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  2. Tori Cage

    Dear Brother

    Wait was he talk about Bjorn??? Tori was pretty surprise to hear Bjorn came by her house and she wasnt there!! Well she told Nate to give him back what she had of his... Dear Nate. Give him the item back and that boy has name and his name Bjorn and he is my boyfriend okay.... Also be nice to him okay.... And also i will be send more money for pet .... Love your annoy sister Tori
  3. Pine Tree


    Writing Challenge 100 WC Challenge: There was just a lot that was happening at this place, he was dropped off daily and had to wear his shoes and now spend time with his families. Did Oak and Seed think that this was smart. He didn't want to be here, so he was sitting outside the center and knew that @Spruce Lindberg and @Box Tree where somewhere. But he wasn't trying to pay attention to where anyone was at this moment. "This primary place is pointless, what is it teaching us?" Not speaking to anyone, just speaking out loud.
  4. Nathan Cage

    Dear Brother

    Dear Tori, Yes things are great back at home... There is boy here look for something that you had of is... He talk just like dad does... And also your eagle is fine... Just send more food for him okay idiot... Love your bro Nate
  5. Henry Sanders-Banagher

    Suits of Armour

    Maybe Malcolm was right. He had honestly been so relieved to be sorted at all that he hadn't thought too deeply into the Sorting Hat's decision. "He must know something, I guess," Henry shrugged. "He is the Sorting Hat after all." He hoped that he didn't sound too pointed, because he really didn't mean to. He just wanted to emphasize that he thought that the Sorting Hat had more expertise than either of them did in picking people's houses. But then again--who knew? Malcolm was right, he definitely did have Ravenclaw qualities. And yet, he hadn't been put in Ravenclaw. He'd been put in Hufflepuff. Maybe it would take more than a few weeks to know for sure if the Sorting hat had been right--maybe it would take all seven years that he'd attend Hogwarts to really know for sure. One or two spells didn't sound so bad. Lying did sound bad, but maybe if nothing happened, they could run away before anyone spotted them? That sounded like an appealing option to him, at least. "Or run fast," Henry gulped as he stepped up to the suit of armor. He'd spent a little bit of time in the Dueling Chamber, so he did know a spell or two. "Flipendo! Flipendo!" He gave his wand a wave, casting two knockback jinxes that immediately ricocheted off of the suit of armour. "DUCK!"
  6. Tori Cage

    Dear Brother

    Dear Nate, Hey Nathan ..... How are things back at home and are you being nice to my pet eagle? Love Tori
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  8. Kay Wickham

    Hit me like a ray of sun

    “What-what-whaaaaat,” Kay lamented aloud, all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen, just one continuous exclamation without a breath in-between. She had powerful athlete's lungs and force of will behind her, she could probably have trailed on all day if necessary. As it was, she had to fall silent upon reaching the kitchen, wanting this whole mess to remain on the down-low. As quietly as she could, the little girl crept over to the fridge, hesitating only to check over her shoulder for any witnesses. Once she was certain that she was so far unseen, she stretched up onto her bare tiptoes to fetch an ice pack from the Corelli-Rose freezer. A familiar item, one she’d needed often enough after her karate or boxing practice that they’d started to keep them in stock. Kay held it in her palms for a moment, letting the chill set in alongside the reality of the situation. She’d never had to fetch this for Robin before. She’d never hit Robin before, either. Or... the other thing that she'd just done with Robin. The whole idea of kissing anyone had seemed as foreign to her as spending a whole day on the couch, at least up until that love potion incident near the start of first year. Under the influence of that DARK MAGIC the shape and colour of the boy's lips had seemed fascinating to her, and pressing against them with her own an unusual but persistent idea. --One that she'd thought had faded entirely with the enchantment. Except now, here, and with her best friend, it had bubbled up like a lingering side effect and overwhelmed her before she'd had a chance to examine it. She still wasn't sure whether she'd been trying to give or take, but his lips had been plush and warm like a pastry fresh from the oven, and with tears still fresh in his eyes from an injury she'd given him she shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as she had either way. It felt selfish. "I can fix this," she whispered once more over the sound of her own self-doubt reprimanding her for wrecking everything twice over. She'd struck him with her strength and then stolen something she couldn't give back, no matter how much she wanted to apologize for both. The memory of his wide eyes--after she'd hit him, and even wider after she'd kissed him--was enough to make her feel like she was under the effect of that leg-locking spell again. Fist clenching around the ice pack, she felt its stick and sting against her palm and let it ache there for awhile until the fingers of the hand that had hurt him lost feeling. She startled out of her stupor when the sound of a tin clattering onto a counter top drew her attention towards Simon, his tanned skin streaked with flour from mixing dough in the Bakery. Kay stared at him like a rabbit about to dart, hoping only that no one else was about to follow him inside--not Robin's dads, not her dad, not even Simon's partner Francis who always had the least questions but the most side-eye. Simon looked at the ice pack and frowned before offering her a clean hand towel to wrap it in. "Everything okay?" Kay looked up at him, folding the ice up inside as if she were swaddling a baby doll. She felt herself shaking her head, saw the man's concern spike, so she stopped and said, firmly, "I can fix it. I'm gunna make it okay." Then she scurried back towards the stairs, stopping to spin around and asked, "Please don't tell yet." His shushing motion was all the assurance she needed to give him a grin in return--thankful, relieved, sorta shaky. Then she spun around and mounted the steps two at a time, not wanting to give Robin much longer to turn the events over in his head and familiarize himself with their shape. The more real they were, the harder it would be to change them. She wouldn't lie, though. Couldn't lie to him. That was why when she entered his room and saw him still standing in the same spot, with his hand to his lips, she could only hand him the ice pack and say, "This will help with the swelling." Then she sat down on his bed, folded her legs up and bit her thumbnail, staring anywhere but at his bruising. She reached for the rest of his sandwich after a moment to occupy herself with its flavor, overly conscious of the shape of his bite in the bread.
  9. Eloise Beauchamp

    Can I Read Your Mind?

    Eloise was pleased as @Julian Pritchard readily stepped up in Kelby’s place, glad that she was actually getting a steady stream of volunteers. If she’d known she could get away with this, she would’ve started practicing this way sooner! The blonde smiled benevolently at Julian, sensing he seemed a bit… tense. “No. It’s easier if I can make eye contact, so if you could keep your eyes open?” She suggested, remembering how very fleeting the image from Kelby’s brain had been compared to the one she’d gotten from Eleanor. “But otherwise, this should be over before you even know it,” Eloise added as an attempt at reassurance. She breathed out, clearing her mind of the images she’d seen before, hoping this would reap more results than grilled cheese sandwiches or gold… Legilimens. She heard rather than saw one thing first, the word tardigrade, but then all she could sense was a pervasive sense of anxiety and fear. “Tardigrades… those must be something you’re very fearful of,” Eloise easily jumped to a conclusion after she was pushed out of Julian’s thoughts, thinking it sounded awfully more likely than Eleanor being obsessed with grilled cheese. The blonde only knew a tardigrade was some sort of creature, but what they were, she was less familiar with. She looked over at Julian curiously, wondering if he would confirm or deny her speculations.
  10. Seeley Pichardo

    Are they just things people say?

    "A substitute professor." She made a point to say, very firmly and pointed her finger at Fletcher while looking very serious she he got the message. While her father might have found the whole situation very amusing and great fun for him she was not enjoying it nearly as much and that was saying something because he hadn't even taught one of her classes yet. "He has no set subject and he's not living at the castle. Which I don't know if that's worse or any better. I don't know if he's here or not here on any given day he can just pop up without any warning." She sighed. But anyway, back to the books. It was a few seconds later, after she'd finished her tiny rant and flipped another few pages that Fletcher's words sunk in and she thought to acknowledge them. "Haven't you ever heard anyone say, 'There's a first time for everything.' ?" She smirked and her fingertip tapped against the pages of the transfiguration textbook. She didn't want to think about failing a class but if anything was going to cause her to stumble it was going to be the class for the textbook in front of her. "No, I'm sure I'll be fine." Another, lighter sigh, escaped her and she decided that maybe she was done with the studying for the moment. "This is just a big year, you know? And they keep reminding us in every class." She couldn't resist rolling her eyes. "Pressure." Then she shook her head with a laugh at the idea that a hex warded parchment would be better then the actual essay. "The essay is on healing charms so, no... I don't think that will help."
  11. Jacqueline Frost

    #some people can build a bridge and get over it #not kent

    “Maybe you’re just too good at the game,” Jack countered. Anyone else would have struggled; anyone else would have panicked proving that she was in fact the best at sneaking up at people. Malcolm had an advantage, he was her friend and was familiar with her antics – she couldn’t sneak up on him even if she tried. “It really is a nice watch,” she mused, meeting Malcolm’s gaze momentarily, “I hope you know I’m not just friends with you because it gets me things like these.” Maybe at first that was the intention, but things were different now. Jack genuinely enjoyed having Malcolm around – he was one of the few people who were nice to her plus he encouraged her when it came to plotting world domination. He was her best friend for a reason and Rolex or not, she wouldn’t trade him. She also wasn’t going to tell him that – Malcolm didn’t need the ego boost. She stared curiously as her friend’s attention was fixed on the walls but while she found it to be strange, she wasn’t going to question it. “Try that brick,” Jack randomly pointed at a spot on the wall. “What exactly are you looking for? Fake walls? Trap doors? Removable bricks that can be thrown at people… err things...” At first she stifled laughter when Malcolm mimicked Kent’s dramatic and exasperating antics, but the novelty of the scene in front of her wore off quickly as her friend kept talking. “He accused me of being a thief. He also accused me of being obsessed with Ethan but anyway… he accused me of being a thief. Maybe in the past I had to do what needed to be done to make it in the Frost cave but things are different now. I wouldn’t steal from you.” She also wouldn’t steal from Kent – he had nothing valuable for her to take. “Why did I uum… I don’t know,” Jack admitted, “You were there and I wanted to surprise you. You never said I couldn’t… and I don’t have weird musty Furby hands.” Did she? “Do I?”
  12. Griselda Rice

    You've got something I need

    Zelda slowly lowered her spoon back into her bowl, her mind distracted now from the poor tale of Flavian Marcus, who had last been seen selling his nose-biting teacups in Knockturn Alley and had likely attempted to push them on the wrong person. Only broken china and his scarf remained. Investigators had tried to find witnesses, some who claimed they had seen Marcus disappear in a flash of light and others who were sure they had been privy to a kidnapping of epic proportions, including an escape on a Hungarian Horntail. Either way, he had been missing for twenty-six years, so that was not the person she was looking for. Those were the thoughts swirling through her head as the silence between her and Cassian stretched on, waiting for him to make his point, until he finally stated he was looking for these books, too. It was a rather unusual hobby, Zelda thought, unsolved mysteries. Of course, she sometimes felt a certain curiosity when someone in the village passed away and she didn't know why, or the news reported entire groups of people disappearing without a trace, but playing detective about those things… well, her mum had reprimanded her whenever she showed that sort of interest. Some things, she said, we were better off not knowing. For a long time, Zelda had conceded to her mum's way of thinking, steering her curiosity towards more academic and creative goals. Yet with Cassian next to her now, almost praising her for her choice in literature, she found herself looking down at her vast amount of reading material and realised there had to be some part of her that had, all this time, wanted to know more than had been given to her. A faint smile appeared as her eyes found Cassian's. "I need them for this little pet research project of mine. It'll take me a week to read all this, I imagine. Maybe ten days. If you like it, perhaps you can assist? Then I could hand them over to you as soon as I'm done." Assuming he would accept her reasonable proposal, she planted her elbow on the table and leaned her chin in her hand. "I'm looking for a man who disappeared between 2033 and now."
  13. Malcolm Mercer III


    "Exactly," Malcolm said as he started shoving things into his backpack, Lake Muck and all. It was fine. This was one of Wesley's Things That He Brought Along To Destroy. Putting one strap over his shoulder, the Gryffindor turned to Kent with a bored look on his face. Sometimes he wondered what exactly went on in Kent's brain that made it run all the time. Not only that, but Kent seemed to worry about things that were very obviously out of his control. But, who would Mal be if not an accessory to Kent's brain running wild, which is exactly why he said what he said next as he beckoned for Kent to follow him towards the Forest. "See, just keep thinking about kissing me," he said, tossing a hand into the air haphazardly. "Or think about Jack kissing me. Maybe that will help." Narrator: he knew it would not help.
  14. Robin Bagley

    hands up, baby hands up

    Robin was peacefully minding her own business, ambling down a corridor while amiably late for breakfast, when as if from nowhere, a small blonde Gryffindor she was pretty sure she'd seen around before exploded into a series of furious, determined somersaults and flips. Robin did her best not to pay any attention to this outburst of activity. After all, she was a teenager now, with dignity and gravitas, and what the children chose to do did not concern her. It did look pretty fun, though. She shook her head, and slipped into the great hall as the younger girl seemed to be busy tumbling into other students. But only a moment later, as she ducked through the great hall doors and started dreaming of some warming porridge, she jumped out of her skin as the small girl sprinted out towards her and then started screaming something in her ear. "Um...." Robin thought hard. She took the opportunity to subtly check that she was in fact, wearing her robes - but no, that recurring dream about breakfast in the great hall wasn't any nearer to coming true, thank goodness. What on earth could she be forgetting? She had a horrible half-idea that maybe she'd signed up for another class when she chose her electives, and maybe she'd just forgotten to go the entire time - but why would this first year be the one to remind her, and not a teacher? She shook her head. "Um..." she said, looking curiously at her accuser, "do I know you? Sorry, I'm really not sure who you are." And with that, she turned around to get to the Gyffindor table, feeling, for once in her life, a little self conscious. She was used enough to people staring at her in the great hall, but it was usually for something she'd done. Where did she know that face from?
  15. April Orwell

    VH Mentee Sign-Ups

    Name: April Orwell Timezone: GMT At what times of the day are you available? Really varies depending on the day, usually evenings I guess? What is the best way to contact you? PM, Discord What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? I'm a returning member so might need some guidance getting back into it haha Do you have any mentor requests? n/a
  16. Rayya Borage-Brown

    Of Wands and...cores.

    “Hmmmm?” Rayy asked, finishing up with the last blind. “Depends on what the question behind it is. I think that the mail will be piling up on our desks and the Howlers will self explode,” she turned and grinned at her partner. “That’ll be something I won’t miss. As for the investigation I think we might have stumbled into the first stop in nabbing those behind the fake wand scam.” Seeing the dejected Madeleine sobered her up fast and the relief of getting out of the office for longer ended faster than she liked. “I doubt that either the man or the woman are the brains behind this but they’re certainly our way in to cracking it open. They’re probably patsys though, very little knowledge and fewer connections...the chances are they don’t even know each other...but the person who minds them will know more. And it’s no wonder they targeted this shop: precious little in the way of security, inept workers, an owner who is desperate to make sales and who doesn’t know the meaning of the term ‘trade secrets’. Does she have any records on who bought the wands, other than what she just answered? I doubt she got anything useful on the man.” Rayy walked back to the pile of wands and started testing them in much the same way as Ruth had done. She was two in when she stopped and grabbed one of the known fake ones, eyes narrowing as she studied it carefully. “Madeleine, do you mark every wand you make with a runic signature.” ”Oh yes, it’s how I knew those weren’t mine,” Madeleine replied around a mouthful of biscuit. ”Hmmmm...good! That’ll make this go a lot faster. See Ruth, this is what we’re looking for; tiny linked Mannaz runes...next time Seb complains I don’t pay attention to his work, here’s the evidence that I do...love the wizard dearly but really!” It didn’t take long before they had a larger pile of suspect wands and only slightly longer before they’d worked together to magically test each of the suspect ones. Sadly for Madeleine, she had a bigger problem than four returned wands and a wrongly sacked shopgirl. The screech of horror when she saw the pile of fakes made Rayy’s skin crawl. ”That’s like nearly a third of my stock! Years of work! I’ll be ruined!” she cried. ”No, you won’t,” Rayy assured her. “You’ll have our report, the case file number and your insurance will cover this. You’ll be set back a bit but not ruined but we really do need all the information you can give us on the woman who bought and returned the wands, the man who inspected them all and, regrettably more than just names and addresses of former employees in order to make it comprehensive. I’ve a hunch that one of them might be in league with your odd gent and blonde lady.” The poor woman broke down in a flood of tears and Rayy’s heart went out to her, “It’ll be alright, here, have some more tea. I’ll get your paperwork started while you drink that.” She nipped into the back room and returned with insurance claim forms which she started filling out. “I don’t have any further questions just now, do you Ruth?”
  17. Callisto Falls

    I shut my eyes and cross each line

    “That’s it!” Callisto said, snapping her fingers. “Coughing up blood. That’s exactly what I need. Because you know it’s serious when you see someone coughing up blood. It’s like, a sign that they’re going to die.” Which, let’s face it, was pretty likely if someone got stabbed. Callisto was quite excited now—this was bound to get her some accolades from Madam Everleigh. Callisto craved that moment when Everleigh gave her a compliment and all the other students in the theater camp glared daggers at her. It didn’t happen all the time, granted, because the woman was stingy with praise. “I guess if you’re sick at the sight of blood it’d make sense to throw up when you’ve been stabbed,” Callisto said, though she personally agreed with the boy. Her contrariness made her want to argue even when the boy was saying something that she had thought about a moment ago. Her eyebrows went up at the sight of the handkerchief, disappearing behind a strand of hair that had fallen over her face. All that dramatic fake-dying had messed up the ’do a bit. “You’re funny,” she said, though it was clear from her tone that she did not mean “funny” in the comedic sense. He thought she was insane? “I’ve only seen my dad use a handkerchief before,” she announced. “Is yours monogrammed too?” Still, he did help her up so he couldn’t be all that bad. She brushed off the front of her dress and tights, and then set about the task of fixing her hair by using the glass of a storefront as a mirror. “Do you think they’ve got fake blood somewhere around here?” Callisto asked, peering around Diagon Alley as though expecting a fake blood vendor to pop up. “I’m Callisto, by the way.” She didn’t bother reaching out a hand to shake his, because she figured he wouldn’t take it.
  18. Cameron Hoofer

    Late night flying

    "I'm surprised you actually came," William said. The two of them had met just outside of the castle just a little after midnight. It was pitch black out. Cameron was surprised they'd both managed to make it out here without being caught. There were teachers patrolling, and prefects, and Peeves as well. Cameron couldn't really blame his brother for his surprise. So far, he'd turned down all of William's suggestions for rule-breaking. Tonight though, he really wanted to do this. After their Flying Lesson class, they discussed coming out here at night to break into the broom shed and go out flying. Neither boy had really flown since August. Ever since they'd started school, they hadn't had the chance, even with Flying Lessons since the classes were for beginners. Cameron believed that there should be more than one class. One for beginners, and one for those who knew what they were doing. "Of course I came," Cameron said. "But what if we're caught?" William just shrugged. "Why have you become such a goody-goody?" William asked. "You never used to care about this stuff. Ever since we got here you've been nose to the grindstone. You can still have fun and succeed you know. You're not going to get bad grades just because you break the rules sometimes." "But getting detentions might mean that I won't be a prefect someday," Cameron told his brother. "And detentions means time away from schoolwork, which means I won't get good grades." Though it was dark, Cameron could see his brother rolling his eyes. "Sometimes I don't know why we're twins," William muttered. "Lets go." Cameron thought about giving him the obvious answer, but he didn't. He just followed his brother through the pitch black grounds, and out to the Quidditch Pitch. He glanced toward the Forbidden Forest. He knew someday William wanted to go out there as well at night. He was thankful that night wasn't tonight. It was still cold and windy, and the last thing he wanted to do was go out there. The boys kept quiet until they reached the broom shed. "Do you remember the unlocking spell?" William asked him. Cameron nodded and tapped the lock with his wand while muttering: Alohomora The locked clicked as it unlocked. Cameron smirked. If they didn't want students breaking into the shed, they should have a stronger locking charm on it. He opened it, and William lit his wand so they could peer inside. They both reached inside simultaneously for a broom. Once they had, they both grinned at each other and William extinguished his wand. "Ready?" He asked. "Ready," Cameron said.
  19. Ezra Zhang

    Zhang, Ezra

  20. Fern Blackburn

    VH Mentee Sign-Ups

    PM on the way, @Annaly Dimarco! Welcome to VH
  21. Misty sat down in the middle of a corridor to read a book she found. It wasn't like many people came through this particular corridor, so she was less likely to be bothered. She would have sat in her usual corner in the library, but for some odd reason the normally empty section was filled with other people, chatting about the most absurd topics. The book looked quite out of place among Misty’s usual reads- a Choose Your Own Adventure book instead of the dozens of textbooks and classical novels. These books were actually one of Misty’s favorites though, allowing her to go on her own little adventure from the comfort of a corner of the library, providing her with companions to adventure with as well. This particular one caught her eye, for it wasn’t about a place far away, nor was it about some fictional location. This book was titled: Choose Your Own Adventure: Hogwarts Edition. Misty assumed that this book would let her enjoy an adventure through Hogwarts while sitting in that corridor, but she was proven wrong as she opened the book to the first page. The introduction. Misty stared down at option 2. Was that it then? Game over? Not quite. She quickly made a little sign out of her notebook and propped it in front of her. The sign read: “Would anyone like to have an adventure via Choose Your Own Adventure books?” Now to wait by reading another book. Judging by the lack of people in this corridor, it was going to be a long wait.
  22. Misty Leaf

    Animagus Book of Animagi

    Misty was pleasantly surprised to have received help from the first person she asked. She had half-expected to be dismissed with a simple no, that they hadn't seen a pet, or be called crazy for asking about one in a library. She probably shouldn't have mentioned that whole part about pets, but after searching for such a long time, Misty was honestly concerned that the book posing as a pet somewhere. "My name is Misty, Misty Leaf. See, uh, I didn't really have much to do, and I read most of my textbooks already, so... I thought I'd read up some background information about animagi. The theory's really fascinating, and this particular book is said to be one of the most informative, so... yeah." The carts for returned books. Misty had looked through there once when she first failed to find the elusive book at its usual position, but maybe she had overlooked the book? Or maybe someone had returned the book since then? Either way, it couldn’t hurt to check out the carts again. Misty followed Stella over to the piles of books. Time to get sorting.
  23. Ezra Zhang

    Zhang, Ezra

    EZRA ZHANG VH THIRTY NINE SCRAPBOOK PAGES [HOGWARTS STARTER KIT] item here [WRITING & ROLEPLAYING] item here [PLOTTING] Think up a roleplay concept, plot arc, or story point relating to some aspect of your character’s past or future. [CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT] Draft the first post of your character library. Complete a character questionnaire. Complete a character prompt. [ARTS & CRAFTS] Select a celebrity lookalike for your character. Create a family tree for your character. [COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT] item here [ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, & GAMES!] item here MEMORIES EARNED
  24. Her dark eyes narrowed as the person, the man, she had stumbled into spoke her name. Not many people knew it anymore, no one outside of her family or roommates had said it in so long she was instantly on guard. Unease tensed muscles that tinged in protest, as her hand not on the shelf slowly, as to not draw attention to itself, moved to grab her wand from her thigh holster. Knockturn Alley may have had cheap to free rent but it was a dangerous place all the same. Add to that her new profession, anyone who asked for her was instantly suspicious until proven otherwise, never mind that those who watched her duel didn’t know her actual name. Nashira raised her chin slightly to allow herself a better view outside of the dark hood she wore—and instantly felt her brown eyes widen and her knees almost give in shock. The adrenaline that had been building as she gathered strength for a fight response instantly fled at just who she was looking at, as if her body had decided for her that there was no credible threat without consulting her or her years of new knowledge that everyone could be a threat. Was a threat. “Tobias?” Her voice was light, faint and questioning, sounding more like a startled innocent than she had sounded when she herself was an innocent. Her heart beat quicker despite the fact that she felt safe, her nerves instantly igniting. ‘Think of the devil and he shall appear’ was something Arminta was prone to saying and although it had never been something Nash thought of as literal, there was Toby. Almost as if he had been summoned by her thoughts. Unfortunately for her, he had been summoned at the worst time. Her heart was thumping with all its weight behind it fast and hard, was pumping blood quicker, making the aches she felt worse, making the injuries she had throb more, her head produce more stars in her vision, her view of the world tilt slightly. She clung harder to the shelf she was holding on to, the hand that had been reaching for a wand forgoing its path to instead set itself against his chest to keep her from falling. She hissed a sound of discontent. “It’s been a long time.” Nashira said, trying to put a smile in her words as she patted him where she touched him, immediately trying to play off the fact that she had had to grab him to stop from faceplanting or dropping where she stood. She knew she was injured but hadn’t thought it was that serious; if she had, she would have gone straight to Arminta for help. She didn’t want to drag Tobias into what she was dealing with—he was probably regretting that he ever spoke her name with how she was acting. Even if she was at the top of her game, he would have regretted it; she was a virtual stranger now. They hadn’t spoke in years, even if they were best friends before. Even if there might have been something more building before, something she hadn’t been able to put a name to. Now, he must have felt like he was running into a ghost. Something she might turn into soon if she didn’t get fixed up. “Do you need help finding something?” Her brain didn’t process that though, instead letting her tongue say what it pleased in order to keep the conversation going. Nevermind that she didn’t work there. Nevermind that there was so much more that could have been said instead. “Are you lost? Do you need help finding your way back to Diagon Alley?”
  25. Professor Qin

    Creature Feature 2nd year

    Since they lived in a world where dragons existed, it was rare for any student to express interest in the dull Plimpys. So when Alvis came forward, Meryl was pleasantly surprised. She always liked students who saw value in creatures that others would barely afford a glance, mainly because it is in these situations where one could discover the most. “Good job Mr Anderson.” Meryl praised as she observed the Plimpy. It was a medium-sized one and had plenty of room to grow. “Make sure to give it plenty of space to swim and roam. It shouldn’t require a huge amount but by giving it more space, it’ll be less stressed. I believe you already know what a Plimpy’s diet is like so in terms of day-to-day care, you are all set. You may come find me if there’s anything else you would like to learn about these water creatures.”
  26. Malcolm Mercer III

    #some people can build a bridge and get over it #not kent

    "Well, I was hoping you'd try a little harder to conceal your identity during this weird guessing game," he teased, looking down at her. Her wrists were still held gently in his hands and he glanced at her watch briefly, nodding. "True. Wesley is horrible and we do hate him, but he does have excellent taste in watches." If there was anything that Wesley could do correctly it was pick out the finer things in life. Honestly, Malcolm just let him do it. At some point Wesley would realize that he couldn't buy Malcolm's love or appreciation. Dropping her wrists, Malcolm returned his attention to the wall behind him and pursed his lips gently. He was sure that this castle had secrets that he needed to uncover, and if he didn't... someone was going to beat him to it. He only had five more years to get things done here. He turned and regarded Jack with a smile, running his tongue along his teeth gently. "Kent....well, it's not easy to surprise or amaze him. He'd look up and see the sun and go 'oh no, do I step into the shade? But if I go into the shade, I'll be too cold. But if I stay in the sun, I'll get too hot. I could always wait for a cloud, or a thunderstorm, but then if there's a thunderstorm I'm going to get shocked, and...." Mal shrugged. "I could go on." Kent... oh, Kent. "So, why did you touch my face with your weird musty furby hands?" he asked, continuing to tap the walls of the castle with his wand. He didn't know any spells that would make the walls work with him, but if the wand was a Magical Device then perhaps it would assist him somehow. Unlikely, but Malcolm could hope.
  27. Amelia Martin

    Paint me in trust, I'll be your best friend

    Amelia dramatically hufffed away from her mother and into the library of the large Harmon household, a letter clutched in her silver-painted nails. She'd chosen the color especially because it had matched a pretty blue dress she was especially fond of. Her mother's instructions of "It is time you replied to this pen-pal note of yours, Amelia Rylynne. Now please go do just that" rang clearly in her disgruntled mind. The library's large oak desk was vacant, another snag in her plan. If her stepfather, Dale, had been doing business there, she'd have had the perfect excuse for putting the reply off--again. As it was, her letter from the Pre-Hogwarts Programme had been sitting on the family room end table for at least a week and a half; unopened. Amy had been whining about sending a reply since it had arrived. There was very little of interest at the Gambol center her mom frequently dropped her off at before heading to work. Why should she expect the sister-program to be any different? Unfortunately, she thought, as she flung herself into the swivel chair--spinning several times--it seemed her time of avoidance was up. "Of freaking course it is," she murmured to herself, sliding the letter-opener under the flap of the envelope that had arrived by Muggle post. Slipping the letter out, Amelia shook it open and read. "Oh my god, I'm not writing back to this!" Amy shouted, shooting out of the chair and back into the family room, where her mother sat, surrounded by wedding venue outlines and centerpiece choices. Her mother was always surrounded by these things, as she was a wedding planner. "Momma, are you crazy? This girl thinks squirrels are magical. She's completely crazy, I'm sure of it. I don't want to write back!" she whined, practically stamping her foot. "Amelia," her mother, Paige, sighed in resignation, "just write back a couple of sentences, okay?" Throwing her hands in the air, Amy growled and stormed off. "FINE!" The shout reverberated off of the custard-colored walls. Some time later, the blonde returned to her mother, still in the family room, and shoved a finished letter under her nose. "There," she declared, drama dripping off of her words, "it's done. Can you please send this to Lyra?" It actually hadn't been that bad... Dear Lyra, Did you know my mom didn't even tell me that we were pen-pals? She just gave me your letter! Not that I'm not happy to write to you. Most of my family is magical, except my stepdad and brother. They're Muggles. It's taken some getting used to for them, I think. Well, Dale, anyway. That's my stepdad. It was actually pretty funny to see his face, when I accidentally made our cat zoom around the room. I know about Hogwarts, in the sense, that it's a magic school. My mom and dad went to Ilvermorny because they grew up in the States. So, I'll be the first one going to Hogwarts. Have you been to the Gambol center yet? I'm there ALL of the time. I get bored sometimes. I love dresses! They're my favorite things to wear. I have TONS of them! My favorite is this dark blue one because it matches my favorite silver nail polish. Fairies and cupcakes are also really great. Cupcakes are more fun to eat than to make, though. And fairies, in television or movies, are better than the actual creatures. Or so I'm told by my parents. You can tell your dad that I like pizza just fine, but it's mostly too greasy for me. Also, squirrels aren't magical. Some of them just fly. From, Amelia. P.S. You can call me Amy, if you want.
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