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Headmistress Flamel Stands Strong

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It’s not often that we at the Daily Prophet are able to print good news, but should the chance present itself, we would like to shine the light on the bright spots in our world where there is so much darkness. Happily, we can report to you that Hogwarts is embarking on its fourth year with Headmistress Arnaude Flamel at the helm. Flamel, a world renowned potions mistress and descendant of the famous Nicholas Flamel, is the author of When the Goat Is Not Enough.


Flamel took over the post as Headmistress of Hogwarts after the events at the end of the school term in 2032, once former Headmaster Arthur Weasley was removed from his position by the school’s Board of Directors. Since his reign, Hogwarts has been terrorized over and over by dark forces in the world.


Four students, including the late Margo Ward, who was killed by her own werewolf brother, Galen Ward, have died on Hogwarts’ grounds whilst in Weasley’s charge. Two Professors have also embraced death as a friend whilst in Weasley’s employ. We at the Daily Prophet applaud the Board of Directors decision to remove this man from Hogwarts, who showed such poor judgement in executing a proper defence for the hundreds of children that attend the school.


Since his removal, Hogwarts has seen three years of peace under the strong leadership of Headmistress Flamel. She leads the students well, enforces the rules and runs a tight ship. She took a broken castle and managed to put it back together again and make it a safe place where the students can study without fear.


We salute you, Headmistress, and here is to many more years of peace. Your iron fist is exactly what Hogwarts needs at a time like this.

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