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Mysterious Disappearances and Bodies Found; Aurors Investigating

The Ministry of Magic aurors have been busier than usual lately because of some puzzling disappearances and daunting deaths. It seems that the times are getting worse again as there have been several instances lately have made the front page here at the Daily Prophet that have us wondering about trying times coming ever closer.

A number of people have gone missing according to the Auror Office, although they have withheld names until the investigations are over. The number of disappearances has spiked over the last few months from a few to “a vast number”. When asked, a spokesperson for the Auror Office declined answering how many people in total are missing.

The body count has also jumped over the last few months. The Auror Office has not yet named the deceased but assured us that they are doing everything they can to find the missing and who is responsible for these deaths. There was no comment on if all of these occurrences could be related or if they are the work of a numerous evils as some of the bodies might have been drained of blood. Let’s all hope that the Ministry of Magic is doing everything in their power to find the culprit/s.

As summer for the children of the wizarding world approaches, one has to wonder if our children really are safe at home with us or if it is better off for them to be at Hogwarts. No disappearances or deaths have been reported from the school but it seems that those of us who are out and about are most at risk.

Are you scared to bring your children home? Do you have an opinion on these disappearances or deaths? Write in to the Daily Prophet to let us know.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Ask Amy: Have problems? Let me make them worse!

8 July 2025   Hi Amy! Just thought I’d let you know that my dragon has since escaped. If anyone in the mid-Wales area sees a smallish green and red dragon that answers to the name of Bubbles, please leave an advert in the Daily Prophet and make it cryptic. Talk about a red and green ‘barbecue’ or something. Wouldn’t want the Ministry catching on after all…
- Tiamat

Dear Tiamat, I hope this is an assumed name. If not… well, I guess my next letter to you will be sent to Azkaban.

Dear Amy,
I have a phobia of teeth. It is very hard for me to look in the mirror in the morning or brush my teeth or even eat anything. Please help me!
-Kyle from Kilmarnook

Dear Kyle, I don’t know how you have lived this long! If your phobia of teeth is that bad surely you would have died from starvation by now. I suggest that you take a trip to St. Mungo’s and explain your predicament so they can figure out what the heck is wrong with you, since it is clearly pretty bad.

Dear Amy,
How do I explain to my professor that her hairstyle is severely outdated?
~Molly Tweedles, Hogwarts

Dear Molly, This is a tough one. Usually I would bluntly tell my professors such things but I didn’t care about getting on their bad side. I sense, since you are asking, that you care what they think of you and don’t want to get in trouble. I say that you write them an anonymous note and leave it on their desk. That, or convince someone else to tell them for you. Bully them into not giving your name away.

Dear Amy,
Other students are mean to me at school and I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t help it that I’m small and that my clothes are hand-me-downs. I just want to be able to go to class without feeling scared all the time.
–Stanny from somewhere at Hogwarts

Dear Stanny, I say you punch them all in the face. Just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t be strong. You should work on getting stronger and then show them all that you are better than them. That’s what I did and look where I am now. Just remember to protect your face when you get in a fight… girls don’t like ugly guys.

Dear Amy,
Sometimes I steal things from the shop I work at in a muggle store. I can’t help it but the objects that muggles use are fascinating. I don’t know what to do. Please help me!
-Stela from London

Dear Stela, I think you should return everything secretly and then quit your job. Clearly you should not be around muggles or muggle items. You need to distance yourself from them so there is no urge for you to steal muggle objects. Perhaps you should find a job in Diagon Alley where you will be with stuff familiar to you. That, or you should be put in muggle jail for stealing things. You decide.

If you’d like to write to Amy, please send a letter to:
Amy, Advice Columnist
Daily Prophet Offices

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Banchory Bangers to be Rebanded

Banchory somehow thinks that enough time has passed for it to attempt to reband its Quidditch team into the British and Irish League, or perhaps they at least think we don’t remember that match against the Arrows where they hit the bludgers out of the pitch in 1814. 
But will two hundred and ten years be enough to reset this Scottish team’s slate and make them a force to be reckoned-with? The League apparently seems to think so, since they approved the Bangers’ petition to reband on 18 September 2024. Will this team live up to expectations? Or will they throw another afterparty sporting plenty of sherry and Daisyroot Draught? 


“We’re dedicated to creating a stable team this year,” says League Director Phineas Watson, a former chaser and captain of Puddlemere United, “We feel that they’re up to the challenge.” Watson also mentioned that anyone in possession of firewhiskey at the tryouts would be immediately disqualified from making the team.
Here’s to hoping the Bangers aren’t a team of total fools this year, and if they are, then that it’s entertaining to watch.
  - Feige Jarkeni

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Ask Amy: Have problems? Let me make them worse!

6 September 2024   Dear Amy,
I have a wart on the end of my nose and it’s rather unsightly. I have tried many a beautifying potion to remove it but it simply grows back. Please help.
– Warty in Worcester.   Dear Warty, Maybe your wart is there for a reason. Have you ever thought of that? I don’t know what that reason could be, but you should think on it for a bit and try to come up with something. Or you could just try and work the wart. Perhaps you could make it look cool or something. But if you really want to get rid of the wart, however, try going to St. Mungo’s to see if the healers there can help you out. I hear they know all kinds of ways to cure problems.   Dear Amy, I’m afraid my sister is a squib. She is six years old and has not yet shown even a bit of magical ability. I even gave her my wand to play with and all she managed to do was get it stuck in her ear. Should we give her away to a family of muggles? ~Julia in Bury St. Edmunds   Dear Julia, I honestly think that your sister is a genius. Perhaps she is hiding her magical ability from you just to annoy you. Maybe she doesn’t like you and would rather be sent off to live with another family so she wouldn’t have to deal with you any longer. Sounds like she’s a Ravenclaw to me! Just wait and eventually I’m sure you will see that she is a witch. Just watch out for when she could do magic, she might try and get you back for sending this in.   Dear Amy, Why do my friends think it’s strange to be obsessed with wizarding pop sensation Dustin Tieber? They always tease me about it at mealtimes and someone drew a moustache on my poster with permanent marker. Now he looks like an old muggle dictator. What can I do to show them how wonderful he is? -Brian, Definitely not from Hogwarts   Dear Brian, I am most certain that people are doing this to you because you are a boy that is obsessed with Dustin Tieber. Had you been a girl, I’m sure the taunting would not have been nearly as bad. If you talked less about him and focused more on the people around you, I bet things will get better. I also suggest that you take down the posters you have as him, as that will just result in more moustaches being drawn on his baby face.   Dear Amy, Why is it 2024 and there is still blood prejudice? It’s not really fair, is it? I mean, people shouldn’t have to worry about being disliked just because of what they were born. It’s not their fault anyway. And everyone should be equal since there are smart and dumb people in every crowd, etc. Is there something we can do to stop this? ~Ruby from Blackpool   Dear Ruby, I don’t really think there is much anyone can do. You can’t just make people think what you want them to think. If they believe that muggleborns are bad, they believe that, and they have the right to. There is no law about what you or anyone else can believe in. We can’t go around policing thoughts. However, if you see someone around you being mistreated because of their blood status, you could step in and try to stop it. (For the record, I’m half-blood, in case anyone was wondering.)   Dear Amy, Is there such thing as a part-troll? Because I swear a kid in my year is half-troll or something. –Ashley from Ashbourne   Dear Ashley, I’m actually not sure. I do find it weird that I got two questions about blood status this week. Anyway, I would ask a professor at the school since they must have records on this sort of thing. Or, better yet, visit the library and look it up. If you find out, let me know, I’d love to know the answer.   Dear Amy, Recently a wild dragon wandered onto our grounds. I think it’s just a Common Welsh Green, but it’s only a baby and I really want to keep her. She has only burnt down one of our five out-buildings so far. Do you think it’s safe to keep her tied to a fence on our lawn? It’s near a stream so she can drink. -Tiamat, Aberystwyth   Dear Tiamat, You sound like an idiot. Dragons are supposed to be handled by professionals ONLY and you are no expert. Everyone knows that dragons are dangerous! Where did you grow up? And did you even go to school? I would report the dragon to the Ministry of Magic straight away so it can be taken to a reserve before any muggles see it. You better hope you don’t get arrested.   If you’d like to write to Amy, please send a letter to: Amy, Advice Columnist Daily Prophet Offices

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Enraged Dishes Terrorize Britain

One would normally think it safe to be alone in the house with one’s dishes. It would never, not once, cross our minds to be wary of our fine china. Sadly, on a Thursday night, a magic English family sat down at their dinner table in a quiet Muggle town in Yorkshire, only to have their night ruined by their enraged porcelain dishes.

While one neighbor informed the Ministry of Magic, a Muggle neighbor called for the local police. Unfortunately, the Muggle police were just down the road and one of the newer, oblivious trainees apparated on top of a policeman and broke his wrist. Yet another fine example of why graduating does not automatically make you capable of doing anything worthwhile.

After a harried tossing of spells for over 17 people including the family, the mess at hand had been dealt with. The dishes, zooming about the house in unexplainable rages, were also enchanted to have mouths; with which they screamed and bit. The only member of the family that was harmed was the older son of about seventeen. A dish had attempted to gnaw off his large toe and when the Ministry officials entered the house, they found him being shaken upside down, hanging from the dish’s porcelain mouth, almost unconscious from the amount of blood flowing to his head. The rest of the family, a mother and father in their early forties and their younger children, one four and one thirteen, took refuge in the washroom. The parents said that they would have gone for their boy but a number of the dishes had taken to slamming themselves against the washroom door in a weak attempt to get inside.

With the seventeen-year-old boy at St. Mungos and dishes either smashed to bits or rounded up for inspection, the Ministry obliviated nearly half of the neighbors and set out to find out why these dishes had gone rogue.

This was not so difficult. After interviewing one neighbor of magical blood and talking to the family themselves, they had been enlightened with some very crucial information. The father, a store clerk in Diagon Alley, had made a particularly pungent enemy—quite literally. A madman who, though he owns a house complete with a bath and washroom refuses to shower more than once a month, seemed to have grown a rather bitter taste in his mouth toward the family man of forty-two.

The madman, commonly known as ‘Durk’ by the local youth (this is because it is ‘Krud’ spelled backwards—creativity at its finest), spent nearly a month working on a set of porcelain dishes. He eventually enchanted them to become inconsolably enraged at the touch of food. After the catastrophe, the Ministry found out that he was not completely successful, as some of the plates had simply thrown themselves as hard as they could at the glass windows and shattered to bits. ‘Durk’ left these dishes as a gift, boxed and wrapped, on the family’s doorstep. It was signed “From the Shoppe!”

‘Durk’ has been taken into custody and awaits his sentence. The Ministry is issuing an invitation to the magical world that should a box appear on your doorstep that is either unexpected or not signed, one should feel free to bring it by the Ministry for inspection.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Ask Amy

18 February 2022

Have problems? Let me make them worse!

Dear Amy,
I have met this wonderful muggle man that I might love but my pureblooded parents don’t approve. They have already picked out a wizard for me to marry but he’s a total idiot. What do you suggest I do about this?
~Mary of Middlesbrough

Dear Mary, You must first choose what is more important to you – your overbearing and (sounds like) annoying parents or your muggle love romance. Once you discover that it’s actually neither as muggles are icky, then you can move on to bigger and better scenes.

Dear Amy,
Help me! I never get recognition for my work, ever. I come up with what I think are the greatest ideas and they either are ignored, or others take them and I end up with no credit. My boss just doesn't notice me or what I have to offer until someone else offers up with the same idea. What do I do? How can I get my colleagues to stop stealing my ideas? How can I really get myself out there?
– Clara of Canterbury

Dear Clara, You need to be strong! Don’t let anyone walk all over you! You need to find your voice and tell them that your ideas are your ideas and they shouldn't be stolen. Maybe try copyrighting them. Then everyone but you will be out of a job. Oh, revenge, how it’s sweet.

Dear Amy,
My father says I’m a princess so I've asked him for a castle. The thing is, I don’t know if I want a new castle or an old one. Maybe I’ll have both! What do you think?
– Sarah of Newcastle

Dear Sarah, You seem like you’re a spoiled brat who needs a swift kick in the butt. I would love to give you said kick but, although we are magical, magic wouldn't be enough to make me reach all the way to your rear. I highly doubt your family has the money to build or buy you a castle. Why not ask your father for a unicorn instead?

Dear you youngin’ Amy,
I’m old and no longer in my prime. My eyes are very sensitive, see, so the lights from my muggle neighbor’s house have been blinding me at night when I try to sleep. What do you suggest I do? I don’t need to be arrested to die in Azkaban. Sincerely, Filbert of Brighton

Dear Filbert, Don’t you ever call me a youngin’ again. You don’t see me going around calling old people “oldies” now do you? Anyway, I would punch and/or kick your neighbor. You’re magical, the muggle police would never be able to find you once you fled. However, you’d never be able to return to your house so the whole thing would be for nothing. So then I would suggest you cast a charm around your house to block those lights. Or throw rocks at the lights so they don’t work.

If you’d like to write to Amy, please send a letter to:
Amy, Advice Columnist
The Daily Prophet Offices

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Downturn in Tourism Market Improving

One year after Hudson Yates’s tragic death, and Roland and Denise Anders are only beginning to recover.

Their losses were not of a personal nature; they didn’t know Hudson or his family. Rather, they suffered financially.

The Anders’ Bed and Breakfast, Around The Bend, saw a rapid decline in business, and was at one point approaching the edge of financial ruin. They attribute this decline to their proximity to Hogsmeade, the sight of Hudson’s murder. Roland Anders says he’s not the only one suffering. “All of the business around the area got hurt by it, not just us.”

On my request, Roland allowed me to compare his records from the winter holiday after Hudson’s death to the holiday before. There was a steep drop off in guests following the boy’s demise.

Similar stories can be heard all around the U.K., but especially in Scotland. Mr. Anders has his own theory.

“People get murdered everywhere,” Anders pointed out . “It wasn’t the fact that that boy was murdered that hurt business, it was how [the news media] presented it.”

Indeed, the downturn in tourism as charted by economists was far greater than initially predicted. Geoff Grissom, a freelance business analyst, insists that media sensationalism is only half the problem. “There’s a precedent here that people are very concerned about.”

The precedent, as Grissom explains, concerns the murder of Cedric Diggory, the Hogwarts student who many consider to be the first victim of The Second Wizarding War. “Last time something like this happened, The Dark Lord resurfaced. What’s going through a person’s mind when they want to book a vacation? I’ll tell you what’s not: putting themselves in the middle of a country that could be on the verge of war.”

To do her part in helping to counteract this fear, Denise Anders has bumped up the inn’s security since last year. “Our floo channels are now open by appointment only, and we’ve had an anti-apparition field placed around the grounds. We also offer Foe-glasses and Dark Detectors by request, free of charge. We want our guests to know that their safety and comfort is our first priority.”

The tightened security certainly didn’t hurt business over the summer, where Around The Bend pulled in its highest revenue since the crime in neighboring Hogsmeade took place. “Not much has happened since then, so people are starting to come around. We just hope something so horrible doesn’t happen again.”

As I left the couple to attend to their inn, I assured them that they weren’t alone in that hope.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Letters from the Editor

As the editor of the Daily Prophet, it is on rare occasion that I am granted the time or energy to write an article. Simply thinking of the amount of time I could spend editing and rewriting the message I am about to convey worries me to a point where the message itself becomes cloudy, and I begin to lose focus. This fear of writing is often what keeps my associates busy, and I would gladly hand this project off to any one of them if it were not so strongly rooted in my heart. So here I sit; frightened of the quill and parchment before me. I’d like to think of this as a public journal entry, so please excuse my informality.

I awoke this morning not to the familiar sound of my alarm clock, but to the dead silence that is often and rightly associated with 3 am, and a name ringing in my ears. Hudson Yates, a boy younger than all of my grandchildren, was killed at the hands of an unknown person on an ordinary trip to Hogsmeade with his classmates. Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of his death. My heart goes out to his family, but the issue I must speak about today is not entirely Hudson-centric.

For twenty years we slept soundly in our beds. Our children played in our gardens well into the night, and save for the occasional cut and scrape, not one of us worried over their safety. For twenty years we felt safe. We felt alive. We frowned at the deaths reported in the papers, but forgot quickly the name of the man who died quietly in his bed, or the woman who mixed the wrong ingredient into her potion. For twenty years we were free from the cold grip of fear.

How many of you have forgotten Hudson Yates’ name?

There is a reason his name can be recalled so effortlessly, and I wonder if I am not the only one who cannot think of Hudson without remembering the name of another young boy whose life was extinguished for no plausible reason. I am sure that I am not the only one who recognised the feelings that arose after learning of Hudson’s death. I can see it when I look down the streets of Diagon Alley, or even the hallways of the Daily Prophet headquarters. It is waning now, with no additional incidents to fuel it, but it shows. It is in the words of my associates, and the actions of each person I meet. It is in the newspapers, and on the wireless. Perhaps for me, it is most noticeable in the eyes of the man I see each day in the mirror. We are fearful.

For twenty years I have tried to quiet a guilty conscience. Tried to tell myself that I did my best to help during the war. However, the longer I try to silence the voice telling me otherwise, the easier it is for me to accept the truth. That the greatest cause of losses during the last war was the complete inaction spurred by the actions of the Minister of Magic and The Daily Prophet. The denial that we projected served only to aid Voldemort in his attempts to seize control of our country. Our world. Us.

The fear we feel now, only a shadow of what we felt back then, should serve as a warning. Perhaps we are making more of this death than it truly is. But what if we’re not? What if we have every reason to be frightened to leave our homes, or let our children play outside? Is it worth the cost to ignore the feeling in our gut? To chalk it up to paranoia, and leave it at that? Is there a single person reading this that can say, without an ounce of doubt, that there is no reason for us to prepare ourselves for the worst?

I pray that we are overreacting. I pray that Hudson’s death is absent of the unfortunate circumstances that surrounded Cedric Diggory’s. I pray that whatever happened that day was the result of an accident or a terrible mistake. I pray that I have no reason to pray these things, but I will not be caught off guard if my prayers go unheard.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Respecting the Memory

28 December 2020   On Sunday December the 27th, 2020, the Convention Hall at Millennium Conference Centre in London, England was filled with witches, wizards and goblins alike. There was an event taking place in less than fifteen minutes, and already wands could be spotted out in the open, cooling the wielders with a gentle breeze.

An author, Trista Truelove happened to be there to share with the crowd – of mostly females – her thoughts and opinions. She would also be promoting her new slew of romance books for the fans. I felt oddly singled out, sitting in a row of girls. I was perhaps one of ten to fifteen boys in the hall. And I can safely say that the only reason I was there was because it was all my girlfriend’s fault (no offense, Miss Truelove).

Halfway through her little speech, I was already falling asleep while my girlfriend listened with rapt attention. Her hands clutched her copy of Myrtle Mopps and the Mysterious Muggle, eager to have an autograph on the inside cover, proof that, yes, Eleora Chance met and spoke to a trash novelist.

“There once was a man, whom we all know of. He was a fascinating man and seemingly had an answer for everything. I was fortunate enough to be a pupil at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he was Headmaster. He taught me a great deal about right and wrong. Tolerance and peace. He fought for those things. What else would a Gryffindor fight for?” she had said during her very long winded speech. However, this is the part my knowledge thirsty ears perked up for.

“His death is still shrouded in mystery for us common folk. Those who were there knew only the aftermath of what happened to the Wizarding World’s most loved, and respected wizard of all time.” She later goes on to share with the crowd her plans for the future – a biography of Albus Dumbledore.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the idea. Not out of disrespect for the man or the wizard, but for yet another author who thought their version of Professor Dumbledore’s life was more eye-opening than any of the other hundred’s of biographies on him. I personally think she is fooling herself in thinking she has something better to offer, though I believe her popularity in the Romance novel industry will give her enough credibility to be successful.

I, on the other hand, have access to something she did not.

I found myself in Arthur Weasley’s (the current Headmaster’s) office after the New Year had begun. While waiting on the Headmaster to arrive for our scheduled appointment, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the Greatest Wizard the world has ever known – rather, his portrait.

“I don’t think Headmaster Weasley would look too kindly on a student occupying his chair, my boy,” the portrait with a golden plaque stamped with “PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE” informed me. I looked up at the portrait, giddishly happy that I had this chance to take advantage of.

Usually, students paid no mind to the portraits in Hogwarts; their loss, I say, because the portraits hold the key to Hogwarts’ own history and the added bonus of secret passages. I’m not afraid to admit I was a little intimidated by a portrait – just this one.

“I think he’ll be happy I don’t have my feet on his desk,” I replied with a smile. “I’ve read about you before.”

“Have you now?”

“Yes. In fact, there are many biographies written about you.”

“Yes, I suppose there are.”

“I found some inconsistencies after reading a fair few.”

“Ah,” he nodded his head knowingly at me. “Those who are not me do not know what it is like to be me. Tell me what you’ve found.. Forgive me, I do not know your name.”

“Lyceus Falls,” I reply. “It’s true that you have all the memories of – how to put this – the actual Professor Dumbledore right up until he died?” He nodded at me. I caught a slight twinkle in his eye. It was as if he had a sense of understanding about everyone, and everything, and I knew this was something he got from his life well lived. “Several books claim you were pushed from the Astronomy tower that night.”

“Pushed?” he chuckled. “My, it’s wonderful how over the years stories get twisted into something unrecognizable with each telling.” It made sense, but I was still confused. With such a popular subject, I found it difficult to believe the truth that slapped so many people in the face was lost to them. “You will find, Mr. Falls, that there are those who might twist the truth to make sense of something they don’t understand. Or, perhaps it was to cover some tracks.”

“Are you saying that some of these writers might have had a hand in the plot against you?”

“That, I cannot say.” He stroked his white beard. “Perhaps, perhaps not.”

“Rita Skeeter said some insulting things about you, Professor.”

“Yes, Headmaster Weasley told me about that. We cannot control what people say or do. If people believe the lies, there’s not much to be done to counter it.”

“The truth would,” I told him firmly.

“The same truth that is twisted and obscured with each retelling?” he asked. “At this point in time, there is not much that can be said either way to change anything.”

“But… I could do it,” I told him. “It wouldn’t be someone trying to piece your life together. You could tell me everything, and I could write your biography. It would be the irrefutable account of Albus Dumbedore’s life. Isn’t that worth inspiring our fellow wizardfolk? Isn’t it worth setting the record straight?”

I would let him think on that.

I thanked the portrait for his time, a smile on my face, and a newfound sense to find the truth in things. It was odd that this revelation came from a portrait of all things, but it was what it was. I paused at the door and turned to look at the portrait once more. “One more thing, Professor,” I grab his attention, “just how old were you?”

He smiled with that same twinkle in his eye. “Goodnight, Mr. Falls.”

So, after all of that, I went to the white marble sarcophagus, a rose in my hand that I secretly plucked from the Greenhouse and paid my respects to a man I had never actually met. However, his memory does indeed live on.

Today is the anniversary of his death.

This is a story of a great man, a marvelous mentor, the greatest wizard to ever walk this Earth, and it’s one well known in varying degrees and told with an alarming amount of contradictions through the years before and after his untimely death. It’s just a shame this lowly article will never be read.

Or, apparently, it will.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Dicing with Danger - Underage Gambling at Hogwarts?

10 October 2019   Underage gambling has taken Hogsmeade by storm as the Triwizard Tournament kicks into full speed. While those ‘champions’ chosen struggle in their tasks, intent upon glory for themselves and their schools, student spectators are reportedly splurging their savings upon guesswork of who the victor shall be.   Ludovic Bagman is the accused personality - the target of these rumours. Bagman makes no secret that he acts as a bookie for the tournament, but denies taking money from children.   “But if I did,” says he, “If I did, you could hardly blame me. How are you meant to tell these days? Some of them are walkin’ around with full grown beards - even the girls!”   The Ups and Downs of Ludovic Bagman   Ludovic ‘Ludo’ Bagman has a spotted history. Back when yours truly was an extremely young girl, he was put on trial for acting as an informant to Death Eaters. Despite (or because) of any discretions, he rose swiftly to act as Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports - a fitting occupation for one who is obsessed not so much with the sports themselves, but with those who win and lose.   This is not the first time he has been accused of betting with youngsters. At the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, which he was assisting to organise, he was known to make many illegal bets. Having lost all proceeds after the match (famous for the reason that the winning team did not possess the winning seeker), Bagman was forgiven his indiscretions.   But it seems he does not learn.   “I've been at Hogwarts before,” he says. “I officiated back then. Good times. Great kids. Wouldn't gamble with them - no, not knowingly.”   There is a charm about Bagman. Is he gambling with the students? If so, there’s no denying that he is scum that should be thrown to the the depths of the lake to lurk with the giant squid.   If not …   He winks at me. “How about a date?”   Where is the smart money?   Ludo says that cunning gamblers should place their money on Durmstrang. “Four strapping young lads - all in their prime, and good sturdy wands.   They’re sure to go far.”

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


From the Pen of Barnabus Cuffe

7 September 2019   If chosen, you stand alone.   Those were the immortal words of Albus Dumbledore – whom we all now know as ‘that dead chap what used to run Hogwarts’, but was once both hailed and vilified as one of the greatest wizards to ever walk the earth.   Whatever your theories on the poor old deady, one thing is for sure. He is eminently quotable, and a tremendous source of wisdom for me.   So I say again – if chosen, you stand alone.   No surprise what the words are in regards to. With so much emphasis on unison and teamwork at the school, it feels somehow wrong that the Triwizard Tournament is all about solitary heroics rather than companionship and cooperation.   Certainly, it purports to be about friendship. After all, we drag our ruddy-faced northern friends and the twinkle-toed gallics to our bosom, don’t we? But think about it – what the tournament is actually about is the right to say one thing. “HAH! We’re better than you!” One school manages to humiliate the others – and not only is it one school that glorifies itself, but it is glorifying itself on the basis of one student, and one student alone.   I’m sure it’s true that one student really can be representative of the entire student body.   After all, we’re all just like Tom Riddle, aren't we?   In any case, if you’re chosen – yes, you stand alone. You stand alone, you work your guts out. And if you lose? Woe betide you. We’ll have nowt to do with you. But if you win? By damn, let’s share some of your glory!   What more can I say?   Goooooo HOGWARTS!

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


The Triwizard Tournament Returns!

1 September 2019
  Ten years indeed! And as a Hogwarts Alumna, this news is truly heartwarming to hear! Pardon me, for I cannot contain my excitement at the news that the Ministry and the three most prestigious schools of Europe are once again constructing the Triwizard Tournament.   I remember the last time, all those years ago, when our foreign companions not only provided the school with their presence, but forged many lasting friendships with me and others.   In my experience, watching the tournament and seeing students from other schools did more than just teach me and my peers that there was more to life than just Hogwarts. It also gave us insight into fellow European cultures. They aren't much different from us, but their views on certain subjects do vary. Bringing the tournament back only shows that we fellow wizards would love nothing more than to expand our current knowledge with influences other than our own.   To this, I tip my hat in the hopes that the best school wins.   - Lian Cleery

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Owl Pirating on the Rise

15 June 2019   The Ministry of Magic has reported a drastic increase in the number of pirated owls flying through the skies in the past month. Owl pirating is an age-old trick where the ‘pirate’ captures an owl, replacing its post with their own and then bewitches it to deliver the new message. Usually the pirated owl returns to its original owner, since the spell only lasts a day or two at most, but undelivered mail remains a cause for concern.   In a recent case, renowned author Regina Salicki had sent her completed manuscript for the next book in her popular goblin romance series, but became suspicious when it never arrived at Harrington Publishers. Salicki was quite distraught. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have a backup copy of it – wrote it all out by hand, I did. My readers will be dreadfully disappointed!”   “This is a classic case of owl piracy,” says Ministry employee Magnolia Coppers. “What we are investigating is whether the victims are being targeted individually or whether the owls are being randomly enlisted to carry messages as the pirate sees fit.”   If you suspect that your owl is being pirated, report it to the nearest public Owlery. Officials will place a tracking spell on your owl, in order to be led to the pirates.   Experts advise against casting the tracking spell yourself, as tracking spells for owls operate very differently from those used upon persons, dogs or objects. Walter Willby learned this the hard way. “I thought I’d catch my neighbour Drusilla in the act, as she’s had it in for me for ages! When I put the tracking spell on my little Meriadoc, a pretty little barn owl, she was so weighed down by it that she couldn’t even take off! I had to call my niece, who runs a clinic for magical beasts, to come set Merri right!”   Left without reliable means of communication, will the wizarding world crumble? Magnolia Coppers thinks not. “Cut the dramatics, we’re not biscuits. It’s inconvenient, but when these wizards or witches are caught, they’ll all be paying hefty fines as retribution.”   The fine for a single incident of owl-piracy is 100 galleons but can be more, depending on the severity of the case and the number of incidents. If one thing is for certain, it’s that these pirates will be broke, even if they’re not sorry.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Danger and Romance: The J. Potter Story

29 May 2019   “I know how to use a wand,” the boy opposite me says grimly, placing his fist on the table.   I’m sitting opposite James Sirius Potter, listening to him tell me his involvement in the terrifying and tragic events that transpired in Diagon Alley shortly before Christmas.   James is, of course, the eldest son of the ‘man-who-was-the-boy-who-lived’, but as that’s quite a mouthful, let’s just take James on his own terms. He is, unsurprisingly quite eager for this. “To those who know me … I've made it perfectly clear that I’ll make my own limelight. I don’t need my father’s name to be a talented wizard.”   It is then no surprise that when Death Eaters descended upon the alley, snatching his younger brother, Albus Potter, James quickly swung into action, despite reckoning that “dad was getting to it”.   “There were fireworks in his pants, you see … no-heat wet starters.” James first noticed the fireworks when the family was leaving their house. “I saw he was walking funny. Asked if he has a stick up his —” I did ask at this point whether James usually thinks Albus has a stick up his —. He gave a cheeky, roguish grin. “I don’t know,” is all he says.   Regardless, James obviously cares about his baby brother a great deal. Taking a huge risk, he shot a perfectly aimed shower charm at Albus, setting off the fireworks and causing a massive uproar that bought the Ministry time to gather reinforcements and spring into action against the Death Eaters, despite outrageous vigilante interference.   Unfortunately, the boys’ mother, vivacious Virginia Potter, was “quite furious”, despite her youngest son being saved from certain death. James admits freely that he was “pretty reckless”, but points out indignantly, “It was my brother … what choice did I have?”   Sadly for James, Mrs Potter was not the only woman in his life to get upset about these heroic activities. James had been dating soft-spoken brunette beauty Anna, who left off her quiet bookish ways to get “a bit crazy” on James after the events. “I can take care of myself,” James sighs. “I don’t need her to worry.”   Older readers, remembering my own interview with Harry Potter, so many years ago, will draw effective comparisons between James’ tumultuous relationship with Anna, and Harry’s own with Hermione Granger – his long-time girlfriend who eventually fell out with him over his constant endangerment, switching her affections instead to Harry’s safer friend Ronald Weasley, who in turn traded his younger sister, the now famous Virginia Potter, to Harry.   It may be this loss of his first love that leads Harry Potter to spend so much time away from his family. “Sometimes I wish he didn't work so much,” James face softens, showing his young age for the first time in our interview. “I miss heading out to Grandma and Grandpa’s to play quidditch with him out back. But he’s busy.”   When I suggest this may be because of Harry Potter’s leadership of the auror division at the Ministry, James believes his Dad works “completely more than necessary … if he wasn't so bent on solving everyone’s problems himself, he’d have more time at home.”   This insight may explain James’ conviction that he could handle being an auror. “It’s in my blood”. He is however, determined not to work so many hours as his father. “Not anywhere near”. It’s certain that James will make sure to leave plenty of time for Quidditch – which he plays obsessively with his Gryffindor team. Despite dabbling in seeking like his father, he is looking forward to switching to a chasing position. “It’s less stressful. And I tend to get bludgers swatted at me less.”   Quidditch has a side benefit of potentially drawing his ex-girlfriend back to him. Anna is “crazy about quidditch. Really loyal Puddlemere fan. Knows probably just as much about quidditch as anyone.”   Despite Anna’s dedication to James and the game, it seems possible that the Potter boy may already have wandering eyes, shifting, to be exact, onto a fellow Gryffindor named Megan. “Look, Megan knows I love her, okay?” The boy spreads his hands in a ‘what-can-I-do-about-it’ gesture. “I think about her day in and day out.”   After seeking doe-eyed Anna Lizzerd for some time, I ask her about James, only to see her face well up. “I don’t even KNOW the twit,” she sobs, before running off. Later, I find Megan Maguire, whose gorgeous vibrancy throws Anna’s mild sweetness deep into the shadows. “How do you feel about James and Anna breaking up recently?” I ask her, my eyes already narrowing upon this hussy. “Who the HELL is Anna!” She huffs, spinning and walking off angrily.   With this vixen on the warpath, it seems doubtful James will remain faithful to Anna for long. 

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Horoscopes - May 15-22, 2019

Your stars with the Daily Prophet’s Delores Pudderswyth   ARIES
Steady! Your impetuous nature may have led you one step too far this time. Or twenty! Did you really have to go so far, just to succeed? It’s time to make amends, Aries.   TAURUS
Ahhh, isn't the sunshine beautiful? The birds are singing, the grass is green, the squid is swimming merrily in the lake. Just don’t forget that sometimes there’s more to life than mere external appearances.   GEMINI
The moon is in alignment this month. You know what that means, right? It means you’re a genius! Go for it. It’s a perfect idea!   CANCER
I have some peachy keen news for you. You’re about to come into absolutely masses of cash! And if you don’t? You’re obviously not trying hard enough.   LEO
You know what they say about paranoia. Just because you’re paranoid doesn't mean they’re not out to get you. Watch your back.   VIRGO
Throw away the rulebook Virgo. It’s time for LOVE!   LIBRA
Diplomacy is one of your very best traits. Unfortunately, it won’t help you with what’s coming at you this month. Might I suggest a very firm hex instead?   SCORPIO
Methinks it’s time to go investigating. You never know what you might find.   SAGITTARIUS
Have you ever dreamed of being a rebel? All the signs point to this being the time for you to rise up. Just remember - nobody ever got anywhere by being afraid.   CAPRICORN
Unfortunately, a friend has just betrayed you. It doesn't matter whether you find out or not - it happened. I think you should just go mope somewhere.   AQUARIUS
Do you know any Sagittarians? If not, find one. Quickly. The two of you need each other.   PISCES
Things aren't looking very good for any intellectual pursuits this month. No matter how hard you try, it seems you’re just going to get things wrong. It might be time to try a different approach.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Why Flying and Potion Brewing Don't Mix

17 May 2019   Flying broom fanatics went into mourning last night as the tragic death of Filberius Flyte was announced. One half of the famous inventing duo ‘Flyte and Barker’, Filberius was in the process of flight-testing his yet-to-be-released ‘Twigger Vista’ when an object, later identified to be a cauldron, fell upon his head from the air.   “It’s those bloody blackmarketeers,” says his wife, spunky Delores Flyte (herself a ‘dabbler’ in broom invention and creator of the new ‘Try-Trigger’, a training broom for toddlers which can be attached to their parent’s broom. “They’re always flying overhead – on carpets no less! They think they can bring their shoddy cauldrons in here – and the Ministry just lets them get away with it!”   Regardless of where the deadly cauldron came from, it is clear that Flyte’s partner, Geoffrey Barker, will have to continue work on the Vista by himself. Despite the trauma of his friend’s death, he vows that fans of the costly brooms will have reason to rejoice soon enough.   “As you know, we have eight brooms under the company’s belt already – ranging from the world-renowned Twigger 90, all the way to the Twigger XP. We’re confident that our customers will enjoy the luxury and ease of all Twiggers before – along with one or two brand new features, and a fabulous kitchy design!”   As a long time fan of the Twigger myself, I just hope they don’t leave off the self-straightening brush!   The Ministry of Magic could not be reached for a comment on the wayward cauldron.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Disappearances and Deceit: Is Our Ministry Falling Apart?

16 January 2019   Many of us have been scarred over the horrible incident that occurred in Diagon Alley shortly before Christmas. The Alley has lost profit and families have been said to be keeping their young ones inside, for fear of a repeat performance. With five deaths hovering over the Ministry’s head and, more importantly, a kidnapping, our readers, along with myself, are left to wonder: what exactly is the Ministry doing to protect us?   Many of our readers remember a time much like that day in Diagon Alley, where fear was what controlled our world. Now that it’s repeating itself, we’re looking to the Ministry for help; for guidance during this trying time. However, if they cannot save just one person, how are we supposed to stay positive that they can protect each of us? Of course, I’m talking about Flora Trimble, Head Mediwitch at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who was kidnapped by alleged Death Eaters. I say “alleged” because the Ministry has yet to cement this fact or not. With the disappearance of Madam Trimble, we are shown very clearly of two things: how will the Hospital Wing manage without Trimble and, what is being done to get her back within our ranks?   The very one person whom everyone expected to see race off to rescue Flora Trimble was, in fact, her husband, one of the former Defence Against the Dark Arts professors at Hogwarts, Derek Trimble. The startling truth of this complete opposite has shocked many. Why isn't Derek Trimble doing anything? More importantly, why isn't anyone doing anything? It has come to the Prophet’s knowledge just recently, from an inside leak at the Ministry, that Derek Trimble is being kept at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Is this against his will? No Auror or St. Mungo’s staff were available for comment, which goes to show just where our Galleons are going, folks.   Among our already hectic problems, we now have to worry about the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. This reporter has made several visits there and it’s in quite a disarray. The brand new hire of Madam Rebecca Knight has brought up many questions with our readers. Is our Hospital Wing understaffed? It seems so, as there have just been three new Wing assistants hired, right out of the students attending; Kaoru Li, Sierra Leonki and Zoeigh Mcallister. Zoeigh McAllister, an overly-kind blonde girl, told me in a hurried fashion that, “It isn't actually so bad, but don’t quote me on that. But I wish that Madam Trimble were here.” A loud crash in the back had the young Hufflepuff rushing away, a panicked look in her eyes.   It is my observation that even with the new three student hires, the Hospital Wing is clearly needing of some assistance. Shane Banagher, a first year Hufflepuff, answered my question of how they had treated him when he asked for help with this quote: “Which time? I have been in there a lot this semester.” Does this mean that he couldn't get the help he needed when he first inquired within or is this boy just clumsy?   What’s even more shocking is the Ministry’s ability to keep the knowledge of Derek Trimble’s stay at St. Mungo’s a secret. Maria Johannson, a sixth year Gryffindor prefect, was quoted on his whereabouts this way: “Well, I’m only a student here, but I assume he’s out there looking for his beloved, right?” When the news of his staying at St. Mungo’s was revealed to her, she was quoted as saying, in a rather distraught tone, “Are you serious? Do you think he’s okay? Oh, I hope he’s okay.”   With the way the Ministry has been keeping secrets from us, there’s no telling. I think Lydon Ward, a sixth year Ravenclaw put it perfectly when asked of his opinion on what is going on. “I think it’s bloody stupid. Unless he is unable to move and going mental because of it, let him go and let him help find his wife. No one wants to feel helpless and I’m quite sure he’s feeling that to the extremes.”

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Vigilantes Endanger Lives of Innocents

5 January 2019   The New Year brings many things - not the least of which is resolutions. Some of us might make a vow to eat less chocolate frogs - deny the sweet burning which is firewhiskey. We might swear an oath to fly our broom more, instead of taking the easy route of floo powder. This year, the Ministry of Magic have been asked to make the bravest, hardest, most serious New Year’s resolution yet.   It was merely two days ago that greatly-respected Narcissa Malfoy, socialite and philanthropist, stood before various members of the Ministry, campaigning for our world to be a safer place through the removal of vigilantes and ‘want-to-be’ heroes from our streets.   She is referring, in specific, to the incident in Diagon Alley shortly before Christmas, where not only did buildings crumble away, leaving ruin and wreckage in their wake, but five civilians were brutally murdered, and dozens more left injured, both physically and mentally. The incident, beginning as a spat between aurors and a few Death Eaters, quickly escalated to extreme chaos and uncontrolled violence when a gang of rogue vigilantes waded into the fray, drawing the quarrel into levels of violence unseen in the streets since the time of “You-know-who”.   I was there to see her speech. Watching Narcissa Malfoy plead with the Ministry, passion in her trembling voice, it was impossible not to be moved by her words and her desire for the Ministry to take action for the greater good.   “The children’s ward of St. Mungo’s holds a child of just three years of age,” she said. “Little Gideon is too young to understand what happened that day, and why - but he is not too young to understand that after those horrific flashes of light, his parents will not be there anymore to tuck him in at night.”   I did my own research after the speech, interviewing those few spectators who are able to speak about the tragic events. Most are hazy about what actually happened, but the consensus seems to agree with Madam Malfoy - things got “much much worse” after the ‘heroes’ appeared.   Laura Gelley, whose fiancée Reginald perished in the crossfire, agrees tearfully to an interview. “I was inside Gladrags when it started. When I came out to see what was happening, all I could see was screaming people - running everywhere, and the lights…” She bursts into tears at this point, and I give her my handkerchief, waiting for her to bravely gather her strength to continue. “It wasn't until much later - long after the screaming stopped - that I knew Reggie was killed.” She stops crying and I see her knuckles turning white where she clutches at the handkerchief, her eyes shining through the tears. “All I know,” she says. “All I know is that none of them died.”   Of course Laura is not suggesting that the tragedy was actually the fault of these ‘heroes’. Neither are Madam Malfoy, or indeed, us here at the Prophet. Nobody would be so silly. It is however, blatantly obvious, that events would not have escalated to such terrifying heights if they had not simply plunged in without thinking.   “People need to step aside and let Harry Potter and his team of aurors get on with their work without interference,” Malfoy continued in her speech to the Ministry. “Being the boy who lived is not much good when everybody around you is dying. Surely Potter has enough to deal with without these imbeciles wading into the middle of things and throwing everything out of control. Innocent people die when they get involved.”   And this, as Madam Malfoy told the Ministry, is truly the crux of the matter. Were these ‘heroes’ simply endangering themselves, that would be okay. If they want to throw their lives away, that’s their business. But if they insist on putting themselves where they are not wanted - if they keep putting innocent civilians in the crossfire - they must be stopped.   Such reckless activity cannot be supported.   The Daily Prophet joins with Narcissa Malfoy in crying out for justice. These vigilantes must be stopped. A private member’s bill has been lodged with the Ministry requesting the illegality of crime-fighting by those without auror licenses. When it is passed - and we have every faith that it will be - these vigilantes will be found and imprisoned for crimes against the Wizarding World.   Have faith friends and loyal readers - the world will be safe once more.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Editorial: Potter's Poor Performance

18 December 2017   For years, now, Minister Abelard Clagge has been raking in reform after reform in hopes of bringing in a new age for the Wizard World as a whole, to commendable success. However, it seems that despite his great vision for improvement, there is one area of the Ministry he has been forced to leave unchanged.   The Auror Department, led by the (for all intents and purposes) politically immune Harry Potter, is in a state of disarray. Indeed, Potter has been riding on the coattails of his past successes and fame to the dismay of the wizarding community for years. This begs the question: when is enough enough? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the retrospect.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been under a nearly constant state of terror for over a dozen years now. Students and staff have been attacked, subjected to unforgivable curses, and at one point even abducted en-masse and used seemingly as test-subjects. Now in the last year the nation has fallen prey to a string of abductions and gruesome murders. The list of notable and not-so-notable persons only gets longer as the members of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement seemingly sit by and play Exploding Snap.   And throughout this escalation of crime, what can the Department of Magical Law Enforcement tell us? Where are the arrests? The suspects? The progress is negligible, if not flat out nonexistent, prompting the question: Is the nation safe while Harry Potter leads us?   Though the administration of Abelard Clagge has made aggressive strides in reducing waste in government spending with the prudent trimming of ineffectual personnel, no firings in the Auror’s Department have been reported. In contrast, the unexpected early retirement of celebrated former Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, leads this journalist to wonder what state the Auror Department must currently be in to inspire such a move?   It would be wise for the Ministry to realize the severity of the situation and to recognize that the wizarding community will not tolerate incompetent leadership, no matter how impressive the résumé. We’re not in Hogwarts anymore, Mr. Potter, and neither is the threat.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Harry Potter: Finished as Head of Auror Department?

5 December 2017   A Hero, no doubt, but there are some in the Wizarding World beginning to believe that Harry Potter has lost his touch when it comes to protecting us from the evil-doers around us. Such worries were heightened when word of Kingsley’s Shacklebolt’s retirement reached the wizarding public.   “I think it’s horrible,” commented Earnest Feezilby, a resident of Godric’s Hollow. “All of these disappearances, all of these murders, and what does Potter do? Goes and lets his best Auror decide it’s a good time to take up Gobstones in the old wizard towers. I heard they were close, too. You wonder if Potter even tried to keep him on.”   While the Wizarding World will always be grateful for Harry’s defeat of You-Know-Who, there are some who are beginning to wonder if Potter isn't resting on his laurels. “What’s he done?” One ministry insider asked on condition of anonymity. “Name one thing Potter has done since his seventeenth year. Nothing but spend our Tax Galleons any way he sees fit. Sure, he was Johnny on the spot once, but if he can’t do it now, when WILL he do it?”

Opinions of Shacklebolt lay strongly in the other direction. “Now Kingsley, there was a leader. The man held us together while Potter hid with his friends during the Dark Lord’s reign, and won some impressive duels with well known and dangerous Death Eaters. It’s Kingsley should lead the Aurors, Potter among them, if you ask me.”   Minister of Magic Clagge has remained unavailable for comment since Shacklebolt’s retirement, the precise details of which have never been revealed. Requests for interviews from Potter himself have been flatly denied. However, this correspondent, having once had the honor of several exclusive interviews with Potter as that brave young boy we all loved, is willing to make some guesses.   I find myself recalling that handsome young face, those startlingly green eyes as they wept, contemplating the early death of his nonetheless beloved parents. Such vulnerability, though admirable in a wizard and desirable in a friend, is not particularly fitting for a commanding officer. What if Shaklebolt, one of the few remaining older role-models left to Potter, did not in fact retire but rather was retired, assuring Harry that his last father figure would be safe from escalating Death Eater activity?   That Harry Potter has faced enough grief for a lifetime cannot be argued, but if it is beginning to hamper his judgment, his ability to lead the Aurors, then perhaps a change of the guard is required. Some have recommended Professor Trimble, Hogwarts former Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and special Auror liaison to the School take up the post, allowing Harry time for his troubles, and what would of course be a much deserved rest from his struggle.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Deaths and Disappearances Still on the Rise

16 December 2017   Though reports are still coming in and key Ministry officials remain unavailable for comment, it is now believed that the death count from the alleged Death Eater attacks on the Northern Facility for Maladies of the Mind can be definitively placed at five, with some further reports yet remaining to be verified. (See Maladies, Page 5). This is the ninth such attack in the space of a year. While many of the attacks, like the one at the Northern Facility, have focused on experts within the fields of healing and potions: Healer Lucretious Mortimer, Healer Michael Wellpointe and imminent potions master, Henry Wallace. Others seem to have no apparent connection: Noted historian Tobias Bradshaw; humanitarian and muggle-rights activist, Morna Blyss; Department of Mysteries employee, Janet Rowland; as well as a number of muggles.   Strange disappearances are often considered “par for the course” among the experimental magic community, with lost members turning up eventually with a carrot stuck to their face or an ear transfigured into a saucer. However the sheer number of disappearances coupled with the apparent rise in muggle-targeted crimes draw comparisons to the rise of You Know Who, and has many whispering that the Ministry’s repeated claims that the Death Eaters are merely “a headless monster taking far too long to die” can no longer be taken seriously.   Perhaps even more disturbing are the indications that if such an organization exists, then it has been successfully evading the aurors for the better part of a decade, even managing to kill aurors in their strikes, such as the 2014 death of auror, Gilbert Rothchild. As always, repeated requests for comment from Ministry Officials on this subject are ignored, but others, such as Emma Bradshaw, widow of Tobias, are refusing to stay silent.   “If there’s anything that you know that might give a lead on who would do such a devastating thing to my husband, I beg you to step up, even if in fear for your life. Your information could spare others.” If you have any information on Death Eater activity or Ministry Efforts to discover this band of murderers, please send it to the Daily Prophet Investigative Reporting desk. Requests for Anonymity will be respected.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Former Minister of Magic Retires from Auror Ranks

30 November 2016   The Minister of Magic’s office announced today that Kingsley Shacklebolt, former Minister of Magic and a hero of the Battle of Hogwarts, has retired after a long and illustrious career. The exact details of the retirement were not disclosed, with the Minister’s Assistant saying little other than the legendary career had come to an end, concluded with the following statement. “It is after years and years of dedicated service that the ministry final says farewell to one of its most senior agents, and wishes him well in his much deserved retirement.” Owls for further comment from the Minister were not immediately returned.
Reviewing Shacklebolt’s career, one’s eye is drawn irrevocably to the second rise of You-Know-Who, when the honored Auror parted ways with the corrupt Ministry of Cornelius Fudge to join with the legendary Order of the Phoenix, and then took a major role in the resistance under the pseudonym of Royal. He was one of the leaders in the Battle of Hogwarts and credited with the death or capture of several Death Eaters. Following the battle he was named temporary Minister and then Minister in full, before eventually leaving the office and returning to his role as Auror under the command of Harry Potter.   As he was such a highly trusted and capable agent of the Ministry, one would assume that the Minister would do everything in his power to retain Shacklebolt’s services, what with the growing number of alarming disappearances and deaths occurring in the Wizarding World believed to be perpetrated by the scattered remnants of You-Know-Who’s followers. Asked about losing such valuable experience in a time of crisis, a Ministry insider protested the term. “Let’s be frank, these are just a few isolated incidents caused by some sad freaks with delusions of grandeur. We wish Kingsley well but believe that a shake-up in the Department of Aurors is exactly what is needed to end these disappearances, and with his departure we may finally be able to get such change underway.”   Indeed, this departure may be what was needed to get the current Department Head, Harry Potter, to make the changes that will end this string of murders. Only time will tell.   Shaklebolt was not available for comment at the time of this release. Requests for comment from Harry Potter himself have been flatly denied.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Death Eater: Caught!

28 November 2016   At the Germany vs Austria Quidditch World Cup Final, Aurors captured a Death Eater, who we can now reveal to be Amadeus Couriel. The Auror Division received an anonymous tip-off on Mr Couriel, a Ministry worker, which led to suspicions that he was involved in Death Eater activity. An entire gathering of Death Eaters was uncovered at the game as a highly trained Auror team apprehended Mr Couriel without disruption to the spectators.   The Death Eaters were discovered to be in a private box at the Cup Final, many of whom were disguised. When Couriel himself was apprehended, he had been imbibing Polyjuice and it was only through use of complex spells that the highly commendable Auror team identified him. Several others were also in disguise, but it is suspected that the nefarious Rodolphus Lestrange was present, who has eluded capture for years. Upon closing in, the rest of the Death Eaters immediately fled, but Auror Bevan reveals that there are several new names they are now considering adding to the growing list of dark wizards.   Mr Couriel has been taken into custody and will be interrogated for further information pertaining to the Death Eaters. Public safety is foremost in the Ministry’s mind. Any operations that Couriel was involved in at the Ministry are said to be compromised and are now under review. Auror O’Connell recommends that any who may have been affected by the affairs handled by this highly dangerous criminal to owl the Aurors detailing their plight, as well as anyone who may have any information regarding Couriel’s activities.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


Going, Going, Gone

16 June 2016   Residents of Sandwich have found themselves in a state of shock at the discovery of Henry Wallace’s corpse just miles away from his place of residence last evening. The man was reported missing days earlier after one of his neighbors complained about his crup barking incessantly. Wallace, a potions master and collector of rare and exotic formulas, was considered by the Romanian potions community to be one of the better people in the profession.  Henry was allegedly visiting a family member.
To the astonishment of the local community, it appears he didn't get far. It has been reported that his body was found in a nearby field near a muggle’s empty home. “Henry Wallace was an arrogant wanker, always making noise and experimenting. My property value went up with him gone,” said a clearly grieving neighbor.   Minister Clagge refused to comment, though a spokesman for the Auror Department did so in his stead. “You may rest assured that the Auror Department is doing everything in their power to find those guilty.” Witches and Wizards throughout the area have openly questioned Harry Potter’s ability to truly keep them safe from the unknown threat. In response, Harry Potter revealed he was unavailable for comment at the time.   The seemingly tentative Auror Department, baffled at the events that had transpired involving Wallace, has been helplessly scrambling to keep up. The Department has been struggling for progress despite the protests of locals, obviously discontent with the unwelcome attention.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


"Nothing to Worry About"

9 June 2016   [A small snippet in the “Across the UK” section]   A Mr. Henry Wallace was reported missing late last night after his neighbor, Quidditch enthusiast Frett Barve, called the authorities to deal with Mr. Wallace’s pet crup. To the Ministry Official’s dismay, Mr. Wallace was not present. The media was told that there was “nothing to worry about,” as Mr. Wallace, age 59, “We have no reason to suspect foul play, but we do have reason to believe he was off visiting his brother.”   Henry Wallace may be best known in the Eastern European potions community for his publication of Potions You Should(n’t) Know, a piece detailing the uses of primarily illegal ingredients in potions.

Daily Prophet

Daily Prophet


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