that came out stilted and a touch panicked. She had apparently forgotten that she had a number of visible bruises including one that was clearly knuckles on the side of her face and an ice pack hovering against one side of her head. She noticed with some dismay that laughing also hurt. Did Addison kick her at some point? Ugh. More things to explain away. She had decided even before their fight ended: she'd never tell anyone Addison had been the person who beaten her up. Partially because it was embarrassing - she still maintained that in a wand fight she would have won resoundingly - but mostly because of Addison's broken words - I'm a monster. No one should feel like that. In her loneliness she'd felt like something of an abomination herself these past few months - she didn't wish it on anyone not even someone who had slammed her head into the ground. She'd been prepared upon awakening to face an inquiry from a professor; she was ready to face detention or worse (for the first time ever) to maintain her silence. Only there hadn't been anyone around. Figures... Just like everything else in Irene's life, this happenstance would go by largely unnoticed. "You shouldn't come any closer though, really. You might catch it." Her eyes darted around nervously for a moment, unwilling to look either boy in the eye and then fake coughed. Badly. Luke you arse, this is all your fault. Irene felt an embarrassed flush creep up her neck. Perhaps it would lend weight to her fake 'sick' story.
  21. Reid tried to remember the last time he was truly, viciously angry at someone, but kept coming up blank. He didn't have any siblings to fight with and if someone didn't want to be friends with him after repeated efforts on Reid's part (and this was different from how Kirk didn't want to be friends with him, at first), Reid left them well enough alone. And he hadn't had a reason to row with the friends that he did have. ...Was that weird? Did he not care enough to find something to fight about? Or was he really just that lucky? Still, just because it hadn't happened yet, didn't mean it never will... "S'kinda hard-ta stop once ye start," Reid observed. "Ye see red, an'... Imagine runnin' downhill - yer runnin' and ye can'nae jus' stop even if ye wanted to, even if people are tellin' ye 'Stop, there's a drop!' And like I said," he looked at her sideways, "I'm thinkin' she's said somethin', or done somethin' an' ye jumped on 'er and then everythin' just sorta... snowballed in yer head and ye wanted t'hit somethin' - someone fer all tha'. Hard t'come outta tha'." He wondered, not for the first time during this conversation, if he'd reason this well when he was in Addison's position. It was all well and good to talk about it after the fact an especially when he didn't have any like experience to draw from, except for poor running analogies and the laws of physics. Shifting closer to Addison, Reid rocked back against the tree trunk and extended his legs in front of himself, smooshing his shoulder against his friend's. "Ye regret hittin' her now, though, don'cha?" He blinked at her. "If ye did'nae, I'd bet ye would'nae be sittin' here with yer face all puffy with misery, callin' yerself a monster. S'eatin' ye, wha' ye did. Tha's called remorse, Addie," he said it gently, but pointedly. S'not like ye make a habit o' goin' round throwin' punches, an' s'not like it brings ye any joy - and don'nae argue tha', jus' 'cause a part o' ye did'nae wanna make puddin' outta Irene. When things get tha' far, s'hard t'bring yerself back on yer own,'" Reid shrugged. "Yer sorry 'bout wha' happened, and Irene'll get better and maybe she'll not wanna talk to ye and prob'ly things won't sort themselves fer a long while, but... ye'd want them to, aye, eventually?"
  22. The thing was that Lindy had been led to believe -- though it wasn't an unfounded belief -- that she could pretty much get away with anything because she was downright adorable. So she wasn't at all worried about things being bad. Still, she also wasn't one to pass down a good game. "Sounds good. But we start from now, okay? Any you got before I came over here doesn't count!" she added, because that was only fair. Lindy plucked a greenish color out of the bag and shifted so she was facing the same way the boy was. She looked around them for a bit before she felt the gobstone shake a little in her hand and ... plop. Lindy pelted the gobstone at someone and watched as their robes were covered in the goop inside the stone. Ew.
  23. " Yes he pretty much is " he nudge his sister back in the stand. Waving his flags back in forth. He smiled and said " GO Hufflepuff and Go those awesome Beater." he said.
  24. " Bash, I think your former house is doing great in this team." she said to her brother. Sure the pair was take a break from watching their children. But cheer for the hufflepuff vs ravenclaw team seem interesting. " I know Cain is probably cheer for Ravenclaw anyway." she nudge her brother.
  25. " I am good" She said to both her brother. Yes it had been sometime since she spoken to her brother. Yes she was auntie due to sebastian his additional to his family. His daughter was so sweet. So introduce her to the new baby that was Leliana son Kash. The blonde smiled and said " This is Kash guys and he is sweet thing that had ever happen to me." she said.
  26. Cain pretty much knew this conversation between him and his siblings was going be extremeley weird. But it had been sometime since they had talk to each other. Also both Leliana and Sebastian had children now and Well Cain had no children. Which made the boy happy! " Yeah Leliana how are you?" he asked.
  27. Sorry for the delay, folks. Pleased that Anthony followed his instructions without resistance, Stefan hobbled back over to his chair and propped his leg up again, letting Rayya do her thing. When both of their attention was back on him, though, it took a few seconds for him to register that they expected something. "Rayy, I'm assuming that your presence here means that the castle is cleared?" He waited for, and received her acknowledgement and then nodded. "Alright then, Mr Aldermaston, you may leave. Miss Isaacs, please make sure that he and Miss Hunter get back to their common rooms safely." He looked between the two youngsters, "Please check in with your Heads of Houses so they know you are safe, and Lucia, if you could let Ripley know that Vladimir is in the Hospital Wing, I'd be most grateful." He took a moment to rearrange his leg on its cushion, took a swig of brandy, and then continued. "Miss Daniels, if I could beg a little more of your time, could you please help Mr Valentin down to the Hospital Wing to have his neck righted and then check in with Professor Fjord. Rayy -" He held out her wand. "I'm sure Edward is heading to the Slytherin common room if he's not already there. He, and Leslie were both on the roster of safe students," he assured her. All he wanted now was to crawl back into his office and shut the door, but he waited in his seat while movement started around him. He didn't care for them to see him in pain any more than they already had.
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