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  2. Mikey Stormcutter

    VH Mentee Sign-Ups

    Name: Mikey Stormcutter Timezone: MST At what times of the day are you available? I'm homeschooled, so ... random times throughout the day. What is the best way to contact you? PM What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? Maybe some RPs and help with the board Do you have any mentor requests? I don't know anyone
  3. Verity Doran

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Verity Doran Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? Nope! Team name idea: Tramplin' Taters?
  4. Lainee Brom

    Seminar: Spectacular Snitches

    Lainee shouted useless commentary from the ground as the students took off after the first few snitches. She was basically a spectator for all the good that her "WAIT FOR IT!" and "LEFT LEFT LEFT!" and "YEAH!"s were actually doing in helping the seekers. She didn't want to give away the effects, even though that would have actually been useful. Luckily, nothing bad had happened, and nothing had required her to step in. She was two for two there, in three snitches. The first snitch went to Desmond, the second to a first year girl in Ravenclaw robes, and the third to Zara, though Seely, Cordelia, and a Slytherin first year were also quick into the mix. The older quidditch players she wasn't surprised to see meeting success. The youngest... "Oy. Morty. Recruit that one." Lainee said, pointing the newly arrived Ravequidder at @Sabine Frost. "Or just beat her out so she recruits herself." Lainee had nothing to go on other than the flying that she saw from the first year, but there was a chance that getting beat by a friendly would-be teammate would prompt her to ask questions. Lainee hadn't been that kind of student. Lainee had been distinctly lazy in that regard. But everyone was different. All of the snitches were under control, so Lainee raised her voice again then to address all of the fliers. "ORANGE SNITCH. READY SET GO." The next of the enchanted snitches was set free. Hi all. Zara's and Sabine's seeks from the 7th and 8th are not valid, since they were not during a snitch window. The RPs are fine and should stay The Orange snitch window started yesterday and is currently live! Term 2 Week 1, Monday November 12 to Sunday November 18
  5. Morty Gabor

    Seminar: Spectacular Snitches

    Post One WC: 142 “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Morty spurred her Firebolt into its characteristic burst of speed, effectively appearing on the scene out of nowhere in ten seconds flat. She hadn’t even had time to tie her curls back as she dashed to the pitch, several minutes late. It wasn’t like the Ravenclaw to show up late for Quidditch practices, but she and Shiver had very important things to do, okay? “HiLaineeIloveyou!” Morty chirped, cresting out of her climb so abruptly that she lifted from her seat for a half-second. It was plain to see that seeking was still ongoing, from the way that the players were slowly condensing into a neck-and-neck clump. Morty observed for a few seconds, trying to gauge whether it would be more advantageous to engage the pack in a race, or head off seeking in her own direction.
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  7. Aggie Price

    Can I Read Your Mind?

    (sorry so late <3) Aggie wasn't quite sure if she should focus on one thing or just let her mind be as normal as possible. She sort of decided on a happy middle point as her mind often raced at high speed over many topics. Of course, lately, that was a bit easier thanks to the Matchmaker activity at last year's Yule Ball. As Eloise began sharing what she saw in Aggie's mind, Aggie nodded affirmatively that she definitely was thinking about the Yule Ball. Another affirmative nod that she was hoping there would be another one this year. Thankfully, for both Aggie's and Eloise's sakes, Eloise did not voice that last one. Not River. Definitely not River.
  8. Hatty Hambeldon

    Match Your Date SIGN-UPS!

    --I wanna play! Name: Hatty Hambeldon House and Year: Gryffindor, Fifth Name of Significant Other: Ryan Buratsche Has your significant other signed up as well? (If not, please poke them as the nature of this game requires both of you) : Not yet but I'll force him to? xD ARE YOU READY FOR A GAME OF LOVE?: Not really, no? I don't do things like this usually...
  9. Dax Gordon

    Tales from the Darkside

    Dax was, as usual, lurking. There were classes to skip and younger students to terrorize and he wouldn't get anywhere with either of those if he didn't do a full slink around the castle every hour or so. Usually, he was left alone during these periods, unless Fletcher decided to join him or he found someone to target; it was a very rare sort of occasion that found Dax on the receiving end of a bother. "Uh." He turned to the girl who'd dared to touch him, The Dax Gordon, a scowl fully formed. He had things to do and even a honey couldn't distract him from keeping up on his reign of terror. "Things."
  10. Professor Nawton

    VH House Points Year VH 38

    Divination House Points - Seventh Years - Tori Cage-15+0 Fiona Weaver-20+33 Eloise Beauchamp-20+0 Nicodemus Knight-20+34 Vladimir Valentin-20+29 Totals: Gryffindor: 15 Hufflepuff: 53 Ravenclaw: 123 Slytherin: 0 New House Point Totals Ravenclaw: 1147 Hufflepuff: 943 Gryffindor: 878 Slytherin: 597
  11. Hatty Hambeldon

    Flowergrams for Valentines

    Your name: Hatty Hambeldon Who shall we say the flowergram is from? Hatty Recipient: Ryan Burastche Flower color: Pink If you would like your telegram delivered to a specific thread, please provide the link here: N/A Are you happy for the flowergram message to be intercepted by Dove and/or Peeves? (Your real flowergram will be delivered after) Uh, sure?? Anything else? Nope <333 Your telegram will be delivered so please fill out this next portion carefully. The top line is intended as a 'to' message (e.g. 'To my darling Marvin' or 'Hey babe') and the bottom line is intended as a signature (e.g. 'Love, Bob' or 'From your secret admirer') but you may use these spaces however you like. Top line (maximum 50 characters): Ryan Message line (maximum 140 characters): I don't know why I'm sending this. I guess, it's to tell you that I think you're cool and I like you? Bottom line (maximum 50 characters): Hatty -------------------- Your name: Hatty Hambeldon Who shall we say the flowergram is from? Hatty Recipient: Fletcher Barrow Flower color: Orange If you would like your telegram delivered to a specific thread, please provide the link here: N/A Are you happy for the flowergram message to be intercepted by Dove and/or Peeves? (Your real flowergram will be delivered after) Uh, sure?? Anything else? Nope <333 Your telegram will be delivered so please fill out this next portion carefully. The top line is intended as a 'to' message (e.g. 'To my darling Marvin' or 'Hey babe') and the bottom line is intended as a signature (e.g. 'Love, Bob' or 'From your secret admirer') but you may use these spaces however you like. Top line (maximum 50 characters): Fletch Message line (maximum 140 characters): If there is any chance with you... well, I just want to know. I really like you. But you knew that already... Bottom line (maximum 50 characters): Hatty
  12. Pine Tree

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    [font=Georgia][b]Name:[/b] Pine Tree [b]Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with?[/b] nope [b]Team name idea:[/b]tree team LOL[/font]
  13. Dale McQueen-Trengrove

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Dale Edmund McQueen-Trengrove Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? no one comes to mind (bringitonevenleon) Team name idea: Peas in a Pod? lol. I suck at things like this.
  14. Faye Winter

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Faye Winters Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? n/a Team name idea: Sack Struck? hahahaha I'm bad at names
  15. Chaol Edevane

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Chaol Edevane Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? N/A Team name idea:Muggleborn Misfits? Idk This is hard .-.
  16. Professor Nawton

    Marks for VH Year 38

    Divination Grades - Fifth & Seventh Years - Fifth Years Tbe Seventh Years Tori Cage-EE Fiona Weaver-O* Eloise Beauchamp-O Nicodemus Knight-O* (ToY) Vladimir Valentin-O*
  17. The firefly reappeared several feet away from where Eli had lost track of it, and he swung happily around to see it rejoin a field of lights. “I have a jar.” He said absently, his left hand stashing the compass back in its pocket and making it halfway towards his schoolbag. He had a couple of jars, that empty box that @River Wolfe had given him for Christmas, and a short length of rope, but he didn’t get any farther towards his creature-catching implements than that because he agreed with Fiona. They should just let them be. He could happily stay here and watch the fireflies for the rest of the expedition. He could try to count them knowing it was impossible! Eli had just finished a contented sigh when Fiona interrupted. “No,” he said shortly, to not miss it if it came again. He cocked his head to the side to try to hear better and there it was. “There. It sounds like a voice.” And he did not like the sound of it. Eli wanted to yell at it for ruining the moment, and he wanted to cry, but he had the luxury of neither. Fiona cast a longing look around the firefly field. They’d clearly found something already. Something lovely, something that had managed to soften Fiona’s opinion of these dark, creepy woods. The fireflies felt safe. The mystery voice in the woods...didn’t. Then again, thought Fiona, hadn’t she been a little afraid of the lights too, at first? Before figuring out what they were? Maybe she’d been wrong to judge this place so negatively. Maybe mysterious mutterings in the dark didn’t have to be terrifying. Curiosity had paid off once, and a hopeful voice inside suggested that it might do so again. “Maybe it’s got something to do with the fireflies?” she suggested. That was a reach, and she knew it. “We can check it out real quick, then come right back and study these some more.” Fiona had the feeling that’s where she and Eli both would’ve been happiest. “Sure.” Eli was skeptical of her argument, but he would follow Fiona’s lead. The second year pulled the compass back out of his bag and held it up to be illuminated by a firefly, and he resented the mysterious voice all the more in that moment. “The voice is—” Eli wiped the beginnings of sullen tears from his eyes to read the compass and tried again. “We’re leaving the fireflies northeast. So we’d go southwest to get back. Compasses are good for going in straight lines even if you don’t have a map.” They would find the source of the voice, and they would come right back here. And Eli would parrot back every book-fact he’d ever read until they did. Eli and Fiona try to find the source of the sound.
  18. Post Three Wand still held at the ready, Fiona continued after the mysterious bobbing light. Conversation, following the light, and remaining mindful of her surroundings were a bit of a balancing act, but she and Eli must be doing alright, because nothing had eaten them yet. Their continued security went a long way towards Fiona’s confidence, and by the time she caught sight of the second and third bobbing lights, she was more curious than afraid. “Oh!” she exclaimed when a fourth one right in front of her face, “They’re not distant, they’re tiny!” The darkened forest had been playing games with Fiona’s visual perspective. Now that she was able to reach out and touch the lights, she recognized them for the fireflies they were. Eli nodded and tried to trust that Harlow would be willing to protect herself if she needed to. If Fiona had come to that conclusion, maybe his Hufflepuff friend could too. He was about to look at Fiona, to try to imagine her as a second year, when she spoke again and Eli instead looked where she was looking. The previous topic of conversation was completely forgotten in the real and metaphorical glow of their first discovery. “Oh, wow!” Eli’s eyes, already wide trying to force more visual information into his brain, grew if possible even wider. “Are there magical ones, or d’you think these are just muggle fireflies?” He reached out a hand towards the place where one had just gone out. They were enchanting. “I don’t know, but...” Fiona trailed off absently as the individual pinpoints began to grow into a brighter, ambient glow. She was so enthralled that she allowed her wand guard to drift lower by several inches. Stepping carefully, the pair emerged into an entire starfield of fireflies. Fiona couldn’t help it—she laughed, turning a slow three-sixty as she drank in the sight. “This is so much better than a hinkypunk!” she chuckled, holding out a hand as though hopeful that an insect might alight there. “I would put a few in a jar to take back and examine later, but that seems...I don’t know, I don’t want to take them away. We could stay here a while and try to--” What was that noise? Right, mindfulness of their surroundings. Fiona’s wand twitched up again, and she swung her head around, trying to pinpoint the noise she’d heard. Maybe it would happen again. “Did you hear something?” she asked softly. Fiona and Eli try to find the source of the sound
  19. Jacquetta Rosewood

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Jacquetta Rosewood Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? N/A Team name idea: Potato Poppers (I have no idea... names are hard)
  20. Eli Benoit

    Eli Benoit

    .F irst year - Eli gets sorted into Ravenclaw. (1) - Birbs look for puzzle pieces at the Ravenclaw House Table. (2) - Birb bros do not get along after all. (3) - Cora Ives warns Eli of the many dangers of Hogwarts. (4) - Eli discusses the Tri-Wizard Tournament with Dane Golden-Kesi. (5) - Birbs still do not get along. (6) - Eli and Misty Leaf suggest Mason Fluke climbs out on the roof for TWT training. (7) - Eli and Takeru Satou meet at the Yule Ball, and a best-friendship is born. (8) - Eli and TK watch the second task. (9) - Eli loses (slash-looses) Professor Wollice's niffler. Kelby Matos, Radueriel Benson, and Xenia Lupu-Haidei join him in pursuit. (10) - Eli and Misty cross the castle to take school brooms and go flying in a thunderstorm. (11) Quidditch Point Claim First Year Duels Fauxwizard Tournament Phase 1 Phase 2 s Second year - Eli plays a word game and gets a carrot from Rad. (1) - Eli is a Ravenclaw house mentor. (2) - Eli, TK, and Harlow Carr decorate Christmas cookies (3) - Eli and Rian have "the dinner saga" (4) - Eli and Rad have a pun-off bake. Or don't. (5) - More stuff happens.
  21. Gabriel Montague

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Gabriel Montague Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? Nope. Team name idea: Pharoah Hounds (after Gabe's dog)
  22. Elewyn Sauvigni

    Will there be a troupe of dancing skeletons for entertainment?

    "Crazy or lazy" Elewyn shrugged "unfortunately, if they can't be bothered to complete their homework in plenty of time, they only have themselves to blame." She nodded when Sabine pointed out that people commonly repeated their mistakes. "All too true" she agreed "I try never to make the same mistake twice, once if I can help it. It seems that you and I are in the minority." It was said really, not to mention a waste of an opportunity when you kept making the same mistakes over and over. Sabine pointed out that she had written about her loads of time, and the smile immediately returned to Elewyn's face. "That's nice" she approved "I write about you too, and Tami is so pleased that I have found a friend. There are 3 girls she is particularly close with; one Gryffindor and two Hufflepuffs. They stayed over for a couple of days during the summer." She offered another suggestion. "Since your folks know all about me, I am sure they don't think you are on your own." That was a concerrn her friend had raised, but Elewyn could see that it was baseless. It seemed that Sabine had misheard her when she said her parents both worked. "No, they work for the ministry" she pointed out "they are both aurors." They both had great jobs, but that mean that they worked long hours. That was one of the reasons why Elewyn though she might suggest getting an elf to look after the house when they were away. Apparently Sabine was getting tired of scooping out the inside of her pumpkin, and Elewyn had to admit that it wasn't the most fun job in the world. "Would you like to take a break from that for a bit" she suggested "maybe we could have a go at collecting some juice." She waved her hand at the bowl full of pumpkin fragments she had already collected. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting thirsty."
  23. Margarleon Turpentine

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    Name: Margarleon "Leon" Turpentine Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with? Nope! Though Lyra and Leon aren't supposed to know each other super well until the train so maybe we shouldn't be paired (assuming Lyra's also participating). Team name idea: Brawlers, Not Bawlers (idk ignore me lol I'm terrible at team names)
  24. Amelia Martin

    Amelia Martin

    ATTENTION VH39! We're having a Sack Race Tournament at the Gambol! It is open for all VH39ers! Sign-ups are right here!

    Be there or be.....well, be lame. SO DON'T BE LAME.

  25. Lyra Nyberg-Peters

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● vh39 sack race team list! ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● TEAM NAME team member one team member two ● ● ● ● TEAM NAME team member one team member two ● ● ● ● TEAM NAME team member one team member two ● ● ● ● TEAM NAME team member one team member two Teams will be edited in here when sign-ups close! I'll put a little announcement in the Discord server when they're up :3
  26. Amelia Martin

    VH39 Sack Race Tournament

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● vh39 sack race sign-ups! ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Welcome to the 1st annual Sack Race Tournament, hosted by Amelia Martin and Lyra Nyberg-Peters! We are super excited to finally be dropping this game! The rules are fairly simple: Teams of two (paired up at random) All teams start at the starting line. Each round lasts approximately 24 hours. In that twenty-four hour period, at least one person from the team has to post with a minimum 50-word RP moving closer to the finish line. Each RP in the game should have your team name at the top and each team needs to end their RP with a number between 1 and 20 in BOLD. If both members of the team post, their number must be the same. A dice generator will roll. The team with the closest number to the dice roll earns 10 points, with the rest of the points being given out in descending order. For example, the team with the closest guess gets 10 points, the next closest gets 9, the next 8, and so on and so forth. Once the descending order reaches one point, any teams following will just receive one point as well. Any teams who do not post in the 24-hour period are disqualified (but can still post RP reactions to the game, including a reaction to their disqualification.) The game ends at ten rounds OR when a team reaches 70 points. IC-rule: NO FIGHTING. (You’ll get disqualified and Lyra will cry.) We don’t even know why our bunch is so aggressive, but try to keep the fighting to a minimum? Biting, punching, flinging, smoothie-throwing? Just jump with your partner and enjoy the partnership! Sign-ups close on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19th. The game will be posted and begins on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd. ~The winning team will get a graphic set from BOTH Lyra and I! And RPs, too (because we crave them and want to have your friendships). Also, we’re going to try and communicate with the higher-ups to arrange some goodies when the shop reopens.~ [SIGN-UP FORM] [font=Georgia][b]Name:[/b] [b]Anyone from VH39 that you absolutely cannot partner with?[/b] (For RP/plot purposes) [b]Team name idea:[/b][/font] If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas (or if this just didn’t make any sense), you can PM/Discord Lyra or Amelia. Mostly importantly, HAVE FUN! :3
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