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Feminine Wiles, Feminine Trial

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Residents in the Greater London area who have been experiencing a string of unusual thefts in their homes for the last three months can now rest easy as the Magical Law Enforcement squad has finally captured the culprit. Elisabeth Riviere, a wanted thief from France, was captured on Saturday following a harrowing chase in Diagon Alley that injured seven bystanders.


The Magical Law Enforcement squad had been pursuing Riviere since August when the first few thefts were reported. Victims were typically married wizards who were unable to report full details about the theft except for a hazy feeling of falling into a trance. Their wives’ jewelry and diamonds were commonly stolen items, although one victim reported stolen dress robes and an expensive pair of chameleon skin gloves.


Initial attempts by the Magical Law Enforcement squad to capture the thief failed. Hit wizards attempted to set up a trap to ensnare the jewelry thief, but were unprepared for one important detail: Riviere is part-veela. “It was all a tad embarrassing, to be quite honest,” one bystander, who wished to remain anonymous, shared. “Grown men tripping over themselves to tie each other up in hopes of impressing her first.”


Soon after, an all-female task force from the Magical Law Enforcement department, led by Hit Witch Jodie Jaszczak, was created. On Saturday, another trap was set in Diagon Alley, along with Anti-Apparation wards, but the busy marketplace actually made the pursuit more difficult. Witnesses reported Riviere running through the streets yelling for help, using her veela magic to convince male bystanders to throw themselves in the paths of the pursuing Hit Witches. The witches eventually manage to surround Riviere and subdue her, but not before accidentally injuring several valiant and confused wizards during the chase. “The casualties are unfortunate, but we are thankful nobody was seriously injured,” Jaszczak reported in a general statement later. “Riviere will be taken into custody and will face justice in front of the Wizengamot before being returned to the French courts where, we hear, they are very eager to have her.”


The Magical Law Enforcement squad proceeded to find over 1000 galleons worth of stolen jewelry and diamonds in Riviere’s apartment, guarded by some heavy protection spells and curses. Curse breakers are currently still working on retrieving the stolen items. The items in question will be held for evidence until the trials are over. If the veela thief has stolen from you, be sure to report to the Law Enforcement Department. Forewarning: all items will be cast a property charm, so don’t try and claim what isn’t yours.

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