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Beauxbatons en Flambé

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Just days before Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was due to welcome back its students, they face a tragic loss. While the palace remains intact, the grounds of Beauxbatons have been devastated by what local officials are calling an act of arson. The alleged perpetrator, a Veela and mother of a former student, is in the custody of French officials.


As the authorities investigate, the French press has already begun to speculate about the Veela’s motive. According to school records obtained by Le Monde Magique, the daughter of the alleged arsonist was expelled from Beauxbatons last term for allegedly using Veela magicks in a final examination.


Could this be the cause of the Veela mother’s fiery rage? Was the student’s expulsion justified or an example of part-human discrimination? Send a Feedback Floo-me with your comments and opinions.

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