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Death at Hogwarts Gets a Little Hairy

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The Daily Prophet is bereaved to inform readers that there has been advancement in the story of the murdered child at Hogwarts.

You have read correctly: murdered. Margo Anne Ward, 15, did not die from poor luck of the draw in the now infamous Spattergroit Epidemic. The innocent Hufflepuff was instead mauled and eaten at the hands (or paws, if you will) of a rabid werewolf within Hogwarts walls. What’s worse? The werewolf in question is Galen Stanley Ward, 18, none other than the poor girl’s brother, who is now being held in custody at the Ministry of Magic.

According to Patrick Raney, director of the Beast Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Hogwarts was responsible for two registered underage werewolves, including Ward. “The Headmaster and his Hospital staff were given very clear, very specific instructions to maintain both Aldridge and Ward on a very strict Wolfsbane regiment,” a highly distraught Raney told the Prophet. “They were forewarned that reckless irresponsibility would have fatal consequences and could risk the ability for tainted individuals to receive a normal education, and we are devastated to have been proven right.”

Raney sums it up perfectly. Reckless irresponsibility has plagued the once prestigious wizarding school for nearly a decade and now our children are paying the price for it. Aurora Braelin-VonHaus, Head Healer at the castle, was responsible for the care and keeping of the young werewolves, and her failures have resulted in an undeserving muggleborn being decimated at the hands of the monsters that plague our nightmares by someone she should have trusted more than any other. And who has been oddly silent about it all? Who has hidden behind the wards of his Ottery St. Catchpole home without so much as an apology?

Headmaster Weasley himself.

It is bad enough that the magically gifted children of the United Kingdom have been subjected to sharing dormitories with potentially lethal creatures without the knowledge and consent of their legal guardians. But to allow his staff and the monsters of the moon he has so ardently protected to do as they please, even if it means breaking the regulations put in place by the Ministry itself, proves that something is wrong with the authority figure being allowed to lead the education of our children. Such behavior suggests personal, blatantly selfish motivations that cannot be conceived as healthy by anyone, particularly not by the School Board Governors.

Parents across the United Kingdom have written in their concerns about the situation at hand, and it has been rumored that a handful of students found themselves possessed by a strange dark magic on the same evening that Margo Ward perished. What could it all mean, other than the fact that Weasley and his lackeys are no longer working for the greater good, but against it?

We urge readers of The Prophet to put quill to parchment and make their voices heard as dark times are thrust upon us. Without words, there can be no catalyst to change, and the tyranny of Arthur Weasley will press forward.

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