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Triwizard, Tri-Where?

As details of the full extent of the damages to Beauxbatons by last night’s fire become available, witches and wizards across the continent and here in the UK wonder: what does this mean for us? Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was set to host the Triwizard Tournament this year, where students from the three prominent magical schools engage in friendly competition and international networking.


However, with the French arena charred beyond recognition, will the tradition continue? Rumors of the games’ cancellation have already reached the Prophet.


The inter-school competition was last hosted ten years ago at Durmstrang Institute, after being held locally at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in three successive tournaments. Representatives from the British and Eastern Europe Ministries of Magic decline to comment on whether the tournament will be relocated or canceled out of deference to the traumatizing damage of the attack. Sources say Durmstrang is heavily campaigning to relocate the tournament to Scandinavia. At the time of printing, no official information has been released, but the Prophet will keep readers apprised of any updates.

Daily Prophet

Beauxbatons en Flambé

Just days before Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was due to welcome back its students, they face a tragic loss. While the palace remains intact, the grounds of Beauxbatons have been devastated by what local officials are calling an act of arson. The alleged perpetrator, a Veela and mother of a former student, is in the custody of French officials.


As the authorities investigate, the French press has already begun to speculate about the Veela’s motive. According to school records obtained by Le Monde Magique, the daughter of the alleged arsonist was expelled from Beauxbatons last term for allegedly using Veela magicks in a final examination.


Could this be the cause of the Veela mother’s fiery rage? Was the student’s expulsion justified or an example of part-human discrimination? Send a Feedback Floo-me with your comments and opinions.

Daily Prophet

Auror Department to Receive First Budget Increase in Two Decades

Although the wizarding world has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the past twenty-five years, there has been a constant through it all: The Auror Department budget.

Twenty-five years ago, a string of disappearances rocked the wizarding community, and immense pressure was put on the Auror department by the Minister of Magic to put an end to these crimes and catch the culprits responsible for the kidnappings of distinguished wizards; pressure from the very same Minister of Magic who had announced budget cuts earlier that month. 


Harry Potter once commented that he felt as though ‘his hands were tied’ in regards to his ranks being spread so thin. “I wish I had enough Aurors to patrol Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, but it’s just not within the budget,” he'd said. 


Well, it looks like his prayers have been answered over two decades later. The Auror department has received a budget increase as announced by the Ministry this month, allowing Potter to hire and train new Aurors, with the purpose of protecting our community more than ever before. This will certainly help as they continue tracking down any of the remaining Death Eaters known to have escaped from the Battle of Hogsmeade and the infiltration of Hogwarts just over two years ago. The group is rumored to have been disbanded, but experts are certain there are stragglers out there biding their time, and Potter's regime will be ready. 


There has also been buzz about the Auror Office's revamping of the Werewolf Capture Unit. This unit, tasked with the capture of werewolves deemed to be a threat, has always been handled by the Beast Division (and dreadfully under-funded in the past), however, Beast Division Head, Casseus Cronus, is said to have been approached by Potter weeks ago for his cooperation in bulking the ranks and up-training its current members with Auror specialization. It is unknown whether this is an attempt to calm the thousands of witches and wizards who still owl in about their anger surrounding the catastrophe at Hogwarts with the Ward family, but some believe it is a necessity regardless. Neither Cronus or Potter were able to be reached for comment.


No matter the reason, the Ministry of Magic cannot put the public safety at risk any longer. More patrols have been promised to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the neighboring villiage, Hogsmeade. Godric’s Hollow and other wizarding villages should also see an increase in undercover patrols. The general budget for the rest of the Magical Law Enforcement departments remain unchanged for now. 

Daily Prophet

Illegal Portkey and Attempted Kidnapping, Saved By Auror

Crystal Fountain Park, a typically peaceful and safe place for wizard children to play and socialize, was the scene of a potentially dark crime this week. An illegal portkey with a foreign destination was dropped for the park's children to find. No less than nine young children were soon ripped from safety through the portkey. The two men involved were taken into custody and interrogated by the Auror Department, then later released with fines close to 1000 galleons and orders for community service.


"I caught wind of it and took action as fast as I could," said Auror Richard Fowler, who was first to the scene and made the arrests with ease as the perpetrators seemed to freeze under his icy glare. "I can't stand [people] who mess with kids, they won't get far as long as I'm around. They would still be rotting in there if it were up to me." 


Richard Fowler, whose demeanor is as cool as his mustache, has been on the special force for 30+ years, and takes his job very seriously -- as one would expect an Auror to do. We asked his opinions on suggestions that the Auror Office only rushed to the scene when they heard Potter's family was one of the children involved:


"It doesn't matter the name," he responded with irritation. He hadn't heard the reports as they were told through the Wizarding Wireless that day, but he didn't seem pleased as some of the misleading reports were quoted out loud. "Whether you're some Golden Potter or John Muggle, my job is to uphold the law and protect the people and that's what I did. That's what I do. Anyone who says otherwise can [redacted]."


The Daily Prophet is happy to report that this story turned out well and that children of all backgrounds are safe. Our hero came to the rescue, and we can only hope this means good news in the future. Read on for news on the Auror Department's budget increase.

Daily Prophet

Part-Vampire Rehabilitation Sparks Controversy

A secretive private rehabilitation facility in rural Cumbria has shocked humans and non-humans alike by revealing its purpose is the rehabilitation of part-vampires to function as human in the magical community.
Vasile Petrescu, founder of the Petrescu Rehabilitation Centre, appeared on the wireless this week announcing the first graduates of his year-long programme. Petrescu stated his aim was "to allow part-vampires to disengage from the vampire community and rise above their baser instincts to fully integrate into human society." He claims his three graduates, whose names he has withheld, are now indistinguishable from humans, and that by this time next year at least ten part-vampires will have completed his treatment.
Part-vampire advocacy group B.L.O.O.D. released a short statement in response to the news. "B.L.O.O.D. is unsuprised by Andrei Petrescu's bigotry, but we are surprised and disappointed that multiple part-vampires have felt isolated and unsupported to the point of paying a large sum of money to have an integral part of their identity erased. Both the human and vampire communities have failed these people and driven them into the arms of a predatory fraud."
"All my patients come to me of their own volition," responded Petrescu in an exclusive comment to The Daily Prophet. "I provide a service which cannot be found anywhere else, and as long as there are part-vampires looking for a positive change in their lives, I will provide it."

Daily Prophet

Unicorn Born, Joins Puppy Siblings for First Steps

Staff at the Berkshire Magical Wildlife Sanctuary are pleased to announce their newest arrival, born just moments after sunrise on New Year's Day. Winky, the eldest and certainly proudest female unicorn on the grounds, has given birth to a gorgeous silver-haired foal weighing in at a whopping 116 kg. The foal's name was chosen through a public poll released last May, granting this unicorn baby the name of Starfire Glitterbelly (with Unicorn McUnicornface coming in close second and Dude-icorn taking third place). Berkshire states that further name choices will be made internally, but are thrilled with the amount of participation the poll received.


Sources from the highly respected free roam reserve say the birth was a beautiful sight, made all the better by a bright rainbow hovering overhead throughout the event. Also joining Starfire's debut were his six young canine siblings, who ran and played happily beside the foal as he took a step for the first time. Staff explains that the puppies suddenly appeared on the grounds weeks ago and began following Winky around as if she were their caretaker. Winky soon began returning their nuzzles and the odd family has been inseparable ever since.


Berkshire invites everyone to pay a visit to see Winky, Starfire, and the puppies this weekend, and encourages all to bring a galleon or two for donation! Sources say it'll be worth it, and collectively go, "Aww!"

Daily Prophet

Ministry Urges Public to Speak Up

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Ministry officials have urged citizens to do their civic duty and report any hint of black market wand dealing or fake wand selling to the authorities.


"The Department of Magical Law Enforcement encourages anyone to come forth with any information regarding the illegal distribution of wands and the creation and selling of counterfeit wands as this can pose a danger to those involved. We advise those who are intending to make wand purchases to do so through trusted sources only. Do not attempt to acquire wands from unofficial dealers, and report any who attempt to sell to you to the authorities immediately. Those who are found to be distributing wands which have been illegally obtained and/or created and sold in a purposefully misleading manner will face criminal charges."


This statement comes at the tail end of reports on the recent break-in at Ollivander's in Diagon Alley which is still reported to be closed to the public pending investigation. It is rumored that there have been countless tips passed on to the Ministry from all over the country, however no arrests have been made as of yet. Further investigations are sure to follow as magical law enforcement prepares to take allegations seriously.

Daily Prophet

Goblin Tradition Meets New Competition

The opening of the first Wizards First Trust branch in London this month has incited new controversy in the ongoing debate about its stated intent to employ exclusively human staff.
Spokesperson for Wizards First Trust, Reginald Kneen, has described the new entrant to the banking sector as "the first and only truly viable alternative for customers who value selectivity and discretion when it comes to who handles their finances, and want to work with a face they can trust."
"WizFirst is committed to providing genuine competition in banking and consumer finance, which can only improve the customer experience across the board," Kneen says. Critics maintain that the organisation is capitalising on fear and discrimination to market their services and to diminish the role of goblins in mainstream wizarding society. Representatives of the bank declined to comment on whether part- or non-humans are able to open accounts.
In spite of the business' contentious reputation, WizFirst reported exceeding its expectations for new accounts in its first month, and has already begun planning to expand into Europe.

Daily Prophet

Part-Vampire Rights Group Announces Formation

B.L.O.O.D. has registered as a nonprofit group with the Wizengamot Administration Services. While werewolves, veelas, giants, and goblins have historically been well-represented in the Wizarding world's nonprofit sector, part-vampires have not historically enjoyed the same representation. According to B.L.O.O.D.'s founder, Amorentia Bloodfang, it was important to bring attention to the unique challenges that are faced by part-vampires, such as the fact that they do not have the same magical powers as other part-humans, locking them out of all wizarding schools and many of the jobs that require an education from schools like Hogwarts. 


However, outspoken pureblood activists Michael and Insley Jacobin have raised concerns over a nonprofit group forming to protect part-vampire rights. "What if they want to be allowed into Hogwarts even though they do not have magical abilities?" they asked when reached for comment. The Jacobins have lobbied against the creation of the group, stressing that they believe that part-vampires are not a big enough group to need their own nonprofit, and that they are too far removed from mainstream magical society to deserve this privilege.




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Daily Prophet

Missing Auror Found Catatonic

Hollis Keen, a 20-year veteran of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement who disappeared over a year ago, was found unresponsive on the shore of River Tweed near Birgham, Scotland. Authorities have not disclosed whether the Auror was working on a case at the time of her disappearance. Harry Potter, Head of the Auror Department, declined to make further comments.


Ms. Keen’s mother, Audrey Keen, released a statement this morning: “Mr. Potter’s treatment of my daughter’s case appalls me. Aurors risk their lives every day for the good of everyone, and as their leader, Mr. Potter should have better measures to protect his staff rather than nontransparent ones to shield his reputation and political aspirations. This also applies to our Minister for Magic, who continued to cut funds over the years even as crimes rose. If the failed break-in at Hogwarts last year is any indication, it’s that our Aurors on the ground could be even more successful with additional resources, all of which is too late for my Hollis.”


Keen was admitted to the Janus Thickey Ward at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. A source indicated that her condition is stable.


Mr. and Mrs. Keen have released a reward notice of 500 galleons for productive tips regarding their daughter’s former disappearance. This joins their 17-year-old reward notice for information regarding their son Amias Keen’s murder during his tenure as an Auror.




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Daily Prophet

Anti-Muggleborn Posters Found in Hogsmeade

HOGSMEADE--As students head to Hogsmeade for their first weekend in the town of the year, reports of posters with anti-muggleborn messages have surfaced. The posters, which residents first noticed early morning Thursday on the block near Madame Puddifoot's, bear an ominous message that students who are not of pureblood heritage will be barred from returning to Hogwarts, and includes an address for both students, and local muggleborn residents, to turn in their wands. The posters are signed by the Skull and Bones Society, which Magical Law Enforcement Department insiders claim is a reference to the Dark Mark that Voldemort's followers marked themselves with.


Hogsmeade officials that were reached for comment urged the public to remain calm, and refused to speculate on whether the posters were a malicious prank or a warning from an anti-muggleborn group. They added that the Hogsmeade weekends that occur regularly throughout the school year would go on according to schedule.





Have something to say? Comments on Daily Prophet articles should take the form of letters to the paper, or at the very least be a short roleplay of your character's reaction after reading the article. They should be written IC as either your character or an NPC close to them, such as a parent. Any comment deemed inappropriate will be removed.

Daily Prophet

Flamel Flees Failing Faculty

Headmistress Arnaude Flamel has departed from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in what the school's board of governors is calling "a mutual decision", in spite of claims she was fired for performance issues.


Flamel's tenure at the leading magical school was plagued with minor controversy, but only the most recent Death Eater attack on the facility resulted in significant pressure on the school board to end her employment. A well-known and accomplished potioneer, Flamel was brought in to improve the safety record at Hogwarts, but critics say danger to students only increased under her administration. Some claim she was even personally connected to key figures in the latest attack and that the school must revisit what appears to be a policy of hiring or promoting only those from old pureblood families into leadership positions.


Arnaude Flamel declined an interview with this paper but released a short statement asserting that she "is making a mutually agreeable move to focus on [her] personal research and work for publication, leaving the tutelage of future generations to rest, as it should, with those who possess a true passion for education." However, sources close to her say she was preparing for another school year as recently as one week ago.


No replacement has been appointed for the position. The board intends to take its time searching for an appropriate candidate, and the existing Deputy Headmaster, Theobald Gawkrodger, will act as an interim head during this period. Purity discrimination groups have been quick to point out this is yet another Head of School from an established pureblood family, but the education and parent advocates who were Flamel's most vocal opponents are cautiously satisfied.


A spokesperson for education reform group Growing Fruitful Futures said "GFF is happy to see Arnaude Flamel replaced with an educator who has given Hogwarts a fifteen year commitment. We hope the permanent appointment will reflect the same attention to experience which is relevant to pedagogy and school administration, not just magical research, and are optimistic about the future of Hogwarts as a premier educational facility."

Daily Prophet

Death Eater Trial Date Finalized: Justice Incoming

The date for the final trial and sentencing of confirmed Death Eaters Eadric Carter and Otis Egan has been set for Monday, July 13th 2037. Both men have been held in custody following their arrests last fall during a failed break-in at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Carter and Egan each face charges and subsequent penalties from infractions that range from breaking and entering and illegal use of magicked objects, to numerous counts of reckless child endangerment. Egan is also charged with the murder of Lucretia Sheffield, former Auror, through the use of an Unforgivable Curse.


While this is the first charge held against Carter, whose father happens to be a highly respected professor at the aforementioned school, Egan has several prior infractions on record. Professor Carter declined the Daily Prophet’s request to provide a comment on his son’s upcoming trial, citing that he is focused on the needs of his family at this time.




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Daily Prophet

Parents for Progress Push for Change

Parents' groups and education advocates are calling for major reforms to safety procedures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the wake of another devastating Death Eater attack.


Headmistress Arnaude Flamel was brought in four years ago and is generally considered to have improved safety and security at the school. However, the attack in early October, in which children were severely injured and an auror was killed on school grounds, has led to claims that her security record is based purely on coincidence.


Founder of advocacy group Parents For Progress, Mallory Selwyn, claims Flamel's tenure has actually harmed students, rather than protecting them.


"When our schools lock up students in the name of sheltering them they become little more than jails. A child cannot learn in an environment of constant fear, whether it be of punishment or external attack, and they cannot learn to care for themselves in the wider community if they have been cloistered away in an environment which would sacrifice education, freedom and progress for a hollow sense of security."


Parents for Progress has been an outspoken critic of the Hogwarts Board of Governors, Arnaude Flamel and prior head Arthur Weasley, but formerly supportive groups such as Families Protecting True Magic and the Mandatory Registration Movement have also publicly expressed concerns about the headmistress' ability to live up expectations.


In an official statement the Hogwarts Board of Governors has announced that it supports its administration team and has no current plans to remove any staff. Independent sources claim that at least one member of the board is scouting candidates to replace both the headmistress and deputy headmaster.




Have something to say? Comments on Daily Prophet articles should take the form of letters to the paper, or at the very least be a short roleplay of your character's reaction after reading the article. They should be written IC as either your character or an NPC close to them, such as a parent. Any comment deemed inappropriate will be removed.

Daily Prophet

Death Eaters No More?

In the wake of a lethal Death Eater attack on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the nearby village of Hogsmeade, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is calling for celebration.


On October 4 a group of Death Eaters conducted a two-pronged attack in the Scottish Highlands causing immense property damage in Hogsmeade and injuring numerous Hogwarts students. Lucretia Sheffield, a veteran auror and mother of one, has been named as a casualty.


Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Dorian Metcalfe, calls the weekend a victory in spite of the cost.


"In addition to those aurors were forced to kill to prevent further harm, several Death Eaters were successfully apprehended and taken into custody. While the department mourns the loss of an auror and feels for her family, we are also aware this is the potentially the greatest victory we have seen over these violent forces in many years."


According to Ms Metcalfe, these arrests may be the key to dismantling the Death Eater organisation, which has been terrorising the wizarding community for decades. Other sources claim the majority of Death Eaters were neutralised in this encounter and this is already the end of the Death Eaters, but Ms Metcalfe declined to comment.


Donations for the family of Lucretia Sheffield can be mailed directly to the Auror Office in London.

Daily Prophet


Social Elite and Hotel Mogul, Alaric Montague, was quietly reported missing nearly a week ago.  A source within the Magical Law Enforcement Department says that despite the suspicion of foul play, the influence of the Montague family has left a blanketed moratorium on media coverage of the ongoing manhunt. At this point in time, our sources indicate that the possibility of finding the billionaire alive are grim.


Montague’s fortune was amassed through the chain of luxurious wizarding hotels across the world, including Italy, France, Germany, and here in our very own London. The Montague brand is known for catering to the elite and famous and with the introduction of the various Gentleman’s Clubs, Alaric has been named among the Top Ten Wealthiest Wizards in the World.  It is no wonder that the Governors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry welcomed him with open arms, no doubt hoping that he’d bring an open wallet. Of all the Governors, Montague was one of the most vocally supportive of Arnaude Flamel assuming the post of Headmistress of the prestigious wizarding school.


Early last Friday, Montague was reported missing by his wife, Melania, after failing to return home from a mysterious business trip to Transylvania.  The Montague chain could not confirm that there was discussion of opening a hotel in the area and no one seemed to have any information what the meeting he was to have attended entailed.  Our sources report that when Montague’s office was searched that it was found in disarray indicating a struggle.


The Daily Prophet reached out to his son, Sebastian Montague, the Professional Quidditch Seeker for the Falmouth Falcons, but received no comment.

The family has asked that their privacy be respected, but our source in the Magical Law Enforcement department would like to ask that if the public has any information, they should report it immediately.

Daily Prophet


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is sad to note the passing of one of their beloved dueling officiators, Prunella Betty Tibbles (age 202). Born in an era prior to many wizards and witches of the current generation, she is thought to have passed away peacefully in her sleep on July 30th. While her success as a dueling officiator remains in question, her affection for the students is without doubt, as she was commonly seen knitting them sweaters and scarves to keep warm in the winter. She was also known for her crusade against candy, constantly preaching the benefits of a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables. Of her esteemed colleagues at Hogwarts, Mr Rakesh Bhaduri offered the following statement: “Tibbles was crazy, but in a good way, I guess.”


It is yet to be determined whether or not she has any surviving relatives, though rumors exist of a past romance between Prunella and former Headmaster of Hogwarts, Fytherly Undercliffe. Please contact the Daily Prophet by owl or mirror if you have any information.


Flowers can be sent to Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Funeral arrangements will be determined and details released by school staff at a later date.

Daily Prophet

Shackling: Is Flamel Pushing the Limits?

The current commander-in-chief at Hogwarts, Headmistress Arnaude Flamel, has done well to ensure the safety of her students from outside forces, but who’s protecting the students from internal threats? Since Flamel has stepped into power at Hogwarts, rumours have been floating about regarding the nature of her disciplinary methods. Shackling, what many students and parents originally thought to be a scare tactic to keep the children in line, have become a real, tangible, and archaically cruel punishment at Hogwarts.


At the end of the school year, three third year girls were caught sneaking into Flamel’s office on a dare. As punishment, they were shackled to the ceilings of the Great Hall, publicly humiliated in front of their peers and made out as examples for the rest of the day. The shackles were additionally charmed to burn their wrists if they moved too much.


This type of corporal punishment, popular back in the 1800s, seems outdated in today’s modern world. “I can’t even begin to describe what kind of damages a corporal punishment of this size does to a child’s psyche,” Rose Willoughby, healer, child psychologist, and author of The Delicate Magical Mind, lamented during a sit-down interview with me. “Even the muggles know better. It really begs the question which society, magical or muggle, is more advanced if this type of punishment is deemed acceptable at Hogwarts.”


We were lucky enough to get in contact with one of the aforementioned girls’ mother, who will be kept anonymous for her child’s safety. She was, predictably, outraged when she heard the news: “She claims to care about the welfare of our children, but how good can her security be if three thirteen-year-old girls are capable of breaching it? These barbaric punishments have nothing to do with protecting our children and everything to do with distracting us from the key issue: what is Flamel hiding that those girls accidentally stumbled into? The whole thing stinks of a cover up. I, for one, will be in contact with the board of governors and I urge every Hogwarts parent to do the same.” Unfortunately, this is not the first shackling since Flamel’s promotion, only the first that has reach our ears. Perhaps your child has already been shackled once and has been too scared to tell you. Then again, how much do we really know about what goes on at Hogwarts these days?


The Daily Prophet has previously celebrated the achievements of Headmistress Flamel. While we do commend her on maintaining the safety of our children, we are also committed to reporting the truth. The truth is your child could be the next to be shackled to the ceilings of the Great Hall. The new school year is fast approaching, so as you send your child off for another riveting year at Hogwarts, remember this: While we can rest well knowing our children are safe from Death Eaters and other outside threats at Hogwarts, who will keep them safe from the heartless hands of Headmistress Flamel?

Daily Prophet

Gringotts' Vaults Plundered!!!

In a shocking turn of events, a band of exceptionally skilled wizards broke into Gringotts last night. Minimal staff were on duty and were simultaneously knocked out by well-aimed stupefying charms. The thieves proceeded to swarm the underground vaults, equipped with magical explosives that allowed them to blow the vault doors into smithereens. It is unclear how many thieves were involved in the operation, but it was enough to overcome the various security measures Gringotts has traditionally implemented to protect their clients’ wealth, such as guard dragons.  By the time the authorities arrived on the scene, the thieves had disappeared into the night, leaving behind meagre scraps of evidence.


The damage inflicted upon the bank was severe and many families, including the Paddocks, Bagshots, Pomfreys, Yates and Lightwoods, had their vaults raided. The losses that were incurred by these individuals varied from one to the other. Some, unfortunately, had their entire vaults emptied. The victims of this crime were understandably frustrated, some taking it better than others.


The ancient vault of the Roux family was also broken into. Ministry of Magic employee Edward Roux only had this to say: “I will not rest until the perpetrator is caught.” He refused to answer any other questions on the matter. His wife, Rosalia Rovigatti, seemed unaffected by the loss and simply stated, “Some of us are smarter than to place our trust entirely in a system that has already proven vulnerable.”


The Goodfellows, in contrast, appear to take this in stride. Their losses were comparatively minor as their vault only had “a few galleons” and “a surprisingly large collection of enchanted muggle items”. When interviewed, Lionel Goodfellow mentioned that he would like his fellow wizards to be on the lookout for a pewter statue of his great great grandfather that responds to the name Gaius Goodfellow and a unicorn hair scarf, both prized family items.


Other victims reported feeling distressed about the increased difficulty in supporting their families. Among them is Vijay Toor, who said, “My eldest daughter just graduated from Hogwarts and we wanted to help her out. But now that our money has been taken by these blasted thieves, we’re all worried that she’ll struggle.” Another worried parent, Henry Stewart, had this to say: “I hope whoever is responsible for this is caught quickly and punished accordingly. My wife and I both worked very hard to earn this money and we have three kids to support.”


It is unknown how the Gringotts staff plan on dealing with this incident. When the paper attempted to approach the head goblin for his thoughts on the matter, he refused to comment, stating that any more revelations would impede investigations. His silence did not help in soothing the rest of the wizarding population as some of them are now proposing theories that threaten to besmirch Gringotts’ reputation. Could it possibly be an inside job? How in Merlin’s name did they manage to bypass all those security measures otherwise? Is this evidence that they’ve fallen behind other wizarding banks?


Watch out for more developments in future editions of the Daily Prophet!

Daily Prophet

Ruby Lee's Magical Mysteries: Poltergeists

Dear Ruby,
How does one become a poltergeist?
- Mischievous, Leeds


Hi Mischievous,


Short answer: you can’t, so you’ll have to satisfy your desire for chaos before you die.

Long answer: poltergeists aren’t ghosts! This is one of those cases where we have something waddling, quacking and suspiciously duck-shaped but it definitely is not a duck. Poltergeists were never living humans; they’re amortal spirits of chaos tied to specific locations. We call them “non-beings”, along with boggarts and dementors, and unlike ghosts they can both affect and be affected by the physical world and are also vulnerable to many of the same spells as other not-dead things.


We don’t really know what causes the birth of a poltergeist, although many theorise it’s simply due to a lot of chaotic energy localised in one area. There is some work ongoing now in Germany where researchers are attempting to intentionally recreate different kinds of chaos in different areas to see if we can predict where a poltergeist will be born. Their next experiment will probably be in seeing if they can get rid of them…


Yours, Ruby <3

Daily Prophet

Feminine Wiles, Feminine Trial

Residents in the Greater London area who have been experiencing a string of unusual thefts in their homes for the last three months can now rest easy as the Magical Law Enforcement squad has finally captured the culprit. Elisabeth Riviere, a wanted thief from France, was captured on Saturday following a harrowing chase in Diagon Alley that injured seven bystanders.


The Magical Law Enforcement squad had been pursuing Riviere since August when the first few thefts were reported. Victims were typically married wizards who were unable to report full details about the theft except for a hazy feeling of falling into a trance. Their wives’ jewelry and diamonds were commonly stolen items, although one victim reported stolen dress robes and an expensive pair of chameleon skin gloves.


Initial attempts by the Magical Law Enforcement squad to capture the thief failed. Hit wizards attempted to set up a trap to ensnare the jewelry thief, but were unprepared for one important detail: Riviere is part-veela. “It was all a tad embarrassing, to be quite honest,” one bystander, who wished to remain anonymous, shared. “Grown men tripping over themselves to tie each other up in hopes of impressing her first.”


Soon after, an all-female task force from the Magical Law Enforcement department, led by Hit Witch Jodie Jaszczak, was created. On Saturday, another trap was set in Diagon Alley, along with Anti-Apparation wards, but the busy marketplace actually made the pursuit more difficult. Witnesses reported Riviere running through the streets yelling for help, using her veela magic to convince male bystanders to throw themselves in the paths of the pursuing Hit Witches. The witches eventually manage to surround Riviere and subdue her, but not before accidentally injuring several valiant and confused wizards during the chase. “The casualties are unfortunate, but we are thankful nobody was seriously injured,” Jaszczak reported in a general statement later. “Riviere will be taken into custody and will face justice in front of the Wizengamot before being returned to the French courts where, we hear, they are very eager to have her.”


The Magical Law Enforcement squad proceeded to find over 1000 galleons worth of stolen jewelry and diamonds in Riviere’s apartment, guarded by some heavy protection spells and curses. Curse breakers are currently still working on retrieving the stolen items. The items in question will be held for evidence until the trials are over. If the veela thief has stolen from you, be sure to report to the Law Enforcement Department. Forewarning: all items will be cast a property charm, so don’t try and claim what isn’t yours.

Daily Prophet

Headmistress Flamel Stands Strong

It’s not often that we at the Daily Prophet are able to print good news, but should the chance present itself, we would like to shine the light on the bright spots in our world where there is so much darkness. Happily, we can report to you that Hogwarts is embarking on its fourth year with Headmistress Arnaude Flamel at the helm. Flamel, a world renowned potions mistress and descendant of the famous Nicholas Flamel, is the author of When the Goat Is Not Enough.


Flamel took over the post as Headmistress of Hogwarts after the events at the end of the school term in 2032, once former Headmaster Arthur Weasley was removed from his position by the school’s Board of Directors. Since his reign, Hogwarts has been terrorized over and over by dark forces in the world.


Four students, including the late Margo Ward, who was killed by her own werewolf brother, Galen Ward, have died on Hogwarts’ grounds whilst in Weasley’s charge. Two Professors have also embraced death as a friend whilst in Weasley’s employ. We at the Daily Prophet applaud the Board of Directors decision to remove this man from Hogwarts, who showed such poor judgement in executing a proper defence for the hundreds of children that attend the school.


Since his removal, Hogwarts has seen three years of peace under the strong leadership of Headmistress Flamel. She leads the students well, enforces the rules and runs a tight ship. She took a broken castle and managed to put it back together again and make it a safe place where the students can study without fear.


We salute you, Headmistress, and here is to many more years of peace. Your iron fist is exactly what Hogwarts needs at a time like this.

Daily Prophet

Man-eating Werewolf Back on the Prowl

The registered lycanthrope, Galen Ward, was convicted of criminally negligent manslaughter in 2032 when The Council of Magical Law determined that he intentionally skipped his final dose of wolfsbane potion, resulting in the death of his 15-year-old sister, Margo Ward.

Ward’s five year sentence was cut short following his trial on Tuesday evening, wherein the convicted asked for forgiveness, claiming no malicious intent and remorse for his actions. We reached out to his attorneys, Bertrand and Seymour Mudgrove, who specialize in the defense of magical minorities. “Galen Ward poses no threat. He regrets his actions, and has vowed before the Council of Magical Law to take his wolfsbane potion as directed.”


Ward was released for ‘good behavior’ and granted parole for the remainder of his sentence under the active supervision of a magical law enforcement officer. The conditions set forth include frequent meetings and a strict wolfsbane regimen, with the understanding that failure to comply with these conditions could result in immediate incarceration.


The incident initially sparked outrage from members of community, with many parents fearing for the safety of their children. Much of the blame fell on Hogwarts administration, resulting in the removal of former Headmaster Arthur Weasley.


Surrounded by an aura of skepticism, the prestigious school experienced a drop in attendance in the year following the attack. In an effort to revitalize its tarnished reputation, the current Headmistress Flamel implemented a hard-hitting system to ensure the safety of the student body, including the the use of the ceiling shackles as a disciplinary measure.


The original terms of Ward’s sentence were controversial, prompting protests from anti-werewolf advocates for a harsher punishment. Ellis Langley, conservative journalist and editor of the Warlock Review, claimed that a light sentence and lack of consequences only encouraged radical werewolf groups to abstain from their wolfsbane potions. “They are animals – they are a danger to society,” he said. “I think they should be segregated for our own protection, or at least wear some sort of identifying marker.”


This statement was met by an uproar from werewolf sympathizers and werewolf rights activists. “Not all werewolves are murderers, and it is only through harboring fear and mistrust that the disparity between beast and man grows larger. At the moment of transmission, those plagued by lycanthropy are at an immediate disadvantage in society. We must use any means necessary to protect ourselves and our community,” said Anita Zhao, founder of The Lone Wolf, an not-for-profit organization that shelters battered and homeless lycanthropes.


With tensions high in the werewolf community, it’s unclear weather or not this development will serve as a catalyst in the werewolf-rights movement, or simply result in more carnage.


“They’re an unstable group,” said Langley. “We can’t let them run wild, or else we’ll keep seeing things like this happen. I hate to say I told you so.”

We also reached out to Ward’s muggle parents for a comment, but we received no response.

Daily Prophet

Ding Dong, the Death Eater's Dead!

At long last, the Daily Prophet has heard the official news: Duncan Cunningham, the Death Eater arrested and suspected of tampering with the sanity of students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was found dead several yards from his cell last month.

Reports say that Daniel Pechman, the auror on duty at the time of Cunningham’s death, was found on the scene just steps away from the deceased’s body. After a weighing of Pechman’s wand, it was found that a Killing Curse as well as a memory modification charm had been used within an hour of the estimated time of murder. Authorities have taken the former auror into custody for questioning. Neither the accused nor his lawyers have been available for comment.

Along with Pechman, auror Hollis Keen bore witness to the breach in security. Anonymous sources reveal that the memory modification charm found on Pechman’s wand was possibly performed on Keen after the crime was committed. Keen was questioned, but no further action was taken and she has since been released. Keen is an upstanding, decorated auror who has been heavily involved in the investigations regarding the attacks on Hogwarts at the end of the last school year, and will continue to do so as the Ministry works to unravel the truth and motivation behind Duncan Cunningham’s untimely demise.

More information on Pechman’s hearing to follow as the Prophet discovers more about this heinous act.

Daily Prophet


The Prophet has just received news that there is a new Headmistress roaming the halls of Hogwarts.

That’s right, readers. Arthur Weasley, who has maintained the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for over twenty years, has been deemed unfit to maintain his post and as such was fired on the morning of 31 August. The jaded Second Wizarding War hero has been cited in the past for his gross negligence of the safety of students, as well as his incapability of communicating appropriately with the Governors of the School Board. Margo Ward’s death, bringing with it the complaints of parents across the country, seems to be the straw that broke the hippogriff’s back.

We are proud to inform the wizards of the United Kingdom, however, that the Board of Governors have finally gotten something right, and that Weasley’s replacement is poised to put the education back in Hogwarts.

Arnaude Flamel, former Slytherin at Hogwarts and decorated alchemist, boasts achievements near and far. The twelve-times great niece of the esteemed Nicolas Flamel is well-known for her wide variety of accomplishments, including her discovery of the six uses of unicorn blood, her studies of catalytic reactions among beasts to various elixirs, and her Daily Prophet Bestseller When The Goat is Not Enough, a compendium of poisons that cannot be cured by a bezoar. Most importantly, however, are her unrelenting attempts to recreate the philosopher’s stone. Though she has yet to be successful, the woman’s ambition and the fact that she’s come the closest to breaking her ancestor’s secret proves what an incredible inspiration she is to us all – particularly to the youth of Hogwarts who are so desperate for a competent leader during these troubled times.

After the disastrous reigns of Albus Dumbledore (may his soul rest in peace) and Arthur Weasley, Hogwarts deserves a compassionate soul like Mistress Flamel. Someone with a deeply-rooted concern for the education and above all the safety of British wizarding children. Someone who will hire professionals with the credentials necessary to heal and care for the youth of our world. Someone who will not allow the monsters of nightmares to give adolescents a reason to shake in their beds at night.

Headmistress Flamel has a reputation for correcting and advancing the areas of study and politics that are placed in her path with the utmost efficiency, and is known for her awe-inspiring ability to motivate colleagues to achieve their ultimate potential. The Governors should be commended for their choice in Headmistress; under Flamel’s influence, Hogwarts has a potential to grow and move forward from its tragic past.

The Prophet will certainly be here to report it all.