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    By Daily Prophet,

    Two London families are breathing easier today knowing that their children were brave in the face of diversity.


    For the Turners, it hadn't been an easy decision. They had just moved into town from living in the countryside in southern Wales. They feared their daughter, Hannah, would not be able to make new friends in her new wizarding neighborhood. "It would have been the worst thing to happen to my daughter," commented Edward, gripping his tea saucer as he remembered the worry he'd felt.


    Luckily, Bethany Williamson was the one to sit next to Hannah at the park on Friday. "She immediately shared her juice box and introduced herself," said her mother, Matilda. "Like a proper child-a proper adult, even!" Mrs. Williamson's face glowed with pride for her fearless daughter, who then began to color pictures with Hannah and ask about her favorite things.


    The two girls have announced that they are now best friends forever and hope to spread the message that it doesn't matter where you come from or why you're there, friendship is magic.

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