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Part-Vampire Rehabilitation Sparks Controversy

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A secretive private rehabilitation facility in rural Cumbria has shocked humans and non-humans alike by revealing its purpose is the rehabilitation of part-vampires to function as human in the magical community.
Vasile Petrescu, founder of the Petrescu Rehabilitation Centre, appeared on the wireless this week announcing the first graduates of his year-long programme. Petrescu stated his aim was "to allow part-vampires to disengage from the vampire community and rise above their baser instincts to fully integrate into human society." He claims his three graduates, whose names he has withheld, are now indistinguishable from humans, and that by this time next year at least ten part-vampires will have completed his treatment.
Part-vampire advocacy group B.L.O.O.D. released a short statement in response to the news. "B.L.O.O.D. is unsuprised by Vasile Petrescu's bigotry, but we are surprised and disappointed that multiple part-vampires have felt isolated and unsupported to the point of paying a large sum of money to have an integral part of their identity erased. Both the human and vampire communities have failed these people and driven them into the arms of a predatory fraud."
"All my patients come to me of their own volition," responded Petrescu in an exclusive comment to The Daily Prophet. "I provide a service which cannot be found anywhere else, and as long as there are part-vampires looking for a positive change in their lives, I will provide it."

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