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A club for students looking to pursue careers in the field of Magical Law Enforcement.

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  2. Finn hadn't the slightest of silly little clues what an Auror was. Given a thorough review of the position, its ominous display of danger, and the terrors endured by those God-like enough to bestow the honor—no, he'd scoff, loudly, and traipse right back out the way he came. It wasn't for a lack of bravery, but rather an innate sense of risk that outweighed the imminent glory. Finn was calculating, precise, and with these effective talents still under development at the prim young age of eleven and three quarters, he lacked the wit to walk away. Besides, he only bothered showing up because @Eleanor Malverne was looking awfully spiffy about the meeting... he was doing the girl a favor by laughing at her meek introduction. A heightened sense of duty and importance would just go straight to her head. "Finn here."
  3. Phillip Aldermaston

    YAS: Not quite a battle cry, but let's start the party.

    Did Phillip want to be an auror. No, no thank you. Did he not want to be an auror? Yes, very much yes. So what was Phillip even doing here? Ah, the answer to that one was really simple. While he had no intentions of being an auror, he had every intention of completing auror training. Of course, he didn’t intend to do that for any auror reasons – he was doing that so he could protect his patients/students and thus he sat cross-legged looking for ideas on how he could defend himself/others against the good guys.
  4. Seeley Pichardo

    Mission Tracker

  5. Seeley Pichardo

    Mission Tracker

    Members in the Young Auror Society can now track their training sessions and any cases they embark on here in the file room using the tracker below, or one of their own making. ((Coding TBE - If anyone is exceptionally excited about coding and wants to work something up please let me know, otherwise I will get to something soon.))
  6. Seeley Pichardo

    Training Missions

    Training Missions Can be completed in dueling chamber proper (as long as the qualifications can still be met) or in the dueling club forum as experimental duels. If you have any suggestions for other "sessions" please PM or message them to me on Discord. I am willing to serve as an officiator for these or ask another club member. Please Note: All Duels MUST be completed in the Dueling Chamber. DO NOT post any duels in this forum. They will be flagged for removal. •︎•︎•︎ DARK OF NIGHT Location determined, location arrived at and suddenly you are plunged into darkness. Either by the cover of the night or by magical means, there is no light. Now the first spell has been fired and it was aimed in your direction. You know it is not friendly fire. :: Both opponents duel under the effect of blindness :: •︎•︎•︎ I AM STEALTH To be the best, you must train hard. Roll, tuck, jump, flip and swing; physical fitness is important. A future auror or law enforcement officer must be in tip top shape and now is a good time to practice! It's not always all about offence. :: Both opponents much use agility charm :: •︎•︎•︎ AUROR vs. DE The ultimate showdown. One of you assumes the role of an auror taking on an evil death eater. Who will win? :: Build a spell list using 230wp and standard blocking charms for green tier ::
  7. Eleanor had not the foggiest idea what she wanted to do post-Hogwarts. She figured she could follow in her mother's footsteps, into the Department of International Magical Cooperation, or her father's as a publisher. Neither of those paths had the slightest to do with Aurors, although she supposed her mother would work with them from time to time. Mostly Eleanor had decided to join the Young Auror Society to see if she could learn any cool spells to which she did not yet have access. That possibility seemed less and less likely, although Ellie would wait to judge completely. She did introduce herself to the rather intimidatingly large group with a short, curt, "I'm Eleanor Malverne, Slytherin first year," and then melted back into the group. She would wait and see.
  8. When it came to choosing her career path, Alecia had no idea which career she wanted to pursue. While the blond enjoyed working with animals,she would of rather preferred being around people since she was friendly, outgoing, and had a lot to offer to the world. Becoming an Auror sounded exciting. Unfortunately her dueling skills were rusty having not been in the dueling chamber since halfway through her fifth year. Alecia had been so busy showing a first year a cool new trick she had learned that the Gryffindor found herself late to the first meeting. "Hi there guys. My name is Alecia. Sorry I am late. What is this club all about? Are we going to learn how to defend ourselves against the bad guys?"
  9. Zara was thrilled to find out that this year Hogwarts was going to be starting clubs. Even though she wasn't going to become an Auror, Zara found this club as a good way to learn how to protect herself from danger. The Slytherin wasn't sure how she felt about it being taught by a fifth year. While she liked Seeley, the club should of been ran by a responsible adult like Professor Foster. Zara entered the classroom only to find that there were several people in attendance. "I'm Zara. What is this club all about?
  10. Since she'd first found out about them, Behati had been on a quest to be an auror. Either that or Minister of Magic. Her understanding of the magical world made her want to be more involved in it---as involved as possible, in fact. She'd also wanted to prove that Muggleborns (and, by extension, Muggles) were just as good as witches and wizards. If she ended up being an auror, she'd be the sort to protect all types of people and finally let other Muggleborns see that there was hope. Or something emotional like that. Also, Seeley was one of her favorite prefects so she wanted to be a part of whatever the girl started. "Hi, I'm Behati, and one of my goals is to be an auror. Or Minister of Magic. Or whatever else has a lot of authority. I'm not too picky, to be honest."
  11. Jack had joined this club for two primary reasons: A. Seeley Pichardo was probably a veela, because she seemed able to make teh boyz do whatever she wanted. B. His father was a cop and he felt obligated to give a flack about this sort of thing. That was why, on a Saturday afternoon, Jack was at some Young Auror club meeting instead of dueling all the damn day in some futile attempt to hold onto the title he'd claimed the year before. He had no desire to introduce himself, especially not right after Kelby, all things considered. They still had some 'working things out' to get around to. Eventually. But eyes were on him as he entered the room, right after Kelby's arrival. "Jack," he said blandly, as if the name alone was enough. His eyes fell on Gracie-Mae after a moment and he breathed an audible sigh of relief. "Hey, Gracie. Glad you're here. I thought I'd only know Seels."
  12. As a twelve-year-old, Kelby hadn’t the foggiest idea what she wanted to do with her life. Some days, she wasn’t even sure what that life would entail. Would she be part of the muggle world or the magical one? With everything that had gone on this summer, she was still grappling as she tried to figure out the answer for either one. The one thing that stuck in her mind was her mother’s plea that Kelby be more serious this year. What could be more serious than joining the young crime-fighting club at Hogwarts? Though if she were being honest, she still had no clue if she would even like it. She just remembered getting her wand that day in Ollivanders when the assistant announced that it meant she was a warrior, and Kelby knew that she had to at least give this a chance. Pushing her way into the Defense classroom, Kelby grinned when she saw some familiar faces, though the most noticeable was definitely Seeley. “Hello everyone,” she announced vivaciously, waving at the group gathered round. It seemed everyone was being rather quiet, but that had never really been the Gryffindor’s style; awkward silences were too uncomfortable for the second year to handle. “I’m Kelby, and I am excited to find out more about this club! When do we get to the dueling part?” She may have been a little misguided with the club intentions, but how else were you supposed to fight crime other than dueling the bad guys? Duh.
  13. Avery had joined up to see what the fuss was about. She had always wondered what the extent of her grandfathers’ job was within society. He had been an auror for longer than she had been alive. Surely there was something wonderful about it? Would it be something that she considered going into when she was out of Hogwarts in one hundred years’ time? There was only one way to find out. She would need to go along and see what everyone had to say. If it was too unlike her, she would just go and find something else to do. She still needed to see if there were any fairies down by the lake, after all.
  14. Did Julian want to be an auror? He hadn't the foggiest idea, if he was perfectly honest. As far as he was concerned, he was entirely too young to be making decisions like that. But he'd enjoyed being part of the HBI with Seeley, and he liked the idea of the solving crimes, even if a career in law enforcement probably meant that he wouldn't be the kind of scientist his parents had always expected him to become. More importantly, though, he didn't not want to be an auror, or magical detective or what have you, which made it his duty to learn more about the subject. So here he was, running towards the classroom just in case he was about to be late, only to find to find it sparsely populated still. Forcing himself to come to a stop, he raised his hand in greeting as he caught his breath. "Hey Seeley, hi Gracie-Mae, hi... Alyssa's brother?" Julian remembered the boy from the sorting ceremony, and he remembered he'd shared a last name with one of his classmates but, as he hadn't met him yet, he didn't actually remember his first name.
  15. Cameron had no idea if he wanted to be an Auror someday, but it was a possibility. He wanted to explore his options as much as possible while he was young. He wasn't like his older sister who had already decided she wanted to follow in their mother's footsteps. Cameron knew that there were so many possibilities out there. He wasn't even sure if he was good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, or if he'd be good at fighting. This club would likely help him figure that out. He knew he wanted to help people out. However, many careers involved that. He could try and be like his father, and become a Healer someday. He knew his father was hoping for that, but Cameron wasn't sure. He had no idea if he was good at Potions or healing spells. He didn't know if he had the temperament to be around sick people. And what if you lost a patient? He thought of all of this as he made his way to the first meeting. Even if he decided he didn't want to be one, this club would teach him something. That was why he was at Hogwarts after all. He wanted to learn as much as he could, even if he had no interest in it. As he made his way closer, he saw a familiar girl ahead going into a room. He hurried to catch up to her. She'd come over to Alyssa's sleep-over a year and a half ago. It was @Gracie-Mae Goodwin. "Gracie-Mae?" He asked when he caught up to her.
  16. Gracie-Mae Goodwin

    YAS: Not quite a battle cry, but let's start the party.

    Gracie-Mae knew that she liked the idea of being an auror - helping people, fighting bad guys, saving the world! But that didn't mean that she was sure that she wanted to grow up to be one. Graduation was a long ways away! Still, when she read the flyers about a Young Auror Society, Gracie-Mae was very curious. What better way to find out more about what aurors did (and if she was truly cut out to become one in the future) than to join such a society? Best case, maybe she'd even get to save the world before she graduated from Hogwarts. That would be amazing! Eager to get involved, Gracie-Mae was probably just a little bit early as she peeked her head into the classroom. "Hello? Is this the Young Auror Society?" she asked, suddenly feeling both very nervous and very excited as she took a few hesitant steps into the room.
  17. New year, new badge... new powers. The HBI had served the hufflepuff well over the last four years, but Seeley knew that trying to stay in the shadows; secretive and quiet, kept her at a disadvantage. It was time to go bigger. Go bolder. Thankfully, @Professor Foster had been quick to encourage her bright endeavor. Honestly, the fifteen year old wasn't sure why something like this hadn't existed before and with a few flyers spread up in the great hall and common rooms and a few whispers through the corridors she had hoped the word had been spread far enough. She was there early of course, setting herself up at the front of the room wearing an attire of mostly all black that likely would have made Professor James proud if she had still been around but that was neither here nor there. She simply hoped that people would come. She knew she could count on Julian. He had investigated a few curious incidents in the castle with her and she knew he would love to be involved in this. But she simply wasn't sure what to expect from the rest of the student body.
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