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>>> ONLY SECOND YEARS & ABOVE <<< The hub for magical creatures lovers. If you wish to get a peek into the life of a magizoologist, this is the place to start!

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  2. Takeru Satou

    Scavengers gonna scavenge

    “That’s a good question, actually,” TK replied back, “I mean, they have to be able to hear somehow? So I would think they have ears somewhere.” Maybe TK should have gone over a textbook or something in the library. A brilliant idea came to mind. “We can make a research party out of this! Grab some library books, some snacks, and have some fun while we research!” As TK swept up some crumbs in his current corner, the smol badger could only imagine what sorts of magical messes Eli’s dad talked about - TK had no real basis to work with, considering his dad never talked about his work. “This mostly feels like we’re cleaning out a really grungy basement that hasn’t been lived in for a million years,” TK joked back, looking around at their work. Eli was right - they were definitely gonna need to mop. “Oh! Yes,” he affirmed, “I can mop really well.” TK proceeded to grab a mop and a bucket of water. “Wanna split the mopping work? I’ll start this side, you do the other side, and we meet in the middle?” WC: 193
  3. Professor Qin

    Club Announcements

    Allocation of Points Dear Club Members, First, I'm so sorry about the delayed update! I meant to get a reminder about the notebooks in before the HP deadlines are up but it seems there might not be sufficient time. My idea for now is to rollover the points you have earned this year to the next - if that's okay! For seventh years who have completed some activity, I'll like to reimburse you in some way. I believe the two are @Fiona Weaver & @Vladimir Valentin . Do find me on discord and we will hash things out! Qin (P.S. I will try to give this club a good dusting over the VH 'holidays'!)
  4. Alvis Anderson

    Creature Feature 2nd year

    Captive Plimpy #5 WC: 406 He'd really enjoyed his time in the internship, firstly it got him out of the duelling chamber and out into the wonderful grounds, Alvis after all was an explorer but his first year at the school had for the most been spent down in the dungeons battling his fellow students. Secondly it had brought him closer to creatures, all be a Plimpy that wasn't what you'd call a mega popular creature however Alvis found them fascinating and hoped to someday get the fish more notoriety. His last few times with the toothy fish came in the form of him trying to keep a group of Plimpy in a confined area to try and see if wizard king could farm said creature or even maybe as a pet! The first few days seemed fine, the fish didn't seem to bothered by captivity as Alvis had provided enough space for each fish to feel at ease, however a number of factors had not been foreseen by the second year lion that soon brought trouble into his plans. Firstly the fish became lazy due to regular feeding patterns, the fish became very over weight and a good few of them fell ill, which Alvis soon curbed and made the Plimpy work for their food. Secondly numbers began to increase due to rapid breeding, space became a problem and Alvis on such a small scale operation he had to give the fish over to Professor Qin as he couldn't use that much Plimpy at such a young age and without demand. The problem was space and the fish began to fight and become irritated, Finally he called it quits on his own little farm, that wasn't all that small anymore and decided that a Plimpy fishery could be possible if you had the space, time and demand for Plimpy! Something to consider for the future maybe if he ever kept it in his mind long enough. Well the schools stock of Plimpy for potion ingredients was bursting at the seams and if anyone was hungry for a tasty fish treat the kitchens could handle a mad rush at any moment. The only problem was that the lake was strewn with bobbing, leg tied Plimpy as the Merfolk really did find them a nuisance , lucky a vast number of the Hogwarts creature population had a taste for the fish and gladly lent a hand at getting the level back to normality.
  5. Alvis Anderson

    Creature Feature 2nd year

    Getting to know Plimpy #4 WC: 423 Over his time spent with his creatures, the young lion had only really studied what the Plimpy was as a species rather then any individual character traits, so the time had come for the actual interaction with the creatures and finding out what each single fish was like. For the next two weeks Alvis spent around two hours a day with three different Plimpy starting out without names but numbers assigned to each making sure no one fish had a head start on the other. It didn't seem like any of them had any distinguishing habits or oddities that made them their own when he first started but after a few days here and there Alvis noticed one of the Plimpy tended to keep to the shallows of the lake and the other two swapped between the depths as well. He pondered and came up with the idea the one fish maybe was a bit less outgoing and frightened of the deeper water. Next he noticed another fish enjoyed eating worms as well as the water snails but the other two would rather not have worms unless it was all they had. Time past and at the end of the two week period Alvis had come up with a number of characteristics that separated each fish and given them names; Yohan, Jethro and shadow. Yohan was rather a brave and outgoing fish who liked the sunlight and was active a lot. Jethro had a good mix of both play and being cautious, he really liked the rain. Shadow always made sure there was no danger before trying to hunt and kept to the dark shallows of the lake. Along with his findings it turned out each fish seemed to thrive much better when their own interests met with the needs of an everyday Plimpy! Their scales, eyes and fins looked in much better condition, bright and vibrant and seemed they got on better together as a group rather then fighting amongst each other. Alvis wondered if maybe the fish could be farmed in captivity for food or potion ingredients, that would be his last great project for his internship before he broke up for the summer. Another thought popped into his mind, could the Plimpy be bread as a pet, tamed some how. He himself thought every creature should have a chance to prove it's worth and that all those misconceptions of dangerous was just from wizards who didn't know any better or was simply from an age of a fear of everything.
  6. And the expedition is closed! Thank you for your participation! I will award points in accordance to % of completion Feel free to continue with reactions, etc.
  7. @Alice Reed & @Avery Potter Under the bright moonlight, you spot a pack of wolves. At first, you and your team were disappointed and decided to move on. However, you soon realise that the wolves were behaving a little strangely. They appear intelligent...TOO intelligent. Could they be? You've found your creature! Now analyse the beast and take what you have learnt back to Qin.
  8. The figure came out of nowhere. It was almost as if someone had brought Avery into one of his favourite stories. She grew up on fairy tales, both magical and muggle, so wondered if this was just part of her subconscious speaking with her. As Alice spoke, Avery looked beyond. “let’s see.” Avery said quietly, before nodding towards the figure and rushing back towards the tree. She wanted to know what was so spooky there. She wanted to know whether they would come across something dangerous, or whether she would have to wait longer to find out. “Come on Alice!”  THE A TEAM GO TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS AND GO PASS THE CROOKED TREE
  9. “I’ve never heard a fox, no,” Julian replied promptly. He was about to ask where Kacie had heard a fox when he noticed that the girl had walked over to what looked like a shack. He eyed it for a minute and noticed with a start that, at one point, it had probably been a decently nice shed, before something had caused it to be abandoned, something that probably had to do with the pig-like creature walking about it. He’d never a nogtail before, and for a second, he thought it might just be a pig. Kacie’s request for a dog, though, was quick to disabuse him of that notion. He shook his head. “Er… no. Hiding a dog on me would require more magic that I know how to do.” He grimaced apologetically, even though there had been no reason to expect they’d need a dog - this was the woods, not farmland. “I don’t think Qin expects us to actually do anything with the creatures, though, right? Just note what we find?” Pulling out his notebook, Julian did a quick (and poor) sketch of the creature, noting how big he thought it might be just in case it was useful information, as well as where they’d found it. He then turned back to Kacie. “We should go back to Qin and ask, yeah?” And without waiting for answer, he turned around and started walking. Mostly, he wanted permission to get a little closer, and reassurance that the cursing thing wouldn’t actually hurt them.
  10. Kacie didn’t quite gape at the younger student, but she was clearly intellectually outmatched by the third year. He was a Ravenclaw and Kacie most definitely was not. In fact, of all of the possible houses that Kacie could have been placed in, the house of the nerds was probably the last one she belonged in. It wasn’t that she was dumb, there were just more interesting things to life than school. And so, Kacie resorted to the tactic that had gotten her through four and a half years of Hogwarts education: the patented smile-and-nod. “Probably a banshee. Or a ghost. Or maybe a fox. Have you ever heard a fox? They sound terrifying. Anyway, let’s keep moving, I guess.” Before much longer they came to a shack, which appeared to have a guard… well it wasn’t a dog… “Nogtail,” Kacie hissed in frustration. “Don’t suppose you brought a dog with you that you’re hiding somewhere? Maybe one that’s all white?” Maybe it hadn’t seen them yet… if they escaped, they might not have to deal with all the bad luck and blight stuff.
  11. The boar was right on top of him and looked as though it was going to head straight through the flames Alvis had cast between himself and the creature, the quick whits of Jeff however seemed to save the day as a well placed fireworks charm came from the side and seemed to unnerve the boar enough to send it running in the opposite direction. ''PHHHHew! That was a close call, now don't go running off after anything else Alvis but nice flare charm mate!'' Jeff gave the young lion a pat on the back and a warming smile, ''Can see why you've made heads turn in the chamber but out in the wilds especially with dark creatures and who knows what about it's best to be cautious.'' Alvis stared up at the older boy and nodded, ''Think your right, that was a close call however it was so exhilarating non the less, together then?'' he nodded pointing down at the ground, the moonlight revealing fresh prints on the path before them and Jeff said kindly, ''OK then but together.'' Slowly the two made their way into the undergrowth, a rustling of bushes forced Jeff to hold out an arm and placed a finger to his lips with the other to mark that the younger boy should be absolutely quiet. With tentative steps trying not to make a sound, avoiding as many twigs as he could, Jeff slowly and carefully pushed back on a low lying limb of a tree and a glorious sight lay before them. ''It's a Graphorn Alvis, their an endangered magical creature and native to the mountainous regions of Europe so here must be a good habituate for this one, I guess there could be more but not a whole herd I would think. They can be rather aggressive so we best not get close to it and stay here in the undergrowth but you can see quiet clearly from here due to the size...Go on then you start analysing it and I'll add the details.'' ''Well it's got greyish-purple skin that blends well into the forest and mountain habitat, I guess that's more for hunting then hiding as the size and aggressiveness of the creature would easily put of prey! I mean something like a mountain troll would be the only thing to match up to it even then it would put up a fight. That hide looks rather thick and now doubt could withstand magic bit like a dragon i guess?'' He looked up at Jeff and he put a thumbs up and encouraged him to go on, ''It has something that looks like tentacles around the mouth area maybe to use them to grab food as it's feet are four thumbed and don't look capable of holding and no visible sign of teeth that could be used to tear flesh. ''Nice one mate, right as you said it's huge size is likely to keep most prey at bey but mountain trolls have been know to use them as mounts but on most occasions the trolls have come away with scares that show they don't always succeed in trying to tame them. Their colouring and possible pawing at the ground are used to attract a mate or ward of competition along with the tentacles around the mouth are also used to show affection. There being extant is probably due to their two golden horns that are highly prized in potion making, for example the antidote to uncommon poisons.'' Now with everything written down, Jeff's version much more elaborate and fine detailed but Alvis was blunt and to the point with a very fine drawing with little details pointing out key facts, the two slowly and surely made their way back to the path and eventually thanx to Alvis' tracking skills made it to the professor. Alvis & Jeff show their findings with Qin
  12. @Alvis Anderson After a heated battle, you and your team defeated the boar! Awesome! With the help of the moonlight, you followed the tracks. After some time, you started to hear the sound of rustling bushes. This was accompanied by soft grunts. Through the thick foliage, you spy an immense figure with a hard back. The older student was immediately able to identify the creature - a graphorn. You've found your creature! Now analyse the beast and take what you have learnt back to Qin.
  13. @Nolan Calperin & @Stella Peabody Putting the mysteries of the sky behind, your team decides to follow the tracks and trek through the thick foliage. Some minutes later, you enter an empty clearing where the moon's light was able to shine through. All was peaceful until you hear rustling in the bushes. Out of nowhere, something rushes against you and knocks both you and your partner to the ground. WHAT DO YOU DO? FIND OUT WHAT IT IS OR DO NOT LOOK AT IT & RUN WEST.
  14. Post Three Since when did small children get so fast? Nolan practically huffed, puffed, and blew down a house after running right behind @Stella Peabody in pursuit of the mysterious ship. As it increased its terminal velocity or whatever, the Gryffindor could only watch as it transformed into a distant speck. He coughed, clutching his knees and catching his breath, consolation for being unable to catch the UFO. Once he had finished his spluttering and ruing his lack of exercise, Nolan had the wherewithal to notice the tracks his younger companion had noticed quite before him. "OH! What do you think these are???" Ever questioning, never answering the sixth year leapt off in pursuit of whatever creature it could be. The hunt for animals had always been Nolan's lighting passion, and even a forest populated with all sorts of creepy crawlies wouldn't keep him away. The Gryffindor felt pride in his ability to constantly go where he should not, particularly now, as they sped off down this unknown trail. STELLA AND NOLAN FOLLOW IT
  15. Continuing on their trek, Sophia found she could keep a steady pace going with her partner and she was enjoying his comparison of things to video games. While not an avid fan of the games herself, she knew of them from Muggle friends who played them. His comparisons were not that far off sometimes at all. She was focused on finding their way through the forest carefully as well as making sure things were safe for continuing on when she was suddenly knocked off balance by some thing charging past them. "Whoa!" she gasped out as she hit the ground. Picking herself up, her first thought was to check on TK. "You okay?" she asked. Once she was assured they were both fine, Sophia suggested they continue on towards the west rather than try to find what knocked them down. TK AND SOPHIA DO NOT LOOK AT IT & RUN WEST.
  16. Head strong (one part brave three parts fool!) Alvis found himself face to face with what ever had knocked into him and his older companion back in the clearing. However rather then it just running of it had seemed to have become just as instinctive as the young lion to be planing on a full on charge Alvis way. Standing his ground and copying the creature, which he could make out as a wild boar in the dim light from the moon that just about lit the small and overgrown path that had been made by many a travels it seemed by the boar, nodding his head and pawing at the ground with one foot. He'd often seen on nature programs it was better to not turn and run from a threatening animal, only problem was that was predatory creatures that hunted on the run not a creature that defended it's self. Just as the boar started it's charge, Jeff made it through the undergrowth and raised his wand but although it was good the older boy had Alvis back, the young lion had already beaten him to the punch, rather then actually aiming straight for the creature it's self Alvis aimed a few feet just in front and cast a flare charm to try and discourage the attacking beast. ''Coruscare!'' The tow boys paused as the Boar neared the ball of fire that lay between them and the animal, what would it do? fight or flight. In a flash Alvis mind took him into one of the muggle adventure films he'd seen at his grandparents, the hero dressed in a leather jacket and suede hat facing down an impending doom surrounded by an ancient tomb. Alvis & Jeff Fight it
  17. While Alice had met up with some strange creatures in her years at Hogwarts, this ghost may have proved herself to be the strangest yet. Picking herself up off the ground, Alice tried greeting the creature and found herself in a rather round about conversation that could have come from an old comedy routine in a movie. "Who are you?" 'Who's that first?' the ghost replied, pointing at a crooked tree. "No, who are you?" 'Who? Who? Who?' This was getting worse instead of better. It went on like this for longer than Alice would have liked but finally, Alice began to realize that the ghost was more scared of something past the crooked tree she kept pointing at than they were of her. "Well?" Alice looked at Avery, by this time knowing what the answer would be.  THE A TEAM GO TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS AND GO PASS THE CROOKED TREE
  18. Professor Qin

    Club Announcements

    @Julian Pritchard & @Kacie Weaver @Fiona Weaver& @Eli Benoit @Adrina Althaus-Valerio& @Vladimir Valentin @Takeru Satou & @Sophia Hunter @Nolan Calperin & @Stella Peabody @Kelby Matos & @Ethan Smith @Avery Potter & @Alice Reed @Alvis Anderson Please note that the expedition will be closed at the end of week 5!
  19. @Alvis Anderson First you hear a low grunt. Then the sound of leaves shuffling. You set your wand a lit and grimace at your find. IT'S A BOAR! It seems quite angry and ready to charge. What do you do?! FIGHT IT? YES / NO - RUN WEST
  20. Post Five Fiona noted with satisfaction that Eli was taking down notes, leaving her free to bag and tag her mushroom. As souvenirs went, it might not be as attractive as a field full of fireflies, but it still might end up being valuable information somehow, and it kept the pair from coming back empty-handed. The Hufflepuff made rough guesses about the nogtail’s size, then ultimately agreed with her partner’s suggestion. “Especially now that we’ve found something, I’d like to go back to those too,” she agreed with a smile. She hefted her bagged mushroom triumphantly, then nearly fumbled and dropped it when something flapped low over her head, startling her. “Bat,” Fio explained with a nervous laugh. The coincidence was enough to make her check nervously over her shoulder, but their ghost friend was nowhere to be seen. “Let’s go!” Unspoken end of sentence: before she comes back. "Bat," Eli repeated quietly to himself, reflecting on their path thus far. From here, he was fairly certain the coast was clear to the fireflies and then back south to Qin—unless there was a giant ditch that they'd avoided on their way out. But there wasn't. Eli put away his notes and read his compass by moonlight, pointing them on their way, and soon enough, the fireflies blinked in front of them and then around them again. "This is nice." He said frankly. "I don't think I want to take notes on this." And indeed, he didn't make a move to his schoolbag. He just stood there taking in the view. "This is good," he repeated the verdict more quietly this time. Time passed and the moon moved noticeably before he made a move back towards the compass. He oriented himself. He found south. It looked familiar. And he halfheartedly tried to catch Fiona's eye again without spoiling the moment. This time, the woods were quiet. Second year leading, seventh year following—perhaps not the expected arrangement, but Fiona was perfectly comfortable with it. Eli clearly knew where they were going, and Fiona had grown accustomed by now to letting younger students demonstrate their own capabilities, rather than rushing in to do everything for them. She was available to assist, her wand never left her hand, but mostly she walked companionably with Eli back towards the fireflies. “Well done,” she complimented quietly as the pinpoint glows of stray fireflies coalesced into the ambient beauty they’d reluctantly left earlier. Silent but smiling, Fiona enjoyed a small spiritual moment, an appreciation of natural wonder. She was inclined to agree with Eli—it wasn’t a time for taking notes. Her camera remained untouched in her satchel, next to her mushroom. The two students peacefully enjoyed the sight, amiably quiet, until a look from Eli signaled to Fiona that it was time to leave. Fiona checked her pocketwatch--yes, he was right. She smiled back and nodded wordlessly, then indicated that he should point the way back towards Professor Qin. Fiona and Eli return to Professor Qin
  21. The angles and light had been playing tricks on Eli, and the pointed shadow turned out to be cast not by a mysterious obelisk but by an ordinary, if dilapidated, shack. "Oooh," Eli intoned quietly, slowing his pace as the structure came into view. "That could be a creature home." He checked for a confirming nod from Fiona before continuing towards it with caution, wand aloft and ready. Though careful and quiet, their approach prompted a stir in the shadows. Eli was on the brink of conceding that they needed to light their wands, though they had held out so far, when a beam of moonlight came through. Moonlight. The distant howl they'd heard after leaving the ghost gave him a second shiver as the possibility hit him. "That's not a—" he was going to say werewolf, but he stopped himself. The creature wasn't a wolf, and it also wasn't... "That's not a pig, either. What is it?" He didn't make any sudden moves, but he was already pulling out a notebook. Turning their backs on the ghost and her mysterious crooked tree sent a momentary shiver down Fiona’s spine, especially when an eerie howl drifted through the dark forest. But the more distance she and Eli put between themselves and the spooky encounter, the better she felt. They’d made a good decision, and now they could turn their attention to inspecting the shack they’d found. Confidently nodding Eli forward, her wand at the ready, Fiona strained to catch sight of whatever was rustling around by the shack’s foundations. Moonlight on beetle-black eyes provided the next piece of the puzzle, and then the entire creature came into the light. It surveyed them cautiously, but neither attacked nor fled. Eli was correct that it wasn’t a pig, but ‘pig’ was definitely the first thing that came to mind. Fiona cast back over the Defense lessons of her earlier years. “I think it’s a nogtail,” she replied softly, so as not to spook the creature. “They’re categorized as pests, they can curse farms if they mix in with regular pigs. But I doubt this one could really bother anyone out here.” The nogtail kept a guarded eye on the two students, but had resumed rooting around the loose soil around the shack. Fiona stooped and picked a squat greyish mushroom. “Do you think these are what it’s after?” she asked, sifting in her pack for a sample bag to put the mushroom in. Eli quickly scrawled 'Nogtail (?)' at the top of his drawing. Art was @Radueriel Benson's domain; Eli's sketch needed ample explanatory notes to be discernible as a creature at all. He looked up when Fiona asked a question, and glanced from the mushroom in her hand to the creature next to the shed and back. "Oh, maybe, that could be a thing it eats," he suggested. As though to confirm their hypotheses, the nogtail removed its head from the brush and chewed, giving the pair of students another side-eye as it did so. Eli drew a mushroom and labeled it, 'Mushroom, found Nogtail eating.' He quickly returned to watching the creature, though. They could bring the mushroom back to the castle to examine later. Eli was glad that they were taking something back with them. He could pretend he was less wrong about the idea of capturing any of the creatures that they found with the odds and ends he had packed. With first the fireflies and then the nogtail in front of him, it seemed obvious that they were supposed to leave them be in this case. He felt like his past self should have known that. Again, he was less fearful of the woods now that they'd stopped to watch something compared to while they were on the move. Instead, could have prepared differently and should have known bounced mutedly around the back of his head while he took notes on the creature. When the nogtail finally disappeared, Eli met Fiona's eye again and glanced back in the direction they’d originally came from. "Fireflies?" Fiona and Eli return to Professor Qin
  22. In to the thick foliage the two boys went following the tracks on the ground, it was hard going as brambles and all manor of plant life covered the woodland floor! Slowly but surly finding traces of disturbed leaves or broken twigs, even now and again a partial print that made their progress a hop and jump mix of speed, finally coming to an open clearing with the moon managing to light it up with a crystal like glow as the tree line thinned. ''Finally we can take a breather,'' said the older boy who looked rather out of breath as he was trying to keep up with the young lion who had bags of energy and enthusiasm! Alvis was in his element, hunting down magical creatures in a haunted wood at any moment something cloud be jumping out at you be it good or possibly bad. Other then the odd shaped object in the sky the pair had been rather lucky to not be attacked seeing as the myths and legends about the wood told of all kinds of nasty stories or assurances. Time was up on their run of luck, if you had Jeff's out look that is however it was just what Alvis had been waiting for, a split second as both boys made to rest, a rustling in the bushes and something came darting out of the thick foliage knocking them both clean of their feet and to the firm ground before it shot into the other side of the thicket. ''I don't like the look of that!'' Came a panicked voice but before he could make any kind of motion to his younger companion to go the other way, Alvis was up and running after the 'something' that had just sent the both of them flying, ''THE GAMES A FOOT JEFF!'' was all that could be heard. ''ALVIS YOU FOOL!'' Jeff cried as he got to his feet and began to chase after the young student. Alvis & Jeff Find out what it is
  23. @Alvis Anderson Putting the mysteries of the sky behind, your team decides to trek through the thick foliage. Some minutes later, you enter an empty clearing where the moon's light was able to shine through. All was peaceful until you hear rustling in the bushes. Out of nowhere, something rushes against you and knocks both you and your partner to the ground. WHAT DO YOU DO? FIND OUT WHAT IT IS OR DO NOT LOOK AT IT & RUN WEST.
  24. The pair of young explorers had no clue how long they had been heading in the direction the object in the sky but finally they gave up on ever finding it! ''I guess that's why we don't know if life does live out there, until we discover light-speed though.'' Alvis said a little heart broken but non the less enthusiastic as he was still in a spooky and haunted wood hunting for magical creatures after all. The older boy was looking at the ground while the younger was still trying to find something skyward, ''Alvis, look foot prints.'' Jeff spoke still in a very hush hush tone as he still didn't want anything to come out of the undergrowth that might attack them. ''Look like a bird might of made them, as long as it's not a Fwooper should be fine.'' Alvis looked at Jeff in his normal dreamy manner even though the mention of a magical bird took his interest greatly, ''A Fwooper? OOO why wouldn't we want it to be one of those?'' He had no clue what the bird was but was very interested to find out. ''Just that listening to it's song will drive you insane is all, although they are native to Africa so we should be fine. Plus I know you can perform a silencing charm so double protected right!'' The last statement was to try and make sure Alvis wasn't worried about such a thing occurring as well as comforting himself but the younger lion was hardly worried by such trifles. ''On ward then?'' he said with a bit more excitement in his voice, Jeff nodding and allowing Alvis to take a slight lead. Alvis & Jeff Chase after it - Follow it
  25. @Alvis Anderson The mysterious object accelerated through the night sky and before you know it, it could no longer be seen. Will it become one of your life's regrets? You start to ponder but then quickly got distracted by some prints in the mud. They look like this: FOLLOW IT OR BACK TRACK & HEAD TOWARDS THE OTHER DIRECTION
  26. Post Three The Slytherin found herself utterly caught up in the thrill of the chase. She had read about conspiracy theories both Muggle and magical. She didn't believe in them, but she was intrigued at the prospect of experiencing an unexplained phenomenon. Now that she and @Nolan Calperin were chasing whatever that thing was in the sky, she made it her personal mission to find out the cause, presumably a perfectly reasonable explanation, and debunk all of the nonsense about Hoia Baciu Forest being the site of alien landings and other nonsense. But despite running as fast as they could, the two students couldn't catch it. The object flew away into the distance, growing smaller and smaller. Stella ran determinedly after it for a few moments before slowing and eventually stopping as the speck disappeared into the sky. "What do you think it was?" she asked the Gryffindor as they caught their breath and regrouped. There were some interesting looking animal tracks in the mud near where they lost track of the creature in flight, and they were soon off in search of the next questing beast. Hopefully they would have better luck on solid ground than they had in the air. STELLA AND NOLAN FOLLOW IT
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