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Parents for Progress Push for Change

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Parents' groups and education advocates are calling for major reforms to safety procedures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the wake of another devastating Death Eater attack.


Headmistress Arnaude Flamel was brought in four years ago and is generally considered to have improved safety and security at the school. However, the attack in early October, in which children were severely injured and an auror was killed on school grounds, has led to claims that her security record is based purely on coincidence.


Founder of advocacy group Parents For Progress, Mallory Selwyn, claims Flamel's tenure has actually harmed students, rather than protecting them.


"When our schools lock up students in the name of sheltering them they become little more than jails. A child cannot learn in an environment of constant fear, whether it be of punishment or external attack, and they cannot learn to care for themselves in the wider community if they have been cloistered away in an environment which would sacrifice education, freedom and progress for a hollow sense of security."


Parents for Progress has been an outspoken critic of the Hogwarts Board of Governors, Arnaude Flamel and prior head Arthur Weasley, but formerly supportive groups such as Families Protecting True Magic and the Mandatory Registration Movement have also publicly expressed concerns about the headmistress' ability to live up expectations.


In an official statement the Hogwarts Board of Governors has announced that it supports its administration team and has no current plans to remove any staff. Independent sources claim that at least one member of the board is scouting candidates to replace both the headmistress and deputy headmaster.




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Recommended Comments

As a incoming student I believe one must meet fear with understanding, hate with love and also let the light in the soul of individuals with the ability to adapt to change. I admire Hogwarts but note in the 21st century they need to now adapt offering more than a rigorous magical education but be flexible to new ways of education. Why five years of Astronomy over a general science education, why five years of the History of Magic over why not add in civics classes, magical ethics and magical law in that for a well rounded course of study, why demand added magical electives if one won't need them in a planned career.


I will note although a kind professor is going to help me since I plan a Muggle career I need to waste time on subjects of no value to that and studying more magical areas than I find necessary and would like to have classes to prepare for my GCSE exams and take classes in technology, mechanics and various subjects and maybe work-study off the grounds on my third year and on.


I like magic, its exciting and wondrous but its not all to life in this modern age and cutting off students from the real world - is it fair?


I call on the reformers to do real and meaningful reform with more options formally provided not on the side.

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