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Death Eaters No More?

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In the wake of a lethal Death Eater attack on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the nearby village of Hogsmeade, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is calling for celebration.


On October 4 a group of Death Eaters conducted a two-pronged attack in the Scottish Highlands causing immense property damage in Hogsmeade and injuring numerous Hogwarts students. Lucretia Sheffield, a veteran auror and mother of one, has been named as a casualty.


Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Dorian Metcalfe, calls the weekend a victory in spite of the cost.


"In addition to those aurors were forced to kill to prevent further harm, several Death Eaters were successfully apprehended and taken into custody. While the department mourns the loss of an auror and feels for her family, we are also aware this is the potentially the greatest victory we have seen over these violent forces in many years."


According to Ms Metcalfe, these arrests may be the key to dismantling the Death Eater organisation, which has been terrorising the wizarding community for decades. Other sources claim the majority of Death Eaters were neutralised in this encounter and this is already the end of the Death Eaters, but Ms Metcalfe declined to comment.


Donations for the family of Lucretia Sheffield can be mailed directly to the Auror Office in London.


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Who the hell is Dorian Metcalfe, and what is his (her?) definition of celebration? We've got one auror dead, others injured, countless students experiencing pain and trauma, and we're calling this "potentially the greatest victory we have seen"? This is everything that is wrong with the current administration's policies. 


How did Death Eaters get into Hogwarts in the first place? Who is addressing that? Where is the statement from school administrators?


--A concerned citizen. 

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You people make me laugh. ‘Dismantling the Death Eater Organization’ my arse. They aren’t afraid of you and if anything this article proves just how easy to manipulate you are. How’d the death eaters get in, sweetie? Think it’s about time someone start investigating every bloody staff member in that school. Or would that be too logical of an idea for you lot? Be careful- there’s blood in the water and sharks aren’t merciful.

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On 5/4/2017 at 1:19 AM, Killian Dracel said:

How does one eat death?


Oh, sweety, we need to talk. 


Couldn't bother to mention the Healer that was nearly killed?! Her name is Aurora Braelin-VonHaus you gits!

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To whom it may concern,

Everyone says I have to go to Hogwarts, to learn how to use magic properly. That makes sense and all, but if people are dying is there a track in school for... not... dying? Or an extra-curricular activity, perhaps? A dedicated group of tutors? I'd like to get ahead and start on focusing on that in particular if at all possible. 

I'm sorry about the dead and almost dead people and their families, I don't have any gold, but I can cook for you? For the alive people, I mean. Does food go to the Auror Office, too?

I can be reached by Owl at Pre-Hogwarts Primary, and soon enough Hogwarts proper.

-- Ignatia H. Fay

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