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Future Bakers welcomes anyone with a passion for baking (and cooking). No cooking challenge is too large! Warning - all tasty treats must be eaten.

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  2. Avery Potter

    First Bake

    Avery had no idea what she was letting herself in for. She had decided to ask for permission to start an actual baking club... then when it had been approved she had felt a lot of worry. Was she actually a good enough baker to follow through with her wishes? Would she be ousted from club leader by the end of the first week? It did not matter. She was ready to bake her little heart out. It was the first week, she wanted to start with something simple. What was simpler then cupcakes? With the valentine’s celebrations coming up they would be able to share the love with others. “Guys!” Avery said, hoping someone to join her. “Who wants to make cupcakes with me? Or… something else. I don’t mind. I just want to get baking.”
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