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Floundering Geniuses Under Scrutiny

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The wizarding world has plunged into an era of magical innovation and invention. With talented wizards making strides in new magical theories and traversing new frontiers, a prosperous age may be just on the horizon or so we think. Dissent in various academic circles, however, is now on the rise. Recent developments, such as Guildenstern’s proposed uses of dragon blood and the rare darinyx flower, have faced many accusations of fraud. Many have made demands for S.J.K.T.W. awards to be revoked. Others demand increased transparency when it comes to the “evidence” that supposedly supports new discoveries.

Transparency is a reasonable demand. That some of the researchers who have come under fire struggle to account for their work in this difficult time only serves to further fuel suspicions. But accusations may be false; it all may boil down to misunderstandings and inaccessibility.

“For all we know, it’s all a bunch of gibberish,” one disgruntled citizen said, and they may not be entirely wrong. “Maybe it’s all lies.” If it’s not a conspiracy, prove them wrong!

As the issue spins out of control, however, it may not matter where it all began. If magical civilization is to advance, it cannot be held down by petty conflicts that threaten to fracture communities. There must be higher expectations and higher standards that apply to all, or else charlatans may ruin it all. If there is to be some “Golden Age” in the twentieth century, these threats and shortcomings must be taken seriously.

By Talia Ayers

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