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Outraged Voices Cry Out

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We asked for your words, and you delivered–literally. The following are letters the Daily Prophet has received from a wide array of parents. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, muggles, half-bloods and purebloods alike have written in with their views. While some people are still blinded by the Headmaster’s schemes, it is resoundingly clear that the majority of our children’s guardians are not happy with the lack of safety that Hogwarts delivers. Here is what you, the readers, had to say:


Time to close Hogwarts?

Hogwarts reopened twenty-nine years ago and there have been four student deaths and countless attacks that terrorize the survivors. Let’s not even get started on the staff deaths either. I personally thought they should have shut down Hogwarts after Miss Colubra (RIP) was murdered in cold blood by the Dark Lord himself in the third year but no, stupidity prevailed and more students were forced to endure terror the next year as it appears that nobody at Hogwarts knows how to secure the grounds and the Death Eaters returned.

Then they came back again for the next few years then every other year since then. Didn’t they learn anything from that? I had hoped for the best when Wigglesworth (incompetent!) passed away and was replaced by Weasley. But of course not, the Death Eaters decided to stop by Hogwarts to have a good time at the annual ball in his first year and shockingly, he kept his job as Headmaster.

There have been too many tragedies and this latest one is completely unacceptable. The death of a young girl could have been prevented by having competent people in charge who wouldn’t have allowed two vicious beasts to attend the school, let alone make one of them Head Girl. Someone competent would have ensured that the beasts took their Wolfsbane. Every figure of authority at Hogwarts and the Ministry should be ashamed of what happened in June.

I do wonder if this would all have happened if the deputy Headmaster Gawkrodger hadn’t taken a year off. Would have he stood up to the tyranny of Weasley and ensured that the staff did their job?

I personally think that it’s time to quit trying to make Hogwarts work and close the school. My grandchildren will all be attending Durmstrang because I know they take the safety of students seriously there. I will get to see them graduate as proper young adults instead of laying flowers on their graves or seeing them traumatized by the horrors that go on at Hogwarts.

Why do loving parents willingly ship off their beloved children to a hellhole like Hogwarts?

It’s time for something to change.



Dear Mr. Cuffe,

I am completely disgusted by the articles that you have been publishing regarding the events that happened at Hogwarts last year. To put the blame on Headmaster Weasley and Madam Braelin-VonHaus is completely ludicrous. Who you really need to blame for the incidents at the castle is not the werewolves, (who, I may point out, were completely harmless for seven years before this incident) but the ones at the heart of this attack. Have you not interviewed anyone who was at the school during this awful time?

Because trust me, if you cared to research more, you would find that it wasn’t just the werewolves in the school that ran rampant, it was normal students as well, influenced by dark magic of some sort. Just ask any student at Hogwarts at the time. So why aren’t you looking at that? Why aren’t you finding the REAL culprits who committed such treacherous acts upon mere children? Blaming adults who only do their best to protect the students is going to get us nowhere. I beg you and the wizarding world as a whole to ask the question that needs to be asked: who is really at fault here? Because it’s not the students who went crazy, nor the werewolves, nor Headmaster Weasley or any of the other staff at Hogwarts.

Be a real reporter and do some real research, please.


Bernadette Stanislaus


Dear Mr. Cuffe,

I am writing to you as a concerned parent. I am what you would call a muggle. I possess no magical ability and was born and raised believing that magic did not exist. It was almost two years ago exactly that a witch from the Ministry of Magic arrived on my doorstep and informed me otherwise. I was told that my only daughter was special, that she possessed a magical gift that neither I nor anyone else in my world could begin to understand. I was told that there was a school for people like her to learn and grow. I was very skeptical at first, but there had been incidents I witnessed at my daughter’s hand that caused me to trust in the woman at my door and her unusual assertions.

I chose to trust that woman and I was very wrong.

I was told by the people in charge that my daughter would be safe at Hogwarts. It is very hard to part with your child, but it is even harder to send them off into another world that you have no knowledge of. I kept up with the strange letter system, checking in with my daughter nearly every other day, and I chose to subscribe to your newspaper with hopes that you could keep me connected to her world.

I’m completely outraged to hear about the recent death of Margo Ward and the circumstances surrounding her death. The attacks that took place on the school not only killed a student, but they directly involved my daughter. I can’t help but fear that it could’ve easily been her who had lost her life and empathize with the parents of the girl. She was so young and deserved to have many many years ahead of her.

I’m outraged to hear that no action has been taken against Arthur Weasley, Headmaster of Hogwarts, and have grave reservations about my daughter returning to school in the fall. I demand that the people in charge of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy be held accountable for this grave lack in security! Specifically, Headmaster Arthur Weasley should put in his immediate resignation.

With greatest concern,

Theodore A. Kaligaris


To the Daily Prophet-

I am not a witch. Perhaps that gives me less of a voice within my husband’s community–certainly, as a Muggle, I find myself continually sheltered from many of the goings-on in the Wizarding world. But I am an avid reader of the Prophet simply because my daughter is a witch. She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: therefore I feel the need to make my voice be heard, not as an anonymous Muggle bystander but as a concerned–no, terrified parent.

My daughter will not be returning to Hogwarts in September. I am not only disgusted with the slipshod management of the school but also the gross misconduct from Headmaster Weasley and the staff. A child was horrifically murdered by a savage, wild animal, at the very school that is supposedly protected from harm.

I was assured multiple times that my daughter would be safe at Hogwarts. Against my better judgment I allowed her to attend the plague-ridden, werewolf-infested school, and now I must pay for that decision with regret. When the attacks occurred, I was not contacted by the school to let me know that my child was safe. I heard nothing from any Ministry Official or Hogwarts faculty. Instead, I had to pick up my morning paper and read in the news headlines that a child had been murdered in the very same place that my daughter sleeps.

Headmaster Weasley and all of the Hogwarts Staff has to answer for the attacks, and I hold them all personally responsible for the death of that young girl. As a mother and a wife, I cannot in good conscience allow my daughter to set foot back in that dangerous castle.

Readers of the Daily Prophet, I urge you to do the same. To many I am a discredited voice, because of my non-magical upbringing, but if you find my words unpalatable, simply look at the abhorrent actions of the Hogwarts staff. That, more than anything, should convince you.

Keep your children home. Keep your children safe.


Agatha Whitaker

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