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Ministry Urges Public to Speak Up

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In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Ministry officials have urged citizens to do their civic duty and report any hint of black market wand dealing or fake wand selling to the authorities.


"The Department of Magical Law Enforcement encourages anyone to come forth with any information regarding the illegal distribution of wands and the creation and selling of counterfeit wands as this can pose a danger to those involved. We advise those who are intending to make wand purchases to do so through trusted sources only. Do not attempt to acquire wands from unofficial dealers, and report any who attempt to sell to you to the authorities immediately. Those who are found to be distributing wands which have been illegally obtained and/or created and sold in a purposefully misleading manner will face criminal charges."


This statement comes at the tail end of reports on the recent break-in at Ollivander's in Diagon Alley which is still reported to be closed to the public pending investigation. It is rumored that there have been countless tips passed on to the Ministry from all over the country, however no arrests have been made as of yet. Further investigations are sure to follow as magical law enforcement prepares to take allegations seriously.

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