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Quidditch Season Record

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Daily Prophet


League table Match information

Kenmare Kestrels        850

Appleby Arrows         820

Holyhead Harpies        800

Otley Outsiders        790

Falmouth Falcons        780

Montrose Magpies       630

Ballycastle Bats        610

Tutshill Tornados        500

Pride of Portree            310

Wimbourne Wasps      270

Puddlemere United     230

Caerphilly Catapults   180   

Wigtown Wanderers    120

Chudley Cannons         50





Forthcoming matches:


Saturday - Falmouth Falcons v Pride of Portree

Loch Lomond, midnight


Atmospheric charms in effect. Prepare for  typhoon.

Bubblehead charms advised.


Monday - Montrose Magpies v Caerphilly Catapults

Dartmoor, ten o'clock


A reminder to all Caerphilly fans that  catapults,

even of the miniature kind,  are not allowed at matches.


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